El Koopa de Blaze

By Blaze Koopa

Princess Peach had heard about the house that exploded in Grass Land. She had decided to organize a meeting in her castle about the problem. Among the attendants were Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Wario and Waluigi (who came only because Peach told them there would be a big reward for them), Mario’s old friends from Paper Mario (Goombario, Kooper, Bombette, Parakarry—who was accompanied by Flapps- Lady Bow, Watt, Sushie and Lakilester), and Princess Daisy. (Note: If you don’t know who Flapps is, then read Mario and Parakarry: Zombie Hunters.) Mario and Luigi were, of course, absent because of their condition.

“Attention please!” called Princess Peach. Everyone turned their attention to her. “Thank you,” she continued. “Now, I have called you all here today to discuss the recent happenings involving El Koopa de Blaze. From what I’ve heard, he is working with Bowser, and it was them that attacked an innocent Clubba in Grass Land, destroying his home. I don’t think Bowser was ever known to do something like this, but he MUST be stopped before he tries anything else!”

“Here here!” everyone answered.

“For this reason, I have asked Professor E. Gadd to create a sample of a new weapon that will aid in ridding the Mushroom Kingdom of the Koopa Troop. He has promised that he’ll demonstrate it to us as soon as he finishes it. Any questions?”

Wario and Waluigi raised their hands. “Yes?” asked Peach.

“When do we get the reward?!” the Wario Bros asked in unison. Everyone looked at them.

“… Um… We’ll get to that later…” said Peach. “Any real questions?” No one raised a hand. “Okay,” said Peach. “This meeting is adjourned for now. We will continue tomorrow…”


At Koopa Kastle, Blaze was sadly sitting on a bench in a hallway. He had been feeling down for days. Thanks to him, the Koopa Troop was in line for possible disaster. The Koopalings and guards didn’t bother to even speak to him, except to give him a harsh comment. In fact, it seemed like Bowser was the only friend he had in the castle.

“Hey, Blockhead!” said a voice. Roy walked past. Blaze began to get a bit irritated by this. It was the twentieth insult he heard that day.

“You got us all in trouble and YOU’RE feeling sad?!” said another voice. Lemmy rolled by on his ball.

Blaze began to get a little angry. The next one who yells at me won’t be so lucky!e thought. Suddenly, he felt something furry touch his leg. He looked down to see a black cat. Well, he thought, at least animals wouldn’t understand things like this… He reached down to pet the cat, but the cat growled and scratched him in the upper arm.

“AIIIIEE!!!” Blaze yelled. He angrily blew a fireball at the cat. The cat screeched and ran away. Okay… That one didn’t count, Blaze thought, clutching his arm.

“Bonehead! Idiot! Stupid! Nitwit! Doofus!” Morton rambled as he walked up.

That does it!

*WHAM* Morton found himself dazed on the floor. Blaze angrily stomped away. Morton rubbed his cheek where Blaze had punched him. Why… He hits so hard! Morton thought. He got up and walked away to get some ice. He walked past Karma, who had just walked up and saw what just happened. She ignored Morton. Her mind was on Blaze. As obnoxious as she usually was, she knew what it was like to be yelled at by everyone. Blaze might have endangered the Koopa Troop, but it was accidental. He didn’t need all this. She decided to stick up for him, despite being punched in the stomach by him days earlier. She walked off to find him.


Blaze was in the throne room talking to Bowser.

“King dude,” he said, “I think I should leave. I’ve caused you guys enough trouble already.”

“Look,” said Bowser, “it wasn’t entirely your fault. You may’ve lied a little, but the Flubba guy is still a framer. Iit’s your decision if you want to leave or not, but I wouldn’t if I were you. If someone saw you, then… err… you know…”

“Hm…” sighed Blaze. He had to admit, Bowser had a point about leaving; but he still felt like a complete idiot. He exited the throne room sadly.

“Hey, Blaze,” said a voice. Blaze looked over to see Karma.

“Oh hey,” said Blaze. “What do you wanna call me… a Stoopa Koopa?”

Karma shook the remark off.

“No no no!” she said. “Nothing like that! Look. I know what it’s like when everyone turns you down. But don’t let harsh words stop you. As they say, ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me’. They can think what they want, but as far as I’m concerned, you weren’t anything they said… Anyway, you get the idea…”

Blaze managed to work a smile onto his face. “Thanks, Karma,” he finally said. “And you’re right.

Blaze walked back into the throne room.

“Ah, Blaze,” greeted Bowser.

