The Amazing Race MK

By Giga Bowser NS

EPISODE 11: Destination: Mushroom Plains
Title: Can’t focus! Must yell! WAAAAAHOOOO!!!

Phil: Previously on: The Amazing Race MK

Luigi: Go, Weege! It’s your birthday!

Phil: Teams departed from the pristine Grass Land and raced to Paintbrush City, where they made their way to Bob-omb Battlefield via a portal painting. After some tears were shed at the remembrance ceremony for the Bob-ombs of the War, teams found a difficult decision: either traverse a difficult obstacle course, or face the wrath of…

Chomp: BARK!

Phil: -Chain Chomp. Mario and Luigi surged ahead dramatically, but Bowser and Bowser Jr, despite their first place finish last leg, fell to the bottom of the pack. A Roadblock involving the finding of hidden coins was not enough to allow them to catch up. They arrived last. However, this was one of four pre-determined non-elimination legs on the race. They were spared… at a cost. They were forced to submit all their money and belongings. Now… four teams remain. Certain elimination is around the corner for one more team. Who will fall? Who will be eliminated… last?

The opening plays with no new red Xs

Phil: This is the Floating Island, a strange, magically infused piece of land situated in the infamous Bob-omb Battlefield. Though a war was once held here, the land has been rebuilt. This strange island in a wonderful land was the tenth Pit Stop… in a Race around the MK. Teams arrived here at the end of the last leg for a mandatory 12-hour rest period. Luck shined on the Bowsers last leg, but will it save them again? There are only three spots available in the final three. Who will make it? Mario and Luigi… who were the first to arrive at 5:48 PM… will depart… at 5:48 AM


Mario: “You’ve come a long way in this Race. Now it’s time to go back to where it all began. Make your way to” … ”World 1-1.”

Phil: Teams must now hop into one of these marked All Terrain Vehicles, and drive along this rural road. They must make their way to this place: The Mushroom Plains. However, this area is much more commonly known as “World 1-1” as it was the very first area Mario explored on his first adventure. Teams must drop off their ATVs at this point, “The Start of the Level”, and they will receive their next clue.

Mario: World 1-1? Which World 1-1?

***Mario: My awesome adventures have brought me lost of experience and knowledge. But, I didn’t know which World 1-1 they meant! It could’ve been the Grass Land Plateau or the Sub-con Fields or even Yoshi’s Island 1!

***Luigi: Luckily, Mario asked this random Bob-omb.

Bob: Oh, yeah! World 1-1 is the Mushroom Plains, which is where Mar- Hey! You’re Mario! Why don’t you know that?!

Mario: OOOHHHHHHHH!!! The Mushroom Plains! THAT World 1-1! I understand now.

Luigi: Yay! I’ve been there too!

Mario: It’s a miracle!

Luigi: So, we get to use ATVs?

Mario: Yeah! Isn’t that crazy?!

Luigi: Sounds sweet! Where are they?

Mario: They’re over there! Awesome!

Luigi: This is gonna be fun… But let’s not forget ourselves and get-


Luigi: … Lost…

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating - 6:02 AM

Pink: … ”Now make your way back to World 1-1.”

Yoshi: Wow! That’s of absolutely no help at all!

Pink: Hey Bud!

Bud: Oh, you psychics again!

Pink: Yeah, yeah. Do you know where World 1-1 is?

Bud: Oh, sure! That’s the Mushroom Plains!

Yoshi: *snaps fingers* The Mushroom Plains! Of course! Mario’s first adventure!

Pink: Ooh! Sounds wild!

Yoshi: Yeah! And we get to use ATV’s!

Pink: COOOLL!!!

Yoshi: They’re just over there!

Pink: Do you know where this place is?

Yoshi: No, but we’ll find it! Don’t you worry!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes

Luigi: Mario! Stop yelling and focus!

Mario: Okay… nnnnnnn… Can’t focus! Must yell! WAAAAAHOOOO!!!

Luigi: Mamamia… Lord help me!!!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Pink: Okay?

Yoshi: Hold on, Pink!

Pink: WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts - 6:14 AM

Boo: “World 1-1”…?

King Boo: World 1-1?! What is this, a videogame?!

Boo: No… What’s World 1-1?

King Boo: Geez… Ummm…

Boo: Call the Boos!

King Boo: Hmmm… Yeah, sure. Ahem… BOOOOS UNITE!!!

Boo: …

50 Boos suddenly appear.

Boos: YES, SIR?!

Boo: WAAH! Holy cow!

King Boo: We are searching for World 1-1. Does anyone know where such a place exists?

GameBoo: Yes, sir! It is the common name for the Mushroom Plains!

King Boo: Excellent! Disperse! Let’s move out, Boo!

Boo: Those are the ATVs!

King Boo: And of course, no teleporting… Come on…

Boo: How do you work these things?



Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Luigi: Mario! Where are we going?!

