Brotherly Love: Brought to the Edge

By Blaze Koopa


“Iggy…? You okay?”

“Wake up! That’s an order!”


Iggy slowly opened his eyes, his vision blurry. As his vision cleared, he could see Lemmy, Whammy, Crush, Shyler, and several others standing over him. Iggy sat up.

“What happened…?” he asked, rubbing his head. “What’d I miss?”

Lemmy pointed over at Tatanga, who was tied up. “RELEASE ME THIS INSTANT!” he wailed. Iggy laughed. Whammy and Lemmy helped Iggy up.

“Well,” said Whammy, “looks like this is finally over.”

“Yep,” agreed Iggy.

Lemmy also agreed with a deeply pitched “Mm-hm!”

“Iggy,” said Whammy.


“Thanks for helping to save the planet.” The villagers all agreed.

“Hey,” said Iggy. “I don’t deserve all the credit. You’re the one who made the Death Shroob crash… ight?”

“Actually it was him…” Whammy pointed to the Boo, who shrugged.

“And give Lemmy credit, too,” added Iggy, “for destroying Tatanga’s ship.”

Everyone cheered. Iggy and Lemmy looked at each other. “I’m glad to have you back, Little-Big Bro,” Iggy murmured. Lemmy grunted happily. The two hugged.

“So Iggy came all this way to save his brother,” Crush said. “That’s what I call brotherly love.”

“Yeah,” agreed Whammy.

Suddenly, Iggy remembered something. “There’s one problem…” he said. “How do we get back home…?” Everyone looked at each other. After coming from another planet, how were they to get home? They certainly couldn’t fly home, as their powers had worn off.

“Well…” said Crush, “how did you two get here…?”

“Lemmy got kidnapped of course, and I was blasted out of the long-range cannon.”

“Well…” said Colonel Shyler, “we’ve got cannons at the weaponry base.”

“Sorry, Colonel,” said Whammy, “but not anymore. Tatanga blew up the base.”

“WHAT?!” Shyler gave Tatanga a furious look. “For that, sir!’ he ordered, “I’m holding you responsible for making new weapons for us, while we rebuild the base! You work for us now!”

Tatanga sighed. “Ah well…” he said. “I suppose I could retire from being a villain…”

“You’d better!” Shyler snapped.

“Wait!” Whammy said. “I think I know how you guys can get home!”

“Mmmm?” Lemmy grunted.

“Kamkeg.” Whammy turned to Kamkeg. “You can teleport them back… can’t you?”

Kamkeg thought for a second. “I expect I can…”

“Wait!” Iggy said. “We can’t go home… not while Lemmy looks like this!” Everyone looked at Lemmy. “Our folks will freak if they see him this way!”

“Perhaps I can assist you with that,” said Kamkeg. He held up his wand, which glowed. He pointed it at Lemmy and cast his spell. Lemmy glowed for a second, then stopped. Nothing happened. Kamkeg stared, puzzled.

“It seems,” said Crush, “that due to Lemmy’s… uh… makeover, this is now his normal appearance…”

“I’m terribly sorry…” Kamkeg sighed. Lemmy began to weep. How could he face the rest of his family like this?

“I’m sorry, Bro,” Iggy said sadly. “I guess we’ll just have bare it… Besides, I’m sure Dad wouldn’t suddenly dislike you just because you look different…”

Lemmy growled something.

“That’s different,” Iggy answered. “Karma’s half Yoshi. Anyway, come on, Bro. It’s time…” Lemmy sighed and stood up. Iggy went over to Whammy.

“Whammy…” Iggy said, “I learned something.”

“What’s that?” Whammy asked.

“I can do anything if I put my mind to it.”

“See? You’re not weak at all. In fact, anybody who would come all this way to save his brother has to be a strong guy.”

“Thanks for your help. I’ll miss you.”

“Yeah. Me too.”

“You know something,” Crush chimed in, “I learned something, too. I learned not to let people control me. I can choose my own way of life.”

“Well,” Iggy said, “I guess it’s time we headed back…”

“Mm-hm,” agreed Lemmy.

