Paper Luigi: The Book of Fates

By Anti Dude

The Shayde slowly floated around the Underwhere. How could his plan fail? He WROTE the Dark Prognosticus. It did say The Void would be pushed into the future, but that could be years. Centuries, even. Maybe when Timpani and Blumiere have great-great-great-grandchildren. How did the heroes defeat him? By luck, most likely.

Two Shaydes started talking around the corner. "So, there's this thing called the Book of Fates. It has the future, the past, and it applies to only the person who reads it. If I read it, it would be about me, if you read it after me, it would be about you. And if you write in it, it comes true. So, this scientist was studying it, right? And he said that The Return of The Void was in there. He didn't know when, but soon. He got so freaked out that he, like, never spoke again. Freaky, huh?" the first one said.

The second said "Very."

The Shayde heard all this. If he could find this book, he could have his perfect world! He slowly went to look for a body to possess. He soon found where they kept the bodies of the Shaydes. He finally found his, and escaped...


Meanwhile, Luigi was passing through the Toad Town market. "Hmm," he thought. "We need more Mushrooms." He slowly passed the bookstore. "Why not?" he questioned himself, and went in. He passed rows among rows of bookshelves, until he found his favorite section: Non-fiction. He scanned the titles. One seemed to catch his eye. It looked like the Dark Prognusticus, only red. He picked it up and started reading. Luigi, it said, apparently a chapter title.

He opens the book and starts reading. This is peculiar, he thinks. He goes to buy it, but realizes he has no money left, after buying so many Chuckola Colas. He momentarily stops reading, and looks outside. He closes the book, and sets it down.

That book described everything perfectly! He couldn't believe it. A Toad passed him. "Excuse me, miss, but could you read this?" asked Luigi, handing the book to her.

"I don't see why not. Let's see. Tayce T. Hey, I'm Tayce T! Oh well. A man in green hands her the book. She reads for a while, and replies What? It knows exactly what happened! This isn't possible! She closes the book."

Luigi said, "Did it really say that?"

"Yes, it did," replied the Toad, Tayce T. "This may be a force that no species can handle. Something so powerful, you may be able to control the world with it. You must be careful with it."

"Me?" asked Luigi. "You've gotta be joking. I'm not that amazing, unless you've tried my Mushroom Souffle." He raised a finger. "Now, that, is amazing."

Tayce thought about this. "Maybe we should read more."

"Will do," Luigi thought out loud. He started: He slowly starts reading again, after the woman's advice. He is dumbfounded. “The book cannot know everything, can it?” he asks himself. A Goomba runs down the aisle, looking for a book on insects. He crashes into the hero, initiating the-

Just then, a young Goomba ran down the hall. The book flew out of Luigi's hands. "Sorry," said the Goomba. "I'm Goombarry. I was looking for a book on insects for a report. I'm really smart and am in A.T, Acdemically Talented. And, I'm sorry, I can be clumsy, and sorta talkative, and-"

Luigi cut him off. "Read this," he said.

He picked up the book and started reading. Meanwhile, the woman and the hero started picking up books. As he did, he noticed the Goomba's tattle log. He read a page, not aloud. As he did this, a jester appeared-

As sure as the sky is blue, Dimentio appeared. He tore the book out of Goombarry's hands, and scribbled something down.

Just then, a void appeared outside.

"No!" yelled Luigi, reaching for the book. He grabbed it and pulled it out of Dimentio's hands. From the cover, a small jewel flew out. It shattered into eight pieces. Goombarry quickly opened the book again.

In a last effort to get the jewel, the jester sends them all to random places.

Dimentio vanished. Luigi asked, "What does the jewel do, anyway?"

"The jewel is called the Fortune Gem. It is the reason the book works. Open the book without it."

Luigi did so. "It has no more words. It has some, but only up to a few minutes ago."

"Exactly," Goombarry answered. "Without the gem, it's basically worthless. The Void can't be stopped without it. You can't even write in it now. I suggest we find the pieces. You?"

"Well, why did Dimentio just write The Void instead of the end of all worlds?"

"The one thing you can't do is write the end of worlds because the book can’t end itself. He just wrote something that would cause the end of worlds. So, do you wanna find the pieces or not?"

"Yeah," Luigi answered. "Let's go."

A wizard, similar to Bestovius in appearance but wearing all white, stood in the remains of Castle Bleck. It was old and crumbly, but it would do. He hopped on to a stand in the room where Super Dimentio was fought.

"Beep bop boop boop beep bop?" a robot inquired. It looked like Brobot, only it was pink and the mustache was gone.

"Shutup, Sis," a pink Magiblot replied.

"Duh, what'd she say?" asked a Broozer, obviously confused.

"That it was hungry. Why can't Amanda shut up for five minutes?" the pink Magiblot yelled.

"Will you all please be quiet for one minute? Captain Wonks wants to think," said the wizard. "We need that Fourtune Gem. According to my radar, a piece is in the Koopa Kruise. Minions, out!"

The robot, the Magiblot, and the Broozer left, along with an Elite X-Naut, Jungle Fuzzy, and Yo Bro.


Luigi and Goombarry walked through Toad Town Square.

"What I don't understand is, why do we need the Fourtune Jewel anyway?" questioned Luigi.

"The Fourtune Gem, not jewel, stops the end of all worlds."

"Dimentio would like that."

"Not exactly. That doesn't mean he can build his perfect world. That just means the end. By the way, can we stop and buy a hat for me?" Goombarry said.

"Sure," said Luigi. They walked into a clothing store. After trying on several hats, including a biking helmet, jester hat, and bunny ears, Goombarry made his decision.

"What'd ya think?" he asked. He was wearing a Spiky Goomba hat. It was blue and had three spikes.

"Cool. Let's get going," Luigi replied. They walked for a little while, then realized they had no idea where the first piece was.

Meanwhile, the Broozer, Magiblot, and robot were a few feet away. "Okay, buy the tickets! I don't care!" the Magiblot yelled at the robot. She let it cut her in line.

"Where have I seen that robot before?" Luigi thought aloud.

"Super Paper Mario. When you were Mr. L," Goombarry replied.

They walked over to the Magiblot.

"What do you want NOW, Sis?" the Magiblot asked.

"No, um, your robot, it's, uhh, ours," Luigi told her.

"No. I found her. It was many years ago. Back when I joined Captain Wonks, I saw this robot come flying out of nowhere. I took it in, fixed it up. I spray painted her pink, and removed the mustache. And its name is Amanda."

"Hey, ain't dat da guy we're lookin' fer?" asked the Broozer, staring at Luigi.

"Wha-" Luigi was cut off.

"Beep bop boop beep bop beep boop!" shouted Amanda, the robot.

They all made a wild dive for Luigi. Luigi and Goombarry jumped out of the way. Goombarry did a headbonk, hitting the Magiblot. The Broozer charged at Luigi, but Luigi jumped on him. The Broozer was sent back, crashing into Amanda. Luigi and Goombarry ran off.

"We... should've... got... here... sooner... Now... they'll... find… the... gem... on... the... ship..." said the Magiblot, giving a final cough.

"On the ship! That's what they were in line for!" Goombarry said, running.

To Be Continued...

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