Prank Call

By crankymama5452

One day many years before Bowser even started his evil ways, the whole gang is seen in Peach's Castle. At this time Bowser is a good Koopa, raised by his father. Bowser recently married and had two children, Ludwig and Lemmy. Today Bowser and his wife decide to go to lunch. Bowser reminds Clawdia, his wife, they need babysitters, at least three per kid. They search the phonebook until they find, 1-800-Peach. They call the number.

"Hello! My name is Bowser Koopa and I need six people willing to babysit my kids," he says cheerfully.

"Errr, how many kids do you have?" Peach says.

"Two," he says.

"Why six then?" she says.

"If you take the job you'll find out they are more than hyper!" Bowser laughs.

"Well I do love children, what time?" Peach says.

"Come at eight."

"K," Peach replies.

Eight o'clock arrives and Peach arrives with Mario, Luigi, Toad, Daisy, and Yoshi.

"Welcome to Castle Koopa, I am Bowser and this lovely lady is my wife, Clawdia," Bowser says.

"Well, just give us any info we should know, and then do as you may," Peach says.

"Well, the kids are on the tenth room from the left on the third floor, the kitchen is down the hall, the gymnasium is on the left just on the top floor, and the auditorium is to the right of it. We'll be back in an hour or three if we catch a movie. Here is our cell phone number, don't hesitate to phone if you need anything," Bowser says as he and Clawdia leave.

"Well, it's just us," Luigi and Mario say.

"Yup," the princesses reply.

"What we do?" Yoshi says.

"The kids must be asleep since it IS quiet," Toad says.

"Well... just pick a room you like and roam around," Peach says.

"Good idea," Yoshi says.

They then go in different directions. Mario and Yoshi go to the kitchen, Daisy to the green house, Luigi to the gymnasium, Toad to the  lab, and Peach just relaxes in the family room. The night sky is out and stars hang in the air. The wind blows and a slight rain shower is happening outside. All is calm as everyone does
what they need and the kids sleep. Peach, who had been thinking it was going to be a long, annoying night, is calm and happy. The phone then rings and Peach answers.

"Hello...? Hello...? Who is this?" Peach says this until the call disconnects. "Silly kids," Peach chuckles as Mario and Yoshi come in with some food and everyone is called down to eat.

The group begins to eat from a wide variety of foods of all kinds, from dairy to meat to fruit and vegis. The phone rings and Peach excuses herself to answer it. "Hello?" Peach says.

"Who is this?" the voice says.

"I'm... Peach," she replies.

Before another word is spoken, the call ends.

"That was weird," Peach says. "Well... eat."

She finishes as they continue on the meal. Later, after they finish, everyone but Peach and Toad is in the greenhouse. Toad is in the dungeon looking around and Peach is in the halls of floor six. Peach is rooting through rooms until Daisy comes up. "Peach, it's some guy saying he wants to speak to you," Daisy says, handing Peach the phone.

"Hello, this is Peach," she says.

"How are the Koopalings doing? Are they awake... are they alive?" the voice says.

"Wha... what did you just..." Peach throws aside the phone and runs.

"What is it, Peach?" Daisy says.

"THE KIDS, DAISY! THE KIDS!" Peach replies. Daisy, hearing this, runs after her.

They get to the room to a note on the desk in the room. Peach picks it up and the princesses look at it. "It's ink blot covered." Peach wipes off the ink and sees a skull. Both Peach and Daisy gasp and run out to see the kids with the others in the greenhouse. They both give a sigh of relief and enter the greenhouse. There are plants, plants, and more plants and trees as far as the eye can see, with rushing water's and stairs, grass, and roaming bugs.

The princesses inform the adults of the call and they gasp. "Well who call?" Yoshi says.

"I don't know," Peach says.

The phone yet again rings. "I'll get it," Luigi says, answering it.