Mario: Gosh… I’m not exactly sure… It’s been so long since I’ve been there!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: Well, we know what this place is called… but where’s it located?

King Boo: I don’t know! I thought you knew!

Boo: We need a map!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Yoshi: I hope we can find this place!

Pink: There are not too many landmarks to go by.

Yoshi: This is a very important leg… We can’t get lost!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Luigi: Maaaaaaaarioooooo! We’ve been driving for nearly an hour! I’m hungry!

Mario: Look! We’re passing by Petalburg!

Luigi: Ooh! They have a store there!

Mario: Yeah! We can ask for directions!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Pink: Hey Yoshi! Isn’t Petalburg near here?

Yoshi: I think so… Why?

Pink: I saw a sign, but I couldn’t read it. I thought it said Petalburg…

Yoshi: Yeah, I do think it’s near here…

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario: Haiii!

Luigi: Mario!

Mario: What?

Luigi: Stop that!

Mario: What?

Luigi: That “Haaiii” thing!

Mario: What? I’m just saying hi!

Niff T: Ahem!

Mario: Oh, right! We’re trying to get to the Mushroom Plains. Do you know where to go?

Niff T: Ah! You’re just a little off the path.

Luigi: Well, there aren’t many landmarks out there

Mario: Can we buy this map?

Niff T: Sure thing!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Pink: Helloo?

Mario: Yoshi! Hey!

Yoshi: Hi Mario. Is that store open yet?

Luigi: Yeah, it’s 7:25.

Pink: 7:25? You know what that means!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son - 7:25 AM

Bowser: …to “World 1-1”.

Jr: What the?

Bowser: Three teams have coins for this leg… One team has none…

Jr: Gee! Who are they?

Bowser: World 1-1… OH!!! OHHH!!! THAT World 1-1!!!

Jr: What?

Bowser: That’s where Mario first met my wrath!

Jr: Really? What happened?

Bowser: He met his first Goomba there!

Jr: … Right…Goombas…

Bowser: I know precisely where it is! The location is etched in my mind!

Jr: Well, let’s go then! The ATV’s are right over there!

Bowser: Yeah! We’re not out yet!

***Bowser: We left this leg with no money or possessions, but that shouldn’t be a problem on this leg. We’ll be fine!

Jr: Let’s go!!!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: Are we there yet?

King Boo: No.

Boo: Are we there yet?

King Boo: No.

Boo: Are we there yet?

King Boo: No.

Boo: Are we there yet?

King Boo: No.

Boo: Are we there yet?

King Boo: No.

Boo: Where are we, then?

King Boo: I have no clue whatsoever.

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Luigi: Ohh… I see… We shoulda taken that left turn at Albuquerque!

Mario: What?!

Luigi: Nothing… We went too far east when we started!

Mario: Do you know where to go now?

Luigi: Yeah… but we gotta go around that lake!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Yoshi: This is great. We’ve got a map and we’re on our way

Pink: Hm… I hope all the others got lost… We’re kinda far out…

Yoshi: I know I’m far out. Anyway, will it take long to get there?

Pink: No. We just need to hurry!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Jr: Wooooww! Dad! You’re going so fast! Don’t crash!!!

Bowser: Gwa ha ha ha haa! This is great! We’re gonna get there!

Jr: I hope!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Luigi: Mario? Are we there yet?

Mario: I recognize everything now! I know where to go!

Luigi: Great… I hope we get there soon!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Pink: Is it coming up?

Yoshi: We’re almost there!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario: Wahoo! Here we gooo!!!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: All I see are trees, trees, and more trees…

King Boo: Hmm… I hate to say it, but we may be lost…

Forest: Lost?! Lost?!

Boo: Oh, hey! A Forest Fuzzy!

Forest: You’relostwelldon’tyouworryIknowwhereyouneedtogoIheardyoubeforeIknow


Forest: Okaywhateverifyoudidn’twantmyhelpyoushould’vesaidsoIcanseeI’mnotwanted

King Boo: Oy… He was no help at all…

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Bowser: Hold on, Jr! I know exactly where we’re going! We’re makin’ a beeline for this place!

Jr: Woo!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Luigi: … Hey, Mario!

Mario: Hm?

Luigi: What’s that up ahead?

Mario: … You mean…?

A formation of floating bricks is in the distance, in a triangle shape.

Mario: Oh… my… gosh… We’re here!

Luigi: Really?

Mario: Yep! This… is World 1-1!!!

The camera surveys the land. Original Mario Bros. music plays, then fades to Amazing Race music.

Mario: Wow! It’s such a wonderful burst of nostalgia!

They stop their ATV at the very beginning of the “level”.

Luigi: Where’s the clue?

Mario: I don’t know… I don’t see a clue box… Hey… That ? Block wasn’t there before… Ha!

He hits it. A clue envelope flies out.

Mario: Aha!

Luigi: Hey! Clever!


Mario: A Fast Forward!

