Super Mario RPG 2: Three Villains, Two Heroes

By Chase

Previously on SMRPG2: Three Villains, Two Heroes:
Mario, Luigi, and Bowser battled Wart. Of course, the three won with ease. Wart ran off and the three heroes searched for Peach. Cackletta wanted Rosalina to tell her where the Grand Stars are so she could kill Mario for good. Rosalina said Mario had already restored the Grand Stars, and that they couldn't be stolen again. However, Rosalina made an offer to Cackletta. If Cackletta allowed Rosalina to wander the lair, but not leave, then Rosalina would help Cackletta kill Mario. Cackletta agreed to the deal. At Count Bleck's Castle, Nastasia was wrapping Daisy in a rope. Count Bleck then dangled Daisy over the dimension under his castle. However, Bleck's plan to terrify Daisy didn't work out well when the rope holding her broke and Daisy went plummeting.

What is up with Rosalina saying she'll help kill the Mario Bros?

What happened to Daisy?

Finally, what new dangers will our four heroes face now?

Stay tuned to find out these answers!


Cackletta: So... How do you intend that we kill Mario?

Rosalina: Simple; open a window and I'll scream really, really loudly and Mario will come and you can kill him.

Cackletta: (angry) WHAT?! THAT'S YOUR PLAN?!

Rosalina: Yeah, pretty much.

Cackletta: GAH!

She then throws Rosalina out of a window.

Rosalina: Ugh... Ouch!

She gets up and walks around.

Rosalina: Well, at least I'm free from Cackletta. I wasn't gonna help her kill Mario anyway.

Rosalina begins walking for miles and miles.

With Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and Peach...


Luigi: Mario, we’ve gotta save Daisy!

Mario: I understand. But... something tells me that she's not in Bleck's Castle.


Mario: Umm... Got it!

The four heroes begin hiking to find Bleck's Castle. Suddenly, Dimentio appears out of nowhere.

Dimentio: Ah ha ha! The four heroes... Say, what are you "heroes" doing anyway?

Luigi: Looking for Bleck's Castle! Why?!

Dimentio: Ah, yes, I see... Well, I'll send you there... But first, I want Luigi here to battle me. If he wins, I'll transport all four of you to Bleck's Castle. If he loses, you're on your own.

Luigi: FINE!

Luigi vs Dimentio

Luigi HP: 33/33
Attack: Hammer
Dimentio takes 4 damage!
Dimentio: Ha! Is that all you can do?

Dimentio HP: 46/50
Attack: Mirage
Dimentio splits into three!
Dimentios: HA HA! Which is the real ME?

Luigi HP: 33/33
Attack: USE ITEM: Ice Storm
Dimentio takes 10 damage! DImentio Clones disappear!
Dimentio: YOUCH!
Luigi: Ha!

Dimentio HP: 36/50
Attack: Fire Block
Luigi takes 5 damage and is burned!

Luigi HP: 28/33
Attack: Super Jump
Dimentio takes 7 damage!
Luigi takes 1 damage from his burn!

Dimentio HP: 29/50
Attack: Triple Spell
Luigi takes 6 damage!

Luigi HP: 21/33
Attack: Super Jump
Dimentio takes 7 damage!
Luigi takes 1 damage from his burn!

Dimentio: *sigh* I must end this like the ants raging at a kindergarten picnic!
Dimentio HP: 22/50
Attack: Triple Spell
Luigi takes 6 damage!

Luigi HP: 14/33
Attack: USE ITEM: Mushroom
Luigi recovers 10 HP!

Dimentio HP: 22/50
Attack: Triple Spell
Luigi dodges and takes no damage!

Luigi HP: 24/33
Attack: Green Fireball
Dimentio takes 6 damage, is burned, and is poisoned!
Luigi: WOAH! How'd that happen!?

Dimentio: All right, all right, you win! I'll transport you four to Bleck's Castle.

Peach: THANKS!

Dimentio: Yeah yeah...

Dimensional boxes appear around the four heroes and they disappear and then reappear at Count Bleck's Castle.

Mario: No different than before... Let's go find Bleck, though.

The four set off again, now to find Bleck and Daisy (so they think).

But meanwhile, Daisy lay on the ground, covered in bruises.

Daisy: Ugh... What happened?

She looks around. She is surrounded by forest.

Daisy: Wait... I thought I was in a different dimension... Maybe I somehow switched dimensions?

She gets up and walks around.

Daisy: I wonder if anybody is around here...

After walking a while, Daisy sees a girl in a blue dress with blond hair.

Daisy: Hmmm... OH!

Meanwhile, Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser are walking through Bleck's Castle. They already knew where Bleck is. They arrive in the room where they fought him before, and sure enough, Count Bleck and Nastasia are on their usual pedestals, talking.

Nastasia: I can't believe that wretched princess is gone...

Count Bleck: It does not worry Count Bleck. The man in green will still come looking for her, and along with him will be that fool, Mario.

Nastasia: I suppose...

Suddenly, Mario sneezes.

Peach: (angrily whispering) MARIO!

Count Bleck and Nastasia look down to see the four heroes standing on the floor.

Luigi: Eh heh heh...

