El Koopa de Blaze

By Blaze Koopa

“Princess! Are you okay?!” cried a Mushroom guard. Princess Peach was half buried under a pile of debris.

“I’m… okay,” she said. “Or at least I WILL be as soon as you guys get me out of here…”

The guards cleared the chunks of debris off and helped Peach up.

“What happened?” she asked.

“The castle was bombarded by Bullet Bills.”

“Bullet Bills?! Ah… The Koopas’ fault, no doubt! What’re those guys trying to do anyway?! First they blow up a Clubba’s house, and now this!!!”

“That’s not all… We’ve lost the Ultra Scope to them. That’s the gun E. Gadd made.”

“WHAT?! Ugh! That’s it!!! I need Elvin to make another gun… more powerful than the Ultra Scope!”


Sadness had filled Koopa Kastle. They were now minus one Koopa… Larry. Bowser was so broken up that he wasn’t quite ready to focus on the Ultra Scope, Clawdia was too broken up to even talk to anyone, Ludwig couldn’t invent or argue with Karma, Morton couldn’t talk much, Roy couldn’t beat up Iggy, who couldn’t play games with Lemmy, who couldn’t invent ball tricks. Wendy couldn’t touch herself up with makeup, and Bowser Junior couldn’t draw with his magic paintbrush.

Blaze, meanwhile, was in the media room, kneeled over on the front of the couch, his head buried in his arms. He couldn’t believe this. Despite Bowser saying that it wasn’t his fault, he still felt it was. The Koopas seemed to be having no trouble at all. Then he showed up and everything started falling apart. Was he not an idiot?

Iggy was walking nearby, his head hung, when he spotted Blaze in the room. Iggy looked at him. He seemed to be both sad about Larry and angry with himself at the same time. Iggy cold remember being scared of Blaze the first time he saw him. He thought he was a mean-hearted Koopa, but now that he looked at him, he actually seemed not to be the bully he thought he was.

Iggy walked into the room. “Blaze…?” he spoke. Blaze hesitantly turned his head toward Iggy.

“Oh… Hey dude…” he said.

“Um…” Iggy paused, trying to think of something to say. “Are… you okay?” he asked.

“No I’m not…” said Blaze. “I just put you all in danger of getting wiped out, and it’s already happened to Larry. You think I’m okay with that?!”

“Look,” said Iggy, “stop blaming yourself already. It’s not your fault. Bad things just happen. Nobody makes them happen. That’s life…”

Blaze was slightly embarrassed to have someone younger than him tell him this. He should know better, and Iggy was right.


The next day, Bowser forced himself out of his sadness and organized a meeting. He had given some of his guards a strange order- watch the news. Bowser finished the role call.

“This meeting is now in session,” said Bowser. “Before we get further in, let’s all have a moment of silence for Larry.” Everyone was sadly silent for a minute. After the minute, Bowser spoke again.

“As you all know,” Bowser said, “we recently sent Larry to find the Mushroom Kingdom’s new weapon. Though it, sadly, cost him dearly, he managed to get this…” A Koopa Troopa walked in with the Ultra Scope. Everyone stared at the weapon.

“Vow, Iggy,” said Ludwig. “You were right about the weapon.”

“Hey! That gun looks like a Super Scope!” said Lemmy. “Only it’s black…”

“They call it the Ultra Scope,” said Bowser. “I guess we can assume that it’s more powerful than a Super Scope. But we will test it anyway and see what it does. Can someone bring in a stone block?!”

Two Sledge Brothers walked in carrying a Thwomp. “HEY!!! PUT ME DOWN!!!” cried the Thwomp.

“NO NO NO!!! Not THAT kind of stone block!” Bowser yelled.

The Sledge Bros. looked at each other, then carried the Thwomp away. They returned with an actual stone block. It was 5 feet thick.

“That’s better!” said Bowser. “All right… Fire!” The Koopa Troopa fired the gun at the block. Though 5 feet thick, the rock was blown to bits! Everyone stared with blank faces.

“WOW!!!” cried Lemmy. “I wonder what kind of power level that thing has!!!”