Phil: This is the second of only two Fast Forwards on the entire Race! The first team to complete it successfully… may skip all tasks and proceed directly to the Pitstop.

Stock footage from Bowser’s attack is shown.

Phil: When Mario first ventured through this land, luck happened upon him. At one point he randomly jumped and collided with an invisible block. Hidden within was the very first 1-Up Mushroom he ever found. Teams must now search the entire Mushroom Plains for another invisible block like that one. Once found, the Fast Forward award will be hidden within.

Luigi: What do we do?

Mario: We gotta search for an invisible block!

Luigi: Ahwwww…

Mario: Hey! I don’t think we should go for it! I know this place like the back of my hand! Dealing with visible things may get us to the mat first anyway!

Luigi: All right!

Mario: Detour.

Phil: A Detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons. In this Detour, teams will have to choose between 100 and 25. In 100, teams must scour World 1-1 searching for regular golden coins. Teams are required to find 100. Teams will have to find existing coins, coin blocks, as well as new additions since Mario’s adventure in order to accumulate 100. Once teams have reached this amount, they will receive their next clue. There is a jackpot of coins hidden in a very difficult place, which teams may find useful… In 25, teams must make it through the entire World 1-1, up until the bottom of the block staircase, in only 25 seconds. If teams are unable to attain this time, they will have to try again. Once teams succeed, they will receive their next clue.

Mario: 100 or 25?

Luigi: Huh?!

Mario: Do you wanna collect coins or run through this level?

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Pink: Yoshi! Is that it?

Yoshi: Yeah! We’ve arrived at the famous World 1-1, Pink!

Pink: Hey! There’s the Mario Bros!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario: The Yoshis are here! Just pick a dang task, Luigi!

Luigi: Umm… er… I say we look for 100 coins… The level looks quite long.

Mario: Oy… Fine…

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating

Pink: Look! The Fast Forward!

Yoshi: Yadada… Find invisible block…

Pink: Wanna do it? We can beat the Marios!

Yoshi: It’s… It’s risky…

Pink: The clue says it’s along this path somewhere… All we have to do is find it!

Yoshi: Umm…

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts

Boo: Uhhhhhh!!! Where ARE we?!

King Boo: We’re lost in a forest! We’ve got no idea how to get out!!! THAT’S WHERE WE ARE!!!

Boo: Argh!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Yoshi: All right! I think we can do it!

Pink: Yeah! We’re doin’ the Fast Forward!

Yoshi: I wonder why Mario didn’t take it.

Pink: Don’t know…

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario: Just hit some blocks! There’s a crazy abundance of them!

There’s lots more bricks than before.

Luigi: Yeah! Ha! Got one! Ha! Got one! Ha! Got one! Ha! Got one!

Mario: That’s not necessary, Luigi…

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Bowser: We don’t know what place we’re in right now… Probably last… I just hope we can beat someone today!

Jr: Yeah.

Bowser: We’ll be there soon! Don’t worry, BJ!

Jr: Won’t it be great to go back to your first impact on Mario?

Bowser: Yeah! It’ll be great!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Yoshi: Did you find anything?

Pink: Let’s just not talk. Let’s just see if we can find this thing!

They are jumping up and down over and over and over again.

Yoshi: We must look like idiots.

Pink: Heh, I know. You sure do right now. But let’s keep at it! This could be worth one million coins!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Luigi: How many do we have?

Mario: 14.

Luigi: How many now?

Mario: Still 14…

Luigi: How many now?

Mario: 15…

Luigi: How many now?

Mario: 16…

Luigi: How many now?

Mario: 18…

Luigi: WOW! What a jump!

Mario: …

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
King Boo: Oh my gosh! Sunlight! I’ve found the exit!

Boo: Thank god! That place was terrible!

King Boo: Who puts a forest right in the middle of a field anyway?

Boo: Again, thank god.

King Boo: …

Boo: …

King Boo: …

Boo: … Um…

King Boo: …

Boo: …

King Boo: … Right… Sure…

Boo: Can we go now?

King Boo: Yeah. Let’s go.

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Luigi: How many now?


Luigi: Wow. How annoying!

Mario: UGH!!!

Luigi: Hey, Mario!

Mario: WHAT?!

Luigi: I got another coin.

Mario: QUIET!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Bowser: Gwa ha ha ha ha! Here we come, Mario!

Jr: And Yoshi!

Bowser: Yeah… And Pink… And Boo…

Jr: And King Boo! He’s cool, but we gotta beat ‘im!

Bowser: Yeah! That’s everyone! We’re gonna beat them all!!!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Luigi: …? Why do I feel like I’ve just been insulted…?

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: Are we…

King Boo: NO! WE! ARE! NOT! THERE! YET!!!

Boo: I was gonna ask if we had anymore Boo Bars left!

King Boo: Oh… Yeah, yeah we do.

Boo: Can you pass me one?

King Boo: Sure! Here you go!