“King dude,” said Blaze, “I’ve decided I’m gonna stay and help you fight off the Marios.”

Bowser’s eyes widened. “Well I’m glad to hear that,” he said. “Despite your mistake, I think the Koopa Troop could use a little assistance in this situation.”

“And assistance you have!” said a voice. They both turned to see Ludwig holding some kind of gun in his hand.

“What’s that?” asked Bowser.

“My greatest invention to help defend the Koopa Troop,” said Ludwig. “I call it, the Blast Master 2000. Allow me to demonstrate…”

“LUDWIG!!! NOT IN—” Ludwig pulled the trigger, but like many of Ludwig’s inventions, the gun exploded. Bowser, Blaze, and Ludwig were all scorched.

“-here…” Bowser finished.

“Great!” exclaimed Ludwig sarcastically. “Another invention waisted, along vit precious time!”

“Hey dude, look on the bright side,” Blaze mused. “It still makes a swell grenade.”

“I intended for it to ve a gun,” Ludwig retorted, “not a grenade, you vidiot!”

“ALL RIGHT!!!” Bowser bellowed. “THAT’S ENOUGH!!! YOU AND THE OTHER KOOPALINGS HAVE GOT TO STOP!!!” Bowser walked over to the loudspeaker.


“Vhat?!” Ludwig asked. “How can I not hear you?!”

“Just checking!” said Bowser.


For the next few days, Bowser had his guards on high alert. The day that the Mushroom Kingdom would strike could be any day. The question was, what day? He had organized a meeting.

“This meeting is now in session!” said Bowser. “I’m sure you all know why we’re here, but for you dumb ones like Roy-”

“HEY! I’m not dumb!” Roy protested.

“Really? What’s 2 plus 2?”

“Uuuuuuuuuuh… 22?”

Everyone laughed.

“Enough!” said Bowser. Everyone continued laughing. “Okay… I admit, that was pretty funny, but THIS IS SERIOUS!!!” Everyone stopped laughing.

“As I was saying,” continued Bowser, “the Mushroom Kingdom, at some point, is going to make its move. I’ve already received the idea from Ludwig about a new gun, but that didn’t work out. What are your thoughts about this?”

“You know what I think?” said Morton.

“What?” everyone asked.


Roy slapped duck tape over Morton’s mouth.

“Anything else?” asked Bowser.

“Well, since everyone now thinks you and Blaze blew up Flubba’s house,” said Iggy, “they’ll probably try to attack us back with a weapon more powerful that all our weapons, even our airships.” Everyone looked at him.

“How could that be?!” asked Ludwig. “The Mushroom Kingdom has no such veapon! Besides, who in the Mushroom Kingdom has the technology to build said veapon?”

“E. Gadd. Who else?”

“… Oh yeah…” Everyone looked at each other.

“Iggy has a good point,” said Bowser.

“I don’t know who E. Gadd is,” said Blaze. “But it could happen…”

“Yeah,” agreed Bowser Junior. “But how can we find out if that’s really true?” Silence fell. Then everyone turned to the Koopaling with the blue Mohawk.

“What’s everyone lookin’ at ME for?!” Larry yelled.

“Larry,” said Bowser, “I have a special mission for you.”

“What is it?!” asked Larry.

“To go to the Mushroom Kingdom and see exactly what kind of weapon they may be trying to make.”

“Are you kidding?! I’ll be a Dry Bones before you know it!”

“Come on. I’m sure that won’t happen to my best spy ever. Besides, if we don’t know what they’re planning, we won’t know what to expect.”

Most everyone looked at him with looks that said “We’re counting on you”. Roy had a look that said “Do it or I’ll pound you!” Larry flashed a mean look back at Roy.

“All right… I’ll do it,” said Larry. “When do I leave?”

“Tomorrow,” said Bowser. “I want you to get plenty of rest. This is a dangerous mission.”


The next day, Larry had gathered his airship crew and was preparing to takeoff.

“You are clear for liftoff,” said the airship dock chief over the radio.

“Rodger,” said Larry. “Activate all burners!”

“All burners activated.”

“Activate rear propeller!”

“Rear propeller activated!”

Larry hesitated, then said the word. “Engage!”

The airship, which Larry had named the KDS Piranha, slowly lifted off. The rest of the family watched as the airship flew off over Dark Land.

“So…” said Larry’s airship commandant, a blue-shelled Koopa Troopa, “do you think Bowser’s idea will work out for us?”

“Well…” said Larry. “All I can say is… failure is NOT an option…”

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