The Humongous Secret of the White Fearsome 5 (6) Yoshi

By Fearsome 5: #6

Chapter 1: Prologue

White Yoshi Kid (Narrator): I have a huge secret to say. It is a secret that mostly no one on Plit should know. Only 19 others besides me should know. It would be very dangerous for any Koopaling to know…

Lemmy: Ahem!

Narrator: … Besides Ludwig, Lemmy, and Karma.

Morton: (very quickly) Hey, what are you guys doing over here with this Yoshi? Are you telling secrets? I love secrets? I promise not to tell anyone?

(The narrator sighs, takes out a purple shell, and removes from it a device with the words “Memory Snatcher” printed on it.)

Morton: (still quickly) Oooh! Is that the secret? C’mon guys, tell me what it is! Tell me, tell me, tell me…

(The narrator presses a button and a red flash envelopes the room for 5 seconds. The narrator puts the device back in the shell and hides it.)

Morton: Wait. What’s going on?

Ludwig: Uh, you were going to recite a lingering and tedious speech with Iggy.

Morton: Thanks guys, I don’t know what-

(Ludwig slams the door in his face.)

Karma: Isn’t it a bit risky doing it here?

Narrator: Yes, but this is the only place I know where you can muffle the sound that leaves the room.

Ludwig: Excellent thought process, Son… Whoops!

Narrator: Dad, I was going to break it to them more gently than that…

Karma: Well, now they know, Son.

Narrator: Well now you know; Ludwig and Karma are my parents, even though they’re not quite married yet. This story does not follow the patterns of the timeline, because I think it is not correct. Anyway, I will be called the name of the person whose identity I am. I will be known as Narrator here to avoid confusion. Now, on with the story…

Chapter 2: Beginning

(Narrator puts on a purple shell.)

Narrator: Back then, I lookrf similar to how I am now, a white Yoshi with purple spots wearing a purple shell, but back then I was known as a Koopa. Only my mom and dad knew the truth, but we’ll get to that later. My name was Ludwig von Koopa Jr.

(Laughter is heard from behind the “soundproofed” door.)

Narrator: I was treated lovingly by Ludwig and Karma. Yes, lovingly. I played with Lemmy while Dad was working. Roy would have greatly liked to beat me up, but, you know… I didn’t like Iggy that much because he started getting into gambling. Wendy threw tantrums too much…

Lemmy: Look who’s talking!

Narrator glares at Lemmy.

Narrator: I was able to listen to Morton’s speeches for longer than anyone, but after a while, I got tired of it. Larry let me tend to one of his plants, and only one. That plant grew up to be Lava Piranha. Susan treated me even worse than she treated Karma, but I didn’t pay much mind. I thought the only reptiles were Koopas, and Karma and I just had a serious birth defect. Wart treated me fine and he wasn’t so bad, and so did Grandma Clawdia. But Grandpa Bowser, I always got a weird vibe from him and I think he got the same from me. Anyway, on to the story. This was a little bit before Paper Mario started…

Cut to same room at the indicated time.

Ludwig Jr: Dad! I’m going off to tend to my plant!

Ludwig: Previously, I feared that it was going to voraciously devour you. But now I realize that I was mistaken. Go do it.

Ludwig Jr. runs off to see the plant. He goes into a huge room and sees Lava Piranha, not the size we know him by, but a little smaller. It is beginning to grow Lava Buds, and is not yet known by the same name we know him by now.)

Ludwig Jr: Hey, Little Piranha.

Little Piranha: Hey, Ludwig Jr. I’m starting to grow some buds.

Ludwig Jr: So, I see you survived the “Lava Incident” .

Little Piranha: Survived it? I’m thriving in it. That’s how I got these little buds. It’s because of the accident that your grandpa is going to make me guardian of one of the Star Spirits.

Ludwig Jr: Yeah, aren’t he and Kammy getting them now?

Little Piranha: Yes they are. Hey! By the way, look at a new trick I learned!

He speews fire, and some of it accidentally hits Ludwig Jr.

Little Piranha: Sorry!

Ludwig Jr. runs out of room screaming.

Ludwig Jr: Aaaugh! Stop, drop, and roll! Stop, drop, and roll!

He does this and bumps into an icy figure, knocking him over.

Crystal King: Do you know what you’ve done?! If you were not Ludwig’s son, I would freeze you right now!

Ludwig Jr: I am so sorry! I’ll make it up to you later! I’ll… Hey, what’s that?

Ludwig Jr. points at 3 clumps of ice that fell off of the Crystal King. They begin to float up over the Crystal King.

Crystal King: What is this? Oh my dear boy, thank you!

