El Koopa de Blaze

By Blaze Koopa

The Super Six had already exited the Mushroom Kingdom. They had to find some way to get to Sub-con, and fast. Blaze could only hope that Mario and Luigi knew the way to Sub-con. Who knew what Wart and Flubba could be doing to the Koopas by now…

The Super Six came upon the entrance to a cave. He glared at Mario.

“Dude, are you sure this is the right way?” he asked.

“Of course I’m sure!” said Mario. “I remember this cave being the exact same way we came to get to Sub-con the first time we went there. Now come on, are we gonna save your friends or not?”

Blaze shrugged, and walked into the cave. The others followed. After walking a while, they reached a long staircase. They all looked up. At the top of the staircase was a red door.

“That door will take us all straight to Sub-con,” said Luigi.

“A door…” said Blaze. “It’s a warp… Am I right?”


“Well what are we waiting for?!” said Wario. “Let’s go! Time’s a-waistin’!” Wario charged up the stairs.

“Wario! Wait!!!” cried Mario. “There’s something you should know about that door!!!” Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Blaze, and Larry all ran after Wario, but by the time they were halfway up, Wario had already made it to the door. Wario burst through the door, only to find himself standing on air! Wario looked all around.

“Uh oh!” he said. He began falling! The others arrived at the open door. Blaze’s jaw dropped, as did Yoshi’s and Larry’s.


“I have no idea…” said Luigi. “That’s just how it was… Well, there’s only one way to get down there…”

“You don’t mean…?!” said Yoshi.

“Yes… We’ll have to jump…”

“Aww… This is gonna stink…” muttered Larry.

They all jumped. While Mario and Luigi weren’t worried, as they had done this before, Yoshi was screaming and Larry and Blaze had retreated into their shells in case of a rough landing. Mario and Luigi landed skillfully on their feet, Yoshi landed in a tree, and the green and red shells of Larry and Blaze bounced on the ground close to where Wario’s legs were sticking out of the ground. Mario walked over to him.

“Wario… Are you okay…?” he asked.

“Do I look okay, you idiot?!” came the muffled reply. Mario rolled his eyes and pulled Wario out of the ground. Yoshi jumped down from the tree he was in. Larry and Blaze popped back out of their shells (not all the way out like a Beach Koopa).

“So this is Sub-con…,” said Blaze. “Well…where do we go from here?”

“If I remember right,” said Luigi, “we go… this way…”

“Well… okay,” said Blaze. “You know this place…”

They ventured in the direction Luigi pointed out. Blaze could only keep his hopes high for Bowser and Co. If I find Bowser dead, he thought, I’m gonna kill that Wart guy… I still can’t believe he’s Bowser’s brother… I remember him having a brother… but he wasn’t a frog…

Blaze was in deep thought… so deep that he failed to notice a Pidget flying overhead on a magic carpet. The others didn’t see the Pidget either.

High in the sky, the Pidget gasped. “Oh… That can’t be good…” he said to himself. “I’d better report this to King Wart…” He quickly flew away.

On the ground, Mario caught sight of the Pidget taking his leave. “Hm? A Pidget!” he said. “Look…”

Mario pointed upwards. The others looked up and saw the Pidget.

“Uh oh…” said Luigi. “I would guess that he works for Wart…”

“In that case…” said Yoshi, “I hope he didn’t see us…”

“Oh quit worrying!” scolded Wario. “Show some backbone! It’s just a stupid bird!”

“Maybe YOU should stop being so cocky!” Larry snapped.

Wario opened his mouth to argue, but was stopped by Blaze. “Don’t say a word!” said Blaze. “We’ve got no time to argue! Let’s just go!”


Meanwhile at Wart’s castle, Wart watched as the Koopas were being whipped… again.

“Ah yes,” he said. “Listening to my wretched brother and his family suffer is simply music to my ears…”

“Uh… King?” said the Shy Guy that was whipping Bowser.


“But you don’t HAVE ears…”

“I DON’T CARE!!! NOW KEEP WHIPPING!!! … Actually, let ME whip him for a while…”

The Shy Guy handed the whip to Wart. Wart walked over to Bowser. “Brother,” he said, “you don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this!” He began whipping Bowser harder than the Shy Guy was. Bowser roared in pain.

