Morton Sr’s Return

By Red Koopa

Iggy: Why are we going to see Uncle Wart?

Larry: Because Dad said to! He said that before his last breath!

In fact Bowser had been betrayed by his father Morton Sr. He then sent his two sons, Larry and Iggy, to seek out his older brother Wart, who lives in Sub-con with his two children, Susan and Nick.

Larry: There is the red door!

Iggy: We haven’t been here in awhile! I think it has been two years since we were here!

Larry: Now the door opens!

Larry opens the red door and he falls through the door but not before grabbing Iggy. Larry and Iggy end up near the entrance to Wart’s castle.

Iggy: Rough landing!

Larry: I will talk to the guard!

Larry walks up to the gate only to be confronted by Shy Guys.

Shy Guy 1: Who are you!

Larry: I am Larry Koopa, and I come to see Wart!

Shy Guy 2: There is another!

The second Shy Guy drags Iggy over

Iggy: Let go of me!

Iggy wipes the dirt off of his arm.

Shy Guy 1: Come! Master Wart will deal with you.

The Shy Guys bring Larry and Iggy into the castle. Inside we see lilypads and fly jars everywhere.

Larry: Those are a different type of lily pad than I’ve seen before!

Larry and Iggy are brought into the throne room. Wart is on his throne eating flies. He sees Larry and Iggy and puts the fly jar away.

Wart: Aren’t you two my nephews?

Iggy: Yes, Uncle Wart! It is us- well, only two of us because there are usually 8 of us.

Wart: Why are you here then? Does Bowser want his vacuum back?

Larry: We need your help! The Mushroom Kingdom is in danger!

Wart: Who cares?

 Iggy: Please listen!

Wart: Guards! Escort them out of Sub-con!

Two Clawgrips walk in and grab each Koopaling.

Larry: Wait! Listen! Morton Sr. has risen from the dead!

Wart: What! Guards, stop!

The Clawgrips let go of Larry and Iggy. Wart has a scared look on his face.

Wart: How long has he been back?

Larry: 3 days! He’s heading back to our castle to marry Princess Peach!

Wart: Why are you asking me?

Iggy: My dad, or your brother, Bowser told us that you would know his weakness!

Wart: Hmmm! Bowser told you that, did he!

Larry: It’s worse! Uncle Wart… Morton Sr. shot Bowser!


Iggy: He betrayed Dad!

Wart sighs.

Wart: He always had a lust for power!

Larry: What do you mean?

Wart: Bowser and I never had any father-son time. He was always working and trying to kill The King, which he eventually did.

Iggy: At least Dad does things with us. He’ll play Super Smash Bros. with us and go fishing and things like that.

Wart frowns.

Wart: We never had that. Morton always had Bowser live with Kamek on Yoshi’s Island. I was stuck in my room with a private tutor to teach me the ways of being a Koopa ruler.

Larry: Was it terrible?

Wart: It was bad! Oh yes! As you know, all that tutoring was wasted when I was turned into this!

Wart points to the mirror that shows him looking like a frog.

Iggy: Thank you for the backstory, Uncle Wart, but we need to find out a way to send your father back to the Underwhere!

Wart: You will need the sword of the Nimbis! I hear that Grambi has it in the Overthere!

Larry: How are we supposed to get there?

Wart: I think you should find out yourself.

Iggy lies on the ground, pretending to be dead.

Wart: No, not that way!

Larry: He means like find a way to Flipside!

Iggy: Wait! Dad told us several months ago how to get there!

Wart: Well so much for stumping you two!

Larry: Thank you, Uncle Wart! We will never forget what you told us!

Wart: You do realize we are still enemies, right?

Iggy: Yeah, we know! But have you heard the saying, the enemy of my enemy is my friend?

Wart: Yes!

Iggy: Wait, where’s Susan and Nick?

Wart: At workout sessions!

Larry: Let’s just go already!

Iggy: Right!


Luigi: Didn’t we do this before, Mario?

Mario: No, hiding in a crate on the doomship is completely original.

Mario and Luigi are hiding in the crate after getting onto the doomship. The crate is in the control room with Morton Sr, Princess Peach, two Koopatrol drivers, and two Hammer Bro guards.

Luigi: Why can’t we attack Morton Sr. now? He’s in this room talking!

Mario: I want to find out what he’s up to!

