Mystery of the Mushroom Kingdom Oil Field

By crankymama5452

Prologue -

The Mushroom Kingdom is a massive kingdom that resides on Plit. The Mushroom Kingdom has held many myths, legends, and secrets from the day it was discovered. The many species on this kingdom have been forever trying to figure these out. One day, however, a princess was crowned. Her name was Peach. This was no ordinary person, not just by royalty, but by the fact she knew what legends and secrets were true. Long ago an oil field was found. Millions and millions, possibly billions of coins could come from it. This was long declared a myth. However, it isn't and only Peach knows.

She kept it a secret from everyone, trying not to form a rampage in the attempt to find it. Peach knew, however, that one day somebody evil would learn of the supposed myth and attempt to bring the myth to life. That person would end up finding the oil and using it to make all the money needed for his evil means.

Several years from that day has passed, and Peach has not had the oil field in her mind for months,
forgetting it entirely. The Kingdom has had a new problem: xtreme evil. More evil than usual has attacked. Be it Bowser or Smithy, Tatanga or Princess Shroob, the Mushroom Kingdom has been under numerous attacks. The vast majority belong to Bowser, known as the evil Koopa King. Bowser has had many goals mostly consisting of kidnapping Peach and taking over the world. He, however, sometimes attacks in an attempt to rob the kingdom of its riches. Bowser has never had any knowledge of the oil field, not even hearing of it.

A while has passed since the recent attack, and it is expected that everything is finally at peace and Bowser has at long last givin up on his evil plans. This is, however and unfortunately, not true. Bowser has locked himself in his castle with his kids and assistants, searching for many things about the Kingdom in an attempt to find something overly interesting.

Will he find this? Will he discover the oil field? WIll he rule the world? Or will Mario be able to prevent this if the occasion arises? Who knows?...

Chapter #1 - The Memories of the Mushroom Kingdom Return

It is a peacefull day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Without Bowser, things are nice and quiet. Although more dull, the days are more quiet and safe. Mario, the well-known hero, is sitting in his house sipping on StarManBucks coffee while reading the Mushroom Times. Luigi, his brother, is upstairs cleaning. Mario, while reading the current events, stumbles on something major.

"What is this?" Mario says. The headline reads "MUSHROOM KINGDOM RICHES". Mario begins to read it over.

Just the other day it was discovered that the Mushroom Kingdom is home to one of the greatest oil spots ever. The location, however unknown, will not soon be a mystery. Several Koopa citizens were sent to dig it up. More will be released when info is found.

"Luigi! Get down here quick!" Mario screams. Lugi, who has been cleaning a ledge by the
stairway, is startled and stumbles down the stairs. He gets up and goes over.

"Mario, can you please stop that? This is the twenty-third time you've done this. Every time you find something in the paper about any useless thing, you go all crazy," Luigi says in a grumpy tone that seems to be mixed with a low sigh of pain. Mario looks up and speaks.

"Read it." Mario hands him the paper and Luigi looks it over once. After doing so he reads it again before his jaw drops.

"WHAT? Mario, do you know what this means? Bowser could be reading this. If he is, he might return in the attempt to find the oil," Luigi says in a scared, stuttered voice. Luigi shows no signs of hiding this expression, and Mario knows right away Luigi is most likely right.

"Let's just hope he doesn't read it," Mario says.

~ At Bowser's Castle ~

Bowser is sitting down quietly on his throne, sighing out of boredom. Being locked up in his castle doing nothing but studying history has finally taken its toll on Bowser's interest, and he has given up on it.

"Ughh... Ughh... I SAID UGGH!" Bowser screams as a Koopatrol runs in. The Kooptrol stops at Bowser's feet, bows, and then speaks.

"You ughhed, Your highness?" he says.

"I did. Bring me the Mushroom Times. I want to read the comics. There has to be something to make me laugh," he says. The Koopatrol runs, leaving Bowser on his thrown. Larry, his youngest son, enters the throne room and aproaches Bowser.

"What do you want, Larry?" Bowser asks. "More plants?"

Larry looks at him before replying.

"No, King Dad. I wanted to know if you have read the paper," he says. Bowser sighs.