Boo: Thanks! Mmmm… Are we there yet?

King Boo: AHH!

Boo: ???

King Boo: Hey… Actually… Yes. Yes, we are here!

Boo: !!!

King Boo: Yeah! Let’s just park this and get going!

Boo: Sweet!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Yoshi: Oh, man. They’re here…

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario: Pick up the pace, Luigi! The Boos have arrived!

Luigi: Is that a problem?

Mario: Yeah! Boo is wicked at beating this course in a speedrun!

Luigi: Yikes. Let’s hurry!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts


King Boo: Hmmmmmmmmmmm… Finding an invisible block?

Boo: We saved our privilege from Glitzville! Aren’t we gonna use it?

King Boo: That’s a ridiculous task… Look. The Yoshis are already doing it.

Boo: Oh… I see.

King Boo: We don’t need it. Detour!

Boo: Aww… Okay… 100 or 25.

King Boo: It’s finding 100 coins or doing this course in 25 seconds…

Boo: Doing thi… You mean like a speedrun?

King Boo: Yeah, that’s it.

Boo: That one! Without a doubt, that one! You remember I told you how good I was at speedrunning this course!

King Boo: Oh yeah, that’s right! We’ll do 25!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Jr: I’m bored… This beeline is taking a long time…

Bowser: It’s kinda far away… But don’t worry! We’re almost there!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Luigi: I’ve found a whole bunch behind this bush!

Mario: That’s great! We’re over halfway there!

Luigi: This is kinda fun…

Mario: Just search.

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: Okay, since we both have to do this, let me tell you: don’t pay attention to anything except the floating blocks. They’re your main obstacle. Just fly as fast as you freaking can!

King Boo: Okay… You ready to give it a try?

Boo: Yeah! Good luck!

Ref: GO!

Boo: (Zoooooooooooooooooooom)

King Boo: Yarg!!! Look out aheaaaad!!!

Boo: Go! Go! Go!!!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Yoshi: Still can’t find anything?

Pink: No… Look, no one else is doing this, so let’s just keep at it! We’re bound to find it eventually!

Yoshi: Hey! Maybe it’s, like, above the pipe!

Pink: Yoshi! Duck!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: MOVE!!!

Yoshi: YAAH!!!

Boo: Sire! Hurry! The finish is right there!!!

King Boo: Ngggg… Woah! Block formation!

Boo: Come on!!!

King Boo: TIME!!!

Koopa KK: Hm… I’m sorry… Your time was 30 seconds.

Boo: 30…? What?! Unbelievable! Okay, let’s go try again!

King Boo: Argh… That’s tough!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario: Do do do…do do…Do!….Do do do…do do do do dodododododododododooo!

Luigi: Do……..dodododododo…doo…dooooooooooo…do do dooo dooooo… do dooo dooooo…do do doooooooooooo dododododo doo!

Mario: Please be quiet, Luigi! I can’t concentrate!

Luigi: … Oh… Ok…

Mario: Dadadadadaada dada da dadada! Dad a daaada! Da! DADADAAA!!!

Luigi: Hey! If I shut up, you have to shut up too!

Mario: Dadada! Da da da daaa! DO THE MARIO!!!


Mario: Shwing your arms from side to side!!! Come on! It’s time to go, Do the Mario!!!


Mario: Do the… Hey! Luigi! Stop screaming! You’re breaking my concentration!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: Come on, Sire! You can do it! Just remember that down is faster, but keep your eyes open! There are obstacles everywhere!

Ref: Go!!!


King Boo: WOOOOOO!!!!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Luigi: How many we got?

Mario: Take one step! And then again! Oh, uhh… 78…

Luigi: Good! We’re almost there!

Mario: Yeah, and those Boos keep screwing up the speedrun!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
King Boo: ARGH! I’m sorry, Boo! That pipe came outta nowhere!

Boo: I’ve told you many times! Concentrate!!!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Luigi: Yeah… Uh oh…

Mario: What?

Luigi: Well, look who showed up!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Jr: So this is it?

Bowser: Yeah! World 1-1!

Jr: Look! It’s Mario!

Bowser: Great! Let’s catch up!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario: AHH! No! They’re here already? They were more than an hour behind!

Luigi: I guess they didn’t get lost…

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son

Bowser: Fast Forward… Detour…

Jr: Fast Forward? Sounds perfect!

Bowser: Hmmm… It involves finding an invisible block

Jr: Oh… A needle in a haystack?

Bowser: Yeah, and the Yoshis are already doing it… I think we’ll pass.

Jr: All right… Whadda we do?

Bowser: 100 or 25? Hmm… I’m way to slow to do a speedrun… Let’s do 100! Coins, that is…

Jr: Great!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Yoshi: Jump… jump… jump…

Pink: Wooo… This is pretty tiring…

Yoshi: Yeah! But it’ll be great to get first! Then we can go ahead and win!

