Cacti and Feathers

By doopliss' twin

Chapter 2: Moron Koopa Sr? or A Final Hurrah!

The symptoms of Tutankoopa's Revenge will be placed here so I won't have to have Bowser explain the symptoms and origin 6 more times.

Name: Tutankoopa's Revenge
Symptoms: Irrational hallucinations, can fall unconscious with just the slightest flick of a finger, possible brittle bones, swelling in the head, chronic dancing, insomnia if disease is kept for more than a week, extreme anger if something literally blows up in your face, extreme hatred of the color blue, and loss of coordination. NOTE: Some of  these symptoms might not affect the Koopa based on height, weight, intelligence, etc.
Origin: Originally affected Chomps but grew to become contagious to only Koopas, was supposedly created by Tutankoopa after  his minions deserted him (pun intended)


While Larry was still in his nightmare, Morton stayed awake, completely oblivious to the disease.

(Note: I hate the tedious task of looking in my thesaurus for words for Morton, so heís not going to be talking in near-endless sentences. TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT, PEOPLE!!!)

Morton: Why did I go to the beach? Why why why?! Oh, thatís right, because I love sand... But still, is this sting going to end my game? Ohhhh, Dear DAD, help me!


Wendy: That ought to put him out for a few hours... Now to get my beauty sleep.

Lemmy (in his room): Yeah, you'd need to sleep 24 hours a day, if beauty sleep does make you beautiful... Why did I say that?

In Morton's dreamÖ

Morton: Owww, what hit me? Who's that?

???: Out of my way, you worthless Koopa drones!

Koopa: (weakly) Yes, Morton Koopa.

Morton Sr: Thatís Morton Koopa Sr. to you, runt.

Koopa: (even more weakly) Yes.

The Koopa scurries away.

Morton Sr: Ugh, darn that Queen Jaydes, letting me live in Eternal Sleep. Now I'm stuck here to redo every second of this fight. Every day it repeats itself, and i can do nothing to change the outcome for some reason.

Morton: Grandpa!!!

Morton Sr: Huh? Morton!!! Wait a second... You got stung too?

Morton: Yeah, how did you get stung?

Morton Sr: Well... I was in my chambers when your idiot father slipped a Pokey thorn in my cream of Mushroom soup. I ate the thorn and my game ended... but not before two weeks of constant nightmares. Then Queen Jaydes sent me to Eternal Sleep to re-enact this battle every day. She also said if I could somehow stop Tutankoopa from being destroyed, she'd send me to the Overthere. But it's not possible; no matter what course of action I take, the idiot always falls to the Chomps, and I've had ten years of practice with this.

Morton: Now I know why I talk so much.

Morton Sr: Yeah, because of that Starman I put in your head.

(See my Infostory, Koopaling Explanations... I've been meaning to update that.)

Morton: Is there anything I can do?

Morton Sr: Hm... Yes actually, whenever I try to go into the temple, Tutankoopa throws himself into the Chomp pit... I even tried a peaceful negotiation... but that failed miserably. Go into the temple and find out as much as you can.

Morton: Okay... What do I get for it?

Morton Sr: Nothing.

Morton: I'll do it!

Morton enters the temple.

Koopa: *shudder* First the Chompydra escapes, and now Morton Koopa (Sr) appears. If I survive this, I'm quitting!

Koopa 2: Yeah, and the funny thing is I thought I noticed the outline of a Koopa running out of the Temple. He had tall hair, kind of like a Mohawk.

Morton: Larry... I've got to go find him!

Morton runs out into the Desert.

Morton: Where can I find Larry? Hm... Larry loves plants, so heíd be at the oasis!

10 minutes laterÖ

Larry: Thatís a chilling thought...

Morton: Hey!!! You!!! Hold it right there!!!

Larry: Yipe!!!

Morton: It's just me!

Larry: Oh... Hooo, I thought that it was someone... or something, else.

Morton: We need to figure out how to stop Tutankoopa from being destroyed.

Larry: It's impossible, the resistance WILL win. Itís already been figured out.


Larry: AHH!!! It's found me!

Morton: Wait... He said something.

Larry: That thing tried to kill me, letís get out of here!

Larry drags Morton to a canyon.

Morton: Larry, he was trying to say something!

Larry: Yeah, like what he would like for dessert after he kills us!


Morton: I can translate, Larry. He said, Help me.

Larry: Help him with his din-

Moton: QUIET!!! What do you want from us?

Chompydra: roo, rooo, raaoo, *whimper, whimper* Rooaaa

Morton: You were stung by a Pokey? And you've been stuck in this sleep for years?

Chompydra: roo... Roo Rooaar roaaa raaao reeaa

Morton: He said that he's not the reason that Tutankoopa died, apparently Tutankoopa threw himself to the Chomps... And apparently Chomps are loyal creatures and don't harm who raised them, so Tutankoopa dieing was just a myth!

Larry; If Tutankoopa never died then... HE NEVER HAD A SON!!!

Morton: Yes.

Larry: Wait, then why did his Chomps attack him after Mario beat him?

Chompydra: rooraaraa

Morton: Those Chomps are the descendents. They feel the pain, and don't feel the loyalty.

Chompydra: ruh? RAHHHHH!!!

Larry: Ack, the Chompydra's fading away!

Chompydra: rooooar...

Chompydra fades away.

Morton: Maybe... it woke up?

Larry: What is this place?!

Larry, Morton... Wake upÖ

Larr: Did you hear that?

Wake up, you two!

Morton: Yeah, I do.


Larry: (waking up) Huh?

Morton: (waking up) Yipe!

Bowser: Donít ever give me a scare like that again! You guys kept muttering things in your sleep, and it worries me.

Morton: I met my grandfather in my dream.

Bowser: What?

Morton: Apparently you slipped a Pokey thorn in his soup.

Bowser: ... This is going very badly. This disease is tearing us all apart. First Larry, then Morton, Wendy screaming "The Chomps, the Chomps!!!" Iggy sleepwalking, what next? Roy acting like a bull? Lemmy dancing to riverbend music?

Larry: Iím freaking out here! Look, my Panic Meter has reached the max! I'm panicking!!!

Larry's Panic Meter:

(Note, the panic meter will be shown for the other Koopalings. The higher the panic, the more seriously the virus is affecting them.

Mortonís Panic Meter:

(Apparently Morton is able to stay somewhat calm.)

Bowser: Any other references, Author? Maybe a giant pair of scissors? A bow and golden arrow? A possessed Doll named Stephanie?

Morton: Who are you talking to?

Bowser: The author of this awful Fun Fiction. This jerk is putting my kids in danger!

Larry: Uhh... Morton, should I call the insane asylum?

Morton: Not yet, wait Ďtil he starts wearing high heels.

Larry shudders.

E-N-D   O-F   C-H-A-P-T-E-R   2

To Be Continued...

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