"No I haven't. I haven't done anything today except sit on my throne," he says.

"But what if you need to go to the bathroom?" Larry says.

Bowser looks at him and groans. "I needed to three times but I was too lazy to get up, so..." Bowser says, stopping his sentence to clue Larry in.

"EEEEEEWWWWWWW!" Larry says, running out of the room.

"WAIT! WHAT WAS IN THE PAPER?" Bowser yells as the Koopatrol runs in and hands him a paper. He then runs out.

"Very good. Now let's see what Larry wanted to tell me... Hmmm. I don't see anything. Just stupid Mario on every page but the Obituaries. Why can't he be there? ... Oh wait... What would this be now?" Bowser says, looking at the page.

"... Oh... Oh my DAD. I don't believe it. This is it. The perfect crime. An oil field possibly capable of presenting billions. KIDS, DOWN HERE NOW!" Bowser says, leaping up and running into the family room.

Bowser's kids: Larry, Morton, Wendy, Iggy, Roy, Lemmy, and Ludwig, rush down the stairs to the family room to a family meeting the likes of which had not been held for a long time. After such a long time, even the boring things become of interest. They all sit around Bowser, who holds the paper in front of him.

"Kids, we have the chance of a lifetime, the chance to rob a possible billion or more coins off the kingdom," Bowser says.

"WHAT?" scream Iggy and Lemmy in disbelief.

"That's amazing. How, though?" Morton says.

"Well, kids, the Mushroom Kingdom apparently has an oil field somewhere. We need to find it. If we do then... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Bowser laughs and the kids join in too.

"Kids, all we need to do is collect the materials to dig it up and then go find it. We also need a new base. If we reside here we are bound to be attacked if we are discovered. Let's go. Grab whatever you want and need, we're leaving in exactly one hour," Bowser says, and the kids run off.

"This is it, the best way to turn my dull life upside-down," Bowser says, staring off into the wall.

Chapter 2: Peach Explains It All

Mario and Luigi, taken back by the finding, stand in awe and confusion trying to figure out why after so long nobody knew about it.

"Luigi, what should we do?" Mario asks Luigi with no slight clue how to take this discovery. "It isn't like it's the discovery of an entire land of gold or anything, but this is serious. With oil we can upgrade so many things about the Kingdom," Mario finishes.

Luigi is left speechless, but he and Mario both know that the first thing they should do is make sure Peach knows. The two of them run out of the house with the paper.

~ At Bowser's Castle ~

Bowser sits waiting for the Koopalings to finish their packing. Under Bowser's orders the eight of them are moving to a secret base in an attempt to hide from the Marios while they search for the oil. After a few minutes as opposed to the hour Bowser gave them, the kids are packed and at Bowser's side.

"That was quick. Are you sure you've got everything?" Bowser says. Ludwig, the eldest kid, nods, giving Bowser the good to go signal.

"Okay then. We're on our way. Let's be going. I've got the doomship ready. We won't be heading into town so nobody should spot us," he says. The eight leave quietly with several guards and Kamek.

~ In Toad Town ~

Mario and Luigi enter Toad Town Square and begin heading to the castle when a Toad stops them. The Toad seems hyper so Mario and Luigi have a feeling they know the reason.

"Let me guess. You know about the oil." Mario says, causing the Toad to nod.

"Everyone does, Mario. Isn't this great? If we can get this we can upgrade the Kingdom with much better technology. Imagine..." the Toad says. Mario, having no time to talk, simply continues past the Toad, who seems so wrapped up in being hyper that he doesn't even see Mario walk by.

~ In the Mushroom Castle Throne Room ~

Princess Peach sits on her throne, practically in tears. Looking like she just wants to burst out crying, she sits with a sad, dead expression on her face. In her hand, hanging down is the paper opened to the page on the oil field. Toadsworth, Peach's aid, comes in and sees her, causing him to soon after to go into a tissy.

"Princess, Princess, are you okay? You look sick," he asks kindly but with a hint of worry. Peach becomes chalk white, looking completely sick. She begins to mutter to Toadsworth.

