Koopa Coin

By Adamo Koopa

“And I need your help!” Larry ended while he sat aside Lemmy’s thrown.

“Wait, so that’s what’s going on? Oh, I thought it involved dragons and stuff,” Lemmy joked. Larry tried to let out a laugh, but was too worried. They both sighed.

“You in?” Larry asked him. Lemmy sat, releasing his claws from his forehead.

“Normally I’d think this is some kind of trick, but that coin proved me wrong. And we can’t let evil get it, even though we are the evil...” Lemmy emptied his head.

“I need to know if Bowser kidnapped the ancient guy, and you’re the only one I can trust that can get some information,” Larry went on.

“I’m in,” Lemmy grinned. “Now come on, we need to get planning!” Lemmy jumped.

“Sweet!” Larry cheered, while they walked out of the Lemmy’s thrown room.

Back at Bowser’s Castle...

“This is an outrage!!!” Bowser punched his assistant, who by now was covered in black and blue.

“Please, m...my L...Lord, we w...will get the c...coin back,” he painfully cried.

“You’d better, I don’t care if you have to kill anyone in the process!” Bowser pointed. “That coin is mine!!! And mine only!”

“Y...yes, my Lord,” he quaked.

“You’d better tell the staff! RIGHT NOW!!!” Bowser picked him up.

“Yes!” He ran away. Bowser walked over to his throne. About three minutes later, when there was no one in the room, he pressed some buttons on his watch. All of a sudden a TV screen fell from the ceiling.

“Any sightings?” Bowser talked to the screen.

“No. But as long as the old man’s locked up in my castle, nobody will find him here...  Brother,” responded the screen. It appeared Wart was talking through it.

“Good. As long as he’s there, then the guy won’t stop me!” Bowser laughed.

“Yes!!!” Wart laughed with him.

“No sighting’s of my son either?” he asked.

“Not that I’ve heard of,” Wart responded. Bowser mugged. Then he turned off the screen.

“I’m going to get that coin back!” he talked to himself.

“Very interesting!” said Mario as he came out from behind a pole. Bowser’s eyes widened. His mug slowly flipped upside down.

“Ahhh, my old foe, that’s where you have been hiding.” He stood up out of his throne. “I’m sorry about this, you stupid plumber, but...  I’m afraid you’re not allowed to leave this room with that information,” he calmly said, and then quickly pulled out a controller. He pressed his claw on a big red button, and within seconds, Koopatrols filled the room with weapons. They surrounded Mario.

“That all you’ve got?” Mario asked, while a drop of sweat landed on the ground. Bowser let out a giant laugh, and pushed the Koopatrols out of his way, until he came face to face with Mario.

“Let me handle him!” Bowser ordered. The Koopatrols formed a large circle around the two. “Any last words?” Bowser asked him.

“Yeah. I hope you have car insurance!” Mario lifted his fists. Bowser smiled and pierced his red eyes to the door.

“KAMEK!!!” Bowser screamed. Kamek crashed into the room.

“Yes sir?” Kamek wondered. Bowser looked at Mario and turned his head back to Kamek.

“Let’s say we even the odds...” Bowser said, while Kamek shot a white beam at him. Bowser became paralyzed but then faded back to his normal self. “I may not be in my ultimate form with my coin, but this will at least defeat you for now!” Bowser ended.

“We’ll let’s get this done then!” Mario jumped. Bowser chuckled. They both jumped at each other as Bowser suddenly morphed his hand into a giant, metal fist. Mario’s eyes widened as he landed and suddenly backed away.


Mario fell to the ground but immediately flipped straight back up. Mario flung his foot in Bowser’s face but once again, he turned into a gray liquid that hardened within milliseconds. Mario hit Bowser’s face with a bang.

“That all you’ve got?!” Bowser copied as his whole body became metal. Mario ran back toward a wall, running up it and flipping, ground pounding Bowser’s forehead. Bowser shook a little as the metal sound filled the air. Then he jumped up, ground pounding Mario. Mario spun his eyes as he looked down to see his head was the only thing there. He had been jammed in the floor by the massive punch. Bowser landed in front of him.