“Hmm…” said Bowser. “Ludwig, would you mind scanning that gun and finding out what kind of power level it has?”

“It shall ve done,” said Ludwig. The Koopa Troopa handed the gun to Ludwig. Ludwig walked out of the room.

“Okay,” said Bowser. “There must be something we’re doing something wrong regarding this whole thing, but what?”

Everyone thought for a second. Exactly what were they doing wrong?

“I know!” said Iggy. “We’re not supposed to be going to war with the Mushroom Kingdom at all!” Everyone looked at him.

“Then what SHOULD we be doing?” Junior asked.

“We should be tracking down Flubba and bringing his plans to a standstill.”

Everyone looked at each other.

“Iggy’s right again!” said Bowser. “Now how do we do it?”

Everyone thought again. Their thoughts were suddenly broken up by a voice.

“KING KOOPA!!! I have some great news!!!” said a voice. A Koopatrol guard walked in.

“They just said on the news,” he continued, “that Master Larry is still alive!”

Everyone looked at him. “… ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” cried Wendy.

“Yes I’m serious!” said the Koopatrol. “They said that Larry, while falling, was caught by a huge, flying Piranha Plant creature with yellow flower pedals!”

“Huge, flying Piranha Plant?!” Bowser said. “That must’ve been… Petey Piranha! Larry’s still alive!!!”

Everyone cheered loudly.

“Unfortunately,” said the Koopatrol, “Petey was shot in the wing and fell. The Mushroom Kingdom now has both of them in solitary confinement…”

“WHAT?!” everyone yelled.

“And to add…” he continued, “Bullet Bills were shot into Princess Peach’s castle. Most think they came from Master Larry’s airship… Oh, and the Mario Brothers will be out of the hospital tomorrow.”

“But why would Larry want to fire at the castle?!” Bowser asked impatiently.

“He didn’t!” said a voice. Larry’s airship Commandant walked in, holding a camera.

“What do you mean?” Bowser asked.

“We reviewed the security cameras on the KDS Piranha, and this is what we found out…”

Everyone walked up to the camera to get a closer look. The Commandant started the tape. The video showed a Clubba firing a Bullet Bill cannon on the ship three times. Blaze became enraged.

“THAT’S FLUBBA!!!” Blaze yelled. “HE’S DONE IT AGAIN!!! DANG IT!!!”

“The idiot!!!” said Lemmy. “Why is he doing this to us?!”

Ludwig walked in. His face was pale.

“Ludwig! Guess what?” said Junior.

“I know…” said Ludwig. “Larry’s alive. I heard you yelling vit joy…”

“Um… How comes youse look so scared?” asked Roy.

“Dude, how ‘bout that power level?” asked Blaze. “What’d it say?”

Ludwig shook, then spoke loudly.




Flubba was feeling pleased with himself. He had been traveling through Sub-con a few days after the Mushroom City incident and was now just outside a castle high in the sky. He entered the castle. After walking a while, he reached a hawk-shaped doorway. He entered to find himself in the throne room. He walked ahead to the huge, green figure sitting on his throne. (I think I’ll call the figure “????” for now)

“Ah,” ???? greeted. “Right on time! How goes everything in the Mushroom Kingdom?”

“Those Koopas are in BIG trouble!” said Flubba.

“Excellent! We strike tomorrow night! And with these new weapons made by that strange guy in the white coat everyone talks about, the Koopas will be no more! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

“Daddy!” cried a voice. A female Koopa ran into the throne room. “Don’t do it, Daddy!” she cried. “Why are you doing this?!”

“Look!” said ????. “I have GOT to get rid of those wretched reptiles! I’m sorry, but it’s the only way…”


“No buts!!! Don’t make me get your brother in here!!!”

The Koopa walked away sadly.

“As I was saying…” continued ????. “They won’t stand a chance!”

“I’m all the way with ya!” said Flubba. “Hehehe! This is gonna be fun…”


The next day, Mario and Luigi were finally out of the hospital. As they exited the building, they saw Toad and Yoshi waiting for them.

“Hey!” Toad greeted. “Did you hear about the Bullet Bills that hit Princess Peach’s castle?”

