Commander Shroob's Revenge

By Blade Guy

Prologue: The Evil Plot

One night on the planet called Planet Shroob, Commander Shroob was training his Shroobs.

Commander Shroob: Come on, you worthless Shroobs! You call those sit-ups? ... I need a break.

Commander Shroob went to get some coffee.

Commander Shroob: If only those Koopas, Lemmy and Iggy, hadn't interfered with my plans to takeover the Mushroom Kingdom, my plan would've been a success. If only I had some help from the bosses in all the other galaxies. Wait a second,.. Other galaxies, that's it! I will kidnap some bosses from other galaxies! It's brilliant!

After everybody went to bed, Commander Shroob took the Shroob spaceship to go to other galaxies and kidnap other bosses.

???????: Come on, you Magikoopas, work on those new spells I taught you.

Then Commander Shroob entered the new galaxy and spotted the first boss to kidnap.

Commander Shroob: Right now I am at a galaxy called Spell Casting Galaxy.

Then Commander Shroob spotted the most dangerous wizard Koopa around the galaxy, Kamella.

Commander Shroob: Hello Kamella, I'm Commander Shroob, I control the Shroob army. What can you do?

Kamella: I can cast dangerous spells, disappear and reappear, fly, and team up with any villain I want.

Commander Shroob: Kamella, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

After he kidnapped Kamella he also kidnapped something called a Dino Piranha, and after that a lava octopus called King Kaliente. Then after Commander Shroob kidnapped them all he took them back to Planet Shroob and told them all his plan and about the Koopalings and how to get rid of them permanently...

Chapter 1: The Spaceship

One day in Ludwig's lab, Ludwig was working on his new spaceship to travel to different galaxies and so on.

Ludwig: With my new spaceship, me and my siblings can travel to different galaxies.

Then Lemmy and Iggy came running in very scared.

Lemmy: Ludwig, you have to see this.

Iggy: Yeah, Commander Shroob is plotting his revenge on us, and he found some new friends.

Ludwig: Wait, how do you know about this?

Iggy: Well when you guys were shroobalings, me and Lemmy seceretly put on a little video chip on Princess Shroob, but I guess she found out about it and thought it was part of a neckless she had, and she must've put it were Commander Shroob is having his meeting.

Ludwig: Well maybe we can stop the plan by invading the planet they are on.

Lemmy: Yeah, we can also tell the others to see if the can help us.

So then Lemmy, Iggy, and Ludwig told the others, and they all agred.

Ludwig: Okay, we are going on a dangerous mission, and we might not come back. So I just want you to know that this is not going to be easy.

They all got in the spaceship and traveld to the Shroob Planet. Commander Shroob noticed them on his radar.

Commander Shroob: NO! Those stupid Koopas are coming to Planet Shroob right now!

Kamella: Don't worry, I will take care of them.

Then she disappeared.

Larry: Wow, this is a cool spaceship, Ludwig. What do you call it?

Ludwig: I call it the Shroob Destroyer.

Larry: Why did you call it that?

Ludwig: I called it the Shroob Destroyer because-

Lemmy: Uh, Ludwig, you might want to come see this on the radar.

Ludwig: What is that?

Lemmy: I don't know, but it has a lot of strong energy.

Then they heard a BANG from the back of the Shroob Destroyer.

Roy: What was that?

Larry: I'll check it out.

Larry then looked out the back window but saw nothing.

Larry: I don't see anything.

Iggy: Maybe that thing blasted us.

Everyone looked and saw that Iggy was pointing at Kamella.

Kamella: Hahahahahahahahahahaha! You think that you can get to Planet Shroob so easily? Too bad that won't be happening! My magic spell will blast you seven to different planets and you will never see each other again after you die of thirst and hunger. So goodbye, forever!

Then she blasted the spell and all the Koopalings got blasted far away from each other, or so she thought.

Ludwig woke up and saw all of his siblings.

Ludwig: Guys, wake up.

Then they all woke up.

Lemmy: Hey, we're not split apart from each other.

Larry: Not everyone is here, Iggy isn't.

After that sentence, Lemmy was depressed.

Chapter 2: The Shadow Challenge

Lemmy: Iggy isn't here.

Roy: Well that is one less Koopaling we have to deal with.

Larry: Yeah, that is true.

Wendy: I agree with Larry.

Morton: I agree with both of them.

Ludwig: Well I don't. Come on guys, Iggy is Lemmy's twin brother, how can we just let Iggy die out there? He was always there when we were in trouble, I think we should return the favor. Who's with me?

