Waluigi: A New Hope

By Jukilum

Chapter 2

It was still a dark and stormy night, and Waluigi was being carried in a bag by some people who thought that he was important to someone! Twas a very bittersweet moment.

Soon they had arrived at wherever it was they were, as Waluigi couldn't see anything.

"You got him, I assume?" said a new voice.

"Yes," said Mario. "It was no easy job, but-a planning ahead sure made-a things easier."

"I see Toad has been knocked out, what happened?"

"He didn't give up without a fight," Luigi said.

"Very well, throw Waluigi into the high security cell right next to the top secret meeting room."

Waluigi was again carried in the bag. He could feel them going up some stairs, turning left, and going up some more stairs and down a hallway. He was thrown out of the bag into the cell he had heard mentioned, and he found it quite comfortable. It was a large suite in a hotel that, now that he could see again, he recognized as being the Farcity Hotel.

The group that captured him and another Toad he didn't recognize went into what he could tell was the top secret meeting room, as it had a sign over the doorway, which had no door.

He found that he could clearly hear what they were saying in the room, so he listened very carefully.

"You captured him," said a Toad that he could recognize as one of the police Toads that captured Waluigi for blackmailing.

"Yes," Mario said, "Your plan went perfectly!"

"Okay then, the next step is stopping the rest of them."

"Does the boss have any plans?" Luigi asked.

"He said that he does. Bring him this note and come back to me when he gives you another note. DO NOT READ IT!"

"Right away, sir." Luigi went out of the room, and Waluigi watched him go towards "The Boss'" room. Then he went back to listening in on the conversation.

"-So that's what the group is!" said a Toad.

"I missed it!" Waluigi banged his head on the wall.

"Ah, and that's what they're doing!" came the same voice.

Waluigi banged his head on the wall again.

"And the goal is to stomp them out! That's the first part of the grand plan," came the voice of the police Toad again.

"Are you sure that is good for the environment?" another Toad asked.

"Of course! Don't you think the boss has that all figured out?"

"Of course!" the Toad echoed back, pretending he understood.

Waluigi could see Luigi coming back now. Waluigi memorized the path Luigi had taken.

"Ah, and that is why Waluigi is so important to their plan!" said a Toad.

Waluigi banged his head on the wall again.

"Here is the note," Luigi told the head Toad.

The Toad took the note from Luigi and read it carefully.

"Okay, they are headed for the docks, where they have a boat ready. According to one of our spies, they should be headed for isle Delfino. We are to cut them off at sea, where they won't expect it!"

"Sounds like a plan to me!" Mario exclaimed.

"The order is to send Mario, Luigi, and the Toad Bros. Get going, the Toads are in the kitchen."

"What about our boat? Where is it?" Luigi asked.

"Um... The boss didn't say anything about that. How about you take that nice little boat of Peach's?"

"No way, it's all pink and flowery!"

"Well it's all we've got, live with it. Besides, it will look less suspicious."

Waluigi chuckled.

"You will leave tomorrow night."

"They take that long to board?" Mario said, surprised.

"Look, all I know is what I've been told! Take it up with the boss if you insist on it."

"Uh, I'll pass."

"Good. Class dismissed."

"Right, we'll go-a get the Toad Bros."

Waluigi watched as the group left the room. All of them were Toads except for Mario and Luigi.

After everyone was gone, Waluigi started to look around for a way to escape. There were tons of places to look since it was a very large suite. He checked under the bed and found some old candy. He popped it into his mouth. He checked the cupboard under the sink and found some 2-ply toilet paper. "That could be useful," Waluigi said to himself. He put it in his pocket where it was safe, because no one has ever been able to figure out where there could be a pocket big enough to put anything in.

He checked in the sink, and found nothing, but he did get a drink and washed his hands, still dirty from earlier. He looked in the toilet, and surprisingly there wasn't anything there. He checked the dresser and found a Toad suit. "Perfect!" he whispered. With this he could sneak through the hallways, if he could get out, that is.

He tried out the costume. He looked in a mirror and saw a very tall, stretched out Toad. It looked rather funny, but he figured it would be good enough. He checked the drawer in the bedside table and found a blowtorch! This would get him out for sure!

He went to the barred door and was about to turn on the blowtorch, when he heard a loud snore. He stuck his head through the bars and could see a guard right outside. "I'll have to wait 'til tomorrow," he thought. He went to bed and planned out his escape as he fell asleep.

In the morning he woke up and found to his surprise that the guard was gone. He quickly went to the bars with his blowtorch and cut a way for him to climb out.

He remembered the way they had brought him in the bag, and began to follow that path. He passed a few Toads on the way, but stopped when he heard Mario and Luigi. He turned towards the sound and found that it led him to another suite (this one had no bars, of course), where he could see the Brothers and three Toads.

"So you're saying that me, Noah, and Isaac are supposed to board a pink boat to cut off that ridiculous group?" one of the Toads said.

"Yes Luke, remember the reason we joined. The princess ordered the smartest and the-a strongest of the population to help!" Mario explained.

"Well, at least we get to do something," Noah stated. "We haven't done anything so far. We were getting bored. We don't even really know what's going on!"

"Well, now that you mention it, I'm not so-a sure what we're doing either. But it's order of the princess, so let's get ready!"

"We already packed, we were planning on leaving soon if nothing happened," said the Toad referred to as Isaac.

"You guys sure aren't very reliable. You know what would-a happen to you if you made the boss angry?" Luigi said.

"No," Luke said,"we haven't ever even seen him. He threatens, but he's not brave enough to actually leave this place."

"Remember, he did do that one-a thing!"

"Yeah, but that was hardly anything!"

"Just pack, would you? It is supposed to be a dark and-a stormy night, so we want to beat the storm."

"Whatever," groaned Isaac.

They were starting to go out, so Waluigi began to quickly sneak away. He went down the stairs and left the building, carefully looking around for anyone who might recognize him. After safely getting off of the property, he took off the Toad suit and realized that he'd left his robe behind!

He quickly ran back, forgetting his suit.

He got to the hotel again and ran in. As he started up the stairs, a Toad spotted him and set off an alarm! Waluigi ran faster, but what seemed like 100 Toads came in and dashed towards him. Five Toads grabbed onto his arm, but he easily spun around, flinging the Toads in every direction and knocking down several more.

Another bunch grabbed his legs and tripped him, but they were so light that Waluigi just stood up and continued running with the Toads holding on. As he ran more and more Toads grabbed onto his legs and started to try to pull him back. By the time he got to his room there were over 100 Toads holding onto each other, trying to stop him.

At this point Waluigi could go no farther, but he leaned forward and was barely able to grab his suit. He threw it on, and ran in the other direction, causing all of the Toads to start falling down the stairs. Waluigi slid down on top of them and leapt through the door again.

He ran towards the docks where he had heard that this strange group of robed people where going to board a boat that night.

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