Pink: Yeah!

Yoshi: Come on! We can find this thing! Now, where haven’t we checked?

Pink: Everywhere except under the kitchen sink!

Yoshi: Right… I guess we’ll just have to keep at it!

Pink: Yeah… No one else is doing any better…

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: ARGH!!!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Bowser: RAAAWR!!!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts


Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Yoshi: Yeah… Come on! Be optimistic!

Pink: Sure…

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario: Luigi! We’re almost done! We’ve got 90! Now, however, the coins are harder to find… We’ve exhausted most of them!

Luigi: Yeah… Hmmmmm…

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Bowser: Grah… BJ! How many?

Jr: We’ve got… 25.

Bowser: Let’s pick it up! We’re gonna catch them!

Jr: Yeah! Mario! Pink! Yoshi! Boo! King Boo! Watch out!!!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Luigi: There’s that weird feeling again…

Mario: There! We’re got 100!

Luigi: Huh? Oh, really? Great!

Mario: Yeah! We did it!


Mario: Make your way to the underground coin reserve…

Phil: Teams must now find this pipe, which can actually be entered, and make their way to the underground coin reserve. Teams will find their next clue here.

Luigi: Huh? What’s an underground coin reserve?

Mario: You didn’t find it. I did.

Luigi: Ah…

Mario: Come on, Luigi! We’ve got the home team advantage!!!

Luigi: Wahoo!!!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Yoshi: Ah, man! They’re done!

Pink: Well, what’d you expect? They’re the Mario Bros!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Luigi: So where is this pipe?

Mario: … Actually… I forget.

Luigi: *sweatdrop* Oy!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: Come on, Sire! You can do this! Just do what I’ve been doing!

King Boo: You’re… more agile… than me…

Boo: I know you can do it! You’re King Boo!

King Boo: Why don’t I try going invisible and flying through everything?

Boo: Because going invisible takes too long… You need to just go, go, goo!!!

Ref: GO!

Boo: Waah!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Luigi: It’s one of the pipes…

Mario: Congrats on figuring that out…

Luigi: Come on, Mario! Think! Which one is it?

Mario: I think there’s more than before…

Luigi: Ugh! Let’s just try ‘em all!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Bowser: Hey, Jr! Go check under that rock!

Jr: Me? Why not you?

Bowser: I dunno… Just do it!

Jr: Ugh! There’s not going to be anything under…. ugh… here… WOAH!!!

Bowser: Huh? What?

Jr: I… I… I think… I think… think we… we’ve…

Bowser: Stop stuttering!

Jr: J-j-j-j-j-j…JACKPOT!!!

Bowser: Huh?!

Jr: Look at them! Look! There’s like 40 or something down here!!!

Bowser: Oh!!! You found the 30-coin bonus stash thingie?

Jr: 30… Whatever. SWEET! This will definitely help!

Bowser: Yeah! We’re closer to finishing now!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: Noooooooooooooooooo!!! We’re falling behind! Come on, Sire! We can’t lose to the Bowsers!!!

King Boo: Ugh… I know! I really know!!!

Boo: Just try harder!!! Your last time was 26.5!!!

King Boo: Oy…

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Pink: Ugh… This is getting repetitive…

Yoshi: We can’t give up! We’re committed to this!

***Pink: I grew sceptical of our decision…

***Yoshi: We just knew we had to keep at it… or we would be eliminated…

Yoshi: Come on, Pink! Final three, baby!!!

Pink: Yeah… I just wish we could FIND THIS THING!!!

Yoshi: It certainly eludes us…

Pink: We’re probably boring the audience…

Yoshi: Okay then. I once heard of a woman who called tech support for her computer. She complained that her cup holder was broken.

Pink: Her cup holder?!

Yoshi: Yeah! “The thing that slides out of the tower with a hole in it! The cup holder! It won’t go in now!” she says!

Pink: You mean the…

Yoshi: Yeah! She was putting a cup in her CD drive!

Both laugh hysterically.

Yoshi: True story!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Luigi: Mario, you gotta remember these things!

Mario: I swear they moved it!

Luigi: Well, maybe they did… but I doubt it…

Mario: Whatever… We’ve just gotta find this hidden coin place!

Luigi: Coin place? A few minutes ago you said it was a cash stash!

Mario: Well, you said it was a money thingie!

Luigi: And before that, you called it a cold gold hold!

Mario: REGARDLESS!!! Who cares what it’s called? It has our next clue!

Luigi: Right… So it’s a clue cave!

Mario: Shut it!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts

King Boo: What are the odds? WHAT ARE THE ODDS?!

King Boo’s Clock: 23.5
Boo’s Clock: 26.1


Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario: Oh! Luigi! I think I found it!

Luigi: Yes! Good job, Mario!

Mario: Down we go! ... Oof…

Luigi: Cool! A small, rectangular cavern with a square platform in the middle!

The camera shows a small rectangular cavern with a square platform in the middle.

