Blaze’s Story

By Blaze Koopa

It had been two weeks since the “El Koopa de Blaze” fiasco. Since then, Blaze hadn’t felt any happier. In fact, it was the first Christmas he had spent with anyone in years. Needless to say, Blaze was enjoying life in Koopa Kastle.

Blaze was playing a very intense game of tennis doubles, with Larry as his partner and Roy and Morton as his opponents. The rest of the Koopalings and Karma were watching. The score was 14 to 14.

“YEAH!!!” Lemmy cheered. “Go Blaze! Go Larry!”

“BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Iggy yelled. “You stink, Roy!!! Why don’t you just do something sensible… like, lose the game?!”

The other Koopalings laughed. Roy became furious. He turned to Iggy. “RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!” he growled. “Why don’t youse just shove that up your—” Roy was interrupted by the ball hitting him in the side of the head.


“YES!!!” Larry cheered. “We won!!!”

“BOO-YAH!!!” Blaze cheered. He and Larry high-fived. The other Koopalings cheered. Roy, his hand on his head, spoke angrily to Iggy.

“DIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!! IF YOUSE HAD JUST KEPT YOUR MOUTH SHUT, WE WOULDA WON!!! WHY I OUGHTA—” He was interrupted again, as Blaze threw his tennis racket at him.

“OW!!! What was DAT for?!”

“I couldn’t help it, dude,” Blaze replied. “You were gettin’ almost as annoying as Morton.”

“Not funny!” said Morton, rolling his eyes.

“WHAT’S ALL THE COMMOTION DOWN HERE?!” someone yelled. They all looked to see Bowser walking up.

“Roy’s being a sore loser, THAT’S what,” said Wendy.

“… I’m not really that surprised… Anyway, keep it down! Your mother and I could hear you all the way from the throne room!”

“In that case,” Blaze mused, “you and her must have dang good hearing…”

“Very funny, Blaze… very funny…”

Suddenly, a thought came to Larry’s head. It was a question he had wanted to ask Blaze for a long time, but somehow kept forgetting. Maybe it was best if he ask him now before he forgot again.

“Blaze?” said Larry. Blaze turned to him. “There was something I wanted to ask you a long time ago, but I never got to ask…”


“How do you know King Dad so well? I mean like… How did you two first meet?”

Everyone looked at Blaze. How DOES he know King Dad? they thought.

Blaze looked at Bowser. “Should we tell ‘em?” Blaze asked.

“Meh… Why not?” Bowser replied. The Koopalings all sat down on the tennis court. Bowser and Blaze also sat down.

“Well…” Blaze began. “This was back when I was about three…”

“And just before Ludwig was born,” said Bowser.

“Hey! Then that means Blaze is three years older than Ludwig,” Bowser Junior interrupted.

“Brilliant deduction, Einstein!” Ludwig snapped. “Now let them continue!”

“Well SORRY!!!”

“Ahem!” Blaze said. “As we were saying… I lived in the lower part of Sky Land…”

A three-year-old Blaze was hastily slurping up his dinner. His mother, a Koopa Troopa with a red shell and black hair, and father, a Koopa Troopa with a bluish-purple shell, just watched in disgust.

“Ryan! How many times have I told you?!” said his mother. “Eat your food slowly!”

Blaze stopped and looked at his mother. “Oh… Sorry, Mum,” said Blaze. “Won’t happen again.” Blaze began slurping his food again. His mother hung her head, while his father shook his. In a jiffy, Blaze was done with his meal.

“Can I go out and play now?” he asked eagerly.

“Mmmm… I guess,” said his father. “But son, your bad table manners have got to stop!”

“I try harder next time,” said Blaze. He jumped out of his chair and ran outside.

“Why is it I don’t quite believe him…?”


Blaze was outside playing with his friends and pet Chain Chomp that Blaze had named Chompster. Blaze had three friends: Ursula (a female Goomba with a bronze-colored ponytail), Chad (a Lakitu with blue shell and sunglasses), and Zack (an orange Birdo wearing a red cap). All were about the same age and lived in a small village. The four of them were a mischievous group, often pulling pranks, stealing things, and whatnot. Today, however, Blaze was about to meet a new friend.

They were snatching some fruit and vegetables from a garden belonging to one of the most ill-tempered and unfriendly people in the village. Chompster was standing guard for any trouble.

“Yuk!” said Ursula. “These tomatoes are overripe!”

“For the last time, Ursula!” said Zack. “Don’t just waste your time on the overripe ones!”

“Yeah, man!” said Chad. “Those things are fools gold!”

“ARF ARF!!!” Chompster barked from the front porch of the farmer’s house.

“OH GEEZ!!!” Blaze cried. “HE’S COMING!!!”

