Bowser Jr. and the Ancient King Skull

By Iggy Koopa

Last time on Bowser Jr. and the Ancient King Skull…

Lemmy: Let’s go!

A few minutes later…

???: Mwahahahaha!

Fearsome Four: Oh no!

And now…

The Fearsome Four shriek.

Salvo: Hi!

Lemmy: O_O

Larry: O_O

Bowser Jr: O_O

Kirby: O_O

Salvo: Hi!

Lemmy: Ok…

Salvo: Hi!

He gets karate-kicked by Larry.

Larry: STOP REPEATING YOURSELF! You’re more annoying then Morton!

Salvo: Hi!

Larry punches him into the back wall, where Salvo grows huge and angry.

BJ: Good job, Larry. NOW WE HAVE TO FIGHT HIM!!!


R. K. Kid: Let’s take these off.

B. K. Kid: Ok.

They turn back to normal.

BJ: That’s better.

Kirby: My turn first. INHALE!

He inhales part of Salvo, turning Kirby into Ball Kirby.

Lemmy: Now me. BALL BOUNCE!

He throws a ball at Salvo, but Salvo is unharmed.

Lemmy: Phooey.

BJ: Paintbrush!

He paints Salvo red, causing Salvo to become angrier.

BJ: Oops.

Larry: Nice job. Anyway, PIRANHA POWER!

A bunch of Piranhas come out of the ground and begin eating Salvo.

Larry: Cool.

BJ: Yeah, for real! We win!

The Piranhas get full and leave. Salvo still exists.

BJ: … Or not.


Salvo throws a slimy ball at Larry, causing Larry to get stuck to the ground.

Ball Kirby: Bad slime!

He bounces on Salvo’s head over and over again. Salvo is unharmed.

Ball Kirby: … Ok, balls don’t work on him.

Lemmy: Only one thing left to do… JON AND NICK BADGE!

Jon and Nick shoot Salvo into little slimy puddles.

Lemmy: That worked.

Jon: All right. Bye.

Nick: Yeah, bye.


Chapter 8: Chasing Tatanga

Larry: Now… how do we find the treasure?

Lemmy: Jorge Badge!

Jorge runs in.

Jorge: This is Salvo the Slime’s castle. Down in the bottom there is said to be a treasure, as well as The Ancient King’s Skull. We should probably check that out.

He runs off.

Larry: … Ok…

They dash into the elevator and go downstairs, where Peanut is.

Peanut: Thanks to BAM you guys, I lost my position of BAM author to HIM! *points at a Ukiki in a Magikoopa costume* BAM!

BJ: Oops.

Peanut: Now BAM die BAM or BAM else!


Kirby: AGAIN?!

BJ: Oh well.

Kirby: INHALE!

He swallows Peanut, then spits him out and becomes Bomb Kirby.


He throws balls at Peanut, but Peanut is unharmed.

Lemmy: Again?!

BJ: You’re useless. PAINT!

He paints Peanut red, which lights Peanut’s fuse.

BJ: Haha!

Peanut: NO!

Larry: Defend!

Larry ducks into his shell.

Peanut: RAH! I can at least hurt you!

He charges at them, then explodes, which knocks him unconscious and kills everyone but Larry.

Larry: Oh boy…


Larry: Now what? *looks in his shell and sees two 1Uup Mushrooms* Only two? I need three…

He feeds BJ and Lemmy each a 1-Up.

Larry: We’ve gotta find something for Kirby, though.

Lemmy: Let’s leave him behind. He shouldn’t really be in this story, anyway.

BJ: True.

Larry: Fine.

The Ukiki (me) takes out a pencil and erases Kirby.

Me: Bye!

Lemmy: O_O Oh well. Hey look! A bunch of coins!

Jorge runs in.


He takes them all away.

Larry: O_O

BJ: Where’s the ancient king, though?

Mailbox SP: Beep, beep!

Lemmy: Mail. “Haha! I have taken your precious sister and the skull to my hideout! You’ll never beat me, now! Signed, Tatanga.” Phooey.

???: master… bj… help…

Koopalings: Who’s there?!

???: me… dark…

BJ: Dark Yoshi?!

Dark Yoshi: and… dark…blue…

Lemmy: Where’s Dark Yellow?

Dark Yoshi: … he… was exe…cuted…

Larry: No!

Dark Yoshi: … we… will be… too… soon…

Koopalings: Where are you?!

Dark Yoshi: … in… secret… room…

Larry leans against a wall sadly and a door opens. Dark Yoshi and Dark Blue are behind it.

BJ: Nice one, Larry!

Lemmy: Yeah, Larry!

Larry: Huh? What’d I… Oh! I mean…Of course. I knew it would work!

BJ and Lemmy giggle. The three then drag Dark Yoshi and Dark Blue out.

BJ: Are you sure Dark Yellow was executed?

Dark Yoshi: Tatanga told us that.

Dark Blue: He said Dark Yellow was a failure.

Lemmy: Oh.

Dark Yoshi: As a thank you, take this badge.

Dark Blue: It will call us to battle.


Larry: Let’s find Tatanga and Wendy. Fast!

They dash off.

Lemmy: Hey, BJ, where’s your phone?

BJ (pulling out a phone): Here.

Lemmy: Use it to track where my Email came from.

BJ: Good idea!... Seems to be coming from… Oh no.

Larry: What?!