Lemmy: I agree with Ludwig, let's find Iggy.

Larry: Okay.

Wendy: Whatever.

Morton: Sure.

Roy: Great, Iggy will still be with us.

Ludwig: Okay, my radar says he is on this planet, but on the other side of the planet.

Lemmy: Well then we'd better get moving.

So the Koopalings went on the hunt to find Iggy, but then something went wrong.

Lemmy: Ludwig, what does the radar say?

Ludwig: I can't get a reading anymore, it's gone out of control.

?????: Yhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Then they saw a dark aura, and then they saw it transform into Iggy.

Lemmy: Ludwig, is that really Iggy?

Ludwig: No it's not, because he is the cause of my radar going out of control.

Larry: Who are you?

?????: I am a shadow form of your brother Iggy.

Roy: Unless you move, I am going to beat you up so hard it won't be funny.

Shadow Iggy: You can't lay a finger on me because I can turn invisible and disappear and reappear.

Lemmy: How can we get past you then?

Shadow Iggy: The first one to your real brother wins. But if I win, you will be stuck here forever.

Lemmy: But if we win, you will leave this planet and stop blocking the path for people.

Shadow Iggy: Deal. See you later- O wait, no I won't, because I'm going to win!

Then he disappeared.

Wendy: How are we going to get to Iggy first? We don't have any thing to ride.

Lemmy: I've got it. I will try to balance you all on my hands, and we can roll on my ball to Iggy.

Ludwig: I think that might work.

So everyone went with Lemmy's plan.

Lemmy: Is everyone ready?

Everyone but Lemmy: Yeah.

So then Lemmy started rolling really fast.

Wendy: Hey, it's working, it's really working!

Larry: I think I see him in the trees.

Larry was right. They had caught up to him, and were now trying to take the lead.

Shadow Iggy: Hey, how did you catch up to me so fast?

Lemmy: By rolling on my ball really fast.

They were neck and neck, and almost to the finish line.

Ludwig: Come on, Lemmy, roll faster.

Lemmy: I'm trying...

They were 20 feet from the finish line and Shadow Iggy was a few inches ahead.

Shadow Iggy: It looks like the winner is...

Lemmy: Us!

Shadow Iggy: WHAT?

Then the Koopalings went past the finish line before Shadow Iggy, thanks to Ludwig having some rocket bosters.

Larry: It looks like we win and you lose.


Then Shadow Iggy disappears in a dark aura.

Lemmy: Since that's over, we have to find Iggy.

Ludwig: I thought that he would be at the finish line.

Larry: Well we'd better get going again.

So then they went to search for Iggy again. Now Ludwig had a reading on his location.

Ludwig: Guys, my radar says Iggy is over this hill.

So they ran over the hill to get Iggy, but insted got caught by some Koopa guards.

Koopa Guard 1: The king will want to see you.

Koopa Guard 2: Yeah, you will be in a lot of trouble.

They were taken to the king, only to find out that Iggy was their king.

Lemmy: IGGY!

Iggy: LEMMY!

Koopa Guard 1: You know them?

Iggy: Yeah, they're my siblings.

Koopa Guard 2: So then you're not really the king, but are friends with them?

Iggy: Yeah.


Iggy: RUN!

All the Koopalings made it out of there alive. After that happened, Iggy told Lemmy and the others what happened to him, and Lemmy told Iggy what had happened to him and the others. Then they tried to figure out how to get to Planet Shroob.

Chapter 3: King Kaiente vs. Ludwig von Koopa

After the Koopalings got away from the Koopa guards, they tried to fix the Shroob Destroyer.

Morton: How's it coming, Ludwig?

Ludwig: No good. Kamella's powerful magic spell really destroyed the engine.

Wendy: Hey Ludwig, can you fix an airship?

Ludwig: Yeah, a lot easier than this. Why do you ask?

Wendy: Well, I think I found a deserted airship right over there.

Wendy was right. She had found an airship that was deserted.

Ludwig: I can fix this up in a flash.

And he was right, he fixed it up in about 2 minutes and they were ready to go.

Ludwig: This new airship that I built has fully upgraded cannons, rocket bosters for quick getaways, rocket launchers for blasting people with rockets, and other things I put in there for battle. Now let's get to Planet Shroob.

Everyone but Ludwig: YEAH!

So now that the Koopalings were up in space again, they were back on the move. Commander Shroob was aware of this too.