“Yeah…” said Whammy. “Okay, Kamkeg. Do your stuff.”

Kamkeg held his wand up. It glowed. He then created a portal to Plit. “Just step through,” Kamkeg explained, “and you will be on your way.”

“You ready, Lemmy?” Iggy said.

“Mm-hm,” Lemmy grunted.

Iggy turned to Whammy. “Thanks again, Whammy,” Iggy said.

“Thank you guys, too,” Whammy said.

“So long,” said Crush.

“Take care, Privates!” said Shyler.

The villagers all waved as Lemmy and Iggy stepped through the portal. The portal closed.

“You know,” said Crush to Whammy, “I never got around to thinking about this… but now that I have discontinued serving Princess Shroob, where can I live?”

“Hey, don’t worry,” Whammy answered. “You can live with me… as soon as Tatanga rebuilds my house!” He gave Tatanga an angry look.

“It was entirely accidental!” Tatanga protested. “I swear!”


The portal opened. Iggy and Lemmy stepped out. They were back on Plit. What was even better, they had come out in Dark Land. The Koopa Kastle was not far away.

“Home sweet home!” Iggy breathed happily.

“YAAAAAA!” Lemmy agreed.

“Well, Bro, let’s go!”

They walked off in the direction of the castle.


Bowser sat silently on his throne. He thought to himself, I shouldn’t have let Iggy go on his own… I hope he’s holding up okay… And Lemmy…Wwho kidnapped him? Whoever did it better not have done anything to him… Suddenly, there was a bang on the door.

“ENTER!” Bowser yelled. Blaze walked in.

“Hey, Bowser,” Blaze greeted.

“Ah, Blaze,” Bowser greeted.

“Still worried about Iggy and Lemmy, are you?”

“*sigh* Yes… I am…”

“Well, stop worrying!”

Bowser looked up. “What do you mean stop worrying?!”

“I mean stop worrying and come see who’s in the foyer!”

Bowser stood up and followed Blaze to the foyer. When he got there…

“… IGGY!” Bowser cried.

“Hey, King Dad,” Iggy greeted.

“Where’s your brother…?”

“We’ll get to him, but first… I need everyone else to come here…”

“I’ll be right back…”

Bowser went back to the throne. He turned on the loudspeaker. “I NEED EVERYONE IN THE FOYER! NOW!” he bellowed through the loudspeaker. Bowser turned the loudspeaker off and went back to the foyer. Clawdia, the other Koopalings, Karma, and Kamek were just coming in. When they saw Iggy, they were shocked.

“IGGY!” cried Clawdia.

“Hey! You made it!” said Larry.

“Unbelievable!” remarked Wendy.

“Mmmmmphhhhttttttt!” said Morton, a sock in his mouth.

“How about that!” said Ludwig. “He pulled through!”

“Yeah!” agreed Karma.

Roy just stared, completely speechless.

“Everyone,” said Iggy, “there’s something I should tell you…”

“Where’s Lemmy?” Wendy asked. “Is he okay?”

“That’s what I was getting to,” Iggy explained. “You see, Lemmy’s… uh… well…I don’t know how to say it…”

“WHAT?!” Bowser roared. “Is he…”

“No! No! No!” said Iggy. “He’s fine… but he’s… *sigh* I’ll show you, but promise me you won’t freak out…”

Everyone looked at each other, then nodded.

“Okay, Lemmy,” Iggy called through the front door. “You can come in.”

Slowly, Lemmy walked through the door. Everyone gasped. It was Lemmy’s shape, but he was dark green, with red eyes and a blood-red Mohawk, bigger claws and shell spikes, and fangs. Everyone stared.

“What… happened…?” Blaze asked slowly.

“Extreme makeover…” Iggy answered. “Extreme to the point where he can’t even talk right anymore…”

Out of everybody, Bowser seemed the most shocked. Was this really his son?

“… Daaaaaaad,” Lemmy moaned.

That answered that question. This was definitely his son.