“It gets worse than this!” said Wart to Bowser. “Your execution is scheduled tonight, so you might as all just enjoy the last few moments of your pathetic life!”

Suddenly, the door burst open. It was Susan. She ran at Wart and tried to take the whip away from him. Nick also ran in.


“She got away from me somehow…” said Nick. “My bad…” Nick ran up to Susan and grabbed her.

“LET ME GO!!!” ordered Susan. “RIGHT NOW!!!”

“That does it, Sister!!!” said Nick. “Looks like I’ll have to tie you in a dozen knots just to get you to stay put!!!” Nick dragged Susan out of the room.

“Good…” said Wart. “Now I can whip my brother in PEACE!!!” He didn’t get much peace, as the Pidget flew in through the window.

“Sire! Sire!!!” cried the Pidget.

“Oh for the love of Pete!!!” Wart groaned. “WHAT?! This had better be important!!!”

“It is!” said the Pidget. “The Mario Bros. are on the way, and not only them, but also a green dinosaur, an incredibly fat guy, another Koopaling, and… uh… that Blaze guy you and Flubba have been talking about!” The Koopas and Bowser jumped.

“Blaze is alive?!” cried Bowser.


“Oh yes I am!”

“Oh… Great… Just great! Those pathetic plumbers and Blaze are gonna ruin everything!!! FLUBBA!!!”

Flubba ran in. “What’s up?” he asked.

“Tell my generals that the Mario Bros, Blaze, and some others are coming. They’ve got to be stopped!!!”

“Blaze?! I thought we killed him!”

“According to this Pidget, who insists that he’s telling the truth, Blaze is not dead! Now don’t argue with me! GO!!!”

Flubba ran out of the room quickly. Wart sighed and turned to Bowser. “It looks like your execution will have to be postponed… but no matter! Once we get rid of the Mario Bros. Blaze, whichever Koopaling I missed, and the dinosaur and fat guy, YOU’LL ALL BE FINISHED!!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

Flubba came back in. “I told the generals,” he said. “Now what? Do we wait for ‘em to get here?”

“No…” said Wart. “WE’RE gonna take the battle to THEM!!!”


The Super Six were pressing on. It was evening. Blaze was getting more and more worried about the Koopas. Larry tried not to worry. He looked at Blaze and spoke.

“Blaze…” he said, “we have to keep our hopes high. If we keep worrying like this, then we’re just gettin’ nowhere fast…”

“… I know, dude…” said Blaze.

“Besides, you never know. They might still be alive while we’re talking right now…”

The others were also a little worried (Wario was worried on the inside, but was trying not to show it), not about the Koopas, but about their chances of defeating the 8-Bits. It seemed like it was going to be hundreds of bazookas against only six Super Scopes.

“So exactly how are we gonna fight off the 8-Bits, anyway?” asked Yoshi. “I mean… If they have bazookas, then will we even stand a chance with Super Scopes?”

“We’ll just have to see…” said Luigi.

“Yeah!” said Wario. “So quit-”


“I’m not being cocky! I’m just sayin’ that you guys shouldn’t be worrying so much! It’s not like the 8-Bits are just gonna appear out of nowhere…”

That’s where Wario was wrong. Something DID appear out of nowhere: a red door.

“Huh?!” said Blaze. “Where did THAT come from?!”

The door opened, and several Shy Guys, Snifits, Beezos, Ninjis, Bob-ombs (with arms), and Birdos came out, followed by Mouser, Triclyde, Clawgrip, Fryguy, a huge robotic Birdo, and Wart and Flubba! A few of the Shy Guys were riding Autobombs, while others had bazookas! The Ninjis also had bazookas, as did Mouser, Wart, and Flubba! The Super Six were surrounded!

“You were saying?!” Yoshi said to Wario.

“Well hey,” said Wario. “I’ve been wrong…”

“Like a thousand times…”

“SHUT UP!!!”

“So…” began Wart. “How’d you like my idea of surprising you guys with a warp door?”

“I must say,” said Mario, “that was pretty sneaky… TAKE AIM, GUYS!!!”

Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Wario, Blaze, and Larry all took aim with their Super Scopes.

“HA!!!” said Flubba. “Those puny little guns of yours are pathetic! How’s about we show you some REAL weapons!!!”

“You got that backwards!” said Larry. “We are gonna show YOU some real weapons! LET’S SHOOT ‘EM, GUYS!!!”