Commander Shroob: DRAT! Those stupid Koopalings are still on their way here. (I thought that Kamella blasted them apart.) But they will have to get past King Kaliente if they want to get to Planet Shroob.

So then Commander Shroob told King Kaliente what to do when the Koopalings got to King Kaliente's planet.

Ludwig: Lemmy, what does the radar say?

Lemmy: There are no enemies in sight, and we're almost out of fuel. We're also coming up on a planet.

Ludwig: Good, we can get some fuel there.

After they landed, they found out that the fuel for their airship was lava. But little did they know that to get the lava they needed, they had to beat King Kaliente.

Ludwig: Okay guys, were looking for lava, so scout the area.

When they were looking for lava, Wendy found a lava pit that was bubbling.

Larry: There as to be lava here some-


Larry: That sounds like Wendy.

Larry went where he heard the scream, and when he got there found all the others, who had also gathered around Wendy.

Larry: Did you hear that?

Lemmy: Yeah, who wouldn't hear Wendy scream?

Iggy: Lemmy is right, she screams so loud that...

Larry: What, Iggy?

Iggy: Giant tenticle.

Iggy was right, there was a giant tenticle right behind Larry, and it grabbed Larry, Morton, Roy, Iggy, and Lemmy.

Ludwig: Don't worry, guys, I'll get the airship.

Ludwig ran to get the airship, onky to find that the giant tenticle belonged to King Kaliente.

Ludwig: What do you want with my brothers and sister?

King Kaliente: It's not what I want, it's what Commander Shroob wants.

Ludwig: I had a feeling he was behind this.

King Kaliente: If you want them back, we will have to battle.

Ludwig: Fine by me.

Then a raging battle began. King Kaliente shot fireballs and Ludwig shot rockets and Bob-ombs. Then Ludwig saw that he was using his tenticles to defend himself. He had no choice but to attack the tenticles with his captured siblings inside them. Ludwig then switched tactics and started shooting electricity at the tenticles, hoping that the lava would be a good conducter, like water. It worked, but Ludwig was worried about hurting his siblings. Then he saw King Kaliente's one tenticle was freezing up. He knew right at that moment that Lemmy had put that up for protection from the airship's electricity. Then Ludwig kept firing away and Lemmy kept using his wand to make ice for protection. Then after a few more hits, King Kaliente was down and out, and all the other Koopalings were free.

Lemmy: You did it, Ludwig!

Iggy: Yeah, when did you install electricity?

Ludwig: I put it in when you were looking for lava.

Larry: I think we should get some lava and get out of here.

The Koopalings got the lava, flew off the planet, and headed to the next planet.

Chapter 4: The Wrath of Bouldergeist

The Koopalings were getting tired of traveling, so they landed on a planet to take a break. But little did they know that they'd landed on a haunted planet where there lived a boulder ghost called Bouldergeist.

Lemmy: This planet is scary, Ludwig. Maybe we should go somewhere else.

Ludwig: Don't be silly, Lemmy, I did research and this planet is safe.

Iggy: Not what I have, my research says that there is something somewhere in the house, and it is pretty powerful.

Larry: I think that we should investigate and split up into teams.

Roy: Okay, I like that.

Morton: Me too.

Wendy: Let's do it.

Ludwig: Okay, here are the teams. Larry, Morton, Roy, and Wendy, you search the top half of the house. Me, Lemmy, and Iggy will search the bottom part of the house.

So then the Koopalings split up into their teams and searched the house.

Lemmy: Okay Ludwig, there is nothing here in the basement, and me and Iggy are getting out of here.

Ludwig: Maybe we shouldn't.

Iggy: Why?

Ludwig: Because I found a platform with someone on it.

Lemmy: WHAT?!

Ludwig: Yes, yes I did.

Lemmy: Then let's go check it out.

So then Ludwig, Lemmy, and Iggy went to find all the others to search the platform Ludwig found.

Roy: Well here we are.

Larry: So what did you see, Ludwig?

Ludwig: I thought I saw something. I guess it was my imagination.

Then they heard a weird noise. Then they saw they floor cracking.

Morton: RUN!!!

All the Koopalings started running to the door they came from only to find out it was locked.

Iggy: Great, we're going to die now since the door is now locked.

Roy: Don't worry, this will be easy.

Wendy: Well you might want to hurry, because the big crack that is making a big hole is getting closer.

Roy: All right, I'll try.

Then Roy punched the door with all his might, but the door wouldn't budge.

Roy: Wow, that is one tough door.

Then the Koopalings fell through the hole, and then found the thing that caused the big hole and the big crack.