Ludwig Jr: For what?

Crystal King: For showing me these. I think I’ll call them Crystal Bits. Now I’ve got a question of opinion for you.

Ludwig Jr: Ask away.

Crystal King: I’m trying to decide on a final puzzle for Mario to deal with before he battles me. What do you think it should be?

Ludwig Jr: Try having a set of Albino Dinos on one side of an area and statues that correspond to them, and you have to push the statues onto pressure plates to get through.

Crystal King: That’s a great idea. I’ll present the idea to Bowser.

Karma: Oh! Ludwig Jr, we’ve been looking for you! It is time!

Ludwig Jr: Oh! Grandpa got the Star Rod, didn’t he?

Karma: Yes, but since he doesn’t want us to “interfere” this time, all the Koopalings and the two of us re going to be near the engine room.

Ludwig Jr: Aw, Koopa!

Karma: So we need to get our stuff and go.

Ludwig: But first, I need to give Junior his lesson in Basic Algebra.

Ludwig Jr: Dad, can’t we move on to Advanced yet?!

Ludwig: You don’t know the basics yet!

Ludwig Jr: What are we going over today?

Ludwig: y=mx+b

Ludwig Jr: Yay!

They dash off. Lemmy rolls over on his ball.

Karma: Think Bowser will ever find out, Lemmy?

Lemmy: You worry too much! The plan is nearly flawless!

Karma: Nearly?!

Lemmy: The only way the plan could fail would be if Ludwig Jr. met a Yoshi and discovered the truth. What are the chances of that happening?!

Red Yoshi Kid runs in through the back door, which was left unlocked, and pops Lemmy’s ball with a spear.

Lemmy: Aaaaugh!

Red Yoshi Kid: Prepare to be defeated by the power of Red of the Fearsome 5!

Lemmy: Well, what do you know? A Yoshi!

Karma: How’s your nearly flawless plan now?

Lemmy: It has been mostly dashed to pieces, but my pride is still intact.

Red runs quickly past Lemmy, knocking him down because he is not used to walking. Karma licks up Red and turns him into an egg.

Lemmy: And now it is not.

Red: (muffled) Let me outta here!

Karma: I’ll take this to the new castle’s dungeon while you find yourself another ball.

Lemmy: Ugh!

Giggling is heard as we cut back to the present time.

Lemmy: Hey! I thought you said you would leave that part out!

Karma: You told him to tell the story with no inhibitions!

Lemmy: Touché.

Chapter 3: Kidnapping

Writer: Just so you know, all translations of other languages will be given in literal form, so-

Narrator: Hey, I’m the one narrating this story.

Writer: All right, I’ll keep quiet… for now.

Narrator: Good!

Lemmy; Who are you talking to?

Narrator: A certain person I share a special link with.

Ludwig: Oh! Are you speaking of your-

Narrator: Be quiet. We’re not that far in the story yet!

Karma: Let’s move on then!

Narrator: Nächst wir… (Next we-)

Ludwig: Warum sprechst du Deutsch? (Why speak you German?)

Narrator: Ich weiss nicht. (I know not.)

Ludwig: Ich weiss nicht auch. (I know not also.)


Larry: Quiet or they’ll hear you!

Karma looks out the window; she sees Larry and Morton in all-black suits attempting to scale the wall with grappling hooks.

Karma: What are you two doing?!

Larry: Spying on you.

Karma: Well, you caught me. Kooky and I are planning for our wedding ceremony, and I want to ask you what kind of plants and what flavor of cake you think we should have.

Larry and Morton: Ok!

Karma: Kooky! Piano! Now!

Ludwig: Ok, which composition created by me would you like your eardrums to vibrate to?

Karma: I mean give me the piano!

Ludwig: Ok, I will give you possession of the piano!

Ludwig drags the piano over to Karma.

Ludwig: Now, I will teach you how to play the piano.

Karma drops the piano out the window, right onto Larry and Morton.

Larry and Morton: AAAAA!

The piano falls with them and crashes loudly.

Ludwig: KARMA! Do you know how many coins that piano cost?

Karma: The secret is worth more!

Ludwig: Oh.

Peach, holding Red, floats through the window on her umbrella.

Peach: Hey, sorry we’re late.

Red: The others are on the way.

Peach: Did we miss anything?

Narrator: Just the first two chapters.

Red: Oh, well, continue then.

Narrator: We had gotten settled in, and Dad was putting a few finishing touches on the engine.

Cut to that scene.

Ludwig: There! We’re ready to go!

Ludwig Jr: Uh, Dad. The part you just put in is redundant. And you need to make a couple changes there, there, there, way over there, oh wait, and there!