The Super Six blasted directly at some of the bazookas, exploding them. They then blasted the owners of the bazookas, throwing them unconscious. The six split up.

Mario took on the Ninjis. They blasted at him. Mario narrowly avoided the blasts. He shot back at their bazookas, blowing them up. The Ninjis jumped at him. One Ninji stripped Mario’s gun away and tried to shoot him. Mario jumped on the Ninji. Another Ninji jumped-kicked him in the stomach. Mario stumbled, but began punching the Ninji’s back. Another Ninji came up behind him and kicked him in the back of the head. Mario lurched forward, a little dazed, but still okay. He punched the Ninji back. He then jump-kicked another Ninji. He picked up a Ninji and threw him into another Ninji, knocking them both out. He looked and saw Fryguy blowing fireballs at him. Mario picked up a bazooka and blasted at him. Somehow, the blast split Fryguy into several tiny sparks. Mario stomped on the sparks, snuffing them out.

Luigi blasted wildly at the Beezos as they swooped down at him. Luigi blasted them down one by one, but his shooting was broken up when an explosion behind him threw him forward. He was still conscious, and turned around to see Mouser with his bazooka. Mouser blasted at him again. Luigi jumped out of the way. He scuttle-jumped towards Mouser and kicked him in the face. Mouser yelled in pain, dropping his bazooka. Luigi kicked the bazooka away so Mouser couldn’t reach it. Suddenly, another explosion behind him from an Autobomb blew him forward. This time he was out cold!

Yoshi was surrounded by Birdos. Yoshi wasn’t big on fighting Birdos, and he certainly didn’t want to shoot them. He decided to try to beat them at their own game, using eggs. Yoshi dropped the Super Scope. A Birdo spat an egg at him. Yoshi dodged. The other Birdos began spitting eggs. Yoshi caught one and threw it back at a Birdo, knocking her out. Yoshi swallowed a nearby Shy Guy and made an egg. He threw the egg at another Birdo. He caught another Birdo egg and threw it at a Birdo. Yoshi kept catching and throwing eggs until each Birdo was knocked out. Suddenly, a huge egg flew past him! Yoshi turned to see Robirdo, who fired another egg. Yoshi dodged it and the next few eggs. He then somehow caught an egg and threw it back into the Robirdo’s mouth. Robirdo tried to fire another egg, but the egg thrown into its mouth jammed something on the inside of the robot. Robirdo shook and exploded.

Wario avoided the bullets from the Snifits and punched away the Shy Guys before they had a chance to shoot him. Wario blasted at a nearby Autobomb, which exploded, throwing the nearby Shy Guys unconscious. Suddenly, some fireballs flew past him. Wario turned to see Triclyde! Triclyde spat more fireballs at him. Wario dodged the first few fireballs, but the last one set his pants in fire! He ran in circles, yelling. Then he got an idea. He ran past some Bob-ombs, lighting their fuses. He ran back to Triclyde. Before Triclyde could do anything. Wario grabbed his tail and swung him around. He let go, sending Triclyde flying into the Bob-ombs, which exploded, throwing the three-headed Cobrat unconscious. Suddenly, he turned to see a Shy Guy with a bazooka! Wario jumped back just as the Shy Guy blasted. The shot hit the ground in front of Wario, throwing him unconscious!

Larry blasted at the many Snifits, popping in and out of his shell to avoid their bullets. Larry blasted away all the Snifits, but a bazooka shot flew past him. Larry looked back to see Wart! Wart blasted again. Larry retreated into his shell just as Wart blasted. The shell was blown upwards and landed on the ground. Larry popped back out, a bit dazed, but recovered and blasted Wart’s bazooka, which blew up. Wart stumbled back at the explosion, but shook himself off. Larry blasted at Wart, who jumped to dodge. Wart jumped at Larry and kicked him back hard. Larry slid back on his shell about ten feet. His Super Scope flew on of his hands. Wart spat bubbles at Larry, who was blown unconscious!

Blaze dodged the various blasts from Flubba. Blaze retreated into his shell and darted into Flubba, who was thrown back. The bazooka flew out of his hands. Flubba reached for it, but Blaze shot at it, blowing it up. Flubba looked at Blaze.

“Come on!” said Flubba. “You wouldn’t fight guy while he’s unarmed… would you…?”