???????: Welcome to my lair.

Larry: Who are you?

???????: Who am I, you ask? Call me Bouldergeist.

Lemmy: Well Bouldergeist, why did you send us down here?

Bouldergeist: Because you are invading my property. Nobody invades my property. You will pay for coming to my galaxy.

Then a battle began. Bouldergeist threw rocks at the Koopalings that hurt them really bad. Then Morton used his wand to create a sandstorm to hurt Bouldergeist, but it didn't affect him. Wendy shot candy rings with spikes to hurt Bouldergeist, but that didn't work either. Roy kept punching him to make him weaker. Larry used his wand to shoot Piranha Plants at him to tangle him up; that worked. Iggy sent radiation waves from his wand; it didn't work. Lemmy used his wand to make an ice shield to protect himself and shot an ice ray at him to freeze him, and it worked. Ludwig sent a flamthower at him and then Bouldergeist fainted.

Ludwig: All right, we won.

Lemmy: Now we can get out of here.

Iggy: Come on, let's get back to the airship quickly.

So then the Koopalings made it back to the airship and got off the planet as fast as they could.

Chapter 5: The Return of the Shadow Koopalings

The Koopalings made it to a nice little planet to take a rest on. This was called Piranha Plant Planet.

Larry: I already love this planet because of all the Piranha Plants.

All but Larry: WE KNOW!

Then they saw a lot of hurt Piranha Plants.

Larry: I'll talk to one.

Larry ran up to one and talked to it.

Larry: What happened, little guy? What happened here?

Piranha Plant: Everything went bad when that Dino Piranha came here to ruin all our fun.

Larry: What is a Dino Piranha?

Piranha Plant: A Dino Piranha is a big, prehistoric Piranha Plant that will feast on anything. It also has a second form called a Fiery Dino Piranha. The Fiery Dino Piranha can spit fireballs at you. That is why one part of the planet is burnt to a crisp. So I suggest all of you leave now. We will be...

Then the Piranha Plant fainted.

Larry: We are taking on the Dino Piranha.

Lemmy: WHAT?! Are you crazy?

Iggy: Yeah, you heard what the Piranha Plant said.

Larry: Well we are going to stand up to Dino Piranha.

All the Koopalings agreed and set of to look for the Dino Piranha. Then when they found the burnt part of the planet, they also found Dino Piranha.

Larry: Hey Dino Piranha, why don't you pick on someone like me?

Dino Piranha saw him, then charged right at him, but then stopped.

Larry: Why did you stop? Are you a chicken or are you a...

??????: Yhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Larry: Hey! I know that laughter from anywhere!

Shadow Iggy: Yes, it's me.

Lemmy: I thought we had a deal that you wouldn't bother anyone anymore.

Shadow Iggy: Yes we did. But you didn't say anything about that on another planet. I also brought some friends. I would like you to meet the shadow forms of Larry, Lemmy, and Ludwig von Koopa.

Roy: What about shadow forms of me, Wendy, and Morton?

Shadow Larry: The boss said that you three weren't more powerful than the rest of us.

Roy: Why I oughta... Oh forget it.

Shadow Ludwig: Do you know why we're here?

Lemmy: No.

Shadow Lemmy: We're here because we were sent by the boss to fuse with Dino Piranha, and there is nothing you can do to beat Shadow Dino Piranha, Yhahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Then the shadow forms jumped into Dino Piranha and fused to create Shadow Dino Piranha.

Lemmy: How are we going to beat them all at once? They look really powerful.

Ludwig: We have to work as a team and combine our wand attacks to beat this guy.

Lemmy: I'm in.

Iggy: Me too.

Larry: Let's do this.

Then the battle began. Shadow Dino Piranha spit a shadow ball at the Koopalings, but Lemmy made the ice shield to protect them all. Then Larry and Iggy combined their spells to make a radiant Piranha Plant to tangle up the Shadow Dino Piranha and to hurt him a little. Then Lemmy and Ludwig came in and combined their ice ray and flamethrower to make a devestating attack that dealt massive damage on Shadow Dino Piranha. Then Shadow Dino Piranha transformed into Shadow Fiery Dino Piranha. Larry and Iggy did the same combo and Lemmy and Ludwig did the same combo to take down the Shadow Fiery Dino Piranha.

Shadow Lemmy: Drat, the boss will be really mad at us for failing him.

Shadow Iggy: Let's get out of here before things get worse.

Shadow Larry: Let's take Dino Piranha with us so we don't have to come back for him later.