Morton Sr: Finally! I will marry Princess Peach and the whole Mushroom Kingdom will be mine! No! Better yet, the whole world! EYHAHAHAHAHA!

Koopatrol 1: Oh great ruler, we have a ship incoming! It’s very purple!

The Shroob Mothership is chasing the doomship. Morton Sr. grows angry and throws his paper of plans to the ground.

Morton Sr: Destroy it!

Koopatrol 2: Yes sir! Battle stations!

Inside the Shroob Mothership, Princess Shroob is standing next to some Shroobs in the control room.
Princess Shroob: #^#@^&##&$$*$&^&#*&^ (I hope those two morons found a place to hide, because it could get ugly for them.)

The Shroob Mothership fires a laser that hits the doomship.

Koopatrol 1: Sir, we are hit! We can’t take another shot!

Morton Sr: Very well! Fire the Mega Bonzai Bill!

Koopatrol 2: Sir, that will cause major damage to the vessel and major loss of life.

Morton Sr: DO IT!

Morton Sr. punches the button that fires the Mega Bonzai Bill. It hits the Shroob Mothership, causing a major explosion and a mushroom cloud. All that is left is burned away Shroobs, but Princess Shroob herself is nowhere to be seen.


Koopatrol 1: We are approaching Bowser’s castle

Morton Sr: No, worm! This is my castle! Prepare to unload!

Morton Sr. turns to Peach.

Morton Sr: As for you, my queen! You will be my wife soon enough!

Peach: Don’t be so sure! The Mario Bros. will find you and take care of you!

Morton Sr: Don’t be so sure, my pretty! They will bow to my power!

Peach: I will never marry you!

Morton Sr: Minions! Prepare the wedding! I want it ready by tonight!

Hammer Bro: Yes, my Lord!

The Hammer Bro leaves. The doomship lands in the hangar. Lines of Goombas await Morton Sr.

Mario: We have to move quickly! I wonder where Clawdia and the other Koopalings are?

Luigi: Shh! Here comes a Hammer Bro!

A Hammer Bro comes to pick up the crate, but can’t.

Hammer Bro: What’s in here? Hey Joe! Come help me here!

Another Hammer Bro comes to lift the crate and carries it into the hangar.

Mario: On three!

The Hammer Bros. put down the crate just before it bursts opens and Mario and Luigi hit both of them in the head, knocking both unconscious. Mario and Luigi drag away the bodies and hide them in another crate.

Mario: Let’s move!


Larry: Well, we made it! Turns out there is a pipe in Toad Town that takes us here.

Iggy and Larry found a pipe in Toad Town to Flipside.

Iggy: It’s the purple door, Larry!

Larry: I trust you.

The both go through the door and end up in the Underwhere. They see a line of Shroobs waiting to see Queen Jaydes.

Iggy: Are these all the people Morton killed?

Larry: I guess so

The two walk the path to Queen Jaydes until they meet her.

Queen Jaydes: More patients? You have to go to the back of the line!

Iggy: Wait! We’re not dead!

Random Shroob: $#&%#^&##%$ (We’re all dead here!)

Queen Jaydes: Then what are you here for? Hmmm! I still sense life flowing through you!

Larry: Listen! We’re here because we heard from Wart about a way to stop Morton Sr.

Jaydes: MORTON SR! He’s our most wanted undead criminal. We sent a group of Nimbis last week to bring him back.

Larry: Yeah! We met up with them and we never saw them again after our ship crashed!

Jaydes: What did this…Wart say about the way to stop him?

Iggy: We are here for the sword of the Nimbis.

Jaydes: The sword of the Nimbis? That really is the only way to stop Morton Sr. and send him back here?

Larry: Well, can we have it?

Jaydes: You can have it, but it will only work for a person with a noble and righteous heart, one willing to fight for peace. Knowing you Koopas and your evil ways, it will not work for you. You need to find someone else who can use it.

Iggy: I thought Grambi had it!

Jaydes: He does, but we both own the same sword because we are both lords of the dead.  It will appear for either of us if we call it.

Larry: Well! Call it!

Jaydes: Let’s see, the magic word is… please!

A golden sword appears. Jaydes grabs it and hands it to Larry.

Jaydes: It will glow for the right user.

As predicted, the sword does not glow for either Larry or Iggy because of their Koopa ways.

