Wrath of the Shroobalings

By Blade Guy


One day in Dark Land, Iggy and Lemmy were looking out into the night sky to see if they could find any stars worth stealing. Just then they saw a weird-looking spaceship.

Iggy: Hey Lemmy, look at that thing up in the sky.

Lemmy: What is it, Iggy? You have the smarts.

Iggy: Hang on, let me set the telescope to large mode to see it clearer.

Then Iggy looked up and was silent.

Lemmy: Well? What is it?

Iggy: It's... It's... It's...

Lemmy: WHAT?!


Lemmy: WHAT?!


Then they both ran into Roy.

Roy: Hey, watch where you're going! Lemmy, you may be older than me by one year, but I can beat you up any time I want. And Iggy, I am older than you so I can beat you up any time I want, too.

Lemmy: Not now, Roy, wer'e tring to tell Ludwig something.

Iggy: Yeah, they're coming!

Roy: Who's coming?

Lemmy and Iggy: THE SHROOBS!!!


Then they all ran to Ludwig's lab.

Chapter 1: The Invasion

Ludwig: All I need is complete and utter silence to complete this potion.

Lemmy, Iggy, and Roy: LUDWIG!!!


Ludwig: Didn't you read the sign?!

Roy: That is not important.

Iggy: We have to tell you something.

Lemmy: Yeah, the Shroobs are coming!

Ludwig: 0_0 Dn't be silly; Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario, and Baby Luigi took them out a long time ago.

Then they all heard a big boom.

Lemmy: We've got to tell the others!

Then Larry came running into the lab.

Larry: Did you hear that?

Ludwig: Yeah!

Lemmy: We have to find Morton and Wendy.

Ludwig: Okay, we'll split into teams. Lemmy and Iggy will go search for Morton, and Larry, Roy, and I will look for Wendy.

They went to look for their other two siblings.

Iggy: Lemmy, what if those Shroobs got Morton and Wendy?

Lemmy: I don't know, but... Hey! It's Morton!

Then Lemmy and Iggy ran up to him.

Iggy: Morton, it's us, Iggy and Lemmy.

Morton: ...

Lemmy: Morton, are you ok?

Morton: Join... us...

Iggy: Join who?

Morton: Join the SHROOBS!!!


Chapter 2: The Shroobalings

All Lemmy and Iggy saw was a purple Morton with red eyes and hands that looked like Shroob hands. Then Lemmy and Iggy were being chased by a shroobified Morton. Then they ran into the other three.

Lemmy: Run! It's Morton, he's...

Ludwig: Yeah, Wendy is after us too. She's a Shroob.

Iggy: That's what Morton is, too.

Wendy and Morton: Join the Shroobs...

Roy: You guys go ahead, I'll hold them off.

Larry: But...

Roy: Go before they-

But it was too late, Morton grabned Roy and bit him. He too became a Shroob.

All but Roy, Wendy, and Morton: ROY!!!

Roy: Join the Shroobs...

Lemmy: Come on! We have to hide somewhere!

So they all ran to Ludwig's lab to hide.

Ludwig: They will never get in here. This lab door is made of strong steel, hard enough to keep a Shroob out.

Iggy: I don't know, they looked pretty strong to me...

Larry: What about my Piranha Plants, Ludwig?

Lemmy: Don't you have that Petey Piranha?

Larry: Hey, that's it! We can use him to protect us from the others. I will call him with this whistle.

Larry blew the whistle and Petey came.

Larry: Petey, I need you to protect us from the shroobified Koopalings.

Petey agreed and protected them from Roy, Wendy, and Morton. Then they heard the lab door open, and Roy, Wendy, and Morton appeared.

Roy: ATTACK!!!

Larry: Go get them, Petey!

Petey spat mud everywhere, hitting the shroobified Koopalings.

Ludwig: RUN!!!

Then something grabbed Larry. Then he was bitten by Roy.

Lemmy: Larry?

Larry: Join... the... Shroobs...

Ludwig: Come on, Lemmy!

They all ran to Bowser.

Iggy: King Dad, the Shroobs have taken over the castle.