Ludwig Jr. makes the changes.

Ludwig Jr: Now we’re ready to go.

Ludwig: (slightly jealous, slightly shocked) This is right! How did you know that?!

Ludwig Jr: I’ve been taking apart your failed inventions and reassembling them so they work.

Ludwig starts the engine, you know what happens. If you don’t, play Paper Mario and find out! Cut to the low castle prison.

Red: Free from that egg prison, but trapped in another.

Lemmy and Karma enter the dungeon.

Karma: (sarcastically) Are you enjoying your stay?

Red: You! You’re that shell-wearing Yoshi that kidnapped me!

Lemmy: She is actually a Yoshi-Koopa hybrid.

Red: Ok, freak!

Karma: (enraged) WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME?!

Karma beats up Red.

Red: Ow! Does she normally do that upon being called a freak?

Lemmy: Yes, same thing if you call her weak or chubby.

Karma: I was originally thinking of letting you out sooner. Now, you’re going to have to wait longer!

Red: ‘Til when?

Karma: When I feel like it.

Karma and Lemmy leave and Red begins to cry. Back in the present…

Red: Hey! I told you to leave that part out!

Narrator: Too bad!

The scene resumes. Cut to the room where Bowser battles Mario. Bowser has just won.

Peach: Oh no! Mario, get up!

Bowser: Yes! Oh, yeah! I did it! I finally did it! I beat my old rival Mario! Yes!

Kammy Koopa: Congratulations on your victory, Your Viciousness! That’s why you’re the king!

Bowser: As long as I hold this Star Rod, everything I wish will come true! No one can stop me now! Well, well, well… I guess I’d better get rid of Mario. He’s no good to anyone now, that’s for sure.

Bowser hits Mario with lightning and he flies out the window. Peach runs over to it.

Peach: Oh no! Mario!

Ludwig Jr: Yay! King Grandpa defeated Mario! But still… it doesn’t seem like a victory.

Koopatrol: Hey! You! Ludwig Jr!

Ludwig Jr: Yeah?

Koopatrol: Your parents say it’s time for bed. Get going!

Ludwig Jr: Aw, Koopa!

Nothing of importance happened until Chapter 1 of Paper Mario began, so I’ll skip up to that point.

Chapter 4: Conversation

Writer: Now, after a while, Ludwig Jr. wanted to see what Princess Peach was like, so after a while, around the time Mario started Chapter 1, he-

Narrator: Hey! I told you not to narrate this story! I’m the narrator! I’m on Plit and you’re on Earth!

Writer: All right.

Narrator: Now, I was on my way to Peach’s room…

Cut to Peach’s room. Peach and Twink are playing Checkers. Twink makes several jumps and gets rid of all but a few of her pieces.

Twink: King me!

Peach growls at Twink. Then they hear the sound of the door opening.

Twink: Aaaaa! Hide!

Twink does so.

Ludwig Jr: Hey there, Princess Peach.

Peach: Aaaugh! Another of Bowser’s goons… Wait, you’re just a Yoshi Kid with a purple shell. What are you doing in Bowser’s army?

Ludwig Jr: WHAAAT?! I am a Koopa, and the son of Ludwig von Koopa!

Peach: Oh, you mean that insane Koopaling?

Ludwig Jr: Insane?! How dare you talk about Dad that way? You are a very rude woman! You must pay!

Twink: I will protect you, Princess!

Ludwig Jr: So, you’re not hiding anymore.

Twink: Yes, how’d you know I was hiding?

Ludwig Jr: It was a bit obvious.

Writer: There is silence.

Narrator: Hey!

Twink: I will defeat you!

RPG Battle
Ludwig Jr. 5 HP
Twink 5 HP

Twink uses Dash, 0 damage

Ludwig Jr. uses Shell Toss, 0 damage

This continues on until they both faint from exhaustion.
Battle Ended

Ludwig Jr. gets up.

Peach: I would ask you to get out now, but something’s telling me not to.

Ludwig Jr: Do you desire to converse?

Peach: All right, let’s talk.

Writer: My Yoshi counterpart will now skip to the ending of the conversation.

Narrator: My Human counterpart will now keep his mouth shut.

Writer: Fine

The conversation ends. Twink gets up.

Twink: Hey, you, acram! Leave the princess alone!

Ludwig Jr: Aaaaaugh!

Peach: Did you have to do that, Twink?

Twink: Yes.

Peach chases Twink around the room with a frying pan.

Chapter 5: Discovery

Narrator: Around then, my whole life went downhill…

Back in the present, a phone rings. Peach picks up the phone.

Peach: Hello.