Luigi: …

Mario: Here’s the clue box!


Mario: Roadblock, man!

Phil: (Castle music plays) A Roadblock is a task that only one person may perform… and no person may do more than six Roadblocks on the entire Race! In this Roadblock, the chosen team member will be taken back to the beginning of the level by this pipe. Then, they must run through the entire level and defeat every single enemy. Each team member must only defeat the enemies wearing the color they have picked. Once teams have defeated all of the enemies populating this place, they may make their way to the top of these block stairs, slide down the flagpole, and run to this place: Mushroom Plains Fortress. This small building at the end of World 1-1 is the Pitstop for this leg of the race. The last team to check in here… may be eliminated.

Mario: “Who can spell enemy?”

Luigi: Oh, boy… It has to do with enemies.

Mario: Hey, Luigi. I think you should do it.

Luigi: Whyyyyyyy?!

Mario: You have five Roadblocks now. If you do this as your last one, you can save any harder ones for me!

Luigi: Oh… All right… You’re right… I’ll do it!

Mario: I’ll await you at the staircase!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Bowser: Gwa ha ha ha ha haa! At this rate, we’ll beat the Boos!

Jr: Yeah! King Boo really stinks!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts

King Boo raises an eyebrow.

Boo: Erm… I mean… with all due respect…

King Boo: Just go.

Boo: We… can’t lose!!!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Jr: How many more do we need?

Bowser: About 20…

Luigi - Mario’s Partner
Luigi: Okay… I can do it… It’s mostly Goombas and Koopas… Maybe some Buzzy Beetles… Okay! Here I go!

Luigi runs off with his eyes closed, waving his fists around randomly.

Mario: *sweatdrop*

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Yoshi: If this keeps up, I’ll be sleep-jumping!

Pink: …

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
King Boo: Okay! I think I’ve got it now! The fastest route! I just need to keep trying!

Boo: Yeah…

King Boo: Practice makes perfect!

Boo: We don’t really have a lot of time!

Luigi - Mario’s Partner
Mario: Luigi! Stop waving your arms randomly like that! It’s not going to work!

Goomba: Ouch!

Koopa: Augh!

Goomba: Yow!

Paratroopa: Ugh!

Mario: *blink* Or… maybe it will… GO, LUIGI!! WAVE YOUR ARMS RANDOMLY!!!

Luigi: Huh?

Mario: Don’t open your eyes! Just act like a coward!

Luigi: …

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Bowser: Ok… It’s getting hard to find the last few…

Jr: Yeah… We’ve found most everything else… And so have the Mario Bros.

Bowser: Grrr… Stupid Mario and… Mario always foiling me!

Jr: Mario and Mario?

Bowser: No, Mario.

Jr: Mario?

Bowser: Mario.

Both: …

Jr: What in the world are you talking about?!

Bowser: Eh, who knows or cares?

Luigi - Mario’s Partner
Beside Mario there is a board that counts how many enemies Luigi has defeated.

Mario: Luigi! You have 18! There’s 20 of ‘em… Where’s the last two?

Luigi: Ugh… What? What do you mean I already got 18?!

Mario: Yeah! You did awesome!!!

Luigi: … Why… thank you…

Mario: Those last two enemies are hiding!

Luigi: Heh… Well, of course! They’re hiding from my wrath!

Mario: Just find them, ya maniac!

Luigi: Can do!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Pink: Can we rest for a minute? My legs are killing me!

Yoshi: Okay, but not for long. We need to find that thing! We absolutely HAVE to!

Luigi - Mario’s Partner
Luigi: Oh! Hey, Goomba! What’re you doing behind that bush?


Luigi: Bam! You’re down!!! One more!!! Where is he?!

Mario: Luigi!!! Lakitu!!!

Luigi: No! I’m only lacking one!!!

Mario: Luigi! Above you! Lakitu!

Luigi: Huh? WAAAAAHHHH!!!

Mario: Get on top of those bricks! You can do it! Just jump on him!

Lakitu blows a raspberry.

Luigi: Ooh! You’re going to get it, now!!!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Yoshi: All right… I think there’s one more place to check.

Pink: Where?

Yoshi: On those bricks up there… They’re a little high to reach, though…

Pink: Let’s do a step up. Give me a boost!

Yoshi: Okay!

Pink steps on Yoshi’s hand and he thrusts her up into the air.

Pink: Wheeee!!! Okay, I’m up here, now. Gotta find that block…

Luigi - Mario’s Partner

Lakitu: Hahahahahahahaha!!! Nah nah nah naaah naaaah! You can’t catch me!!!

Luigi: Come back here! GRAAH!

He jumps for him.

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Pink: Hup! Hup! Hu- Ouch! What…? Oh! I FOUND IT! I FOUND IT!!!

Yoshi: Get out!!!

Pink: Yeah!

A block shimmers and materializes in the air. A clue envelope flutters out.

