Brotherly Love: Brought to the Edge

By Blaze Koopa

ACT 2:

“WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!” cried the pointy-eared one over a walkie-talkie. “HE BEAT ALL SIX OF YOU?! YOU IDIOTS!!! HE’S ONLY ONE KOOPA!!!

“Uh… Forgive us, but actually, he wasn’t all by himself…” said the Shroob at the other end. “A purple Yoshi was helping him. He ate two of us!”

“You don’t need to tell me the Yoshi’s color! Almost everything and everyone on this planet is purple!”

“Uh… Forgive me, aga-”

“STOP APOLOGIZING!!! Anyway, we may have to throw a lot more at that foolish Koopa and his Yoshi companion…”

“HEY!!! Watch what you say about my brother!!!” Lemmy bellowed from the cage.

“Silence, you fool!” the pointy-eared one snapped. “I’m on the phone!”

Lemmy mumbled something inaudible.

“As for you!” the pointy-eared one said to the Shroob. “I’ll send more troops! For now, just fly back to them and try again!”

“Uh… Sir, we can’t fly…”


“Our saucers are out of fuel…”



Iggy and Whammy flew along the purple terrain. Iggy couldn’t help but worry about his brother. Since when exactly did Lemmy owe anyone two ships? He simply couldn’t figure it out. It couldn’t have been someone from the Shroob army. Iggy couldn’t remember the last time Lemmy ever tangled with the Shroobs… Then again, taking into account the fact that the Shroobs had been gunning for him back at the village, maybe the kidnapper was from the Shroob army. All the same, Iggy couldn’t figure it out.

Nevertheless, the important thing was getting back together with Lemmy, regardless of who he and Whammy were up against…

Suddenly, the flying saucer he was riding in began to shake. Whammy noticed this.

“Um… Iggy,” said Whammy, “I think something’s wrong with your saucer…”

“I can see…” Iggy replied. Suddenly, the engine stopped, and the saucer fell to the ground. Whammy landed his and walked over to Iggy.

“What happened?” Whammy asked.

“… I guess it’s out of fuel…” Iggy answered. “The Shroobs may’ve used up much of their fuel just getting to the village…” Iggy looked at the fuel gauge in the saucer. “Yep,” he said. “It’s empty… Is yours almost empty too?”

Whammy went back to his saucer and looked at the fuel gauge. It was near empty.

“Yeah… it is…” he said. “No point in using these anymore. I guess we’ll just have to make it on foot…”

“Whatever it takes to get my bro back,” Iggy said. “Let’s go.”

They walked off, leaving the saucers behind.

2 hours later, they were still trudging across the terrain. Whammy had said that the planet wasn’t very big. To Iggy, it seemed quite the contrary. Still, he had to be patient. They would reach their destination sooner or later. Suddenly…

“Wait a minute, Iggy!” said Whammy. Iggy stopped.

“What’s up?” he said.

Whammy sniffed the air for a few seconds. Then he said slowly to Iggy, “There are Shroobs somewhere nearby…”

Iggy began to sweat. He had somehow managed to defend himself back at the village, but could he do it again? Oh… he didn’t really care. It was likely one of the many challenges he’d face en route to finding Lemmy.

He and Whammy walked cautiously forward. They looked all around. Wherever the Shroobs were, they could pop out at any second.



A laser beam suddenly flew right past them! Iggy and Whammy jumped and looked everywhere around them.

“Something tells me they already know we’re here…” Whammy said.

Another blast flew by, barely missing Whammy’s nose!

“Okay!” Iggy called. “We know you’re here! Now come out and fight!”

“As you wish!” said a voice. Instantly, the Shroobs from the village (minus the two Shroobs that were eaten by Whammy) jumped in out of nowhere!

“All right!” said one Shroob. “We have a score to settle with you two, so here we go!”

“Bring it, you fungus faces!” said Iggy.

The four Shroobs charged at Iggy and Whammy. One Shroob blasted at Iggy, who jumped to avoid it. Iggy began spinning, knocking the Shroob back hard. The Shroobs got back up and blasted at him again. Iggy dodged and retreated into his shell and began bouncing around. Another Shroob tried to attack the shell, but was knocked back hard.

Whammy punched a Shroob in the face hard, knocking him out. Whammy took the Shroob’s laser and blasted at the Shroob, who dodged and blasted at Whammy’s hand, knocking away his gun! Whammy looked slowly at the Shroob, who was aiming straight at him!

“Any last words before I blow a cap in your big, round nose?!” said the Shroob sinisterly.

“Yeah I do,” said Whammy. “Look out.”

“… Huh?!”