Blaze rolled his eyes, then threw the gun down. “You’re lucky I’m a pretty good sport…” said Blaze. “Too bad you’re outnumbered!”

Flubba looked over to see Mario and Yoshi. “Uh oh!” he squeaked.

“You caused all this!” said Mario. “Now you’re gonna pay!”

“Yeah!” said Yoshi. “… LOOK OUT!!!”

Mario looked over and saw Wart! Before Mario or Yoshi had time to react, they were both hit by bubbles, knocking them both out! Blaze got an anime sweatdrop.

“HA!!!” said Flubba. “You’re wrong… YOU’RE outnumbered!!!

“My minions may all be out,” said Wart, “but look around. Your partners are also out!”

“And YOU’RE about to be too, Wart!!!” said Blaze.

“Wart…?” said Wart. “You used to call me Traw.”

“Traw?!” said Blaze. “What’re you talkin’ about?!”

“Remember when you first met Bowser and me? My name was Traw at the time, but when I was changed to my current form, I changed my name to Wart, appropriately, since Wart is simply Traw spelled backwards.”

Blaze’s eyes widened. “So YOU’RE Traw Koopa…” he said. “I remember you now…”

“Yes,” said Wart. “Too bad it’s the last thing you’ll ever remember!”

Wart inhaled and blew bubbles at Blaze, who jumped out of the way.

“Face it!” said Wart as Flubba walked up next to him. “We’ve won, you’ve lost, so you might as well just surrender now!” While talking, Wart secretly handed something to Flubba.

“Hit me with your BEST shot!!!” Blaze yelled.

“You bet we will!!!”

Wart jumped towards Blaze, who jumped out of the way. Blaze blew a fireball at Wart, who jumped to avoid it. Wart charged at Blaze, who charged towards Wart. Just before reaching Wart, Blaze retreated into his shell and slid into Wart’s feet, tripping him. Wart quickly got back up, only for Blaze to come back and punch him hard in the face. Wart fell back, unconscious.

“Well,” said Blaze, “that was a little too easy…” He turned to Flubba. “And now for YOU!!! You started this whole thing, and I’m ending it!

“You’re wrong again, Blaze!” said Flubba. “Wart and I planned this whole thing from the start. I only framed you because I had no use for you, until recently!”

“Is that so?!” snapped Blaze. “Well, it looks to me that you and Wart’s little plot won’t work! You’re goin’ DOWN!!!”

“All right, Blaze!” said Flubba. “It’s about time I taught you a good lesson! I call it ‘why messing with Flubba is the worst idea ever!!!’”

“Dude, you’re one twisted menace!” Blaze retorted. “You know that?!’

“Yep, and proud of it!!!”

“Okay then! It’s about time this ended, so show me whatcha got!!!”

“As you wish!” Flubba took out the object that Wart had given him, a Magic Potion.

“What’s THAT supposed to do?” Blaze asked.

“I’ll show you!” Flubba drank the potion, then began to feel funny. He dropped the empty beaker. Slowly, he began to mutate! His muscles became huge, he grew fangs and spikes on his shell, his hair grew wild, and he grew up to three times Blaze’s size! Blaze’s jaws dropped to the ground.

“Surprised?” said Flubba in a deep voice. “I thought so!” Flubba stomped on Blaze’s Super Scope.

“See?!” Flubba mused. “You shouldn’a dropped your weapon! Enough talkin’! Let’s end this once and for all!!!”

Blaze swallowed hard and took a deep breath.

“Bring it!!!” he yelled.