Pink: I got it!

She hops down.


Pink: Make your way to the next Pitstop!

Phil: Having won the Fast Forward, Yoshi and Pink may now skip all tasks and proceed directly to the Pitstop, the Mushroom Plains Fortress.

Yoshi: Come on! Let’s go!

Luigi - Mario’s Partner
Luigi: Ugh!!! I… g… I got you!

Lakitu: OWWW!!! That hurt!

Luigi: Yeah!

Mario: Come on, let’s go!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Yoshi: S’cuse us!

Pink: Make way!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario: Hurry up, Luigi! The Yoshis got the Fast Forward!

Luigi: Coming!!!

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
Pink: Go, Yoshi, go!!!

Yoshi: We did the Fast Forward! We have to come in first!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
Mario: Just jump, Luigi! It’s not that high!

Luigi: Yaah! Ugh… Go!!!

The camera shows Phil at the fortress.

Yoshi/Pink Yoshi -- Dating
They jump onto the flagpole.

Pink: Wheeeeee!!!

Yoshi: I think we got 5,000 points!

Pink: Phil!!!

Yoshi: Yeah!

Phil: Yoshi and Pink, you are team number one!!!

*Level Finish Music Plays*

Yoshi: YES! YES!

Pink: Oh, it was all worth it!

Phil: Congratulations. You will be one of the three teams racing for onr million coins!


Pink: That’s so AWESOME!!!

Phil: Now I have some more good news: As the winners of this leg of the race… you have won the same kind of ATV you used to get here!

Pink: What?!

Yoshi: Cool! An ATV!!!

Pink: Sweet!

***Pink: I honestly cannot believe this is happening! We’ve done it! We’re in the final three!

***Yoshi: We worked our hardest, and now here we stand! Ready to take home the win!

Mario/Luigi -- Brother Superheroes
They slide down the pole.

Phil: Mario and Luigi, come on in here! Mario and Luigi… You’re team number 2.

Mario: Excellent!

Luigi: We did well today! We did an excellent job!

Phil: You too will be one of the three teams racing for 1 million coins!

Mario: And we’re-a going to win!

Luigi: Million coins, baby!

Mario: Woo!

***Mario: It feels great to be here! Luigi did awesome on this leg, and now we’re going to the finish! Yeah! All the way!

Luigi: This is SO AWESOME!!!

The music changes to dramatic.

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: You. Can. Do. It.

King Boo: Oy! I do get better each time, not counting that one fluke, so we’re bound to win eventually!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Bowser: We’ve got 97! Where’s those other 3?

Jr: I think I see some up there… waaaaay up on those blocks.

Bowser: Ah! I see! Come on, we’ve got to get up there!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: Go! Go! Go! Duck! Up! Dodge! Squeeze! Come on!!! TIME!!!

Ref: …

Both: Come on..... Come on… Come on…

Ref: Congratulations. You have completed your task!


Ref: Here is your next clue!


Boo: Find the… underground coin reserve?

King Boo: I don’t know what that is… but we need to hurry!!! Let’s go!!!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Bowser: What are you worried about? I’ll just toss you up there!

Jr: What? Are you kiddi- WAAAAAAAHHHH! Oof…

Bowser: Grab the coins! Hurry!!!

Jr: Oy! Got ‘em!

Bowser: Yeah! C’mon! Next clue! Let’s go, we’re in last!!!


Bowser: Underground coin reserve…

Jr: Huh?

Bowser: I know where that is! Come on!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
King Boo: What are we supposed to do? Dig?!

Boo: Haha! No. But we could dig up Bowser’s IQ!


Boo: Haha… Hmmm… One of those pipes has to lead down underground… Let’s check them out!

Boo: *snicker* Bowser’s IQ…

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Bowser: What about me?!

Boo: Erm… Nothing…

Bowser: Grrrr… You’re one odd little spectre…

Boo: Sire! Find it yet?

Bowser: …

King Boo: No, I don’t know which pipe it is…

Jr: You know, don’t you Dad?

Bowser: Shhhhhh!

Jr: Oop!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
King Boo: Come, Boo. Let’s check this pipe over here…

Boo: All right…

***Boo: You could cut the tension with a knife!

***King Boo: Neither of us wanted to be eliminated, after coming so close.

Boo: No, it’s not this one…

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Bowser: It’s this one… Down we go!

Jr: Yeah!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: Oh! I JUST saw them out the corner of my eye! Hurry! Let’s follow them!

King Boo: Which one? This one?

Boo: Yeah! Hurry!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son

Bowser: Roadblock! Who can spell enemy?

Jr: Killing enemies? Let me do it! I’m faster!

Bowser: All right… Aww no! Look who followed us!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts

King Boo: Roadblock.

Boo: I think you should do it Sire!

King Boo: All right. I accept!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Bowser: Hurry up, BJ! Go destroy the enemies!

