Mario's Koopamon Adventure 4: The Champion's Tournament

By crankymama5452

Chapter 2: The Explanation

The trainers start signing up for the tournament while the Koopa registers them all. Mario and Peach grow interested but Peach shakes it off and gets mad.

Peach: Stop! I didn't start this thing. Somebody else did.

Grodus: Of course you did. Peach, what is the matter?

Princess Shroob: Yeah. We all got your messages.

Peach: I sent NO MESSAGES!

Peach begins to scream and then turns to Mario and Luigi, who are signing up, and starts screaming even more crazily.

Luigi: Calm down, Princess. Sign up and you can find out who is causing this all.

Peach: True. Okay.

Peach goes up and signs. The information asked for is pretty interesting. Aside from the contestant’s name and position as a Koopamon trainer, the only other thing is to list all owned Koopamon and their info, such as catch spot, attacks, and how they handle battles.

Peach: I don't feel this was a good idea. Now what?

Smithy: Well, let's head to the castle.

The four go towards the castle, and fireworks begin to go off. The Koopa gets to his feet and turns to the castle.

Koopa: Okay people, you’re all registered. Please turn to the castle for your instructor.

Everybody turns to the castle and Peach stares on, angered. The second floor balcony window flies open and out comes... Peach! She goes to the front of the balcony as everybody turns back and forth between the two Peaches.

?Peach?: Welcome, all, to my tournament. This is created for the champions only. The best of the best. Elite, champions, and the legendary. You all have gathered here to determine once and for all who is the best. The rules are simple. If you turn to your left you'll see sheets with info.

The people turn to the papers and rip them from the building walls and read them.

Daisy: Rule number one, each trainer is provided three pictures of yourself and three others of other players.

Bowyer: Rule number two, battle you must to win. Take a picture from anyone you beat.

Crystal King: Rule number three, to win you need to put your picture together first.

Bowser Jr: Rule number four, to win the tournament you must collect the nine pieces of yourself, put them together, and input the number code on each piece of the picture into your matching number lock on the castle door. This gives you entry.

Cackletta: Rule number five, once inside the castle you will wait until eight people have entered. These eight will go one on one in four battles, eliminating the losers. The remaining four will move on to two on two battles, then to a one on one match.

Tatanga: Rule number six, the winner of above mentioned battle will go against me....

Peach: Peach...

Everybody turns toward the balcony at a smiling Peach.

?Peach?: Exactly. You get to battle me if you win. I guess that means for now I'm the best. There are six arenas in town and two out of town nearby. There is a grand total of twelve other arenas, twenty in total. I think that is enough for now. You'll get to see the rest yourself.

The mysterious Peach smiles and waves everybody away. The group splits up and heads off.

Wart: Mario, I'd like to come with you. I don’t have any pieces of your picture and you seen to have none of mine, so I think if we work together we can get into the castle together.

Mario: All right, but we need to find a way to get Peach into the castle, too. Something inside of me says that the best thing to do is let her win and go against that other her.

Wart: Deal. Where to now? Do we stay here?

Mario: No. Maybe we should go east, to Pleasant Path.

Wart: Done. Let's go.

Wart and Mario head off. Peach is seen going off with Daisy, and Luigi with Crystal King.

Chapter 3: A Pleasant Battle

Mario and Wart walk down the path towards the two arenas within the area. Mario looks back and forth, knowing where he is going but not knowing if an arena is there.

Wart: Where are we headed to?

Mario: Koopa Village. There is probably an arena there. Hopefully, at least. Interestingly enough I only have three Koopamon with me.

Wart: WHAT? WHY?

Mario: Well I never expected this. I don't even have B Bass on me right now.

Wart: Then who?

Mario: Ameboid, Goomba King, and Boomerang Bro

Wart: Aren't those your least trained ones? Are you nuts?

Mario: Yes I am!

As Wart sighs in disbelief of Mario's utter stupidity, the two continue on until they hear a noise coming from the stream below. Mario and Wart jump to the edge and look over it as they see a darker patch moving about under the water.

Mario: What is it?

Wart: My bet is a Koopamon.

Mario: Well let's see. GO AMEBOID!

Mario calls out the water phantom mushroom and it plops into the water and moves in on the dark patch.

Mario: What do you see?

Ameboid goes under the water and is then shot out by a geyser of water. Ameboid lands at Mario’s side as a Jelectro springs from the water, shooting off streams of water and electricity which Mario dives aside from.