Chompster bounced off the front porch just as the front door burst open. An oversized Koopa who was known by many as Old Man Snapper charged at them with a pitchfork!


“EEEP!!!” cried Zack. “RUN FOR IT!!!”

The kids and Chomp ran for dear life. Snapper was so angry that he continued chasing them even though they were way out of his garden. The group spilt up, and Snapper decided to go after Blaze. Blaze jumped over a bush, and all Snapper could hear of him was “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!”

Snapper looked behind the bush, but instead of Blaze, he saw a pipe.

“Oh… Oh well,” Snapper grumbled. “I guess he’ll be out of my hair for now, but next time he won’t be so lucky!” Snapper walked away.


Blaze flew out of the pipe he had fallen in. He landed with a thud. He got back up and dusted himself off.

“Wow… What a ride,” he said to himself. “EH?! Where am I?!”

He looked all around. The terrain was completely rocky, with no grass to be seen. Smoke billowed from volcanoes in the distance. The sky was very cloudy. Blaze was a little nervous. He wasn’t so sure if moving on was a good idea. What could be lying ahead…? Then again, he wanted adventure. He wanted excitement. Maybe this was a great chance to find them. Blaze walked forward.

After walking for a few hours, he could see a huge shape ahead.

“What the crud is that?!” Blaze asked himself. Blaze walked forward. As he began to get closer he could see two figures standing near the front of it. As he got closer he could see that they were Koopas.

“I wonder if those guys know where I am…” Blaze said to himself. He called to them. Big mistake! The two Koopas looked at him. After staring at him for a few more seconds, they charged at him! Blaze froze, not so sure what to do. The Koopas grabbed him!

“What?! HEY?!” Blaze yelled. “What the crud are you doing?!”

“Hold still, you!!!” said one Koopa. They dragged Blaze over a drawbridge.

“While you dudes are draggin’ me,” said Blaze, “you could at least tell me where I am!”

“If you must know,” said one Koopa, “this is Koopa Kastle!”

 This was a little more adventure and excitement than Blaze wanted.


Blaze looked around as they entered the castle. The inside seemed bigger than the outside. Suddenly, he felt himself being bounced around as the Koopas dragged him down a flight of stairs.

“H-h-h-h-h-hey! T-t-t-t-t-t-t-take it eas-s-s-s-s-sy!” Blaze tried to say. The guards dragged him into a dungeon. They opened a cell door and tossed Blaze in.

“OOF!!!” Blaze said as he hit the floor. “Is this always how you treat your guests?!”

The Koopas ignored him and locked the cell. Then they walked away laughing.

Blaze just sat on the floor with his arms folded. “How did I get myself hooked into this?!” he said angrily.


Later, Blaze heard footsteps. Then he saw three HUGE Koopas standing outside the cell. Blaze’s jaw dropped. One of them seemed very old. He was brown with a gray shell and head, two horns on his head, and a yellow mane of hair. The Koopa to his right was orange with a green shell and a reddish-orange mane. He also had horns. The third Koopa was about the same color as the second one, the only difference being that he had blue hair.

“Now listen, you two,” said the brown one. “This is a great chance to practice on trespassers.”

“Hm?” said the one with blue hair. “He’s a kid!”

“Regardless, Traw!” said the brown one. “It’s your choice on what to do with him!”

“I know what you’re about to say,” said the blue-haired one (I guess I should call ‘im Traw now). “I gotta learn to be independent for when I take the Koopa Throne.”

“Can you hurry up and open the stupid door?!” Blaze said impatiently. “It’s cold in here!”

The large Koopas stared at him. “This guy has a bad temper…,” said the red-haired one.

“I think we noticed that, you moron!” said Traw.

“Moron?! MORON?! LET ME—”

“Bowser! Calm down!” the brown one snapped. The red-haired Koopa (or is it Bowser) growled at Traw.

“Hello?! Am I talkin’ to a brick wall here?!” Blaze yelled. “I WANT OUT!!!”

“… I’m beginning to like this kid!” said Bowser.

“I’m not surprised,” said Traw. “He sounds just like you…”

“SHUT UP!!!” Bowser had to admit… the Koopa kid did sound a bit like him.

Blaze thought for a second. Bowser sort-of had an attitude like his.

“Bowser, I don’t really care how much the kid’s attitude resembles yours. He still a—”

“Come on!” said Bowser. “This kid interests me.”

“Ooooohhh! Fine, Bowser. So much for practice…” The brown Koopa and Traw left. Bowser grabbed a key from the nearby guard and opened the cell.

“It’s about time SOMEONE opened that dang cell!” Blaze said.

Bowser looked at him. “So that’s what you decided to say instead of thank you… I like your style…”

“Oh… Really?”