“Let me outta here, Bowser!” Mario wiggled.

“Oh, but that wouldn’t be fair, now would it?” Bowser’s claws grew. “Goodnight, my foe!” Bowser shoved his claws forward, but was kicked straight into a wall. The guards pulled out their guns and looked up. Black blurs filled the air.

“FIRE!!!” one of them shouted, as they all started shooting. The blurs were untouched. Suddenly they all stopped, levitating in the air, revealing four completely black Koopas, as if they were spraypainted the darkest color ever. One had red eyes, another white, then green, and yellow. All of the soldiers paused. “What in the world is-” he was cut off. The red-eyed Koopa, who appeared to be the leader, shouted.

“ULTRA SONIC WAVE BOOST!!!” They immediately took their fists from their sides and lifted them. They opened their fists and powerful blasts of lighting paralyzed the soldiers. They fell to the ground. The 4 Koopas walked up to Bowser’s body, witch was also paralyzed. The green-eyed Koopa looked at Bowser’s metal form.

“Threat detected , but he is not the one who withstands the coin!!!” he shouted.

“Take his powers, our lord will enjoy them!” shouted the red-eyed Koopa. The white-eyed Koopa concentrated as Bowser’s metal form melted.

“Power’s token! Eliminate threat!” said the white-eyed Koopa. The yellow-eyed Koopa walked forward. He morphed his hand into a weapon-like figure and slowly charged an electrical beam.

“STOP!!!” Mario shouted. They all turned their heads toward Mario, who was still stuck in the ground. They all looked at each other.

“Non-threat detected!” one said.

“Eliminate!” another said. Mario paused. They walked forward toward Mario. Sweat leapt off of Mario’s cheeks. Is this the end? he thought to himself.

“ELIMINATE!!!” the yellow one said, pulling his weapon back out. Mario’s life flashed as he slowly made his own count down. 5...4...3...2... 1- “AHHHH!!!” Mario cried, but soon realized that his head had been tugged under the ground. A young Monty Mole looked at Mario.

“You okay, Mister?” asked the Mole.

“Um no! Could you dig me out of here, um, about now?!” Mario rushed.

“What’s the big hurry, Mister?” the Mole asked.

“Down there!” Mario heard a voice say from above. Mario looked up the hole to see a cannon being shoved in.

“LOOK OUT!!!” Mario cried as he dived, grabbing the Mole, and jumping in the dirt. An electrical blast shocked the place where they just were standing.

“WHAT WAS THAT?!” the Monty Mole yelled.

“No time to explain, just dig!” Mario responded. The Mole began to dig at top speeds.

“Get ‘um!” They hopped in the hole with Mario. Mario turned around and faced them. The Mole stopped and turned around too.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING, MR?!” he asked.

“Go ahead, I’ll catch up!” Mario yelled back. The Mole began to continue digging.

“Threat detected!!!” They all ran at Mario.

***POW*** ***BAMB*** ***KA-BOOM***

The Mole worried, but without turning back, just digged for its life.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, on the surface...

“So then! He shouldn’t get all the power!” said a voice.

“I agree, sir,” replied a waiter.

“I mean, come on! Father’s going to pay for this!” Roy spun around in his chair. He tilted his shades as he lifted his feet on the table. “I mean, can you imagine it? Me with my dad’s coin, I’d be the king of Koopas!” Roy plotted his plan.

“True, sir, but don’t you think it would get you in trouble?” the waiter flawed Roy’s plan.

“Once I get that coin, there won’t be such thing as trouble!” Roy chuckled.

“You’re perfect!” the waiter pretended, in a convincing voice.

“Thanks! Now get out!” he yelled. The waiter ran out of the room. “The headlines... Perfect Roy takes first place in wrestling tournament... I can see them now...” Roy spoke to himself in a daze. He looked around the room. How could he steal it though? He’d need help. A smart guy’s help... and bullying nerds was Roy’s best! Roy left the room and hopped in a pipe.

