The Battle of the Boos

By Jukilum

Author's Note: I recommend reading Waluigi: A New Hope before this story.

King Boo was mad. Very mad. He had captured Mario and made him a painting to try to stop him from destroying more Boos, but his brother had come and defeated the King of all Boos! Not to mention a ton more Boos that were destroyed before he himself fought Luigi.

He was sure that the Mario Brothers would return with more power. He had to prepare for that moment, which could come at any time. He would call together all of the Boos in the world. He couldn't let his people down.


Mario was entering Peach's castle to request assistance in his quest to destroy the Boos. He called out to the Toad in the entry hall and asked him to send his message to the princess.

He returned shortly. "I have been told that the princess will give you a captain: Wario, who has aligned with the Koopas. She has also sent word to all of the warrior Toads in the kingdom to help. You and Luigi are to be simple troops."

"As long as we get them, I'm fine. Still, I can't believe that we are teaming up with Bowser! Whatever works, I guess."


King Boo had every Boo in the world in his mansion and around it. There were thousands of Boos. They were ready to fight, ready for anything that could come. King Boo looked over his troops and was sure that they would withstand any force that might come against them.

The moment he could see the other army coming, he feared he might be wrong.


"Destroy all but 50 Boos! We need to research them to advance our technology!" Ludwig von Koopa shouted.

He had created weapons especially for this occasion. His weapon was a device that would cause the Boos nearby to fade out of existence.


Both armies were lined up, waiting for each other to make the first move. Ludwig threw one of his devices into the middle of the Boos. They started to fade away.

As soon as King Boo noticed this he warned his troops to stay away, but the attempt seemed futile, as more and more of the devices were thrown onto the battle field. Eventually he noticed that luckily, they had run out and were no longer throwing them. He had lost many Boos already, but he was determined to go on.

The Boos were biting the Toads, while some formed Boolossuses and frightened some of the enemy away. The Toads were throwing spears, though, many of which pierced Boos, destroying them.

The two armies were combining into one large group, scaring, biting, spearing, shooting, and evaporating one another. King Boo decided that his time to attack was now. He flew through the group, and made the enemies retreat a bit in fear of him.

More and more Boos started to merge with their king, making him the largest Boo ever. He was now able to take out large numbers of the enemy at once, and he once again felt some hope that they might win!

Then there was a sudden explosion, blasting around a thousand Boos at once! More and more Big Bob-ombs were being dropped on them, lowering the Boo population by the second. Boos started to leave their king in hopes of saving their friends, but it only resulted in more losses.

Boos were being jumped on by Mario and Luigi. While Mario was bouncing he snatched the crown off of King Boo's head and threw it to the ground, where it shattered into a million pieces!

King Boo started to shrink to a regular-sized Boo, as only a king could remain that size and the crown had determined the king for millenia. He was now just Boo.

While he was mourning the loss of his crown, he noticed that the fighting had stopped. The remaining 50 Boos including the ex-king were thrown into a cage and told that if they tried to turn invisible and escape, they would also fade away.

Boo was still trying to think of a way out of the situation, and he found a possibility.

"Waluigi!" he cried in excitement.

The enemies paused. Finally, someone said, "We have to capture this Waluigi. He seems to be their only hope!"

Boo was sad that he had made the mistake of naming his aid, but he still had some tricks up his sleeves (which Boos don't have).

Shame on you if you ignored my note at the beginning, but now that you've read this, why not head over to Waluigi: A New Hope. This story is simply a prequel.

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