Lemmy and Iggy in The Book of Mysteries

By Jukilum

Chapter 4: Gold

Lemmy was the first to wake up. Thinking of the box and what might be in it, he quickly woke Iggy. They got out the of box and put in the key, a perfect fit.

Iggy turned the key, and as he did so the box began to glow. He took his hands away in surprise.

"It'll be fine, c'mon, let's just open it!" Lemmy said.

"If you're sure…" Iggy replied warily. "But you open it."

Lemmy took the box and opened it. He took out the contents, a shapeless mass of solid gold. It was the source of the glowing, being red hot. Lemmy quickly dropped it, leaving his hand burnt.

"Do you have any more of that liquid you used last night?" he said hopefully.

"Yeah, it's right here." Iggy took out the bottle and poured a little onto Lemmy's hand, the burn disappearing instantly.

"This stuff is great!" said Lemmy.

"Yeah," Iggy said, opening the bottle, "but it looks like there is only enough for three or four more doses, so stop getting hurt."

"Well it's not my fault!"

"Just try!"

"Okay, okay."

They both looked back at the gold, which was no longer shapeless, but was now a sculpture of Lemmy and Iggy running away from Roy.

"Great," Iggy said sarcastically, "another reminder of how lousy our family is to us."

Suddenly the gold started to reshape itself, now becoming an animated sculpture of the three playing tag. They both looked on, amazed at the sight of the moving gold figures.

"I wish our lives were really like that," Lemmy said. "But how do we carry it around with us if it's always moving?" The sculpture stopped moving at that moment.

"Well how do we get it to start again?" Iggy asked. The sculpture once again began to move, but stopped again when Iggy picked it up again.

"It seems to know what we want," Lemmy said, placing the treasure in a sack that they had brought along.

A wall opened up revealing the way out, and the brothers ran through it and came out into a desert.

To Be Continued...

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