The Rise of King Sammich

By Koopra

Chapter 8: Doomsday

Purple acid fell from the skies as a robed Koopa walked to a small lab-type house. He walked with his hands at his sides, not caring that his face was getting burned by the chemicals falling from above. He knocked on the door and muttered, "Stratico, I'm here."

The door creaked open as Zorlock Stratico stepped out. "Good, come inside, I have much to tell you."

Zorlock let the strange figure in and sat him behind a large crystal ball. "I have seen something in my ball… The gods that reign over Plit have spoken," croaked Zorlock. "You must not harm the one with long hair, that is what they told me."

"Long hair… This wouldn't happen to be a Koopa, would it?" asked the Koopa, thinking back to his dream before he entered the bubble.

"Yes, he is seeking revenge on your dad for killing King Bowser. But who he is, I do not know," mumbled Stratico. "And I'm sorry, you will die."


Koopra slashed at Nas T. with a sharp piece of glass that seemingly came from thin air. "Grah!" Nas T. shrieked as his cheek was pouring blood as black as night.

"What are you?!" yelled Koopra.

"I… am a god!" boomed Nas T. as he threw his pan at Koopra.

"Of course you are," said Ricky, who had just grabbed Nas T's cloak. "And now I shall smite you." There was a flash of light and Nas T. was reduced to a pile of ash.

Chapter 9: Prophecies, Shy Guys, and Inferno-Like Plains

A small Bob-omb shuffled through a long hallway, humming to himself a tune that would be sung like this: "You just gotta sing, or the singin' will die…" He walked by a door marked with the words "Demon's Den". He looked up at the door and wondered where it came from, for it wasn't on the map. He opened the door and found a flaming plain-like void with your worst nightmares flying through the air. He tried to scream as he was pulled in, but nothing came out. He was sucked in and the door slammed shut.


Gloom, pain, and sorrow surrounded Shine Guy as Isle Delfino was destroyed, but he enjoyed it, for now his master was about to rise. A loud screech was heard as a giant mass of lava burst from the volcano. "Yes, the time has come for a new age: The Age of Lava." Shine Guy belted out a sinister cackle as his master's spirit floated toward him.

"Now, we must go find the chosen body…" moaned the spirit.

"What? I thought we did this to restore your body!" yelled Shine Guy.

"Yes… but all I needed was the power, the old body is too fragile," murmured the spirit. "We need to find a worthy body, now…"

Shine Guy and Krakino floated away to a dark part of Grass Land…

To Be Continued...

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