“Adding to this,” said Iggy, “I don’t know how to get him back to normal…”

“Hmm…” Ludwig thought. “I may be able to fix this problem…”

“If you’re gonna try,” Karma mused, “you’d better not blow him up trying!”

“Wait!” said Larry. “Why don’t we just have Kamek turn him back to normal?”

“Tried that already,” Iggy said. “It didn’t work…”

“All right, Ludwig, “ said Bowser. “I’ll let you try, but don’t mess up!”

“I shall not fail!” answered Ludwig. “Come, Lemmy.”

Lemmy followed Ludwig up the stairs.


“Okay, Lemmy,” said Ludwig. “I need you to lay here for me.” Lemmy lay on the platform of the machine.

“This will take about an hour,” Ludwig explained. “You may feel a slight disorientation when the process is complete.”

Lemmy grunted impatiently, in a way that said “Anything to get back to normal!”

Ludwig pushed a button, and the platform retreated back into the machine with Lemmy.


An hour later, everyone else was anxiously waiting outside Ludwig’s room.

“You know,” Karma whispered to Blaze, “this seems like the longest Kooky’s ever gone without something going ‘ka-blam’.”

“Yeah…” Blaze agreed. “I wonder what’s going on in there…”

“Simple question,” Wendy asked Iggy. “How did you manage it without killing yourself?”

“I’ll tell you the whole story later…” Iggy answered.

“Well, Roy,” Larry whispered, “you stopped beating up Morton and me a long time ago because we proved not to be weak, so are you going to stop beating up on Iggy now?”

“Just… be… quiet…” Roy fumed.

“What do you think is happening in there?” Kamek asked Morton.

“Mmmmmphhhh…” said Morton.

“Do you think Lemmy will be okay?” a worried Clawdia asked Bowser.

“Well, Ludwig’s failed many experiments…” Bowser answered. “But he’d never fail one on his sibling… I hope…”

Suddenly, the door opened. Ludwig walked out.

“It vas difficult…” said Ludwig. “But now, I present to you… Lemmy Koopa!”

Lemmy walked through the door, and this time he was his normal, rainbow-haired self again!

“Miss me?” Lemmy mused.

The Koopalings cheered (expect Roy), Bowser and Clawdia breathed a sigh, Karma stared in amazement that Ludwig had done it, Kamek smiled, and Blaze nodded his head in a way that said “amazing”.

“Well,” said Bowser to Lemmy and Iggy. “Welcome home.”

Lemmy and Iggy looked at each other. “It’s great to be identical again!” Lemmy said. They all laughed.

“Now,” said Wendy, “will you guys tell us the story?”

“Tomorrow…” said Iggy.

“Yeah…” said Lemmy. “We need lots of *yawn* rest.”

The twins walked to their room, as did everyone else… well, all except Roy, who was still dumbfounded. Blaze stopped and looked back at him. He went to him. “Still speechless, are you?” Blaze asked.

Roy looked at him. “I just don’t see how Iggy did it. Da wimp is a… wimp!”

“Well, dude, maybe you should ask him.”

“Hey! Even Iggy would know if he’s weak or not! For him to go looking for Lem Lem all by himself is… crazy!”

“That’s not craziness, Pinky. It’s brotherly love… brought to the edge.”

That night, Iggy woke up in the middle of the night. He was about to go get a drink of water when the window caught his attention. He looked out at the night sky. I hope Whammy’s doing okay… he thought.


On Violet, Whammy looked on as Tatanga was hastily trying to rebuild Whammy’s house.

“You’d better make sure that roof is sturdy!” he ordered.

“I’M TRYING!” Tatanga snapped.

“And don’t forget! You still have to make new weapons for the new base!”


Crush walked up alongside Whammy. “How is he coming along?” Crush asked.

“He’s getting there,” Whammy said, rolling his eyes. He looked up into the sky. Crush did likewise.

“Do you think Lemmy and Iggy are doing well?”

Whammy didn’t answer immediately. He continued to look at the sky before answering.

“I’m sure he’s doing fine,” he said.

The End

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