Furyís Revenge

By Fawful the Waffle

Part 4: The Commander

Lewfuts Present

Mario: Beanbean Kingdom?

Luigi: But why there? Why the Beanbean Kingdom?

Profasy: That is where I foresee you must go. Something, or someone, is waiting for you there.

Peach: Who?

Profasy: I do not know. Someone who is not of a good cause, someone who, if they are brought down, will help you in your cause, which is a good one.

Mushroom Kingdom

Eclair: Come on, Twink! Do the spell already!

Twink: I call to the in the distant world, to come back down and help us in our quarrel!

Eclair: Thatís it, now look!

The rainbow gas in front of Twink turned gold, and rushed up and disappeared.

Eclair: So how do you know all of this stuff? Like the planet's name, who to meet there, and so on?

Twink: Well, it was, a rather long time ago...

Flashback: Star Road, post Paper Mario

Eldstar: Twink, we congratulate you on your bravery. It is something that is not seen in stars at your age. But now we want you to be our quest star, Twink. We want you to be the one who is remembered for ages for his bravery, for his willingness to go forth and vanquish all those who wish to do evil. So for that matter, you are accepted. We have a quest that we want you to do right now. It is in the matters of the planet Lewfuts, and we need you to go there and sort it out.

Twink: Yes sir! What is it?

Eldstar: There has been suspicious activity surrounding that area, and the Star Council wants you to go there and see what their plan is. Go now, find out what is wrong, and do not be noticed.

Twink: Ok!

Twink: And I flew over there, and I donít remember anything else that happened until I felt a strong force behind me that sent me out into the stars, and I could tell years had passed. I felt tired and weak, and I kept on floating because I felt wiser and it was the right thing to do. It turned out to be so. I met Mario out on a distant planet, and a wish from Princess Peach saved me, and I am now here. I donít remember anything, but I feel like I should. I feel like it will come back to me, and that it will be very crucial to what is going on right now.

Eclair: Wait, the Shroobs have been planning something for that long?

Twink: Yes. And they still are. Iíve just now understand the determination of the Shroob Royalty and the army; they will stop at absolutely nothing until they are rulers of the Mushroom Kingdom. And then they will go to the Beanbean Kingdom, and then the Chestnut Kingdom, and then they will go on, over the peaceful and isolated Starlite Kingdom, and then the wartorn Dreighton Kingdom. They will also go for the Flipside-Flopside Kingdoms, and then even Rogueport. They will keep going until they have taken over all of Plit, and then move on to the next planet. Whoever is presiding over this is one with such stubbornness that he must be taken down. I know for a fact it is not Prince Shoib, or either of the Princess Shroobs, or even Fawful. This leader wants to not be known, so that way the target is not known and he can make his plans and use messengers to relay what he wants. And do you want to know something that scares me more?

Eclair: What?

Twink: I know that Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and the young Babies have met the leader. They know him, or maybe her. And there is one other thing you should know. Defeat is not a roadblock for them, it is just a speed bump to merely pass over on their long road to ruling everything.

Eclair: Theyíre that extreme? Oh! Here they are!

The golden cloud was back, and inside were Mario, Luigi, and Peach.

Luigi: This cloud was you guys? Good thing Profasy stayed behind, to keep check on things over at Lewfuts.

Twink: So are we supposed to go to the Beanbean Kingdom?

Mario: Yes, howíd you know?

Twink: Iím beginning to understand things now. Well, letís head over there as soon as possible.

So they started making a long trek over to the Beanbean Kingdom, in one of Peachís very nice planes. (Hey, if you have to travel, why not in style?) They landed on the Beanbean Airport Runway, the very same runway Piranha Plants had blocked. Now though everything looked normal. The party got out of the plane, and then they looked around for someone to welcome them. There was no one at all. They traveled as a group to the kingdom itself, and realized that there was no one there at all. Everyone had disappeared, but there was no sign of any struggle. The group went into the Beanbean castle and saw that it is empty too. In the throne where the Beanbean Queen reigned, was a briefcase. Mario ran up to the briefcase and opened it up, and inside was a note.

Lewfuts Present

Fawful: Evil Hurg of doom, come out and face your demise!

Profasy walked out of her cave, not surprised at all that Fawful was there.

Profasy: Yes?

Fawful: Things are going as planned, except for you! You must come and be brainwashed, or else I will have FURY!!!