Count Bleck flies down.

Count Bleck: Hmm...


Count Bleck: That was her name? Oh well, she's gone. But, you hiked here, so you shall battle me and Nastasia. NASTASIA, OVER HERE! NOW!

Nastasia: Yessir.

Count Bleck: We shall battle these fools... If they win, we send them to Daisy. If they lose... Hah ha ha!

Peach: Uh oh...

What will happen to the four heroes?

Who is the girl Daisy found?

And what will happen to Rosalina?

These will be answered in the final chapter!


Final Chapter:
Daisy: Umm... Excuse me, miss?
Girl: Yes?
The girl turns around and reveals herself to be Rosalina.
Rosalina: DAISY?
Daisy: WOW!
Rosalina: It's been forever since we last saw each other!
Daisy: Remember that one race in Mario Kart?
Rosalina: OH YEAH!
The two girls sit down and begin talking.
Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser vs. Count Bleck
Count Bleck: Instead of a turn-based battle, let's do this like we did before...
Mario: Okey-dokey...
Mario makes a surprise attack on Bleck and jumps on him.
Count Bleck: Ow!
Count Bleck raises his wand, but Mario quickly jumps on him again.
Count Bleck: STOP!
Bowser then jumps in and breathes fire on Bleck.
Count Bleck: YARGH! I'M ON FIRE!
Luigi does a super jump on Bleck, and Peach whacks him with her parasol.
Count Bleck: AGH! STOP!
Bleck raises his wand and traps all four heroes in a box. He then ignites the box in flames.
Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser: WAHH!
They all suddenly jump out.
Luigi: You think you could hurt us with that?
Bowser: I breathe fire!
Peach: That hardly hurt!
Mario: You might as well pinch us!
Then all four heroes combine their attacks to finish off Count Bleck.
Count Bleck: FINE! I'll take you to Daisy!
Count Bleck puts the heroes in a box and surrounds the box in another box, and it disappears. The heroes climb out of the box and see that they're in a forest. Triclyde then appears.
Triclyde: You defeated me once, and you will not defeat me again!
Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser vs. Triclyde
Triclyde HP: 200/200
Attack: Fire Breath
Mario, Luigi, and Peach take 6 damage! Bowser takes no damage!
Mario HP: 34/40 (All four heroes used HP Switchers to make their max HP 40)
Attack: Jump
Triclyde takes 6 damage!
Mario: It looks like his defense has dropped though his attack is higher!
Luigi HP: 34/40
Attack: Super Jump
Triclyde takes 10 damage!
Peach HP: 34/40
Attack: Slap
Triclyde takes 2 damage!
Bowser HP: 40/40
Attack: Claw
Triclyde takes 12 damage!
Triclyde HP: 170/200
Attack: Tail Whip
Bowser takes 7 damage!
Mario HP: 34/40
Attack: Jump
Triclyde takes 10 damage!
Luigi HP: 34/40
Attack: Super Jump
Triclyde takes 12 damage!
Triclyde: GAH! Why am I getting hurt more?
The heroes and Triclyde look over to see Daisy and Rosalina praying for them!
Peach: OH! Daisy and Rosalina!
Peach HP: 34/40
Attack: Parasol
Triclyde takes 6 damage!
Bowser HP: 33/40
Attack: Claw
Triclyde takes 14 damage!
Triclyde HP: 128/200
Attack: HP Boost
Triclyde tries to boost his HP... BUT FAILS!
Triclyde: WHAT?!
Mario: Hey guys! We should work together and do that special move where we combine our attacks! This way we can finish him off faster!
Luigi: Sounds good to me!
Peach: Let's do it!
Bowser: Fine!
The four combine their attacks again and deal 600 damage to Triclyde! Triclyde is defeated!
Peach: That wasn't hard at all...
Luigi: That doesn't matter! Daisy and Rosalina are right over there!
Luigi and Daisy engage in a hug.
Luigi: I was so worried about you!
Daisy: Same here!
Mario: Well we're all safe now! But where are we?
Queen Jaydes then walks up to the heroes.
Luigi: Queen Jaydes?!
Queen Jaydes: It's me. Anyway, you four are in the Underwhere again.
Mario: AGAIN?! Gosh, I hate this place...
Queen Jaydes: Yes, well, I'm here to send you all back to the Mushroom Kingdom.
Daisy: GREAT!
The heroes, Rosalina, and Daisy find themselves standing in Toad Town.
Peach: Well let's not stand here, we should go to my castle! I'll run ahead and have Toadsworth make tea and cookies! Come quickly! You too, Daisy and Rosalina!
Peach runs ahead to do what she said.
Mario: Let's-a go!
A few hours later...
Daisy/Rosalina: …And that's how we met up.
Peach: Wow.
Rosalina: Yeah... Well I must get back to my Lumas now.
Daisy: And I have to go back to Sarasaland.
Peach: All right, bye!
Rosalina and Daisy leave.
Bowser: I'm leaving too.
Bowser runs off.
Luigi: Well Bro, we should get going too.
Mario: Yep. Bye, Peach!
Peach: Bye!
And with that, Mario and Luigi leave.


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