The camera shows outside. Jr’s enemies are wearing gray scarves and King Boo’s are wearing yellow.

Bowser Jr. - Bowser’s Partner
Jr: C’mere, you little creeps! I gotta get the Gray Scarves

King Boo - Boo’s Partner
King Boo: Where are the yellow guys?

There is mass chaos as the two team members dash left and right, defeating enemies.


Bowser Jr. - Bowser’s Partner
Jr: Grrrrrrrr….

King Boo - Boo’s Partner
King Boo: Grrrrrrrrrrrrr…

Jr: You’re going down, ghost boy!

King Boo: No way! We’re gonna win this thing, and there ain’t nothing you can do about it!

Jr: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

King Boo: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Jr: Hi-ya!!!

King Boo: WHAM!!!

Jr: Take this! And that! And some more!!!

King Boo: You wanna piece of me?!

Bowser: Go, Son! Beat that spectre!!!

Boo: Come on, Sire! You can do it!!!

Bowser Jr. - Bowser’s Partner
Jr: *hufff… hufff… hufff…*

King Boo - Boo’s Partner
King Boo: *huff… hufff… hufff…*

Two more Koopas are all that remain, one for each team member. It’s pure coincidence that they happen to be brothers. The two Koopas stare at each other.

Grey Koopa: Why’d we sign up for this?

Jr: Hey!!!

King Boo: Come back here!!!


A hilarious chase ensues.

Bowser: …

Boo: …

Bowser: It’s like something out of a cartoon…

Boo: Is this the Amazing Race or Road Runner?

Bowser Jr. - Bowser’s Partner
Jr: I… won’t… give up!!!

Bowser: Go, Jr!!! Go! Go! Go!!! Catch that little runt!!! Gooo!!!

King Boo - Boo’s Partner

Yellow Koopa: No way, man! You’re bent on bending us!!!

King Boo: ARGH!!! STAND STILL!!!

Bowser: Look! They’re both slowly catching up!

Boo: I can’t watch!!!

They get closer… closer… closer…


With a well timed punch, both Koopas go flying at the exact same time!

Jr and King Boo: GIVE US THE CLUE!!!

*Riiiiiiiiip* *Riiiiiiiiiiip*

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Bowser: Make your way to the next Pitstop!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
King Boo: The Mushroom Plains Fortress!

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Bowser: Oh my god! That’s right behind us!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
Boo: Hurry! Hurry! Go! Go! Go!

King Boo: Which way?

Boo: THIS WAY!!!

Phil is standing by the mat. Extremely dramatic music. Phil raises his eyebrow.

???: GRAAAH!!!

Some feet are shown landing at the floor of the pole…

Bowser/Bowser Jr. -- Father + Son
Bowser: We’re here!

King Boo/Boo -- Ghosts
King Boo: No! Wait! WAAAHHH!

Boo: Noooo!

They step onto the mat about 1 second later.

Boo: ARGH!!!

Phil: Bowser and Bowser Jr…

Bowser: …

Phil: You are team number 3!



Phil: Congratulations. You are the final team that will be racing for one million coins!

Boo: Nooo!!! No! No! No!

***Bowser: I’m so freaking thrilled that we did it!

***Jr: We did it!

Phil: King Boo and Boo…


Phil: You are the last team to arrive…

Boo: Arrgh… Ugh…

Phil: I’m very sorry to tell you that you’ve been eliminated from the Race.

Boo: Waahahahahahaaa…

King Boo: Boo, shut up. It’s over.

Phil: You had a very good run there. Has this Race taught you anything?

King Boo: I’ve certainly gained something from this. I’ve learned that my underlings are not simply tools. Boo here is a great guy! He’s like… a friend…

Boo: Aww, thanks Sire! You’re my friend too!

***Boo: This really stinks. To come so close… And yet… I feel like we won anyway. We had an extremely awesome time!

***King Boo: The Amazing Race was the most fun I’ve had since I kidnapped Mario!

***Boo: It’s a real darn shame that we didn’t win… But whatever.

***King Boo: We’ve taken something greater from it.

***Boo: … But it still stinks !

Boo: Goodbye, Bowser.

King Boo: Good luck!

Bowser: See ya, guys!

They float off…

***Mario: We’re gonna win it!

***Yoshi: All bets are off, now!

***Bowser: It’s do or die!

***Mario: We really, really, really feel that we are capable of winning the Amazing Race MK!

***Luigi: We’ve won absolutely everything else! We’re superheroes!

***Yoshi: We won the Fast Forward… and now we’re in first place! This is looking very optimistic!

***Pink: We’re definite winners! We’re going to take home the million!

***Bowser: What interests me is that we haven’t seen the third Yield yet… so… that may come in handy…

***Jr: You’re looking at the two winners of the first Amazing Race MK.

***Mario: There’s no way we can lose!

***Pink: We’re surefire winners!

***Bowser: Anyone who stands in our way… better watch out!

The credits roll…

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