Profasy: Yes, I am the only one left. But do you really need me brainwashed?

Fawful: Of course I do, now come!

Profasy then disappeared in a flash of light.


Fawful then calmed down and took out a small video screen. On it was Prince Shoib.

Prince Shoib: Hello, 3rd in Command. Why am I not off this godforsaken rock?

Fawful: I have yet to capture the last ingredient to the spell of which brings doom. But I have almost captured him. It will take a little longer.

Prince Shoib: Hurry. Now go get the Cobalt Star!

Mushroom Kingdom

The note had a message on it.

To the remaining~

You all know that every day more and more creatures are disappearing. This is a notice saying that I too have disappeared, although not yet. The briefcase is one that I have had since I was a little girl, and I know it holds a secret I myself cannot figure out. Hopefully help will come, we are losing all hope.

The Beanbean Queen

Elair: This place... is deserted?

Mario: That seems to be the case. But how did this happen?

Nobody answered. Then the briefcase shook. It rattled until it fell off the throne, and then it snapped shut. Two legs grew out of it, and then two big eyes and a mouth.

Stuffwell. The briefcase was Stuffwell.

Twink gasped and become increasingly angry. Mario and Luigi were relieved. Was this help?

Mario: Stuffwell! Are you here to help?

Stuffwell: Quite the opposite.

Luigi: Huh?

Stuffwell smiled evilly.

Twink: Heís not on our side. He is the Commander of the Shroobs.

Part 5: The Last Ingrediant of the Spell.

Stuffwell: Exactly right!

Twink: What are you doing here?

Stuffwell: Why, I am here to bring the end. And I need you to help me bring the end. Specifically you, Twink. Now if youíd be so kind to come with me without any resistance.

Twink: Never!

Stuffwell: Thatís too bad. Now Iíll have to force you to come.

With that, Stuffwell and Twink both disappeared into thin air.

Peach: Where did they go?

Eclair: I have no idea.

Then Profasy appeared.

Profasy: We are in much more trouble then I thought we were. We donít have much time left to save your planet!

Thatís when Eclair remembered something.

Eclair: Wait, Twink said that the Shroobs were trying to takeover all of the kingdoms on this world, and they have already started! The Beanbean Kingdom is now under Shroob control!

Profasy: Yes, I know, thatís why we need to hurry, we donít have much time. It will take a lot to bring down the Shroob commander, Stuffwell. As you may have just now noticed, the planetís name is a variation of his backwards. Lewfuts. Stuffwell. We will have to stop the Shroobs now before we can bring down the commander. And I warn you now, it will take much more to bring down the Shroobs' usually hidden commander than to stop one of his many plans. I will join you in the long journey. Now we have to move, Twink is a much bigger part of the plan than anyone could have predicted.

Peach: How so?

Just then, the castle and everything inside it disappeared.

Lewfuts Present

The castle appeared in a giant valley where other various Beanbean things were, including all of its citizens.

Eclair: Wait, everything was sent here?

Profasy: Yes, it appears so. Oh, no no no no. This is extremely bad. Why didnít I see it before?

Luigi: What?

Profasy: I think I have figured out the Shroobs' plan. And it is one that has been staring us in the face the whole time. I would tell you, but it will take a good amount of time to tell you, and we donít have enough time. But actually, we have all the time in the world. Sit down, this will take a while. The Shroobs have developed a machine that can move anything across time and places. That is how they have such vast control. They can move anything, except for time holes, across time and space. I also believe Stuffwell has been in command for a very long time. And I think I know the Shroobs' main objective right now, it is to get back their 2nd Rank Commanders, Prince Shoib and Cackletta, and her assistant Doopliss. But they have discovered a new way to takeover territories. They will move objects to Lewfuts, and then brainwash them like they did the Hurgs, and then bring them back to their original place. They must have a power source, and a new one too. That is where Twink comes in. I believe that he is the new power source, and that he was taken back in time. That is why he has been fainting: his strength is depleting, and he is remembering the events between your two meetings. And it is disturbing him and making him tough and hard. How they are using him as a power source, I do not know. But it is on the tip of my tongue. He is a powerful young star, and he is one that will lead us to great lengths. But sadly I feel grave danger for him, so we need to stop him. Do you understand? This is a plan to bring back the leaders, a side plan to take over the Beanbean Kingdom, and Twink is trying to unravel his mysterious and shrouded past, and it is not easy for him. Now we must get moving. We have a couple cards in our hand that we can play to our advantage. Peach, you still look like the Princess Shroob, and the Shroobs believe you are Princess Shroob. We can pretend to be your prisoners to get into the castle. I believe the machine is in the basement of the castle, I have been hearing much activity in that area. I can also use a time spell to send us back to that time, so we can spend time planning here.