"Toadsworth, the oil field was finally discovered. This is the first time in years I've ever had to think about it. I always knew if it got known to the public that people would riot to find it. I never saw it making the papers. Now people literally everywhere will know," he says. Toadsworth gasps and begins to studder.

A Toad guard comes in and bows to Peach before turning and granting entry to the Mario Brothers. Mario and Luigi step into the room and see Peach. Mario runs to her side and Luigi to Toadsworth.

"Princess, are you okay?" Mario asks. Peach looks at him and then at the paper, and shows her copy to Mario, who holds his mouth slightly open.

"Oh... You know too. But why so glum? This could be a great thing," he says.

"No, Mario. I've known about this for a long time. I never let people know because I was scared of what the results might cause. People may go crazy trying to find it," she says. Mario begins to realize the consiquences that could arise, then gasps.

"BOWSER!" Mario shouts. Luigi, Toadsworth, and Peach all at once gasp, for all four now realize Bowser may know; and one thing they know about Bowser is that he will try to rob the Kingdom of the possible fortune.

"We need to go," Luigi says in a more strict and serious tone. Peach gets up and she and the Mario Brothers leave Toadsworth, who simply kneels down and begins to sob.

Chapter 3: Setting up the Base

Bowser and the Koopalings sail the sky, moving over the Mushroom Kingdom. Neither kid knows their destination, but one thing they do know is that Bowser does. They sit quietly in their onboard rooms and fill their heads with the many possibilities that finding the oil could bring. Meanwhile out on deck, Bowser is with Kamek.

"Master Bowser, what do we need this oil for? You've never brought it to my attention," the Magikoopa says, causing Bowser to smile.

"The money, Kamek. The oil is worth billions. Now against what one would think, I don't want the oil for that billions," he says, causing Kamek to display a greater sign of confusion.

"Then what for?" he says.

"Bribery. The oil may be worth billions, but the Mushroom Kingdom won't use it for the money, they'll use it for personal upgrades. When we find the oil first, we'll hold it on our end and bribe them. To get the oil, they need to donate their money. You see, they have more than the oil's worth, but only want the oil because they will use it for its benefits. This way when they hand the money over and get the oil, they'll be bankrupt and their new, improved Kingdom will have a weak foundation. This means we will have all the Kingdom's money AND the Mushroom Kingdom citizens will be in complete dispair," he says, displaying great signs of evil.

Soon after the conversation, the ship lands outside an abandoned warehouse. The Koopas evacuate the ship and enter the building.

"It's dark in here, King Dad," Wendy says, stating pure obviousness. The others stare at her.

"Wow, Wendy, you have a knack for spotting hard to see things," Roy says. Against his intention, Wendy takes it in as a compliment.

They begin to set up their gear and other equipment. The guards earn their own quarters down in the dusty basement while the Koopas gain the rooms on the top floor. The main floor remains empty as a diversion in case somebody happens to stumble across and look in. Thinking it's empty, they'd continue on.

With their new hideout up and ready, it will be only a short while before Bowser begins the search. Will he be able to find it first? That is the main question...

Chapter 5: Luigi's Wild Side

Heading into the Toad Town Market, Mario, Luigi, and Peach intend to find some gear to help dig up the oil. They enter a shop that sells digging supplies, food, weapons, and building supplies. Mario goes looking for picks, shovels, and things to hold the oil in. Peach and Luigi go up to the counter and Luigi stares at the impressive gun display. Luigi looks up to the Toad behind the counter and smiles.

"I'd like four of your finest guns, sir," Luigi says. Peach turns to him in shock, her mouth hung open.

"Luigi what are you doing?" she says, confused.

"I don't want Bowser getting his slimey hands on the oil. You and I know he wants it, and if we don't go extreme he will get it and things will be real bad news," he says. Peach stares for a few seconds before hanging her head. Peach knows it is extreme, but she also knows it is most likely the only way to prevent Bowser from winning. She nods quietly and the Toad hands over the guns. Luigi places the money on the counter and walks out with Peach as Mario comes up and pays for his stuff and leaves.

At the new Koopa Hideout...

Bowser and Kamek are speaking in private on the roof of the warehouse. Bowser is discussing his plan further when Ludwig runs up to Bowser with a smile.