"Hello...? No, Peach isn't here." Everyone looks at Peach. "I said she isn't here... How would you know...? Look, freak, I said she isn't here. NO SHE ISN'T!" Luigi hangs up and the phone again rings.

"What the?" Mario says.

Toad answers it and talks using Peach's voice.

"This is Peach. Who is it...? Yes, this is Peach. I am too Peach, don't you believe me? Stop calling." Toad hangs up.

"I don't know what to say," Toad says.

Peach calls the police. "Hello. I am Peach Toadstool, I'm babysitting for Bowser Koopa but we're getting these weird calls and one even had the person ask if Mr. Koopa's kids were alive," Peach says.

"We'll trace the call. Okay?" they say.

"Okay," Peach says before hanging up the phone.

Later, everyone is gathered on the balcony after the rainstorm. They are
observing space and its glory when the phone rings. Peach answers.

"Miss, it's the police, we traced the call. It's coming from inside the house. Get out as soon as you can," the police say.


"It'll take half an hour," the officer says.

"Thank you," Peach replies, then hangs the phone up only to have it ring again. "Hello?" Peach says.

"Wanna make a bet I'll make all six of you dead in twenty-nine minutes?" the person says.

Peach screams and throws the phone over the balcony and spins around to see that Toad is gone. Everyone begins a search. They eventually find Toad in the gymnasium, a spear through him, and pinned to the wall by that same spear. Peach backs away. "It really is in here..." Mario and Yoshi say. They split up to find and try to kill the caller.

Daisy is seen walking down a staircase but stops as soon as a figure runs by the bottom of the stairs. Daisy, who wants it dead, runs down the stairs to a well decorated room with an arm chair, fireplace, and a streamer along the wall. Daisy walks around until the figure drops down on her, knocking her out. The figure is seen throwing her into the fireplace and taking a fireplace poker and holding it in the fire for three minutes so it is volcanic magma hot. He then carries the poker (from the normal degree side) upstairs.

The Mario Bros. are seen forming a barricade of exercise material in the gym. They are planming to hide Peach in there. After forming the wall, the Brothers try to figure out how to leave without taking down the wall. "What now, Mario?" Luigi says. Mario gestures to the window. They climb out and walk along the ledge and into another room that appears to be the storage closet. They peak out the door to see the figure walking by with the poker. "Peach is fine, but Yoshi..." Luigi says.

In the greenhouse Yoshi is seen walking around. The rivers flow and the plants grow. Yoshi seems to be more in the mood for a nature walk then a search and destroy mission. Yoshi begins walking along a stream until he sees a switch on a tree. Above it is labeled garden cams. Yoshi hits the switch and a TV flicks on showing all around the outer castle. Yoshi sees Peach's phone still ringing. Yoshi gets a look at the caller ID to see it's coming from Bowser and Clawdia's phone. Upon seeing this, Yoshi runs for the front door.

Not so long later, Luigi, who left Mario to find Yoshi, enters the greenhouse. The figure enters no more than 42.93 seconds later. Luigi is looking around until he eyes the camera and sees Yoshi running around. "All the way here for nothing..." Luigi says.

"Let's play hide and seek..." a voice says.

"Who's there?" Luigi says studdering. Laughter is heard as Luigi grabs a long wooden pole and walks around. Luigi trips over a log and falls a few seconds later. The log rolls away and into a pond. "Oh come on!" Luigi says, annoyed. He gets up to have the figure jump out.

"Peekaboo!" the figure says. In a flash the figure jabs the flamming poker through Luigi. The figure chuckles and laughs as Luigi drops. The figure looks at the camera to see Yoshi running to the door but stopping because of the police. "OH SHOOT! How come when I say I'm gonna kill so many people in so much time and I can't successfully do so?" the figure says, leaving. On his way out, the figure drops a phone.

Mario sees the police through the window and goes to get Peach. They then
exit the castle. "We're here!" Peach says.