BJ: The Shroob planet!

Chapter 9: The Planet of the Shroobs

Larry and Lemmy: Oh boy…

BJ: Let’s go talk to Yoshua and Bria. They might know what to do.

They run to the Koopalistic Hospital, where Yoshua and Bria work.

Bria: Hey, kids. What are you here for?

BJ: We need some help from Yoshua. We heard that he used to live on the Planet of the Shroobs, and we have to get there.

Bria: Oh. Ok. *speaks into megaspeaker* Yoshua, please report to the waiting room!

Yoshua soon comes in.

Bria: The kids need to talk to you.

Yoshua: Shoot.

Lemmy: We need to get to the Shroob Planet. Can you help us?

Yoshua: Sure! Go to my house and dig underneath the big rock. You’ll find my UFO.

They find the UFO and fly to the Shroob Planet.

BJ: Now to find- Oh boy… Dark Yellow! Dark Yoshi and Dark Blue said you were executed!



Lemmy: Um… Dark Yoshi Badge!

The Dark Yoshis run in.

Dark Yoshis: Dark Yellow! You’re alive!

Ultra Dark Yellow: DIE, TINY YOSHIS!

Dark Yoshi: Saddle spike!

He pokes Ultra Dark Yellow with his spike, dealing 100 damage.

Dark Blue: Spiked boot!

He kicks Ultra Dark Yellow with a spiked boot, dealing 100 damage.

Larry: HP CHECK!

Ultra Dark Yellow: 300/500 HP

Larry: Ok… Dark Yoshi Badge!

The Dark Yoshis use the same attack, lowering Ultra Dark Yellow to 100 damage left.

BJ: Let’s see… Nick and Jon Badge!

Nick and Jon shoot Ultra Dark Yellow, killing him.

BJ: Oh yeah!


Ultra Dark Yellow: UUUHHH…

He shrinks back down.

Dark Yellow: Wha…what happened?

Dark Yoshi: You were brainwashed. C’mon with us.

Dark Blue: We’ll give you some food.

The three walk away as Lemmy, Larry, and BJ continue. The three Koopalings soon arrive in the Shroob castle, discovering Tatanga, an army of Shroobs and a floating skull.

BJ: Oh…boy…

Chapter 10: The Final Battle


BJ: All right…So us three versus Tatanga, The Ancient King, and five Shroobs.

Tatanga: Wrong!

He kills Lemmy and Larry.

BJ: *gulp* Me… versus Tatanga, Ancient King, and 5 Shroobs. Oh boy… Uh…uh…SHADOW MARIO!

He turns into Shadow Mario.

Tatanga: BLASTER!

He shoots BJ.

BJ: Yowch!

Ancient King: HeAdBuTt…

He headbutts BJ.

BJ: That hurt!

Shroob 1: Blaster!

He shoots BJ, but BJ dodges.

Shroob 2: Blaster!

He shoots BJ, but BJ dodges.

Shroob 3: Shroobomb!

He throws it at BJ, but BJ is only caught by the edge of the explosion.

Shroob 4: Blaster!

He shoots BJ.

Shroob 5: Shroobomb!

He throws it at BJ, who is hit and now only has 1 HP left.

BJ: Ugh! Oh boy… STICKY PAINT!

Everyone gets stuck to the ground.

BJ: Now what…*sees Mushroom in shell* Aha!

He eats it, recovering 10 HP. Ok. Now… Jump!

He jumps on Shroob 1’s head.

BJ: Hammer!

He hammers Shroob 1, killing him. Everyone else gets unstuck.

Tatanga: Ship!

He gets onto his ship.

Ancient King: DeFeNd…

He ducks…

Shroob 2: Defend!

He hides in his hat…

Shroob 3: Defend!

Shroob 4: Defend!

Shroob 5: Defend!

BJ: One last move, Tatanga! POISON PAINT!

Poisonous paint falls on all the Shroobs, killing them. However, Tatanga is too high and Ancient King is unharmed.


Tatanga: Bad choice, Koopa! KING! ATTAAAAAAAAACK!

The Ancient King flies towards BJ, spitting poison at him. However, BJ skillfully dodges while noticing a big laser on Tatanga’s ship. With a cheer he jumps over to the laser and aims it at the Ancient King. He then fires it, killing the king.

Tatanga: No! My minion! GRAH! YOU’LL PAY FOR THIS, JUNIOR!

He aims the laser towards BJ, but at the last minute BJ moves and the laser hits a large Shroobomb.

Tatanga: No!

BJ: Uh oh!

He grabs Wendy’s cage and the dead bodies of Lemmy and Larry, and runs away as the castle explodes, killing all of the Shroobs and Tatanga.

BJ: Phew…

Wendy: Will you free me now?!

BJ: Oh yeah!

He opens Wendy’s cage.

Wendy: Thanks, BJ.

She hugs him.

Wendy: And also…

She feeds Lemmy and Larry each a 1-Up.

Lemmy: Huh?

Larry: What?

Lemmy: Wendy!

Larry: Did you kill Tatanga?

BJ: Yup.

They all return to Bowser’s Castle to find that Ludwig, Roy, Iggy and Morton have captured Wart and forced him to free Bowser and Clawdia before being placed in the dungeon. Yoshua, Bria, Jorge, Susan, and the Dark Yoshis are there with the Koopalings, Bowser, and Clawdia to celebrate that their children have come home.


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