Wart: WOAH! Mario, you like water types, right? You have three of them.

Mario: I do, and I don't have an electric type.

Wart: Well then, it is yours. I am a strict user of the dark type.

Mario: Okay then. LET'S GO, AMEBOID!

Ameboid bounces into the water.


Ameboid whips up a dry, dark wind that whirlpools the water and spins Jelectro about until it bounces from the water and uses Charge to absorb and convert some energy into electricity. It then blasts at Ameboid with Shockwave.


Ameboid jumps above the blast and shoots a cyclone of water up, and it turns into watery shockwaves that close in and explode on Jelectro, tossing it to land.

Wart: Mario, keep it up. It is almost ready.

Ameboid lands on the ground and shoots Eerie Wind, which blows a gust of wind at Jelectro, but it uses Shockwave and mixes it with Bubble Beam and sends static bubbles into the wind, which haults it. The attack keeps up and zaps Ameboid.


Ameboid whips the wind up but Shadow Balls fill it and fly at Jelectro. Jelectro uses Volt Absorb and begins to suck in air and generate it as electricity, which it uses to begin healing. The huge attack hits it and explodes on Jelectro, throwing it into a tree. It slows up and fires Shockwave.


Ameboid jumps the shockwaves and blasts it down with Hydro Pump. Mario tosses a Koopaball at it and it goes in. The ball proceeds to wiggle once, twice, and then... it breaks out.

Mario and Wart: WHAT? HOW?

The Jelectro makes a mad slide towards the water.

Mario: Ameboid, get in there and stop it however you can.

Ameboid jumps and fires Bubble Beam, which kicks dust up around and halts Jelectro.

Mario: Let's try this again. SHADOW BALL!

Ameboid jumps and blasts Jelectro with Shadow Balls, causing it to bounce and jiggle about from the explosions on it. It lays there out for the count, and Mario throws at it again. Once more it goes in and it wiggles, and twice, and then thrice and.... stops.

Mario: YES!

Wart: Woah, that was tricky. Good one, Mario.

Mario: Thank you, froggy. I'm going to call you Shocking Jelly.

Wart: Hmmm. It seems you get stupid when you catch Koopamon. Ugh, it can't be helped then.

Mario: YAY! Let's go to the arena.

The duo head to Koopa Village, though aware that there may not even be an arena there.

Chapter 4: Intro to Combat

Mario and Wart enter Koopa Village and begin to wander about. Of course they can't seem to find an arena as Wart had thought, but Mario seems to ignore Wart as he kind of gestures to the exit.

Wart: Mario, there is no arena here, okay? Let's just go.

Mario: Sure. Just give me another hour first, okay? As long I we don't come across anybody we have a picture piece of, we are good. Who do you have anyway?

Wart: Bowyer, Tatanga and... I really don't recognize who this is.

Wart shows Mario a piece the looks like a bottom corner. It appears to be a blackish purple dress bottom.

Mario: Hmm… Different, but it looks sort of familiar. I have...  Well, I don't know. Just a second…

Mario searches his pocket, tossing out crumbs of food, wool and lint, a small piece of moldy cheese, a picture of his face pasted on a picture of Peach's body, and then his pieces.

Mario: Okay. Me... me... me... Crystal King, Cackletta, and... oh... Oh no.

Wart: What? Who is it?

Mario: Peach...

Wart: Oh. Well this is going to be tricky. We are trying to get her into the castle with us, so you'd actually have to lose to her, and worse yet you can't make it seem intentional.

Mario: I know, but Peach knows I am better.

Wart: Yes, but if she improves on her end I think we'll be good.

Mario: Yes. Well let's just focus on getting our pieces first. Then we can do something about this.

Wart: Okay. Look over there. I though I just saw somebody going into the house over there.

Mario: That's Kooper’s house. Let's go.

The two enter the house and follow the person out the back door. Following the person, they realize that the person appears to be going slow to let them follow him without getting lost. Eventually they reach a clearing with an arena.

?????: Wow! You fell for it.

Mario: Who are you?

?????: Is that important? I challenge you. Hmmm, I want to see you in action. I haven't gotten to actually battle you yet, Mario, so it would be an honor to.

The person spins around to reveal beneath the robes... Birdo...

Mario: Birdo. Wow. I never knew you were of any high position.

Birdo: I was but I dropped out. You see, in this tournament, as said, you must be or have been of elite or champ rank. This is why the champs you beat were invited. I was in the Delfino League in first position until Peach came and rushed through me.