"King Dad I have a fabulous plan!" Ludwig says, causing Bowser to smile.

"What would that be, Son?" Bowser says. Ludwig grins evilly.

"Remember my brainwashing device? Well it runs on Mushrooms. We were never able to gather them due to them being too close to Mario. I could change the programming to run it on oil. If we get the oil we could use that, and since there is so much we could superpower it. Then we could wheel it into Toad Town and turn it on, and everyone everywhere will be under our control," he says evilly.

"Ludwig, that is terrific. If we do that not only would we have control of them but we could still get their money. We'd be rich and royal beyond just the Koopas," Bowser says. The two of them laugh while Kamek stands there trying to figure out what to say. Bowser and Ludwig go inside and Kamek stands there confused.

"Did he forget I was here or something?" he says.

At the Toad Town exit...

Mario, Luigi, and Peach are getting ready to leave the town. Peach wants to get out before all the Mushrooms come too. They leave, both her and Mario a few feet away from Luigi, who is holding a gun in each hand and seems to be acting all excited.

"You know, Princess, I never knew Luigi was like that," Mario says. Of course he never did. Luigi was always the calm and kind type as opposed to Mario, who was the super active and heroic type. Seeing Luigi like this was a shock.

"Luigi, don't you think you should turn down the extreme behavior a bit?" Mario says.

Luigi turns to him and starts to act crazy. "What are you talking about? This is big stuff. We need to stop Bowser," he says. Mario backs off.

The time is coming. Preparation on both sides is almost done. Both ends know the other is in an attempt to stop them, they just don't know when they'll strike. With Mario, Luigi, and Peach running through the fields, will they find oil first?

Chapter 6: Preperation at 100%

The Koopalings sit in their rooms preparing. The time is close. Soon they are going to be heading out to search. Roy is is overly happy and so is, as guessed, Ludwig. Morton and Wendy are talking on the matter of how they plan to search and where. Iggy and Lemmy seem lees focused on the topic than everyone else and more on how they will try to hold off the Mario Brothers. Larry is on the main floor with Kamek.

"So Kamek, what do you plan to do? You seem to have just trailed along with us," Larry says. Kamek gives him a rather mad expression before speaking up in a strict tone.

"I have lots planned. Me and Ludwig are working together. He is trying to create a way to update my wand with an oil tracker. It's not likely, but it IS possible," Kamek says.

Larry smirks. He then turns around and starts to head downstairs. "Good then. I was just wondering. I haven't heard you talk all day," he says.

~ In the Mushroom Fields ~

Mario, Luigi, and Peach are still running, not slowing at all. If they were to slow now things on their end would trail behind Bowser. Luigi has finally calmed down and now feels the same as Mario and Peach. Just then Mario stops dead in his tracks.

"Peach... We don't know where the oil is except that it is in these fields. The fields are about nine-hundred and sixty-eight square miles each, and there's like eight of them," he says. Peach stops along with Luigi. Both of them speak up at the same time.

"Right... Do you think we should call in support?" they say. Mario nods and grins.

"I know the best start," he says. He then grabs a phone and calls somebody. He starts talking to an unknown voice on the other end. He mainly sums up the whole thing in five minutes and hangs up. Peach looks at him.

"Who was that?" she asks, concerned. Mario looks and smiles.

"Toadsworth. He's getting Yoshi, Daisy, and Toad to come," he says. Peach seems completely satisfied, and so does Luigi. They both nod and smile, signaling they are ready for the addition to their group.

~ At Peach's Castle ~

Toadsworth hangs up the phone, then picks it up again and dials Daisy's number. When she answers he begins to speak.

"Hello Daisy. This is Toadsworth. I need you to come to the castle, please. If you could, bring Yoshi," he says.

"Why? Is something wrong?" she says.

"Well sort of. An oil field was found apparently or something like that. Mario, Luigi, and the princess went out alone to find it before the soldiers could leave. They just called and they want you and Yoshi to meet them about fifteen miles off the west exit of Toad Town," he says.

"Oh... Okay. I'll be on my way," she says. Toadsworth hangs up and a tear comes to his eye.

"Be careful, Princess. If you need backup with the Marios, things must be in bad shape."

To Be Continued...

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