Bowser: I know, and don't call me Dad, call me Shrowser!


They ran to the door but Larry, Roy, Wendy, and Morton were all blocking the way.

Iggy: We're trapped!

Ludwig: No we are not. I am staying and fighting, are you guys in?

Lemmy and Iggy: Yeah!

Then they all fought.

Lemmy: Don't let them bite you or you will turn into a Shroob!

Iggy and Ludwig: We know!

Ludwig shot a beam at Wendy with his wand, but she jumped and landed on Ludwig to bite him.

Lemmy: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! (fading) Guys, go to my lab, get my inventions, and defeat... Princess Shroob...

Then Ludwig was a shroobaling.

Ludwig: ... Join the Shroobs....

Lemmy: RUN!!!

Lemmy and Iggy entered Ludwig's lab.

Iggy: Let's get those inventions.

Lemmy: Yeah.

They got their robots (from Yoshi Safari) and the doomship to get to the Shroob spaceship, and they brought Petey Piranha to help them fight.

Lemmy: Are you ready to save our family and take out the Shroobs?

Iggy: YEAH!!!

Chapter 3: The Big Fight!

The Koopa Twins and Petey Piranha set off to the shroob spaceship to battle Princess Shroob.

Lemmy: We're almost there.

Iggy: Good, I can't what to take out Princess Shroob.

Then they spotted the spaceship.

Iggy: Wow, that ship is huge.

Lemmy: No time for sightseeing, Iggy; we have to get on that spaceship and take her out.

They landed the doomship in the ship hold on the spaceship.

??????: So they boarded my ship, did they? Let's see how they deal with my Shroobs!

Lemmy and Iggy then heard stomping noises.

Iggy: What's that noise?

Lemmy: I don't know, maybe we should go check it-

Then they saw an army of Shroobs behind them.

Lemmy: RUN!!!

They ran so fast that they left the Shroobs in the dust.

??????: So they got away. Maybe I should use someone else. Commander Shroob!

Commander Shroob: Yes, Princess Shroob?

Princess Shroob: I want you and your most powerful Shroobs to take down those Koopa Twin brats.

Commander Shroob: Yes, Princess Shroob, I will take care of them quickly.

Lemmy and Iggy heard someone talking, so they went to see. Then they saw Commander Shroob.

Commander Shroob: Okay, we were told to look for Koopa brats, and we were also told-

A Shroob: Are those the brats we're looking for?

Then Commander Shroob spotted Lemmy and Iggy.

Iggy: I can't fight right now, I have to-

Lemmy: No Iggy, we have to stay and fight this time. Princess Shroob is right behind that door.

Commander Shroob: Too bad you won't be getting past me! Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Lemmy and Iggy used their robots, Mecha Lemmy for Lemmy and Mecha Blooper for Iggy. Then a big battle went on for what seemed like hours. Then Commander Shroob sent out a big Shroob-omb and threw the bomb at Lemmy and Iggy. They were still ok, though.

Commander Shroob: WHAT? How could this be? Why didn't my Shroob-omb work?

Then they saw that Petey Piranha was holding the bomb in his hands.

Commander Shroob: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! That is impossible, nobody can stay alive from that bomb.

Then Petey threw the bomb back at Commander Shroob, and it blew up.

Commander Shroob: This... can't... be... How... could... the... Shroob-omb... backfire... on... me...?

Commander Shroob grabbed a switch from his pocket and pressed something. Then the shroobalings came out of nowhere.

Ludwig: What do you want, Commander Shroob?

Commander Shroob: I want you to give me a 1-Up Shroob so I can tell the princess what has happened. I also want you five to take care of those two and that Piranha Plant.

Ludwig: Yes sir.

Then Commander Shroob went through the doors to tell Princess Shroob.

Lemmy: I can't fight you guys, you are my brothers and sister.

Larry: Too bad we can fight you.

Then Larry spotted Petey Piranha. He ran to him and then turned back into a non-shroobified Larry.

Larry: Hey, I'm not a shroob anymore! I guess the love I had for Petey was so great that it broke the Shroob curse.