“Yes,” said Mario. “We watched the news on the TV in our room…”

“I don’t know WHAT the Koopas’ plans are here,” said Luigi, “but they have GOT to be stopped! They could’ve KILLED the princess!”

“I know!” said Yoshi. “… You know… I haven’t heard much about that El Koopa de Blaze guy… What do YOU think he’s doing?”

“I don’t know,” said Luigi, “but I think we should go home and stock up on some power-ups before something else happens…”

“Good idea…” said Mario. “Let’s-a go!”


At Princess Peach’s castle, Larry was definitely not having a good time. For one thing, he was indeed stuck in the dungeon, with Petey was crammed into the same cell, so Larry barely had any room. He thought to himself, This is just great! I almost blew up that angry mob that was chasing me, and someone on my ship fired at the castle for no apparent reason… Well at least my crew got that gun to the castle…

A guard walked up to the cell with lunch for Larry and Petey. He opened the cell and pointed a Super Scope at them to make sure they didn’t move.

“Here’s your lunch,” said the guard. He served them two plates with something gooey and yellow.

“What is this?!” asked a disgusted Petey.

“Cream corn,” said the guard.

“I’m not eatin’ this!” said Larry.

“Too bad! It’s all you’ll get!”

Larry took a bite, covered his mouth, ran to the corner, and… did something…


It was now nighttime at Koopa Kastle. Blaze was in the throne room, pacing back and forth, while Bowser watched from his throne.

“That Flubba’s getting to be a real pain in the tail!” he said. “I don’t know why he’s getting us in so much trouble… Hmm… What if… if… these aren’t HIS plans?”

Bowser looked at him. “What’re you talking about?!” he asked. “This is clearly Flubba’s plan. That video camera shows it!”

“No! You don’t get it! I mean, he could be working with some other dude… some other dude who hates the Koopas…”

Bowser thought for a second. “Someone like-” He was interrupted by a loud BANG!

“WHAT WAS THAT?!” cried Blaze.

A Hammer Brother ran into the throne room. “THE 8-BIT CLUB IS ATTACKING!!!” he yelled.

“8-Bit Club?!” said Blaze. “What’s THAT supposed to mean?!”

“… Wart…” Bowser said softly.

“What am I missing here?!” Blaze asked.

“I’ll explain later… For now, BATTLE STATIONS!!!”


At the gate tower next to the drawbridge, several Koopa Troopas were armed with Bullet Bill cannons, with Morton in command. The Shy Guys on the ground fired upwards at them with their Autobombs.

“FIRE!!!” Morton ordered. The Troopas fired downward at the 8-Bit Club.

Meanwhile, way atop the castle, Iggy was in command of the Venus Firetraps and Ptooies. They spat fireballs and bombs while nearby, Roy hovered in his hotair balloon mech (from Yoshi’s Safari) signaling the Lakitus to throw their Spiny eggs. Some Albatoss flew up and dropped Bob-ombs with arms. Roy and Iggy ducked to avoid them.

Then things began to get ugly. Outside the castle, a Tweeter ran up to the lava moat and threw a Magic Potion. The Potion exploded above the moat, creating a bridge over the moat instead of a door! The Shy Guys fired at the raised drawbridge until it fell apart!

“CHAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGE!!!” ordered Mouser. The 8-Bits charged into the castle!


Lemmy was surrounded by Snifits! He retreated into his shell as they all fired at him. Lemmy slid around in his shell, hitting a few of the Snifits. He popped back out and blasted at them with his wand. Unfortunately, Lemmy failed to take note of a Shy Guy charging up behind him on an Ostro. The Shy Guy had a bazooka. He fired at the ground behind Lemmy, who was blown forwards. The force of the explosion knocked him unconscious!

Ludwig and Karma had their hands full with Beezos! Ludwig and Karma ducked to avoid the pitchforks. Karma grabbed a Beezo as he swooped and stripped his pitchfork away. Ludwig breathed fire at several of them, burning them to a crisp (exaggeration). Suddenly, Fryguy came up and blew fireballs at them. They both dodged, but Karma was suddenly hit in the back of the head by a flying egg, knocking her out. Ludwig turned just in time to see a Birdo spit an egg at his face. Ludwig was out too!