Shadow Ludwig: We'll be back, non-shadow forms, we'll be back.

Then they all disappeared in a dark aura.

Lemmy: We won with those awesome combos.

Larry: Great plan combining our magic together, Ludwig.

Iggy: I think we should get out of here.

Ludwig: Good idea, Iggy.

So then Larry, Iggy, Lemmy, and Ludwig went to get Roy, Morton, and Wendy. They all returned to the airship and flew to the final planet before Planet Shroob.

Chapter 6: Kamella and the Shadow Koopalings

The Koopalings made it to the final planet before Planet Shroob, called Magic Spell Planet. All they had to do was take down the only person left before Commander Shroob: Kamella, the queen of Magikoopas.

Lemmy: Okay Ludwig, do you know who is on this planet?

Ludwig: Yes I do. Kamella is the only one left to take out.

Morton: Then let's do this.

Iggy: Let's take her down, guys.

All but Iggy: YEAH!

??????: Yhahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Lemmy: Not again.

Shadow Ludwig: I told you we would be back.

Shadow Iggy: I think that we should have another race.

Shadow Lemmy: We race to that big stadium.

Shadow Larry: So let's go.

Ludwig: Fine.

Iggy: Yeah, okay.

Lemmy: All right.

Larry: I guess so.

Roy: What about the rest of us?

Shadow Lemmy: The boss thought that you three would be happy being prisoners in our dungeon.

Shadow Larry: Capture them, Kamek!

Kamek: Hahahahahahahaha! I hope you enjoy you new home. Hahahahahahahahahaha!

Then with one blast from his wand, he made Roy, Morton, and Wendy disappear.

Shadow Ludwig: So let's get going.

Then they all raced to the arena. The Koopalings were ahead of the Shadow Koopalings.

Larry: It's like they're not even trying to win.

Iggy: Who cares? We're going to win.

They made it to the arena first. But then they entered a dark room.

Lemmy: Hey, where are the lights?

Iggy: I think I found them.

Iggy then turned on the lights, and found out that they were in a cage.

Larry: Hey, I think we were just tricked.

Ludwig: Ya think?

All the Shadow Koopalings: Yhahahahahahahahaha!

Shadow Lemmy: I can't believe you all fell for that.

Shadow Iggy: It looks like they can fight forever and never leave.

Shadow Ludwig: It looks like round one is about to start for Larry.

Larry: Oh great.

Lemmy: Good luck.

Larry: Thanks, Lemmy.

Then Larry went to the arena for the first opponent.

Kamek: Welcome, all Magikoopas. Tonight we have a match between two brothers who would never fight in a million years. In the left cage. the plant lover, the creater of Petey Piranha. I give you. Larry Koopa.

Magikoopas: ...

Larry: Great. everyone hates me.

Kamek: In the right cage we have the Koopa that never shuts up, you have to beat the sense out of him to shut him up, I'm talking about Morton Koopa Jr.

Magikoopas: YEAH! GO MORTON!

Morton: Must... destroy... Larry!

Larry: I will enjoy this.

Kamek: Let the battle begin!!!

Larry shot punches at Morton but Morton kept moving out of the way, and when Morton threw punches, he always hits Larry. Larry then grabbed his wand and shot a stunning spell at Morton that made contact. Larry then called his Piranha Plants to help him and hurt Morton. Morton was then down.

Kamek: Well, well, well. It looks like we have a fighter here in the arena. Bring out the next opponents.

Then after Larry beat Morton, Lemmy and Iggy fought Roy. Lemmy and Iggy beat Roy with tag team moves. Ludwig was put up against Wendy, and Ludwig beat her with science, inventions, and his wand. Then Kamek summoned Larry, Iggy, Lemmy, and Ludwig to the battle arena.

Kamek: Well done, Koopalings, you have beaten all the challengers we threw at you. We still have the other four and the boss. You can fight all at the same time. Bring out the boss and the four other ones.

Kamella: Come on, Shadow Koopalings, let's finish off these non-Shadow Koopalings already.

Then the final battle began. The Shadow Koopalings shot balls of fire at the Koopalings, and Kamella shot electricity at them all and also shot ice at the Koopalings to freeze them. But Ludwig knew all the Shadow Koopalings' weaknesses. So Ludwig told the others to aim for the Shadow Koopalings and destroy them. They all destroyed the Shadow Koopalings, and then they aimed for Kamella. But then Kamella stopped the battle.

Kamella: You might have what it takes to take on Commander Shroob. Unless I help him out. Kamek, come with me, we must finish up Commander Shroob's plan.