Iggy: Thank you!

Jaydes: I will send you back to your home!

Jaydes mumbles some words and a portal opens. Larry and Iggy jump through.


Mario: We need to get to the throne room or great hall, because that’s where the wedding will most likely be held.

Luigi: Mario! Look!

Luigi points down below, where the Koopalings and Clawdia are being carried around.

Mario: Morton Sr. really did brainwash them!

Morton Sr: Is the wedding prepared?

Hammer Bro: Yes, your Honor!

Morton Sr: Good! I hate waiting!

Mario: We need to act now!

Luigi: Let’s see if Larry and Iggy show up!

Mario: No time!

Mario and Luigi run to the great hall.


Bowser lies outside Peach’s castle. He wakes up from being unconscious.

Bowser: OH! Where am I?

The image of Morton Sr. shooting him appears in his mind.

Bowser: That little punk! I can’t let him marry Peach! He had his chance in life!

Bowser gets up and starts limping toward the Dark Land pipe.

Back at Bowser’s castle…

The wedding is starting. All the Koopa minions are sitting in rows in the great hall as Peach strolls up the aisle in a wedding dress. She stands next to Morton Sr.

Goomba Priest: Today we witness the wedding between Princess Peach Toadstool and King Morton Koopa S-

Mario: Stop it right there!

Morton Sr. has an angry look on his face.

Morton Sr: YOU!

Morton Sr. screams, but then smiles briefly.

Morton Sr: You’re the famous Mario!

Mario: That’s me!

Morton Sr: And you are his brother, Luigi!

Luigi: Yep!

Morton Sr: I know a perfect way to deal with you! You will not stop me now!

Mario: That’s enough!

Mario walks toward Morton Sr. but he pulls out his gun and puts it at Peach’s heart. Mario and Luigi get angry.

Morton: Sr: One more step and she gets it!

Mario: You wouldn’t dare!

Morton Sr. smiles.

Morton Sr: I would! Now we will fight! Alone!

Luigi: I won’t let him!

The floor opens below Luigi.

Luigi: Oh crud!

Luigi falls through the floor.

Morton Sr: Minions! Leave us!

All the Koopa minions leave until all that’s left are Mario, Morton Sr, and Peach.

Morton Sr: Prepare to die!

Morton Sr. runs up at Mario and punches him in the face several times. Mario can hardly take it as Peach screams and Morton Sr. laughs.

Morton Sr: Foolish weakling! You dare stand up to my power? I laugh at you! I’ve had enough toying around with you! It’s time to end this!

Morton Sr. pulls out a sword with poison scattered all over it, ready to stab Mario. As he begins to however, he is hit in the head with a Koopa shell, dropping his sword and letting go of Mario.

Voice: As much as I hate Mario, the way you betrayed your own son was truly heartless.

Bowser walks out, still clutching the bullet wound.

Morton Sr: How dare you interrupt me? Calling me heartless! What is this, Kingdom Hearts!

Bowser: Well no, but that was very cruel and cold-blooded of you… Dad!

Morton Sr: I thought you were dead! If the bullet wound didn’t kill you then surely the fall would!

Bowser: How do you think I’ve survived all these years taking beatings from him?

Bowser points to Mario, who is still weakened from his near death experience. Morton Sr. pulls out his gun.

Bowser: You wouldn’t shoot your own son again?

Morton Sr: I would! One more shot and you will perish!

Morton Sr. is about to shoot Bowser when Larry jumps on Morton Sr’s back and wraps a vine around his neck. Morton Sr. struggles, and manages to knock off Larry. Iggy jumps down with the sword.

Iggy: Mario, catch!

Iggy throws the sword at Mario’s feet. Mario grabs it and gets up. The sword starts glowing gold.

Mario: I feel rejuvenated! What is this?

Larry: It’s the only weapon that can banish Morton Sr. to the Underwhere. Only one with a noble and righteous heart can use it. Someone like you, Mario!

Morton Sr. untangles the vine and throws it to the ground.

Morton Sr: Enough! Mario! You and me! Now!

Fire surrounds Bowser, Peach, Larry, and Iggy. Mario and Morton Sr. are warped to the top of Bowser Castle, on top of the tower.

Morton Sr: Draw your sword! And fight me!

Morton Sr. draws his sword. Mario takes out his sword, which is glowing in the darkness of the nighttime of Dark Land.