Meantime in Giant Land...

“Sweet!” Iggy cheered as he rolled some dice on his new casino floor. “Easy money!” he said. All of a sudden, his casino doors burst open. Iggy’s eyes flared with fear as Roy walked forward.

“Hey there, puke face! Ya gonna be workin’ for me now!” he chuckled, shining a large grin...

“Dad!” Lemmy knocked on the large, red door, while his father let out a large puff of air. No answer... Lemmy slowly creaked open his father’s door. “Da- What the?!” he began, letting out a large cry as some guards ran in.

“CODE RED!” one of them shouted on a walky talky.

“Dear DAD! What happened in here?!” another shouted. As Larry looked at all of the knocked out guards- and his dad straight on the floor with them- Lemmy walked in the room and glared at the giant hole in the middle. He looked deep in it...

Deep down on the other side of the hole, Mario jumped out.

“Mr! Are you okay?!” the mole asked. Mario ran straight toward him, grabbing him as he ran.

“LOOK OUT!!!” Mario shouted, ducking behind a large stick of metal, which for some reason was in the middle of the forest. A large explosion burst out of the hole. The wall crumpled up, flying outward. Trees cracked out of the ground, burning. The endless scream of the Mole shook Mario’s ears. Within about 4 seconds the explosion ended. Mario leaned above the steaming hot metal, thanking it for being DEEP in the ground.

“Oh shoot...” he said to himself.

Meanwhile on the opposite side of the hole...

Lemmy looked in the hole. He wondered what had caused it. It was so dark, he couldn’t even see what was in it. The hole started to light up. That was bette… Wait, what the... Lemmy paused and within seconds the entire hole was completely lit. A large burst of explosion killed the air.

“AHHHHHHHHH!!!” Lemmy shouted while everyone was blown away. The flames covered the room with heat. Cries filled the room. The smoke cleared, revealing the four dark ninjas.

“Mustache man- EXTERMINATED!” one said.

“POWER HERE!” another said. They all turned to Lemmy, who... was still standing. They all turned their heads toward Lemmy, who had been holding the coin.

“Obtain power!” they said.

“You’re the ones causing this trouble!” Lemmy said, with no response. “You’ve done enough! Your line ends here!” Lemmy jumped toward them. He let out a punch, knocking the green one into a puff of smoke in the air. “Had enough?!” he asked as he continued. Next the yellow, the black, and finally the red were defeated.

Lemmy looked in the hole. Mustached man... he thought. He ran out, grabbing Larry, who had been knocked down by the explosion.

“Come on!” Lemmy ran sonic speed threw the hole. He saw Mario leaning in it as he came out of the hole.

“Larry! Um... Le-” Mario started.

“Lemmy,” Lemmy corrected.

“All right! We have to stop this now! I know where the man is,” Mario said, telling them about the meeting he overheard.

“So it’s at Wart’s castle!” Larry shortened.

“Yeah-a,” Mario ended. Lemmy’s head stung. This all happened so fast, and he was starting to lose what he should do. But he shook his head and focused more. Probably the fact that he wasn’t used to working with Mario, or that his father was knocked out, or that he had just destroyed four people he didn’t know was leaving him dazed. He wasn’t even on his ball anymore. And he was using the coin, witch he still feared.

“Larry, take the coin, I’ll bring Mario to a safe place,” Lemmy silenced them.

“But- Wh…” Larry couldn’t finish his second word.

“But nothing!” Lemmy immediately interrupted. “I can’t risk letting both of you be caught. Lemmy threw the coin over towards Larry, as he slowly tilted toward a wall. No ball... Lemmy thought, trying to stand straight up. Larry caught the coin, nodding his head. He left. “I need to get you to a safer place,” Lemmy turned to Mario. “Let’s go.”

