The Arrival of a New Princess

By Alyson Koopastool

At the playground with the Koopalings... They were wondering what just happened.

Bowser Jr: Hey! Why did Kamek take Alyson?

Iggy: I remember he said King Dad wanted to talk to her... urgently!

Wendy: But why? I wanna know! I wanna know!

Ludwig: Iíve got an idea!

Lemmy: Geez... It means flunk!

Ludwig: (sarcastically) Haha, very funny... ¬¬  I was thinking about one or two of us going to spy on them.

Morton: But you all know what might and will happen to us if King Dad finds out that we're spying on his top secret talks... O_O

The Koopalings went silent. None of them wanted to run the risk and end up in the dungeon, but all of them wanted to find out what was happening. Larry then broke the silence:

Larry: You know what? I'm going to go! I'm dying of curiosity!

Roy: Me too!

So, Larry and Roy were walking in the hallways looking for where Bowser, Kamek, and Alyson were.

Roy: Darn! I'm not seeing them anywhere!

Larry: Shhhh! (whispering) I'm hearing them behind this door!

Larry and Roy quietly tilted and leaned their ears on the door to listen to Bowser's talk.

Back with Bowser, Kamek, and Alyson...

Alyson: Is it something I can help with?

Bowser: I believe so, kiddo. Have you ever wondered about... your aunt?

Alyson: ... My aunt...? She isn't here, is she?

Bowser turned around to look Alyson in the eyes.

Bowser: No, she isn't. Actually she's in another kingdom.

Kamek: The Mushroom Kingdom.

Alyson: Mushroom... Kingdom...? I don't get it! If she's your wife, shouldn't she stay here with you?

Kamek: That's the bad part.

Bowser: The Mushroom Kingdom is our enemy. A magician of theirs hypnotized and brainwashed her. Now she thinks she's the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, and even worse: she thinks we're her enemies!

Alyson: Oh, that's awful! Being taken away from your own family and being forced to forget and fight against it... That's simply... unforgivable!

Alyson was extremely shocked and disturbed. Bowser was very satisfied for tricking her like that... But a small part of him was felling really badly, as he felt sad for her. But why? He determined not to bother and continued the "drama".

Bowser: *sigh* She and the Mushroom Kingdom frequently attack our kingdom, and I can't retort! The spell on her is very strong and extremely hard to break!

Alyson: But can't Godfather Kamek break it?

Kamek: Maybe... But the magic used on her is different from the ones I have knowledge if. Besides, if I want to break the spell, I must have her here to study her and find a way to break the spell.

Alyson: Enough of this! Enough!!!

Alyson put her hands on her ears and shook her head. She couldn't stand this any longer. She couldn't just stay there listening about this monstrosity done to her aunt. She had to do something!

Alyson: I must do something! I want to help! I'm going to help! C'mon! Tell me what I can do!

Bowser: ... Well... You can help our liíl army of men that we're going to send to kidnap- *cough!* -err rescue your aunt from there and bring her here.

Alyson: I'll do it! But how am I going to know who she is? What does she look like, Uncle Bowser?

Bowser: She has long, blonde hair and radiant, blue eyes. She wears a long, pink dress with a blue jewel on it.

Alyson: And what's her... name?

Bowser: Heh? Her name's Princess Peach Toadstool.

Alyson: ... Aunt Peach...

To Be Continued...

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