Wart: Birdo...

Birdo: Wart. You... I should be challenging you after the Sub-con incident, but still... I am interested in Mario. I can't afford to lose to you.

Wart: Fine. Mario, do your thing.

Mario: Sure thing. Your choice, Birdo.

Birdo: Three on three.

Mario: Good. Begin then.

Chapter 5: A Wild Battle in the Woods

Mario: Ladies first.

Birdo: Oh Mario, I never knew you had manners. Okay then, I will use this one.

Birdo tosses a Koopaball, which bursts open and in a flash of light, leaves behind a Flower Fuzzy.


Birdo: Okay. I'll begin this, then. Flower Fuzzy, wait.

Mario: What? Okay... USE CUT, B BRO!

B Bro jumps at Flower Fuzzy and withdraws his boomerang behind him to swing into a strike as Flower Fuzzy sits calm.

Birdo: Protect.

Flower Fuzzy glows and B Bro bounces off and falls to land.

Birdo: Flower Fuzzy, use Growth.

Flower Fuzzy begins to glow and grow a bit.

Mario: Arg. Try again. CUT!

Birdo: Repeat.

B Bro leaps forth but the attack is blocked by the Protect. As soon as B Bro lands, Flower Fuzzy glows again and grows some more.

Mario: I need something more productive. FLAMERANG!

Wart: There you go.

Birdo: Hmmmm.

B Bro throws the flaming boomerang at Flower Fuzzy.

Birdo: Protect, then Flower Drain.

Mario: What?

Flower Fuzzy glows and blocks the hit, then shoots out liquid-like energy streams that wrap around B Bro and begin to absorb something but don’t seem to cause him pain.

Mario: What? CUT!

B Bro chops the energy streams and breaks away and swings at Flower Fuzzy.

Birdo: Protect.


B Bro stops inches from Flower Fuzzy and swings at the now unprotected Flower Fuzzy.

Birdo: Flower Drain.

Flower Fuzzy shoots the energy out, it blocks the attack and wraps around B Bro.

Mario: Not this time. FLAMERANG!

B Bro pulls back and swings the boomerang but... no fire. B Bro panics as he lets down his guard, and Flower Fuzzy repels back.

Birdo: HAH! No more fire for you.

Mario: What did you do?

Birdo: I drained its Flower Points. You can't use that anymore.

Wart: NO WAY!

Mario: Grr. I don't need that anyway. BOMBERANG!

Birdo: Protect, then Growth.

The boomerang explodes on the barrier and Flower Fuzzy glows and grows.

Mario: Hmmm. Wait a minute!


Flower Fuzzy lets rip a massive, powered up blast of drained Flower Points in a beam form that rips into B Bro, throwing him for a loop and into a tree.

Mario: WHAT?

Birdo: Powered by the drained Flower Points of your attack and Growth, you have some troubles now and already.

Mario: Oh. B Bro and me don't give in. CUT!

Birdo: You never give up, do you? PROTECT!

Mario grins.


Birdo: What?

B Bro jumps into Flower Fuzzy, bounces off, spins in the, air and comes down and swings again, hitting Flower Fuzzy backwards and off balance.


B Bro tosses the boomerang, which blows Flower Fuzzy up, sending it down and out.

Birdo: Return. I never saw that happening. Well, I have two to go. Next up is this. GO!

Birdo calls out a Bzzap.

Mario: A bug, eh? Well I can handle that. CUT!

Birdo: Dodge and use Poison Jab.

B Bro lunges at the bee but it buzzes aside and jabs rapidly at his side. B Bro turns purple from poisoning.

Mario: Oh, this is not good. CUT AND SPIN!

B Bro begins to twirl about as Bzzap dodges. B Bro then finishes the cut with a normal swing that lands right on and sends Bzzap crashing to the ground, only for it to buzz up again.

Birdo: Let me end this now. LEECH LIFE!

Bzzap launches a thin, green energy stream from its stinger and it goes into B Bro, who falls to his knees and grunts from the energy being sucked out of it. B Bro falls all the way and is no longer up to battle.

Mario: Return. Now what?

Wart: Be cautious, Mario.

Mario: All right. GO JELECTRO.

Wart: But you just caught it. Isn't that a little risky?

Mario: We'll see. USE SHOCKWAVE!

Jelectro slides about and sends off shockwaves, which fly into Bzzap and cause it to shake.

