The Killing Game

By Anti Dude

20 people are forced to stay in a large manison for a prize. Last one alive wins.

"Mail Call!"

Those were the words first heard on what would soon be the worst time of anyone's life. 20 people heard those words. 20 people's time had come. They were about to have one of the most dangerous time of their lives.

They just didn't know it yet.


"Toad, will you please get the mail?" shouted Peach from across the hall in her pajamas.

"Let's see," Toad started. "Bill, bill, bill, Fungi of the Month Club, bill- Huh?"

"What is it?" asked Peach curiously.

"I don't know, there isn't a name or return address, just a drawing of some sort of triangle with an eye in it. Should I read it?" questioned Toad.

"Please do."

"Ahem. [i]Hello, Princess Peach Toadstool! You are invited to be a contestant on a fantastic new game! Rules will be explained at the playing field. The complete list of people coming are:

Diddy Kong
Dry Bones
Anti Dude
Bandy Andy
Shrooboid Brat

Please be waiting in front of your house at 12:00 noon on Thursday. We will see you there![/"

Peach looked confused. "Are you sure there's no name?"

Toad nodded his head. "Should we go?"

Peach pondered this for a second, and then gave here answer.

"Okay, why not?"

Evenually, Thursday came. Peach and Toad were waiting on the castle's front stoop when a limo with no windows pulled up. There was a triangle with an eye on the door.

"Toad, I think that's us." They walked into the limo, which was very bright even though there were no lights. Everyone else was already there. "Um, hello," Peach tried to make consevation with Bandy Andy.

"Yeah, hi." He turned around to do something else when a voice came over the intercom.

"We have arrived at our desinaion. Please exit the limo."

Everyone scrambled out of the limo. In the foyer. there was a click sound and all windows were locked. "Hello, directions! I don't got all day. I have a ping-pong match at 4:00!" shouted Anti Dude.

"I'm sorry, but you will miss your ping-pong match," said the same voice from the limo. "The rules are simple. You all get a room, fully furnished, and one weapon. You may not enter other people's rooms. The last one alive wins. Go." There was a gunshot sound and it starting raining, as if on cue.

Dimentio said, "Weapons? I don't need weapons! Let me show you a little place called Dimension D." He tried to go to his dimension with no avail. "I shall figure out a way! He floated upstairs to find his room.

Anti Dude tried his cell phone, which was "busy".

Waluigi walked into his room and fund three Bob-ombs. He was getting a snack from the mini-fridge when Doopliss saw the open door to his room. He took out his weapon, a large board of wood, and threw it at him. Waluigi was knocked unconscious. Doopliss smiled and tiptoed away.

The Contestants soon found a large dining room where they were supposed to eat, and a television that only played the stats of everyone and showed who was dead.

DK was sitting in his room when there was a knock on the door. DK opened it slowly and found Dimentio.

"Hello, old chum. I happen to know Yoshi's plan to kill you. You see, he is planning to crawl through the airducts over your room with a nail gun. If you crawl through his air duct ten minutes before he does you can kill him! Whadaya say?"

DK nodded his head. Dimentio left and knocked on Yoshi's door. "Yes?"

"Why hello,Yoshi! I happen to know that DK is going to crawl above the airducts soon and try to kill you! If you do this ten minutes before him, you'll stay alive!"

Yoshi pondered this and nodded his head.

"Perfect..." he whispered. He put up a wall in the middle of the quickest way to each other's rooms through the vents. He then loosened the the screws in the vents and waited.


"Help me!!!" Yoshi cried, trapped in the vents. They were too small to crawl backwards, and a stange, metal wall was blocking him from going any further. "HHHHHEEEEEEEEELLLLLPPPPPPPPPPP!!!" he screamed.

Then he heard a noise from the other side of the vent. It sounded like... DK! There was surely too much weight in the vents now!

"Hruh?" DK wimpered. The vent shook a little and there was a crash. Yoshi and DK lay on the ground, lifeless and dead.


The contestants all sat down for breakfast.

"What is this? Uck!" asked Wario.

"It's oatmeal- I made it myself!" answered Diddy.

"Diddy, oatmeal does not need to be chiseled out of the bowl," responded Daisy.

"And it doesn't stick to the fork, either," said Dry Bones, with a large piece of glop on his hands. And the fork. And the bowl. And the chair.

Bowser, tired of having to get the oatmeal out of the bowl, went to the kitchen to make strawberry-banana waffles. While searching for flour, he spied a jar of a strange, white liquid. The label had only a triangle with an eye in the center. "What a cliche! A bottle of poison that I'm supposed to mistake for flour? Yeah, right." Bowser pondered this for a second.

"Maybe Mario wants strawberry-banana waffles."


"Mario, I got you some waffles!" shouted Bowser happily.

Mario looked at them suspiciously. "Let's see you try some first," said Mario. Bowser immediately panicked.

"You see, ummm, you don't want Koopa germs on your waffles, do you? Uhhhh, heh heh," replied Bowser.

Mario handed him a fork and knif. "No germs," he said.

"Ummmm, I don't like waffles. Yeah, that's it." Mario was not buying this.

"Bowser, I know you put something in this," said Mario sternly. He knocked over the waffles, spilling them in Dry Bones's oatmeal.

He took a bite of it slowly, not observing Mario and Bowser. A spark flew out of him. Then another. More and more rapidly, they seemed to shoot out of him. "He's gonna blow!" yelled Luigi. People ran, knocking over tables and chairs. They started to build forts. They ran out of the room. Now flames were shooting out of him. They got larger and larger until...

BOOM! He was completely covered in flames. Oh yeah, his head was off, too. "Douse him with water!" someone shouted. Bandy Andy ran off. He came back and sprayed water all over him. Dry Bones, minus his head, turned into a pile of soot.

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