Mario: I’ve saved the world from a variety of villains, bested many foes, had my share of hardships, but I’ve never had to deal with anything as evil as you!

Morton Sr: I will destroy anybody in my way! Even if it means countless lives lost!

Mario: I will defeat you!

Mario and Morton Sr. run at each other and clash swords. Morton Sr. strikes aggressively, trying to catch Mario off guard. Morton Sr. jumps in the air, trying to cut Mario, who dodges the attack by rolling. Mario slashes Morton Sr. but is blocked and Morton Sr. kicks Mario, who falls to the ground. Morton Sr. goes for the finisher but misses due to Mario’s quick reaction. Mario jumps up and manages to kick Morton Sr. is the face. Morton Sr. falls back and is at the edge of the tower. Mario walks up to him.

Mario: I think you’re at your end!

Morton Sr: Not quite!

Morton Sr. jumps up in the air and lightning strikes his sword. Morton Sr. jumps down and hits Mario enough to where he knocks the sword out of his hand, sending it to the edge of the tower. Morton Sr. tries to slash Mario but misses and Mario slides under him and is kicked, causing him to lose his sword. Morton Sr. punches Mario in the stomach, causing him to fall back. Mario grabs his arm but Morton Sr. elbows him in the face, causing him a nosebleed. Mario tries to punch but misses badly. Morton Sr. punches Mario consecutively several times until Mario falls to the ground. Mario is bruised and has a black eye from the fight . Morton Sr. smiles.

Morton Sr: I think you’re at YOUR end!

Mario can barely breathe as he coughs and chokes.

Morton Sr: Your time as the strongest in the Mushroom Kingdom is over.

Morton Sr. pulls out his gun and is about to shoot, when Mario grabs it and throws it off the tower. Mario gets up and punches Morton Sr. in the face several times. Morton Sr. grabs his sword and throws it at Mario, who easily catches it. Mario throws it on the ground, causing it to break.

Morton Sr: NO!

Mario: I will… never… *cough…* let the world… fall into your hands!

Mario and Morton Sr. grab each other’s arms and wrestle each other to the ground. Both start screaming in pain.

Morton Sr: I will live forever!

Morton Sr. overpowers Mario and slams him to the ground. Mario kicks him and gets up. Mario then grabs his neck and faceplants him to the ground. Morton Sr. gets up, his face cut and bruised and his eyes more blood-red than ever.  Morton Sr. grabs Mario and throws him almost off the tower, but Mario hangs on to the ledge with one hand. Morton Sr. looks down at Mario.

Morton Sr: You put up a fight! Just like your father did! I notice many similarities between you two. But I am more powerful! You will soon die and the world will soon be mine! I will build an empire unlike any other. I will never die! I have your father to thank for that! Once you die, you can’t die again! THANK YOU, FOOL! MY REIGN WILL BE WRITTEN IN YOUR BLOOD!

Mario struggles to hang on.

Morton Sr: It is time for us to part ways! Goodbye, SO-called Super Mario!

Morton Sr. is about to crush Mario’s hand until Mario notices the Nimbi sword a few yards away. Mario jumps up and Morton Sr. stops his foot just before he would have hit. Mario grabs his sword and runs at Morton and stabs him into his black heart and Morton Sr. screams.


Morton Sr. falls to the ground. Bowser, Princess Peach, Iggy, and Larry are seen running up the stairs to the tower. Bowser runs up to Morton Sr.

Morton Sr: Bowser! My son! You’ll save me, won’t you? Like a good son!

Bowser: NO!

Bowser punches Morton Sr. in the face.

Bowser: You were a horrible father! We never had any fun times. We never did any father-son things! All you ever said to me was “Go away, I’m trying to takeover the world!” or “You’re going to live with Kamek for a few months!” That’s all you ever said! I did have fun times with Kamek on Yoshi’s Island but, I wanted to have fun times with you! And you weren’t much nicer to Wart either! I hope I never see you again. All you cared for was yourself!

Iggy: You were the one who caused all those nightmares!

Morton Sr: I hope you all die! You need to suffer more than anybody else!

Mario: It’s been a not very good time knowing you, and I’ll say goodbye. Bowser! Do the honors!

Bowser nods and stabs the sword deeper into Morton Sr’s body, causing him to disappear. The sword disappears along with him.