Lemmy: Good, now do you know anything the others love very much?

Larry: Well, Morton loves wedding cake, Wendy loves looking at herself in the mirror, Roy loves beating up Iggy, and Ludwig loves cheating at video games.

Lemmy: Well, I brought a stuffed Iggy, a mirror, and a Nintendo DS Light with New Super Mario Bros.

Larry: What about a wedding cake?

Lemmy: I think Iggy has one.

Iggy: Yes I do.

Then they gave them all the things they loved and it turned them back to normal. The other previously shroobified Koopalings were weak, though, and couldn't help Lemmy and Iggy beat Princess shroob. Larry was left to guard all the rest of the Koopalings while Lemmy and Iggy went to take out Princess Shroob.

Chapter 4: The Final Battle

Commander Shroob: Well here's how it went, Princess; Lemmy and Iggy somehow had that Piranha Plant we used on Mario and his bro and the little ones. I guess that Larry Koopa went back in time to find him, and revived him and made him more powerful.

Pirncess Shroob: Well I'll let it slide this time, but next time you fail, you will be put in charge of the Shroobs in training.

Then they heard a bang at the door, and it slammed open. Lemmy and Iggy were standing in the doorway.

Lemmy: You will pay for what you did to our siblings, Princess Shroob!

Iggy: Yeah, what Lemmy said!

Lemmy: -_-

Princess Shroob: Not really, because Commander Shroob built me a Shroob Bot!

Lemmy and Iggy: A Shroob Bot?

Princess Shroob: Yes, this robot shoots Bob-ombs, Bullet Bills, fire, spike balls, ice, electricity, and my favorite, the Shroob ray. Now feel the wrath of the Shroob Bot!

Lemmy and Iggy got into their robots and a big battle went on. Princess Shroob started to use the flamthrower to burn the other robots, but this had no effect on Iggy's robot.

Princess Shroob: What? Imposseble! How? Why? This can't be! It failed!

Commander Shroob: My princess, use the red button.

She pushed the button and the Shroob Bot turned into a Commander Bot.

Commander Shroob: Now Commander Bot, destroy Princess Shroob!

All but Commander Shroob: WHAT?!

Then the Commander Bot reached its hand to get Princess Shroob, and gave her the boot (really).

Commander Shroob: Now that she is out of the picture, I will be the ruler of the Shroobs. And don't call me Commander Shroob, call me King Shroob.

Lemmy: What are you going to do with that, shoot bombs at us?

King Shroob (really Commander Shroob): No. You see, all of your other siblings are the power source for my Commander Bot. All I need is to use the Shroob ray, which turns them into Shroobs, and suck them into my Commander Bots' empty holes in the mushroom head, and my Commander Bot will be unstoppable! Mwhahahahahahahahahaha!

Then King Shroob used the Shroob ray on Morton, Wendy, Roy, Larry, and Ludwig, who all get turned back into shroobalings. Then King Shroob pushed the button to suck the shroobified Koopalings into the open holes in the Commander Bot. The Commander Bot grew a lot bigger and its hands turned into a chainsaw and a ray gun. The biggest battle had begun.

Chapter 5: The Petey Piranha Bot vs. The Commander Bot

The Commander Bot got Iggy's Mecha Blooper and cut it in half. Iggy flew right out of it and landed in Lemmy's Mecha Lemmy.

Lemmy: He's too strong! Iggy, I don't think Mecha Lemmy can do this alone.

Iggy: Hey, where's Petey?

Then they saw Petey grab something out of the Mecha Blooper.

Iggy: Hey, he found the Combine Orb.

Lemmy: What's the Combine Orb?

Iggy: It is something I grabbed out of Ludwig's lab before we left. Anyway, it lets two robots merge with one other thing that isn't another robot.

Lemmy: Hey, we can combine my robot, your destroyed robot, and Petey Piranha.

Iggy: Great idea, Lemmy, let's do it.

Then they got Lemmy's robot, Iggy's robot, and Petey Piranha. The robots and Petey turned into the Petey Piranha Bot.

Lemmy: All right! It worked.!