Kamek: All of you will be done for when you get to Commander Shroob.

Then they both disappeared.

Ludwig: We'd better get to Planet Shroob for the final battle.

Lemmy: Let's go.

Then Larry, Iggy, Lemmy, and Ludwig went to find the other Koopalings. After they found them they got on the airship and headed to Planet Shroob for the final battle with Commander Shroob.

Chapter 7: Showdown at Planet Shroob

After the got off Spellcaster's Planet, they headed for Planet Shroob, where they would all fight Commander Shroob.

Lemmy: I can't what to beat up Commander Shroob one more time.

Iggy: Yeah, this is going to be awesome.

Larry: Are we almost there, Ludwig?

Ludwig: Just a few more minutes.

Roy: I can't wait to punch that Shroob like crazy.

Then they landed, they set of for Castle Shroob. But little did they know that they were being watched.

Commander Shroob: Well, it looks like the Koopalings made it to Planet Shroob. Maybe I should send the welcoming party. Kamella, send in the Magikoopas.

Kamella: Right, Boss. Go, my Magikoopas, destroy the Koopalings.

Kamek: You heard her, go destroy them.

Magikoopas: Yeah, let's do this.

Then the Magikoopas all disappeared. Then the Magikoopas were on the Koopalings' tails, because they appeared right behind them.

Wendy: RUN!

Lemmy: No, we will not run, we ran last time and I am not running again.

Iggy: I'm with Lemmy!

Everyone but Lemmy and Iggy: We're not.

Then they ran off.

Ludwig: They're done for.

Then the other Koopalings heard smashes, crashes, and bangs on the walls. Tey turned to see that Lemmy and Iggy had defeated them all.

Lemmy: Too easy. Everyone knows how to take down a Magikoopa.

Iggy: Yeah, but if you don't then you are as dumb as a rock.

Ludwig: Yeah, whatever. Let's just get going.

But Kamek knew this as well.

Kamek: Kamella, they took out all the Magikoopas. What should we do?

Commander Shroob: Let them come, I want to destroy them myself.

Then the Koopalings made it to the throne room, where Commander Shroob waited for them.

Commander Shroob: Well, here we all are again. Back to beat me up again, eh? Well this time you're not, because I have Kamella on my side. Plus I made a robot called Commander Bot 2.0. And this robot will crush you like the little babies you are.

Kamella: All of you will fight him at once, so he can crush you all at once. Hahahahahahahahahaha! Let the battle begin.

The final battle began. Commander Shroob jumped into the Commander Bot 2.0 and started out with the chainsaw hand to cut them in half. But Lemmy put up the ice shield to protect them all from the chainsaw. Then Ludwig and Iggy shot a radiated flamethrower at the Commander Bot to weaken his attacks and to hurt him. Then the Commander Bot 2.0 used the other hand to shoot out a Shroob Chain Chomp to chase the Koopalings. Larry shot down the Chomp with Piranha Plants, Then Roy and Morton mixed their spells to create a wild sandstorm to suck the Commander Bot 2.0 in, but it stuck to the ground because it was too heavy. Then when Commander Shroob had had enough, he transformed the Commander Bot into the Kamella Bot. The Kamella Bot then shot a powerful spell that hit all of the Koopalings. Then Lemmy and Iggy used the combo of Lemmy's ice ray spell and Iggy's radiant spell to create a radiant ice ray. Then the spell hit the Kamella Bot and froze it so all the koopalings could finish it off with one more final blast. Then Commander Shroob was down and destroyed.

Commander Shroob: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I was so close to beating all of you! I guess you win, but that doesn't mean that I won't return. Kamella, let's get out of here.

Kamella: Yes, Commander Shroob. Come on, Kamek, we're leaving this place.

Kamek: Coming, Kamella.

Then they were gone, to find a new hidout.

Larry: WE WON!

Lemmy: We did it.

Iggy: All right!

Ludwig: Yeah, but can we go? This place is creepy.

Lemmy: Yeah, it gives me the creeps too.

Then all the Koopalings left Planet Shroob and headed home, where they were going to celebrate the defeat of Commander Shroob.


After the party the Koopalings looked up to the stars and found no sign of Commander Shroob. But Commander Shroob found a new hideout on the moon and then plotted his revenge on the Koopalings with Kamella and Kamek at his side. But he couldn't think of anything due to the fact that Iggy's radiation spell wipes out evil genius plots. So while he struggled with himself, the Koopalings went to bed after a long day.

The End

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