Flubba charged at Blaze. Blaze jumped out of the way as Flubba pounded his fists at the ground where Blaze had been standing. Blaze blew fireballs at Flubba, who dodged. Flubba charged at Blaze and stomped the ground hard, causing the ground to shake. Blaze was shaken up a little, but recovered. He punched Flubba hard in the stomach. Flubba roared and punched Blaze back hard. Blaze slid nine feet away on his shell. He shook himself off and spat more fireballs at Flubba, who charged through them, heading for Blaze. Blaze backflipped to avoid Flubba. He charged at Flubba and jumped over him. He grabbed Flubba’s tail and swung him around. He let go, and Flubba went flying onto his stomach. Flubba quickly got back up and charged at Blaze again. Blaze jumped again as Flubba pounded his fists on the ground. Blaze headbutt Flubba in the stomach. Flubba staggered, gasping for breath. He recovered and kicked Blaze back hard. Blaze flew onto his back. He got back up, blood streaming from his mouth. He recovered and blew more fireballs at Flubba, who dodged them. Blaze charged at Flubba and jump-kicked him in the face. Flubba roared in pain. Blaze then punched him in the stomach. Flubba staggered again. He recovered and picked up Blaze. He body-slammed Blaze onto the ground. Blaze was dazed for a second, but recovered and moved out of the way before Flubba could grab him again. Blaze charged at Flubba for another headbutt, but Flubba dodged, grabbed Blaze, and bodyslammed him again. Blaze recovered and blew fire at Flubba, who dodged and pounded the ground again. Blaze dodged and jump-kicked Flubba in the face. Flubba again roared in pain. He shook himself off. Just as he recovered, Blaze caught his tail again, and swung around before letting go. Flubba fell on his stomach. He recovered and charged at Blaze again. Blaze dodged, but Flubba grabbed him by the foot.

“You just don’t know when to quit, do you?” he said, and bodyslammed Blaze once again. Blaze was in pain, and slow getting up.

“No… *cough, pant*,” he said. “I *pant* don’t. *wheeze*”

“That’s too bad!!!” said Flubba. “We certainly have been through a lot, but it all ends here! So long, chum!” Flubba raised his fists, but when he brought them down on Blaze, he felt a sharp pain in his hand. Blaze had retreated into his shell just before Flubba slammed his fists down, and Flubba got a fist full of spikes! Flubba roared in pain. Blaze got back up and grabbed him by the tail again. He swung Flubba around and sent him flying onto his stomach again. Flubba got back up, but was immediately kicked in the stomach by Blaze. Flubba gasped for breath, but just as he recovered, he saw a fist heading straight for his face. Blaze punched Flubba in the face hard between the eyes. Flubba fell back, unconscious. The potion then wore off, and Flubba shrunk back to his normal self, still unconscious.

Blaze panted heavily. I… got ‘im, he thought. Now to… get to Wart’s lair and free Bowser and the Koopas… How…? Hmm… Maybe one of those Magic Potions caused that door to appear… I wonder if Wart has another one… He went over to Wart and dug into his robe. Sure enough, there was another potion. Wart had taken this one to get back to the castle after he finished off the Super Six, which he obviously didn’t do. Blaze wasn’t sure how to use it, but decided to throw it and see what happened. A red door appeared.


Bowser was sadly hanging on the wall by ropes around his wrists in the room where he had been whipped. He was worried about Blaze. Could he have defeated Wart and Flubba, or was it the other way around? What had become of Blaze?

A red door suddenly appeared out of nowhere. The door opened, and there stood Blaze. He had succeeded, that was what.

“BLAZE!!!” cried Bowser.

“YES!!! HE DID IT!!!” cried Lemmy.

Everyone else cheered loudly as Blaze walked up to them and burned all their ropes off with tiny fireballs from his mouth.

 “I knew he wouldn’t let us down and you know why I knew because I wasn’t worried but everyone else was but nope not me because I knew Blaze could beat Wart and Flubba because—” Morton was cut off by Roy slapping duck tape over his mouth.

“Did youse guys kick Wart an’ Flubba’s hinies?” Roy asked.

“Yeah,” said Blaze. “Those guys are down and out.”

“WHAT?!” cried a voice. Nick ran in with Susan. “YOU KILLED THEM?!”

“No I didn’t kill them! They’re just-”

“DON’T YOU LIE TO US!!!” Susan snapped. She and Nick charged at Blaze, who simply punched them both out.

“I hope you don’t mind my punching them out like that,” Blaze said to Bowser.

“Not at all,” said Bowser.

“Come on,” said Blaze. “The others are just through that door…”


Larry woke up. He looked around. The 8-Bits were scattered everywhere. He looked and saw Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Wario all unconscious. Wart and Flubba were also out.

“Well… Whadaya know!” he said. “Blaze did it!” He looked over at a red door. Exiting the door were Blaze, Bowser, Clawdia, Kamek, and the rest of the Koopalings, with Ludwig and Morton dragging the unconscious Susan and Nick.

“LARRY!!!” cried Bowser.

“KING DAD!!!” Larry shot up, ran toward his father, and hugged him and the rest of his family. Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Wario were just waking up.