Iggy: Now let's show King Shroob how we can beat him up.

King Shroob: Will you hurry... up... you... two...

Then King Shroob saw the Petey Piranha Bot and was startled.

King Shroob: So what? My Commander Bot is still super powerful! You can't beat me!

Lemmy: Yes we can! Come on, Iggy, let's get in this robot and take it out for a spin.

Iggy: Yeah, let's.

They jumped in and turned it on.

King Shroob: Let's rumble!

Then a big battle went on for an hour or so, until the Petey Piranha Bot grabbed the Commander Bot's head and took out all of the shroobified Koopalings.


Lemmy: YES! We got them all.

Iggy: Yeah! Now let's get King Shroob.

Then they beat up the Commander Bot and turned the shroobalings back into Koopalings.

Chapter 6: The Escape

Larry: Hey! I'm not a Shroob anymore!

Ludwig: Me neither!

All of the Koopalings were not Shroobs anymore. Then King Shroob had had enough.

King Shroob: Very well then, you leave me no choice.

He then pushed a self-destruct button.

King Shroob: You only have two minutes until this spaceship explodes. I may not be King Shroob anymore, but at least I'm the commander again.

Lemmy: Quick! We have to get to an escape pod.

Commander Shroob: Too bad all the Shroobs and I are going to take all of them. See you later, Koopa brats.

Then Commander Shroob and all the Shroobs took the escape pods and got away.

Iggy: First I'll take the Combine Orb off of Petey Piranha, and then we can escape.

Iggy took the Combine Orb off of Petey Piranha and then they all, including Petey, made an escape, but they kept running into dead ends.

Lemmy: There is no way out! I think Commander Shroob tricked us.

Ludwig: I think I saw a trapdoor back at the last dead end.

So they went to the dead end Ludwig saw the trapdoor at.

Iggy: There it is!

They opened the trap door and jumped in.

Larry: How much time is left, Ludwig?

Ludwig: 45 seconds.

They made it to the bottom and made for the door, but it was locked.

Roy: I got it.

Iggy: Hurry!

Roy: I know, I know.

Then Roy punched down the doors and they made it out.

Ludwig: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0-


The spaceship exploded but they were all safe.

Lemmy and Iggy: WE MADE IT OUT!

Ludwig and Larry: YEAH!!!

The Koopalings had survived the Shroobs. Until one day on the Shroob planet...


Commander Shroob: I will get those Koopas one day, or my name isn't-

Princess Shroob: COMMANDER SHROOB!!!

Commander Shroob: Oh boy.

Princess Shroob: How could you do that to me? I am your princess!

Commander Shroob: Well you see...

Princess Shroob: I don't care, now go train your Shroobs!

Commander Shroob: Yes, my princess.

But little did they know that Lemmy and Iggy had put a little camera on Princess Shroob. Lemmy and Iggy were watching all this on their TV.

Lemmy and Iggy: Ahahahahahahahahaha!

Lemmy: This is so funny!

Iggy: Yeah, it's a good thing that I put this on DVD recorder, we can watch this over and over.

Ludwig was looking up into the sky, and saw a spaceship.

Ludwigs: ALIENS!!!

Then he saw a Koopa flying his kite.

Paratroopa: Nice spaceship kite, Koopa.

Koopa: Thanks, Paratroopa, I got it yesterday.

After a few weeks this is what as happened to everyone:

Morton keeps talking about the Shroobs.
Wendy thinks she has a Shroob mark and keeps looking in the mirror.
Roy keeps beating up a stuffed Shroob.
Iggy and Lemmy keep watching Commander Shroob getting in trouble with Princess Shroob.
Ludwig kept watching the sky for aliens until the Koopa told him it was his kite. Then he went back to working on an anti-Shroob formula.
Commander Shroob is plotting his revenge on Lemmy and Iggy.
Princess Shroob is still yelling at Commander Shroob for giving her the boot.

And what about Bowser, you ask? Well the Koopalings forgot that he was still Shrowser and they don't know what he loves, so they just locked him in the dungeon.


Of course, he doesn't know that they aren't shroobalings anymore.


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