Super Mario RPG 2: Three Villains, Two Heroes

By Chase

Previously on Super Mario RPG 2 Three Villains, Two Heroes: Mario, Luigi, and Bowser set off to find Princess Peach. At Count Bleck's Castle, Daisy screams at Count Bleck, and Nastasia lectures her.

Nastasia: NEVER, and I mean NEVER, yell at the Count!!

However, Count Bleck is not hurt by this. He tells Natasia to send Daisy to the dungeon.

Back with Mario, Luigi, and Bowser, they discussed who could've taken Peach. Bowser thought it could be his brother Wart. They headed off to Chucklehuck Woods, where Wart had moved. The three heroes leveled up. They headed off again before seeing a sign saying "WART > THIS WAY." Triclyde slithered up to them and engaged them in a boss battle. Near the end, Luigi began an attack, but Triclyde interrupted and attacked Luigi instead. Bowser and Mario complained of cheating before Triclyde dropped on them. The three appeared to be dead.

At Wart's Castle, Peach squeezed out of her cell and met her cell guard, Pidgy. Pidgy told Peach that if she could beat him in an RPG battle, he'd let her explore slightly. Peach did beat him, and began her exploration.

How will Peach fare when searching Wart's Castle? How far will she go?

Will the Marios and Bowser be revived?

Also, what happened to Rosalina?

Those three questions will be answered in this episode.


Chapter 3:

At Cackletta's Lair, Rosalina is sitting in an uncomfortable chair, her hands tied behind her back, her mouth taped shut, and her dress stained with dirt. She is very hungry and tired. She looks at the clock on the wall. 4:00. Fawful should bring her dinner ration of bread and water. As Rosalina is thinking, she suddenly notices a piece of glass in the corner. She walks to it and sees part of the tape on her mouth isn't down and could be pulled off. But how can she pull it off with her hands tied behind her back?

Then she sees her guard...

Meanwhile, the Mario Brothers and Bowser are on the ground, apparently dead.

Triclyde: Looks like my work here is done.

He slithers away, leaving the heroes alone. Then, Luigi stirs.

Luigi: Ugh... What h-happened?

He then notices Mario and Bowser next to him, not moving, but breathing very slightly.

Luigi: Uh oh...

He gets up and paces quickly, trying to think of what to do. Finally, he remembers the three Super 1-Up Shrooms they have. He searches through their bag and finds two of them. He opens Mario's mouth and drops the Super 1-Up Shroom in before doing the same for Bowser. A few minutes pass, and the two finally stir.

Mario: Did... Did Triclyde kill us?

Luigi: I thought so, but I guess he didn't kill me since I got up. I gave you and Bowser Super 1-Up Shrooms.

Bowser: Man, I'm tired.

Luigi: So am I. But Triclyde went away, and Wart's Castle is right over there.

Mario: Well what are we waiting for? Let's go save Peach!

The three heroes walk into Wart's Castle and begin their exploration...

Meanwhile, Peach is also exploring the castle. However, she knows what Pidgy said; she can only go a little farther. Soon enough, she sees a door at the end of the hallway she is in. It is more than a little distance away; it is WAAYYY down the hall.

Peach: *sigh* Oh well, I guess it can't hurt to go in there.

Peach walks down the hall to the door. She can hear people talking beyond it.

Peach: (Hmmm... I wonder if I should go in there?)

Thinking hard, she finally decides to turn around and head back. She could get in trouble if she tried to go back there. She walks back to her cell, thanks Pidgy for letting her explore, and then heads into the cell…

Back with Rosalina, she thinks about how she could get her guard, a Red Virus, to pull off the tape. She turns around and pushes against his back. They both turn around.

Rosalina: Mmph mmph, mumph, mph, mmmph!

Red Virus: The tape?

Rosalina nods.

Red Virus: What? Can you not breathe well? If so, I'll pull it off.

Rosalina nods again. The Red Virus pulls off the tape.

Rosalina: Ah, much better. Thank you.

Red Virus: Yeah. I wasn't supposed to do that, so you're lucky!

In Wart's Castle, the Mario Brothers and Bowser are walking around and come to the same door Peach did earlier, and they walk in. Wart is sitting at a desk.

Wart: Mario, Luigi, Brother; long time no see! *smiles*

Luigi: Uh oh...

Wart gets up and walks over to the heroes menacingly. He holds up a fist.

Wart: Good luck.

Wart laughs evilly…

Will Rosalina meet Cackletta and Fawful?

What will happen to Daisy?

And what is Wart going to do to the Mario Brothers and Bowser?


Read on!

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