“What’d I miss…?” said Wario. He looked over and saw the unconscious bodies of Wart and Flubba. “Woah… See? I told you guys there was nothing to worry about!” Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi rolled their eyes.

“Oh yeah…” said Blaze to Bowser. “These dudes helped, too.” Bowser looked over at Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Wario. He went over to them.

“You know…” he said, “I never thought I’d say this… but you earned it… Thank you…” Bowser scratched the back of his neck, slightly embarrassed.

“Oh… Don’t mention it,” said Mario.

“Yeah! Don’t EVER mention it!” Wario growled.


Bowser turned to Blaze. “And thank YOU especially, Blaze,” he said.

“Ah… Lucky break,” said Blaze.

“Yes Blaze,” said Clawdia. “Thank you very much.”

Clawdia bent down and kissed Blaze, who blushed bright red. I thought this would get mushy…, he thought. Oh well…

“So…” said Iggy. “What do we do with THESE guys?” Iggy pointed at the unconscious 8-Bit members.

“Just leave the minions here,” said Bowser. “Let’s just get Wart and Flubba and-”

“Execute them?”

“Tempting… but no… Hmm, what SHOULD we do with them?”

“How about this,” said Mario. “We’ll keep them locked in Princess Peach’s dungeon. Wart’s generals are too dumb to know what to do…”

“And what about Susan and Nick?” asked Larry.

“We’ll just keep them in OUR dungeon,” said Bowser.

“It’s settled!” said Blaze. “Let’s go!”


Blaze was talking with Princess Peach in her castle.

“So THIS guy bombed my castle!” Peach said as she angrily eyed Flubba, who was tied back to back with Wart.

“Yep,” said Blaze.

“Hm… Well, if I had caught you, I would’ve had you thrown in the dungeon for life, but since you indeed managed to bring these two to a standstill, I think I’ll let you off with a warning.”

“Ooh!” said Blaze. “Cool!”

“But this is a warning, okay? If you ever DO try something like that… you know what’ll happen.”

“I got it, dudette…”

“Good! Okay, guards. Take these two fools to the dungeon!” Some guards dragged Wart and Flubba away.

“I’LL GET YOU, YET!!!” Flubba yelled. “YOU JUST WAIT!!!”

Blaze rolled his eyes. We’ll see about that, pal, he thought.

“Well,” Peach said to him, “you’re free to go…”

Blaze nodded and walked away. Immediately, E. Gadd ran into the room with a red Scope gun.

“Princess!” he said. “I’ve completed the weapon. I call it the Mega Scope!”

“Sorry, Elvin,” said Peach. “You’re a bit too late. It has all ended now…”

“Ah! Just my luck again!!!”


The Koopas were all waiting outside Peach’s castle for Blaze. The door opened, and Blaze walked out.

“What’d she say?” Bowser Junior asked.

“She’s letting me go,” said Blaze. “Wart and Flubba won’t be getting out of there for a loooooooooooooooooong time!”

“Sweet!” said Lemmy.

“Yes, sweet indeed!” agreed Bowser. “Okay, everyone. On to the airship! Let’s go home!”

“Youse mean what’s left of it…” said Roy.

They all boarded the airship, which they had parked outside the castle.


After arriving at the castle, the Koopas all stared at their home. It was badly damaged.

“How are we gonna get this castle repaired?” asked Lemmy. “It’ll take YEARS!!!”

Bowser thought hard. The castle was in bad condition. To him, though, it still seemed repairable.

“It won’t be easy…” he said, “but I think we can fix it.”

“Judging from the damage,” said Ludwig, “I vould estimate that repairing the castle vould take about… two months…”

“Two months?” said Larry. “That’s not too bad…”

“Then what’re we watin’ for?!” said Iggy. “Let’s hop to it!”


Bowser’s minions worked extremely hard to finish the castle. It was long, it was hard, but they made great progress.

One day during construction, Bowser was speaking with Blaze while watching the construction.

“Blaze,” he said, “I really can’t thank you enough for saving us…”

“Aw… No need, dude,” said Blaze. “That’s what friends are for, right? Anyway, how else can I help you?”

“You mean… you DON’T want to go back to roaming?”

“Well… As much as I want to… Well… It’s just… hard to say goodbye… After all, it’s the first time I’ve seen you in years… *sigh*”

“Yeah… It’s hard for me too… Wait… I have it! I know how I can repay you!”