* * *

Profasy: And send us to when we want to be!

There was a great a flash, and then our heroes were gone.

Lewfuts Past

The group appeared in the same place they just before, only it was now earlier. None of the Beanbean things were there, which was a good sign. They all rushed up to the castle and started their plan. Peach walked towards the main entrance and walked inside normally, while holding Profasy by the scruff of her neck.

Peach: I have captured a Hurg! I will take it downstairs to brainwash it with the others.

She rushed downstairs and released Profasy once she saw the only thing in the room was a giant machine.

Profasy: Thatís it! Thatís the Time Mover!

It had a giant screen showing a variety of different maps. And at the top was something that looked dreadfully familiar...

Thatís when there was a knock on the window in the back of the room, which was covered by a curtain. Profasy rushed over to it and opened it up, letting Mario, Luigi, and Eclair in. They all ran over to the machine and Peach pointed to the top where the Cobalt Star was in a glass container.

Profasy: That Cobalt Star... I thought it was Twink who was powering this machine!

Mario: Poor Twink... We have to find him!

They all searched except for Eclair, who was standing stiff and glaring at the Cobalt Star.

Luigi: Eclair! Take the Cobalt Star out of it! Make sure it will not work.

Eclair started looking for a way to take it out, while Profasy found something truly disturbing. Behind a closed door she found all of the missing Hurgs, all standing around mindlessly.

Profasy: Eclair! I will help you! I think that this machine has also brainwashed the rest of my people!

That is when the entrance burst opened... And Prince Shoib walked down the stairs laughing.

Eclair: Whereís Twink?!

Prince Shoib: He is far beyond help, he is already lost as far as you are concerned. Now defend yourself, seeing as how I will kill you!

Then he started firing shots of purple out of his hands, while everyone dodged and ran out of the way. Then Prince Shoib cornered Profasy, and was about to fire a shot.

Prince Shoib: Hello, the last Hurg. Your race depends right now on me and me only. I have control over you now. Treasure this last moment dear and near.

Then the unexpected happened. There was a loud crash, and the Cobalt Star flew and blocked Profasy from Prince Shoib right as he fired the shot. The shot hit the Cobalt Star and bounced right back into Prince Shoib, and then Prince Shoib was gone. The Cobalt Star then shattered and fell onto the ground. Profasy was stunned. She had narrowly escaped death. Then there was an electric explosion from the machine, and it died and collapsed to the ground. There was then shouting from the room where the Hurgs were. They had been restored back to normal. And the machine was destroyed.

Luigi: Look at the Cobalt Star! Itís reforming!

And so it was. It was regaining its shape piece by piece, but it had lost some of its glory. It seemed more worn down. When it reformed, it just lay on the ground. Then what happened next made complete sense, but was far from predictable.

The Cobalt Star returned to its original form.

Its original form was Twink.

Peach: Twink... You were the Cobalt Star!

Twink: Yes I was. I was when I was broken into six different pieces, and when I was used to power that machine just now. This is what I have been struggling to remember. That is why I was weak and in pain when I met you, Mario, at the lone space rock. And now we donít have much time. We have just destroyed one of the Shroobs' main weapons, and that is very useful. But the next thing we must do is bring down the commander, and I know his whole history. But first there is one other thing we must do.

Lewfuts Present

Fawful: I HAVE FURY!!!

Profasy appeared before him, and then she set a spell on him, and he was then sent off to a lone space rock.

Mushroom Kingdom

Profasy appeared before the other heroes and sat down.

Twink: Did you get rid of Fawful?

Profasy: Yes. He is gone.

Twink: Good. Now we have all the time possible to tell the history of Stuffwell. This will take quite a while, so please bear with me.

As of now, the only thing that mattered was to find a weakness of the commander of their enemy. The Hurgs were saved and living normally and the Beanbean Kingdom was also back to normal.

What mattered now was a story that meant the world to our heroes, and saving the world is something heroes often do.

To Be Continued...

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