Bowser: And that’s how we destroyed your evil grandfather!

A party is occurring in the Great Hall of Bowser’s castle. Mario, Luigi, and Peach are all having punch and cake at a table. Bowser is telling the story of the adventure, Clawdia is in the kitchen cooking, the Koopa minions are partying.

Lemmy: You won’t believe how bad it was for us once the minions became brainwashed.

Roy: It was horrible, man!

Bowser: Kids, come here!

The Koopalings crowd around Bowser.

Bowser: I’m sorry for almost letting your father takeover the world. I was a fool!

Ludwig: We can forgive you, Dad!

Wendy: With a new makeup kit!

Bowser: I can do that!

Morton: And a giant wedding cake!

Bowser: Ok!

Iggy: A new slot machine!

Lemmy: A golden ball!

Roy: A renovated boxing ring!

Ludwig: New lab equipment!

Larry: An advanced botany video!

Bowser Jr: More Koopa lessons!

Bowser: Ok! I can do all that! I’ll get all that I can at Walmart, the bakery, in Vegas, the Home Depot, and get my lesson plans for you.

Koopalings: Thank you!

Bowser stands up as Jaydes appears. Everybody stops what they are doing.

Jaydes: Mario!

Mario: Yes!

Jaydes: I can never thank you enough. You’ve helped me again. As well as you, Bowser!

Bowser: What?

Jaydes: Sending your own father back to me was a tough thing to do! Only the strongest of hearts can do such a thing.

Bowser: What became of my father?

Jaydes: He cannot be kept in the Underwhere itself. He must be kept where only the most evil people in life are kept. It’s where fire burns every day. Only the worst of people are kept there, as I said.

Mario: Is he the first one?

Jaydes: He is one of many to be sent there. In fact, Mario, you banished two there. I cannot name them all, just the infamous ones: the Shadow Queen, Dimentio, Ganondorf, Kefka, Ansem, among many others. Only pure evil can be sent there. In there they will suffer a fate worse than death. They will be eaten by spiders and snakes every day, but will return to their spots.

Bowser: That’s scary! I don’t want to be sent there.

Jaydes: I made a promise that you, Bowser, as well as the Mario Bros. and Princess Peach would automatically be in the Overthere when you die because you all saved the universe together.

Luigi: That rules!

Jaydes: I almost forgot why I came here. I bring you this!

Jaydes uses her power to release a light revealing Princess Shroob.

Princess Shroob: Oh my DAD! I’m back!

Jaydes: You had a request?

Princess Shroob: Please revive my sister!

Jaydes: I think you should rule your people without her. I know you will plan an invasion if I revive her.

Princess Shroob: Crud! You figured out my plan!

Mario throws a rock at Princess Shroob’s head, knocking her unconscious.

Mario: I feel better!

Jaydes: I guess I’ll warp her back to Planet Shroob.

Jaydes warps Princess Shroob’s body back to Planet Shroob, and then Jaydes leaves.

Bowser: Now that this is all over!

Peach: I’m leaving you with a warning, Bowser!

Bowser: Fine! Well, narrator, can you end the story already?

What? Oh, crud, yes! Uh, Morton Sr. was sealed away and the planet Plit was safe for a time.

How did Bowser miraculously recover from his injuries?

Bowser’s life returned to normal as well as did Mario’s. Princess Shroob vowed revenge on Mario and Co. but hasn’t been able to come up with a plan.

Peach fired the FBI and said they were worse than Toad guards. The Nimbis from part 1 remained lost in the woods of Dark Land.

Jaydes is on the phone a lot now.

Wart and Bowser renewed their rivalry after 2 years.

And that’s how our story ends! See ya!

The End


Somewhere in the horrible place Jaydes described, Morton Sr. is tied to a chain that even Chuck Norris couldn’t break. He is in a large cell with many other villains from other videogames all tied a similar way.

Morton Sr: I will have my revenge! I will get Mario and his friends! I will escape from this torture!

Dimentio: You’re one of many!

Shadow Queen: We have all fallen to many heroes!

Ganondorf: Being stabbed by the Master Sword is getting old.

Kefka: If I have my revenge, the party will truly BEGIN! I will destroy, destroy, destroy!

Ansem: I will destroy my enemies without cease!

Morton Sr: We all have our grudges!

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