Instantly, the Shroob was hit by Iggy’s sliding shell and knocked ten feet in the air. He was out cold. Iggy popped out of his shell. He and Whammy looked around. The other two Shroobs were nowhere to be seen.

“… Where’d they go?” asked Iggy.

“Dunno,” said Whammy. “I guess they ran away in fear…”

“Ah… Let’s go on… There’s probably more where they came from… And it probably won’t be more of the same…”

“Yeah Llet’s go…”

They walked away.


At the fortress…

“WHAAAAAAAAAAT?! AGAIN?!” bellowed the pointy-eared one over the walkie-talkie. “THEY BEAT YOU AGAIN?!”

“Please forgi-”

“DON’T SAY IT!!! I sent some stronger troops, including the big, red one shaped like a bell. Hopefully this time we’ll have better luck…”

The pointy-eared one hung up. He looked up at Lemmy in the cage.

“It seems your brother doesn’t know what’s good for him…”

“Hey! He’s not so strong, but that doesn’t mean he gives up easily!” Lemmy said angrily.

“Well, regardless, he and his friend will be no match for this next batch of minions I sent out!”

The pointy-eared one left the room. Lemmy just sat there in the cage, remembering the fight he had with Iggy. He wasn’t sure how it had happened, but it had. He wished that he could just leave now and apologize to his brother. Sadly, it seemed like it would be a long time before that would happen.


Iggy and Whammy were now far past the area where they had last clashed with the Shroobs. Both were sure things would get uglier later, but they weren’t so sure how ugly.

Whammy was trying to have a conversation, but Iggy wasn’t paying attention.

“And so he said I know YOU are but what am I, and I said A complete idiot, THAT’S what!” Whammy was talking about a humorous argument he had years ago. Iggy was too deep in thought to hear him. He was still upset that he hadn’t yet got a chance to apologize to Lemmy. He was going to get back together with his brother even if it killed him.

“Iggy…?” Iggy looked up at Whammy. “You look upset,” said Whammy. “What’s the matter?”

Iggy sighed. He really didn’t feel like mentioning this to anyone, as it was more of a personal thing.

“It’s… nothing really…” Iggy said.

“They why the long face?”

Iggy didn’t answer.

“You’re worried about your brother, aren’t you?”

Iggy knew that wasn’t exactly it.

“… Yeah…” said Iggy.

“Look. I’m sure your brother’s all right. We just need to be patient.”

Iggy just stared ahead.

“… Iggy? What’s up?”

Iggy pointed ahead. Whammy looked ahead to see a column of smoke coming from just over a hill!

“Woah!” said Whammy. “What’s going on over there? C’mon. Let’s scope this out.”

The two walked off in the direction of the smoke. When they got to the top of the hill-


They both ducked as a fireball flew past them! They looked to see ten Shroobs. They were red with yellow spots, and their heads were on fire!

“BLAZING SHROOBS!” Iggy cried.

“Iggy… I think we can already tell they’re blazing.”

“No. That’s actually what they’re called.”

“Oh… Oh well. Let get ‘em!”

They both charged down the hill. Iggy retreated into his shell and slid into two Shroobs. He popped back out and started spinning. One Shroob made a fireball and threw it at Iggy, but missed. Iggy spun all the way around the Shroob, making the Shroob dizzy. Iggy was about to retreat into his shell when a fireball barely missed his head. Iggy turned to face the other Shroob. Iggy charged towards the Shroob, ducking to avoid a fireball. He retreated into his shell and slammed into the Shroob.

Whammy ground pounded near three Shroobs, sending shockwaves that immobilized the three Shroobs. He swallowed one, and got a sudden case of heartburn. He exhaled, blowing fire out of his mouth! Whammy grinned. Now to give these guys a taste of their own medicine! he thought. He spat more fireballs at the Shroobs, hitting four more of them.

Then things took a turn for the worse for Iggy. As he finished dizzying a Shroob, he was hit by a fireball! Iggy fell on the ground in pain. Whammy noticed this. A Shroob stood over Iggy with a fireball. As he prepared to bring the fireball down on Iggy, he was rammed from the side by Whammy. He punched back the Shroobs as they came, knocking them all out. After knocking out the last Shroob, he went to Iggy’s aid.

“Iggy! You okay?!” Whammy asked.

“Ah… Burn…” Iggy muttered.

Whammy looked at Iggy’s right side. He was slightly burned.

“You should rest for a little while.”

Iggy just stared.

“… Iggy… You’ve got that look again…”

“… W-W-W-Whammy…?”

“What… What is it?”

Iggy continued to stare. Whammy began to get a bit nervous himself. He became even more nervous when a shadow passed over him!

“Is there something really bad behind me?”

Iggy nodded. Whammy slowly looked back.


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