“Really? How?”

“Blaze, how would you like to live here with us? It’s the least I can do…”

Blaze’s eyes widened and watered. Bowser was offering to have him stay with them; the first time he’d ever had a chance to live somewhere in years.

“So? What do you say?”

“I… I…” Blaze almost couldn’t speak. More tears came out of his eyes. He was just so happy.

“I… Yeah!” he finally said. “I will!”

Bowser smiled. “And what’s more,” Bowser continued, “once this castle is finished, I have a surprise.”

“Really? What is it?”

“You’ll see, my friend. You’ll see…”


The two months seemed like two years, but finally, Koopa Kastle was good as new. The aircraft was also repaired. The Koopas were marveling at their finished home.

“Whoo!” said Iggy. “That was hard!”

“Yep,” said Lemmy. “But it’s finished.”

“Well then,” said Bowser, “let’s go in, shall we?”

They walked into the castle. Bowser and Blaze, however, stayed behind for a second.

“Now…” said Blaze, “about that surprise?”

“Don’t worry,” said Bowser. “Just wait until tomorrow… but I CAN tell you one thing.”


“I told my guards to make a new room… yours!” Blaze smiled.

“Wow… I’m speechless again…”

“Ah… It’s all right… Come on. Let’s go home!” Bowser and Blaze walked into the castle.


The next day, Bowser organized a welcoming party for Blaze. Before the announcing began, Blaze was talking with Bowser.

“Dude,” he said, “you really didn’t have to do this, you know?”

“No… Really,” Bowser said. “I’m just that grateful. You really have earned it.”

“Well… hey, you could just think of it as a little way of repaying you for when you stood up for me the first time we met.”

“Blaze… That was anything but a ‘little’ repayment.”

Blaze scratched the back of his neck, with an expression on his face that said “Aww… Shucks…”

Later at the party, Bowser began the announcing.

“Though he made a mistake,” Bowser announced, “he put all his effort into saving the Koopa Troop from falling to the 8-Bits, and for that, I am more than happy to announce Blaze Koopa as the newest and most honorary member of the Koopa Troop.” The party attendants applauded for Blaze, who was slightly nervous but happy at the same time.

“And Blaze?” continued Bowser. “I’m also happy to give you these official Koopa Troop wristbands.” A Koopa Troopa walked up with a box. He opened the box to reveal a pair of shiny, black wristbands. Blaze took them and slipped them on over his gloves. He held his wrists up. The attendants applauded again. Blaze beamed triumphantly.


Susan and Nick were so angry with the Koopas that Bowser had no choice but to put them in the dungeon. They both wanted to avenge their dad. In fact, Susan was so angry that she was beginning to hate Larry, who, of course, didn’t care.

Meanwhile, Blaze was enjoying life with his friend. It was the first time he had a place to live in years. In fact, it was the first time in a long time when he was NOT a wanted fugitive. Well… being part of the Koopa Troop now, he was still wanted, but not MOST wanted.

Apart from that, he also began to form many different bonds with the Koopalings. Ludwig was amazed at Blaze’s strength and thought he might be useful for some of his bigger inventions. It was hard work, but Blaze was all about pain, especially with the explosions. Blaze and Roy had got into a bit of a rivalry, as they were constantly getting into fights to see who was stronger. Although the other Koopalings thought Blaze was clearly stronger, Roy was determined to prove them wrong. Blaze grew fond of Karma for one good reason: Karma didn’t like Roy that much either. Blaze began to hang out with Larry a lot and also became fond of Iggy, the Koopaling who was at first afraid of him. Blaze even showed Lemmy how to beat Yoshi’s Safari without dropping the heavy Super Scope once. Blaze caught on to sticking socks in Morton’s mouth and, like the other Koopalings, got annoyed when Wendy bragged or whined. He also learned to hate Susan and Nick. Though he didn’t actually grow fond of Bowser Jr, he wasn’t as hard on him as the other Koopalings were.

The bottom line was, no longer was he El Koopa de Blaze (not that he ever was). He was Ryan Koopa, AKA Blaze Koopa, formerly the most wanted Koopa in the Mushroom World, now a member of the Koopa Troop alongside his oldest and baddest friend, King Bowser.

The End

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