“Well, hey, I’m picky with my meals usually, but this one turned out just right.”

Blaze smiled.

“What’s your name?”

“… Ryan Koopa, but my nickname is Blaze. I like Blaze a bunch better than Ryan.”

“Okay then. Blaze it is.”

“By the way, I know the dude with the blue hair’s name is Traw, but who’s the brown dude?”

“My father, and the King the of Koopas, Morton Koopa.”


Blaze had been stuck in Koopa Kastle for weeks, but he didn’t seem to care. He was feeling a huge bond between him and Bowser. During Bowser’s spare time, the two swapped stories. Bowser had even introduced Blaze to his pregnant wife, Clawdia, who, as Bowser had mentioned to Blaze, had moved in with the Koopas after she and Bowser married.

One day, Blaze was feeling hungry. He was in the kitchen fixing a sandwich. A guard suddenly came in.

“HEY YOU!!!” said a guard. “This is the royal kitchen! You can’t just come in here like that!”

“Well I DID!” Blaze retorted. “So THERE!!!” He continued fixing his sandwich, only for the guard to grab him by the shell.

“HEY!!! PUT ME DOWN, YOU BONEHEAD!!!” Blaze yelled. He suddenly kicked the guard in the shin. The guard cried in pain. Several other guards rushed in to see what the commotion was, only to find Blaze headlocking the guard.

“IS IT TOO MUCH JUST TO MAKE A SANDWICH?!” Blaze yelled.  He let go of the guard and kicked him in the stomach. The guard struggled for breath. Blaze turned to the other guards, who backed up in fear. Bowser came in.

“What just happened?” he asked.

“This guy got beaten by a three-year-old!”

“I couldn’t help it,” said Blaze. “He wouldn’t let me make a sandwich.”

“He *gack* came in here *wheeze* without permission *cough*,” said the mangled guard.

Bowser rolled his eyes. “Just let him make a sandwich. It’s no big deal. Now get outta here!”

The guards left, while one guard lifted the beaten guard onto his shoulder and carried him away. Bowser turned to Blaze.

“If you really did beat one of my guards up,” he said, “then you’re pretty tough for someone so young.”

“Yeah, I know,” Blaze smiled.


For the remainder of the time that Blaze was in the castle, the guards were a bit scared of him. How was one little Koopa kid such a hard hitter? In fact, he almost beat up an old Magikoopa, who later revealed his name to him as Kamek, but Blaze decided not to hurt him after Kamek’s magic took a little bit of his interest.

One day, a surprise came.

“KING MORTON!!!” called a guard. “WE HAVE TWO TREPASSERS!!!” Morton came to the foyer, as did Traw, Bowser, and Blaze. Blaze’s jaws dropped to the floor.

“Well well well,” said Morton. “It looks like you two will finally get to practice handling trespassers.”

“WAIT!!!” Blaze yelled. “THAT’S MY MUM AND DAD!!!”

“… How’s that?”

“You heard me! Don’t do anything to ‘em!”

Morton looked at Blaze. “Ooooohhhh! Fine, if that’s what you want…”

“RYAN!!!” Blaze’s mother cried with joy. “YOU’RE OKAY!!!”

“Mum?” Blaze sighed. “Can you please call me Blaze for once?”

“Okay, you…” said Morton to Blaze. “I guess you’re free to go…”

“Oh… Thanks… I guess…”

Morton walked away. Bowser spoke to Blaze.

“Well,” said Bowser, “I guess this is a goodbye…”

“Yeah…” said Blaze. “For an evil dude, you’re cool!”

Bowser smiled at the remark. This was too much for Traw.

“Don’t get too attracted to that kid,” said Traw. “You might never see him again…”

“SHUT UP!!!” snapped Bowser and Blaze. They looked at each other, noticing that they spoke in unison. They laughed, while Traw walked away, rolling his eyes.

“Well,” said Blaze, “I guess I should be goin’ home now… See ya around… I hope…”

Blaze waved at Bowser as he walked back to his parents. Blaze and his parents left the castle. When they arrived back in lower Sky Land, Blaze had one exciting tale to tell Ursula, Chad, Zack, and Chompster…

“Wow!” said Iggy. “What a story!”

“PAH!!!” said Roy. “IT’S ALL FAKE!!!”

“SHUT UP!!!” Blaze and Bowser yelled. They looked at each other.

“Well… There’s still sort of a resemblance in the way they handle things…” said Morton.

“You can say that again,” said Ludwig.

“Okay. There’s still—”

“Never mind!”

“THERE you all are!” said a voice. Clawdia came on to the tennis court. “Come on! Dinner’s getting cold!”

They got up and walked away to eat dinner.

The End

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