"We need to go in and arrest the killer" the cops say as the three cops enter with Mario, Peach, and Yoshi. When they enter, a cop hits a switch thinking it is a light switch, but the floor ahead flings open, revealing a pit of Munchers. The cop shuts it while another cop finds Ludwig and Lemmy hiding in the kitchen. They turn to the door and begin talking when the figure jumps out with an axe and a thing strapped to its back. It raises the axe and runs forth.

"Well. kids, we gotta go catch the killer," the cop says. A scream is heard and they spin to see Bowser laying on the floor on fire with the axe in hand, Clawdia standing behind him with a blowtorch.

"I'm SO sorry, kids. My husband had the intention to kill you all. When I noticed at the restaurant that he was making all these weird calls, I knew he was up to something. He then left but didn't take the car. I then heard the twenty-nine minute call and I knew his intention. I entered a few minutes after he got here and hid with the blowtorch 'til I got my chance. If it wasn't for me, you both would be split down the center," Clawdia says.

"Thank you so much," Peach says.

"Yoshi thank you," Yoshi says.

Mario, who was out in the car with the cops, gets the others into the car. They drive to the police station and get out. "All I got was this video of the back of the entry hall," a cop says. "I guess we don't need it anymore, though," he says.

The second cop comes and puts the camera on a hookup so it can be viewed on TV, and plays it. "Oh, we're watching it after all" the cop says.

The camera shows the figure walking towards them with the axe and backstrap thing, Bowser is then seen coming from around the corner and punching the figure so it drops the axe. He is seen picking up the axe and running but the figure flings the thing off its back and a flame gushes out and scorches Bowser, dropping him down dead.

"What...? Wait a minute..." the cop and Mario say.

"If Bowser had the axe after the figure and the figure flamed him and then... Clawdia..." Mario says.

"COME ON" the cop says.

They drive back to the castle. Yoshi goes in first because he wants to give Clawdia a taste of her own medicine. Yoshi finds her in the kitchen.

"Oh, hello dear. Would you like cookies?" Clawdia says. Yoshi is seen trying to fight saying something, but let's it out.

"Sure," Yoshi says.

Clawdia gives him several large cookies, which he shoves in his mouth. Clawdia then slaps tape on his mouth. "Yoshis can't turn down cookies!" Clawdia laughs. "I know you know and now..."

Clawdia pulls out a butcher's knife from the utensil cabinat but Yoshi hits her with eggs. Upon this, Clawdia makes that noise some people make when you punch them in action films. Clawdia pounces on Yoshi and tapes his arms and legs together. preventing movment. She takes him to the gymnasium and over to two pillars going to the ceiling with an elastic band going from one to another. A spike wall is on the back of the band. Clawdia tapes Yoshi to the back of the band and pulls the band back to its farthest and lets go, flinging Yoshi into the spike wall at high speed. Yoshi gets stuck on the wall as she goes downstairs.

"We have to go in!" Mario says.

"Right," the cop says.

They enter the main hall and the door closes and locks behind them. Clawdia is seen moving towards them with the blowtorch.

"IT WAS YOU!" Peach yells.

"So what?" Clawdia says. " Better yet, I get to roast and have fried Koopa and humans tonight," Clawdia says closing in.

"We're done, we can't escape," a cop says.

"YOU LITTLE %$*$#*#!" Peach says. "YOU FREAKED ME OUT. You tried to kill me... well I'm gonna try to kill you!"

Peach starts running toward the wall. "AHAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! NO!!!" Clawdia screams as Peach slams down on the switch, opening the trapdoor beneath Clawdia. "NNNOOOOONOOOOOO!!!"  Clawdia screams until she hits bottom.

Peach goes over and looks down and watches the Munchers slowly devour her. "NOW it's over," Peach says.

The next day, Mario, Peach, and even the cops celebrate. They have fun doing fun stuff. They say goodbye to the cops and live happily ever after.

The End

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