Lava Piranha: Hey, could you put me on speaker?

Crystal King: I’m here too.

Peach puts the phone on speaker.

Lava Piranha: We’re here.

Crystal King: How far are you in the story?

Peach: Hold on, we need to make sure the phone isn’t-

A phone tapping noise is heard.

Peach: -tapped.

RYK (Red): Aw, Yoshi! You jinxed it!

Ludwig: Do it.

Everybody covers their ears and Narrator emits a bloodcurdling scream. It disables the wiretap.

Ludwig: Wendy’s tantrums have nothing on that scream.

???: Hey!

No one hears that except the Writer.

Writer: If you don’t know who that is by now, I will be very shocked.

Narrator: Hey, get out of here! Anyway, I was going down to the dungeons for conversing with Peach.

Cut back in time to the dungeons.

Ludwig Jr: Mom, I have just one question before I serve my one hour term.

Karma: What is it?

Ludwig Jr: What’s a “Yoshi”?

Karma: Er, it’s a term used to describe Koopas with our birth defect.

Ludwig Jr: Oh.

Narrator: I will skip to the part when I am in the same cage as RYK.

Ludwig Jr: Hey, you’re a Yoshi too, huh?

RYK: Yep. Are you that half-Yoshi, half-Koopa’s son or something?

Ludwig Jr: Huh?

Writer: This part is boring and this chapter has a lot more in it, so we will skip this part.

Narrator: Ruhig sein! (Quiet be!)

Writer: All right.

Narrator: I came up from the dungeon with an angry look on my face, and immediately confronted them.

Ludwig Jr: You lied to me, didn’t you?

Ludwig: What is this you converse of?

Ludwig Jr: I’m not really a Koopa with a birth defect, am I? I’m a hybrid Koopa/Yoshi aren’t I?

Lemmy rolls on over.

Lemmy: (angrily) What’s going on?

Ludwig: We need to tell Jr. the truth.

Lemmy: All right. I’m coming in.

Lemmy falls off his ball onto his rear end.

Ludwig Jr: Ow! Hey, why did that hurt me?

Ludwig: I’ll get to that later. Now, you are not really a Koopa or a Yoshikoopa, you are completely a Yoshi. You are not biologically our child. I will tell you the story.


Ludwig and Karma are alone in Ludwig’s room. Ludwig is sitting in a seat connected to a machine.

Ludwig: Koopa, am I tired.

Karma: Here’s the last one.

Karma is carrying a young, sleeping Human.

Ludwig: Strap him in, then let’s get to bed.

Karma: All right, poofball.

Karma straps him in. Ludwig activates the machine.

Ludwig: Soon, we will have another member for the Koopa Troop by cloning it from his DNA and changing the species.

The boy disappears back to where he came from and, unexpectedly, a Yoshi egg comes out of the machine.

Ludwig and Karma: Huh?

The Yoshi egg hatches, and a white Yoshi with no spots pops out.

Yoshling: Mutter! Vater! (Mother! Father!)

Karma: What did it say?

Ludwig: (surprised) He thinks we’re his parents!

Karma: What?! Aww, that’s sooo cute. How about we keep him and say he’s ours?

Ludwig: Karma! You heard King Dad’s orders! If the machine messes up, we are to destroy the clone immediately. We did it the last five times without a thought!

Karma: But this one’s special.

Ludwig: Give me one good reason why we should do it!

The Yoshiling grabs a peace of paper and writes on it 132+62=194, 11-34=-23, 12x4=48, 56/7=8.

Ludwig: That’s a great reason! He stays!

Lemmy rolls on in with his magic wand.

Lemmy: *yawn…* Guys, do you know what time it is? Woah, why are you holding that Yoshi who is holding mathematic equations?

Karma: Um…

Larry: What’s going on in there?

Ludwig quickly explains to Lemmy.

Lemmy: You want to get in trouble, it’s not my problem!

Ludwig quickly takes Lemmy’s wand and something happens.

Larry: What’s going on?

(The Yoshiling now has a purple shell.

Ludwig: Um, we now have a new addition to the family. Isn’t that right, Lemmy?

Lemmy: Um, yeah! His name is Ludwig Jr.

Ludwig Jr: Spiel! (Play!)

Larry: What was that?

Ludwig: He said “Play!”

Larry: Oh. Well he looks a lot like Karma. I feel sorry for him.

Karma: (Coverstory now. Maul Larry later.)

Larry: Well, I’m not that happy it happened. But I wish you luck, Ludwig. Not you, Yoshi.

Karma: Grrr.

Larry: Well, I’ll tell everyone later. I’m going to bed for now.

He does so.

