Waluigi: A New Hope

By Jukilum

Chapter 7

The doomships were still coming closer, and trapdoors were opening from the bottoms. Koopas, Toads, Paratroopas, Goombas, Piantas, Pokeys, Piranha Plants, and Monty Moles parachuted out onto what was to be the battlefield.

Waluigi shouted out quick commands. "Boos, do anything you can think of! Go in groups of two so that if one of you gets in trouble you can become Boolossuses. Chomps, run wildly through the battlefield and run over and chomp all that you can! Cheep Cheeps, um..."

"We can survive on land for a few hours."

"Then bounce around and bite everyone you see."

The group lined up and prepared to attack. No one had much hope of winning, as the were severely outnumbered 40 to 1. They didn't plan on leaving without a fight, though.

The enemies were landing, and they began to run forward to attack.

"This is it," thought Waluigi.

They ran toward the enemies.

Boos scattered to attack the flying Paratroopas who were dropping bombs at whoever they could. A Boo got hit and started to fall to the ground, but his partner combined with him to create a Boolossus and continued to fly up.

Down below the bombs were clogging up Monty Moles's holes and blowing them out of the ground unconscious. Waluigi tried to tell the Boos not to attack the Paratroopas, but they couldn't hear over the battle cries.

The Chomps were creating chaos all over the place, but the occasional bomb blew some to pieces that flew into some Koopas. With the Chomps starting to fall, Waluigi was glad that the Boos hadn't heard him.

Waluigi was now hopping from Goomba to Goomba, squishing them flat. He quickly stopped when he got to some Goombas holding spears, and started to nurse his injured feet.

The Cheep Cheeps were bouncing everywhere, biting the Pokeys’ heads off, the Chomps following and eating other Pokeys.

The Boos were making progress with the Paratroopas, who were discovered to be very cowardly when the Boos appeared right in front of them, while other Boos bit their tails.

The Toads threw spears at the Boos, hitting about a dozen that then fell into the Piantas’ arms and were punched until they were finally out.

Paratroopas were falling now, as they were knocked unconscious by fright or pain. Hitting the ground, they were finished off, the bombs blowing up all around them also blowing up some Goombas.

Waluigi got back up and grabbed a Koopa from behind. Waluigi pulled it out of its shell, throwing the Koopa into the ocean and the shell at some more Koopas, defeating at least a dozen of them.

The Cheep Cheeps were beginning to fall fast as the Toads threw more spears. A spear almost hit Waluigi, but he dived behind a Chomp to avoid it.

Waluigi was surprised at how well they were doing. Even if his troops were falling by the second, they had wiped out almost half of the enemy.

As Waluigi was throwing another shell, he saw the doomships landing. The Koopalings came out, Ludwig with E. Gadd. Bowser was now launching Bullet Bills, hitting more Chomps.

The Koopalings ran through the chaos and attacked the Boos and Waluigi. Larry was sneaking up on Boos and grabbed them by the tail to swing them away. He soon realized that there was no point in doing this, and ran back to the doomship to launch some more Bullet Bills.

Wendy also decided to change her course to the Cheep Cheeps, her specialty, having spent much of her life in the water.

Lemmy has rolling around on top of a Boo, and juggled a few more at the same time. Roy took up the strategy of punching the Boos out of existence, and Morton was screaming in their ears. Iggy was mistaken for a Boo by Roy and was knocked out.

Waluigi saw a figure in a dark robe come out of the largest doomship, with Mario and Luigi at its side. The Mario Bros. ran towards the Boos while avoiding the Bullet Bills that were destroying the Chomps.

Waluigi ran towards the dark figure and picked up a broken spear from the ground. He was about to hit the figure when it pulled out a metal rod and blocked it. The fierce fight between them went on for about 15 minutes.

"Who are you?" Waluigi asked.

The figure shed his robe. "I am your brother! Wahahahaha!"


The fight continued.

"You framed me to get me out of your way!" Waluigi yelled.


Suddenly there was a shout from the doomship. "Help me!"

The battle froze.

"The princess!" Mario exclaimed as he ran onboard to save her.

"You've been commanding in her name!" Mario cried in dismay.

"I order that everyone attack Wario!" the princess proclaimed.

"It's not over yet, Peachy!" Wario said as hundreds more Koopas came out behind him.

The attention turned to the other side of the battlefield, however. Over the hill came the whole Shy Guy tribe!

As they ran forward, Waluigi asked, "I thought you abandoned us!"

"Change of plans."

The Shy Guys and the remaining army of non-Koopas ran towards the Koopas and Wario. In a panic, Wario tried to run, but tripped and landed on his face. Waluigi reached him first and tackled him. The Mario Bros. helped him get Wario tied up while the Shy Guys drove back the Koopas.

"Bring Wario to the dungeon, then paint this doomship pink!" Peach ordered.

The Toads boarded the ship, Wario's allies ran away with the Shy Guys close behind, and Waluigi was left alone with his troops. He spotted Boo and ran towards him.

"We did it! We did it!" Waluigi cried in victory.

He noticed that Boo's wife was crying. Boo was fading away.

"No, not you!" Waluigi cried.

"I won't be here much longer, so I will leave you with this and my last Wish," Boo's wife said faintly.

There was a pop, pop, pop sound, and three tiny Boos materialized out of Boo's wife's body.

"Their names are Boo the second, Bootney, and Waluiboo. Please take care of them," the female Boo said, and the couple faded away out of existence.

The remaining Cheep Cheeps returned to the sea and the Chomps started to swim away as well.

The Boos thanked Waluigi and floated away, leaving Waluigi their address and phone number.

Waluigi began his walk home with the three baby Boos in his arms and Waluigi Jr. in his pocket.


A few weeks later, Waluigi was watching the name that hero show with his adopted family. The show was ending, and the host revealed the hero.

"It's that hero, the one that everyone loves, the great... Waluigi!"

"Daddy, that's you!" Waluiboo said with excitement.

The End

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