Wendy's Conscience

By Jon

Artwork by Fried Rooster

‘No, I definitely don't,’ Wendy thought as she watched Lemmy do an act on his ball from the Koopa Lounge. ‘Do I?’

That evening at dinner she sat across from Lemmy. Suddenly, one of Lemmy's hairs fell onto her food.

‘Ohhhh boy,’ she thought, ‘now what? Do I throw a tantrum? No, I'm too tired. Should I eat around it? I definitly shouldn't touch it... oh, man! He's reaching over...’ She tried as hard as she could not to giggle, but gave out a little noise. Lemmy stared at her in confusion for a second. He took his hair out and threw it in the thrash, but missed.

Later that night, all the Koopas talked in the lounge. "Hey! I have an idea! Let's have an up-all-night-party!" Lemmy suggested.

"YES!" Wendy shouted. Everyone stared at her. "Uh, I mean, yeah, sure... if you guys wanna... heheh."

So they had an up all night party, and decided to all sleep in the lounge, since they were already there with their sleeping bags and were tired. Lemmy, without caring, settled down a little bit far away from Wendy. She hesitated for a while, and rolled over to face Lemmy. He was already asleep. ‘Yes, I definitly do!’ she thought.

The next day, all she thought about was Lemmy. She barely even took out her pocket mirror to admire herself. Suddenly, she had a thought. ‘Maybe I should tell him? ...Not now, though. He's practicing... or should I just get it over with? After lunch, yeah...’

So after lunch, Lemmy went to his apartment. Wendy knocked on the door. "Who is it?" asked Lemmy.

"It's Wendy," She replied.

"Come in," he said.

She went in. "What do you want?" Lemmy asked.

"Well, uh..." she stammered. ‘OK, here goes...’ she thought. Then she said, "Well, it's kinda hard to say it, but..."

"Why, do you like me?" Wendy asked back.

"NO!" Lemmy shouted.

"Good. OK. Goodbye! See you later!" Wendy rushed.

"Wait a minute... do you like me?"

"Do you think so?" Wendy said.

"Well, yes! You seem like it," Lemmy replied. And then came a thing no one would have expected. Not even you!

Wendy kissed Lemmy on the cheek. "I guess so," she said.

Lemmy headed out the door slowly. He looked the same way he did when he came in: doubtful. But he knew that she definitely liked him. And so did she.

Five days passed, and ever since that day when Wendy admittedher love  they hadn't talked. That night, Wendy started thinking. ‘Man! I'm so stupid! Why did I tell him? Now he hates me! *Sigh*... I guess I should forget about him--"’ Suddenly she heard a knock. "Who is it?" she asked.


Her eyes were wide open. After she opened the door, Lemmy rolled in on his ball. "I've been thinking," Lemmy said, "Why did you... you know... kiss me?"

"'Cause I wanted to tell you," Wendy replied.

Lemmy sat down on her bed. "Are you sure?" he asked back.


"OK," Lemmy said. Then he added, "I'll go now." He went out the door and went to bed.

So Koopa life went back to the way it used to be. Wendy then just liked Lemmy as another Koopaling... Or did she?

‘Uh... can't tell him now... must think of excuse...’ Wendy thought.  "Uh......... can I have extra sessions of ball-riding classes?" Wendy asked.

"THAT was so hard to say? Sure! Let's start now. Come on in!" Lemmy said with a smile, seeing that some people were really into it!

Meanwhile, as for Wendy, well, she nearly fainted, now that SHE was in LEMMY'S apartment with LEMMY'S permission!

"OK, now, let's start with the triple-- Wendy?" Lemmy asked. She ran out, giggling, and ran at the speed of a blur to her room. ‘Maybe she realized she had no makeup on...’ Lemmy thought. She was gasping for breath and screaming. "Yup. She realized she had no lipstick on," Lemmy concluded.

"I-was-in-there-I-was-in-there-I-was-in-there-I-was-in-there!!!!!!!" Wendy thought.

Suddenly she heard a knock. "Who... is… it?" Wendy struggled to say.

"Lemmy," came the reply. She opened the door. "I have a feeling that you didn't exactly wan't extra sessions..."

"Right!" Wendy said. Lemmy stared in confusion.

"Then what did you want?"

‘Ok. I said after lunch. It's after lunch...’ she thought. "It's just that..."

"Yeah?" Lemmy said.

"I-" Wendy said, inturrupted.

"You like me, don't you?" Lemmy asked.

The End

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