Karma: May I set a lethal trap for Larry?

Ludwig: You do what you want. We will all meet back in my room when the baby wakes up to discuss our secret.

At 7:00 in the morning…

Ludwig Jr: Waaaaaaaaaaaa!

Karma: We’re here! We’re here!

Lemmy: I feel ignored! Pay attention to me, guys!

Ludwig: Why do you feel ignored? Hmmm. Let me try to experiment.

Ludwig picks up Ludwig Jr. and begins to play with him.

Lemmy: Now I feel very happy!

Ludwig punches Lemmy.

Lemmy: Ow!

Ludwig Jr: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Karma comforts Ludwig Jr.

Ludwig: Karma, I need to do something. Go get baby supplies from the store while I get Kamek up here!

Karma: Why should I do the shopping?

Ludwig: I know Kamek better than you.

Karma: Oh.

Lemmy: What do I do?

Ludwig: Take care of the baby. Don’t drop it. If I’m right, it could be the end of your game.


Ludwig: I’ve got Kamek.

Karma: I’ve got the supplies.

Kamek: Prince Ludwig, what do you want me to do?

Ludwig: You know how you checked for a Metbond between me and Karma?

Kamek: Yes.

Ludwig: I want you to check Ludwig Jr. and Lemmy for one.

Kamek: But Prince, that’s impossible!

Ludwig: Then how do you explain this?!

Ludwig tickles Ludwig Jr, he and Lemmy giggle.

Kamek: All right, I’ll check.

Later again…

Kamek: These two have a connection. I isn’t exactly a Metbond, but it’s similar to one.

Lemmy: What?!

Kamek: Yes, it is artificially created by many random factors, but like a Metbond it cannot be undone. It is like yours where feelings and pain are shared. Nothing else.

Kamek leaves.

Karma: Well, Lemmy, are you with us now?

Lemmy: All right. We’ll keep the secret from everyone. Even him…

Chapter 6: Betrayal

Back at the time of Paper Mario…

Ludwig Jr: Why didn’t you tell me?!

Lemmy: You might blab.

Ludwig Jr: Well, I’m hurt now that you couldn’t trust your “own” kid!

He storms off. Cut to the dungeon.

Koopatrol: Do you need to go to the dungeon again?

Ludwig Jr. emits the stunning scream. It stuns the Koopatrol and breaks the bars off RYK’s cell.

RYK: Wha-

Ludwig Jr: Come on, we’re breaking out!

RYK: Um, ok.


Ludwig Jr: Peach! We need to know where the next Star Spirit is being held.

Peach: It used to be held in Tubba Blubba’s Castle.

RYK: Great, Thanks!

They dash off.

Peach: But…


Ludwig Jr: Well, we’re at Tubba Blubba’s Castle.

RYK: Look how large it is.

Ludwig, Karma, and Lemmy show up seemingly out of nowhere.

Ludwig, Karma, and Lemmy: Don’t do it, Ludwig Jr!

Ludwig Jr: Why should I listen to you when you kept that huge secret from me?

Lemmy: I know you’re angry, but-

Ludwig Jr: Of course you know I’m angry.

Ludwig: Look, will you accept our apology and come back to our side if we help with this?

Ludwig Jr: Neutral.

Ludwig: Fine. I’ve got an idea, but it will require three boys and two girls.

Lemmy: We’ve got four boys and a girl.

Everyone gives Lemmy mischievous looks. He figures out why because of his Link to Ludwig Jr.

Lemmy: Oh no, not that, guys! Anything but that!


Writer: These gaps are getting annoying, aren’t they?

Lemmy: I can’t believe you had me be that witch puppet.

Ludwig: It’s called “Die Hexe (The Witch)”, Lemmy.

Karma: Tubba Blubba sure had an angry look on his face when he found out it was a distraction.

Ludwig Jr: He didn’t even understand the plot!

Bowser comes in with an angry look on his face. Ludwig Jr. and Lemmy shudder.

Bowser: I heard about this! You! Red Yoshi Kid! Get back to the dungeon! Ludwig Jr, there’s no help for you now, your game will be ended!

A look of fear sweeps over the group’s faces.

Bowser: Ludwig! I will spare your and Karma’s life if you end your traitorous son’s game.

Ludwig: No, Bowser!

Bowser: How dare you call me that?! Go to the dungeons, the four of you!

Lemmy: Four? What about me?

Bowser: Lemmy, you are going to rule in my place.

Lemmy looks nervous, but Ludwig gives him a nod.

Lemmy: Ok, uh… King Dad.

Bowser: Now, you’re going to have to learn how to make decisions…

To Be Continued...

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