Larry ran straight to Wart’s castle. His steaming hot feet felt like nothing compared to his speed. Grass ripped out of the ground. Now reaching Desert land, sand flew all over. Eventually he hit Wart’s castle, slowly walking in as two guards glared at him.

“Pst!” one of them loudly whispered to the other. Probably not that smart, Larry thought. “Isn’t that the one kid?”

“Hey you!” the other guard said, releasing a deep voice.

“Um... Yeah?” Larry asked.

“What’s your name, son?” They loaded their weapons, aiming straight at Larry. Nothing to lose here, Larry thought.

“Larry Koopa-” He was interrupted.

“FREEZE!!!” One pulled an alarm. Hundreds of troops ran out toward Larry. Didn’t expect that coming, Larry thought.

“Well, very cute, but if you don’t mind I’ll be getting something that is rightfully mine.” Larry walked forward.

“I SAID FREEZE!!!!” he repeated, now all guns pointing at Larry. Larry knew they couldn’t hurt him, but... what if all of a sudden the coin went crazy and didn’t work? Having trust, he continued.

“LAST WARNING!” Did this guy ever shut up? Now Larry was running forward.
“FIRE!!!” The echo stunned Larry, as he kept running. Little speckles shot at Larry, but he didn’t mind. Within seconds he searched the entire castle. Finding the old man in the dungeon, he walked forward.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, standing up. Larry grinned.

“Saving Plit,” he chuckled. Bending the bars, Larry gave the man the coin. “Now get us out of this!” he said.

“Thank you,” he responded.

“YOU’RE RUINING EVERYTHING!” a frog like voice screeched. They both turned their head to see Wart, who had just appeared with an army of hundreds. “So Larry,” he began, “betraying your family, hmm?” he spoke. Larry sighed, thinking it was for his own good not to answer. “So then, turning away from all of the people that have helped you…” Wart sighed.

“Don’t listen, Larry,” the man said, putting his hand on Larry’s shoulder.

“Don’t listen, Larry! We’re the ones who raised you, Larry! You’re just going to take that away!” Wart screamed.

“I know one thing. Uncle, you and my dad did raise me, but all full of evil. I’m not going to let the evil you’ve given me get control of that coin!” Larry replied. “We’re out of here!” he said as they ran out. Wart let out a mug and kicked the stone wall.

“NO!!!” Wart screamed, his voice echoing throughout the castle.

“FAILURES!” screamed the dark lord at his fortress. He walked forward to the four Koopas. “You four have yet failed me! What is the matter with you?! You’re as worthless as my minions!” The lord grabbed the leader.

“Sir, the boy, he has the coin!” the red-eyed turtle responded.

“Oh really? Is that so? Well then thanks for POINTING OUT THE OBVIOUS, YOU WORTHLESS SLAVES!!!” he yelled in anger.

“Please sir, if only we had more power,” the leader began as the dark lord threw him on the floor.

“POWER?!” he yelled furiously. “YOU WANT MORE POWER?!” he yelled. “I’ve given you power, that you’ve wasted. Why should I give more?! You’re nothing but fools!” he said, zapping them.

“NO!!! SI- YE- R PLE- FREE- ANOTH- BURN- CHANC-AHHHH- YES!!!” they shouted as their darkness faded, returning color to their bodies.

“Free!” Green yelled.

“Yeah! Let’s get out of here!” Black said as they all looked at the dark lord.

“YOU FOUR ANREN’T GOING ANYWHERE! I will hold onto you for now...” he said.

“That’s it! We are not slaves! Dudes, let’s tell this dude who we are! RED!”




“WE ARE THE KOOPA BROS!!!” Red shouted. The evil force grinned.

“You think you could take me on?” he said, then giving out a large laugh.

“Just because you’ve got some fancy gadgets to change our minds, doesn’t mean you could beat us!” Green announced.

“I guess you’re just going to have to learn the hard way!” the evil lord announced.

“DIE!!!” they all jumped at the dark lord.


To Be Continued...

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