The Time Machine

By Lemmy Koopa

Artwork by Master Lord Roy

"Wendy, take out the garbage!"

"Wendy, itís time for dinner."

"Wendy, get ready for school."

"Wendy, have you done your homework yet?"

"Wendy, bed time."

"No!" cried Wendy as she remembered all the stuff she had had to do the day before. "I canít handle it all," she moaned. "There just isnít enough time!"

Wendy got down on the floor and started throwing a tantrum. Suddenly her watch beeped. At a glance, she found that the time was 2 in the afternoon. The concept of time was now glued firmly into Wendyís thoughts. She continued to think.

Suddenly, Wendy had an idea. She would make a time machine. Then she would have time to do all the things she had to, and wanted to, do. As an afterthought, she decided she would kill baby Mario and Luigi and make them not exist. It was the perfect plan. All she needed was some tools.

Wendy began searching for Ludwig's room. The door was open, so she went in. Ludwig was inside, but he was sleeping with a chocolate bar in his mouth. Quickly and quietly, Wendy crept in and helped herself to some tools. Then she left, being sure to leave the door as she had found it.

Back in her own room, Wendy began to build her masterpiece. Soon Mario would be no more.

She was done in an hour, and she had already tested it. After making sure her door was locked, she traveled back 20 years to Italy.

She appeared in a house as her normal self. Two babies were lying in separate cribs, and there were voices in a nearby room. Wendy stepped back and thought real hard. Soon, a gun appeared in her hands. A minute later, the nasty deed was done. With a wicked smile, Wendy went back to her own time.

Wendy found herself in a dark room. She could not see or move at all, but she could hear. She heard voices from outside her imprisonment. Slowly, she sorted them out.

"We should have a child," said a voice. "Absolutely not," insisted the other. "If I had a child, I would have to share some of the Mushroom World's power." "But wouldn't it be nice to have some help ruling your vast land," asked the first voice. "Definitely not," was the reply, "I need no help ruling my land!"

Suddenly, Wendy understood. The two voices were Bowser and Clawdia. Without Mario and Luigi, Bowser would not want to have any children. In this world, Wendy did not exist.

Wendy used the time machine to go back to Mario and Luigi. Then she used her magic to undo her murderous act. Then she went home.

Everything was black. Finally, Wendy opened her eyes. She was in her room. The time machine was on her bed next to her. Wendy picked up a wrench and brought it down upon the machine. Her arm stopped in mid-air. "Nope," said Wendy with a wink. "Perhaps it will be useful in the future." She stored it in her closet and then went downstairs to start another busy day.

The End

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