Wendy slowly backed up as she and a few Goombas confronted Clawgrip and seven Tweeters. Clawgrip threw a rock at them. One Goomba was knocked out. Wendy shot a candy ring from her wand, hitting two Tweeters. Suddenly, a Shy Guy came up behind her with a bazooka! He fired at the floor near Wendy, who was thrown unconscious by the force!

Kamek blasted wildly with his wand, attempting to drive Triclyde and some Cobrats backwards. Triclyde blew fireballs at Kamek, who disappeared to avoid them. He materialized behind them. Unfortunately, that was the wrong place, as a Pidget swooped down behind him and struck him hard in the back of the head. Kamek was out!

On top of the castle, Iggy was wildly blasting at the Albatoss while the Venus Firetraps and Ptooies continued to spit fireballs and bombs. An Albatoss swooped down and clawed Iggy hard, knocking him out! Roy fired his cannons at the Albatoss, knocking a few down. Suddenly, an Albatoss swooped down into the balloon, putting a hole in the balloon. Roy looked up. “Uh oh!” he squeaked.

Bowser and Blaze were fighting off several Ninji armed with bazookas. Blaze punched them back, narrowly dodging the shots. Bowser spat fire at then repeatedly. Blaze stripped a Ninji of his gun and blasted at him, throwing him back unconscious. Bowser and Blaze spat a combined fireball at them, knocking them all out.

“Where’d they get bazookas?!” Bowser asked. “They never had those before!”

“Correction!!!” said a voice. Bowser and Blaze looked over. From Blaze’s perspective, he could see a huge frog wearing a robe, necklace, and crown. He was holding a bazooka.

“I used THIS particular bazooka when I last fought those boys of yours with the blue and rainbow Mo-hawks!”

“Who’s THIS?!” Blaze asked.

“Wart… my wretched brother…”

“BROTHER?! But he’s a-”

“I’ll explain later… if we survive this…”

“Before we get to the important stuff,” said Wart, “let me introduce the newest member of the 8-Bit Club…” A purple Clubba walked up! Blaze’s jaw dropped, as did Bowser’s.

“WHAT?!” cried Bowser. “YOU… YOU WORK FOR WART?!”

“That’s right!” said Flubba. “Now prepare to get OWNED!!!”

Wart blasted at Bowser, who backed up. Unfortunately, the blast hit the ground in front of Bowser, throwing him unconscious! Blaze knew there was no chance he’d stand against two bazookas. He ran back, only for both Wart and Flubba to blast at the ceiling just above him. The ceiling fell apart and piled on top of Blaze! He was completely buried!

“I think he’s out cold…” said Flubba. “Or dead…”

“Forget him!” said Wart. “It’s Bowser who I really wanted! He looks dead to me anyway…”

“But Wart…”

“Call me KING Wart, dang it!!! Now come on! We’re done here!”

Wart stomped away. Flubba took one last look at Blaze before leaving.


A hand emerged from the pile of debris. Blaze slowly got up and cleared the debris off himself. He looked around. The walls were full of holes, and several statues of Bowser were in pieces. He thought to himself, I don’t believe it! Flubba works for Wart… Bowser’s bad brother… Well… actually they’re both bad… What am I saying?! Those guys must’ve taken the Koopas… I don’t see anyone anywhere… but could they’ve taken them…? Hmm… I wonder if the Mario Bros. have fought Wart before… They might know where his lair is… Ah… They’ll never believe a word I say… Oh whatever! It can’t hurt to try… But all the airships and Clown Copters are probably destroyed… How am I gonna get to the Mushroom Kingdom…?

Blaze limped to the air dock. Sure enough, the aircraft were badly damaged. It looked like he would have to make it to the Mushroom Kingdom on foot.

Blaze exited the castle. He was badly hurt, but he didn’t care. He had to do something to get the Koopas back from Wart and Flubba, but he couldn’t do it alone …not while much of the 8-Bit Club had bazookas. He needed help… and where could he get it but from the Mario Brothers? Don’t worry, King dude, he thought. I’ll get you all out of this and end this once and for all…

Read on!

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