Birdo: Silly Mario. I know this whole routine by heart. Use Double Team.

Bzzap clones and avoids further damage. All the clones shoot off energy for Leech Life and it all goes into Jelectro, causing it to shake in pain.

Mario: NO!

Birdo: Now what? It'll be down to your one on my two.

Wart eyes Mario and knows an idea is coming to him.

Mario: Oh yeah.

Wart: Just as I thought. An idea.


Jelectro sends shockwaves through the energy streams, blowing the clones up and badly zapping the real Bzzap.

Birdo: What?

Bzzap begins to shake and flutter about rather dizzily.


Jelectro shoots a ball of water, which hits Bzzap and drops it down and out.

Birdo: That was too quick. Return.

Wart: Way to go, Mario.

Mario: Now what, Birdo?

Birdo: My key weapon. GOOOO GET HIM!

Birdo throws a Koopaball that releases an... UKIKI?!

Wart: A monkey.

Mario: Not too shabby, but I still can win. USE SHOCKWAVE!

Birdo: Dodge and use Bullet Seed.

Ukiki bounces over the shockwaves and swallows a melon and spits seeds rapidfire at Jelectro, who desperately tries to endure the hits.


Birdo: Drop and use Scratch.

Ukiki falls to land, slides to Jelectro, and scratches at it quickly and rapidly until it falls.

Mario: No luck. Come back. GO G KING!

Mario calls out the Goomba King.

Birdo: Impressive. NOW USE BULLET SEED!


G King jumps the bullets and flies down and rapidly kicks Ukiki in a spinning motion.

Mario: YES!

Ukiki goes flying into a tree and falls to the ground, but quickly gets up.

Birdo: Tricky, but now you'll see why I lured you to this arena.


Birdo: Up!

G King shoots a laser at Ukiki, but it jumps up and hangs from a tree branch. G King keeps shooting but Ukiki swings from branch to branch, avoiding the shots.

Birdo: See now, Mario, I was prepared for this. BULLET SEED!

Ukiki continues swinging about but starts shooting seeds at G King.

Mario: DODGE!

G King goes to dodge but it’s too late and the seeds begin to beat into him one after another, pushing him back more and more.

Birdo: Bomb it. Use Bomb Bust.

Ukiki makes a green, box-like bomb and flings it into G King, causing it to fall back on its butt.


Ukiki jumps from the tree at G King.


G Kick bounces up and kicks Ukiki, sending it flying back. Ukiki jumps back up into the tree.

Birdo: I'm not going out so quickly. USE DOUBLE TEAM!

Ukiki clones itself and begins to swing about through the trees, confusing G King.

Mario: Don't give up, let's show them our third and newest moves. SANDSTORM!

G King spins about and sand flies up and spirals about, hitting the Ukikis. None disappear but Mario sees only one cringing from the steady damage being done.


G King turns and shoots at Ukiki but it falls out of the tree and the beam hits and blows the tree up.

Wart: WOAH! That's some kind of freaky powerful.


G King whips up the sandstorm to a higher intensity. Ukiki jumps up and hides in the trees, waiting for the sand to fade.

Birdo: Oh, this isn't over yet. BULLET SEED!

Bullet seeds fly from a tree, then another then another as Ukiki quickly changes its location.


G King jumps the seeds and focuses, trying to locate Ukiki as it bounces about.

Mario: Headbutt.

G King throws itself headfirst into a tree, shaking it and knocking Ukiki from it to the ground.

Birdo: NO!


G King fires the beam straight into Ukiki, causing an explosion that blows up some dirt, dust, and bits of flames. The dust and flying debris fall to reveal Ukiki down and out.

Wart: YES!

Birdo: Return. You did good, Ukiki. Mario, well done. Now you get a piece from me.

Birdo holds out her hand, revealing a piece of Smithy, Luigi, and Bowser Jr.

Mario: None are mine, so I'll take this one.

Mario pulls out the piece for Smithy.

Birdo: Thank you, Mario, for not taking one of me. Listen, Wart, I know somebody who has a piece of your picture. I think you should try to find and battle Princess Shroob. She has one.

Wart: Will do. Thank you.

Birdo: All right. Oh, and Mario. As for a piece for you... Hmmmm… Try to find... Oh, who was it? Hmmm... Oh, right. You’re looking for the alien. I challenged him but he was more interested in talking to Peach about this tournament.

Mario: Tatanga... Okay. Thank you, Birdo. Bye.

The two leave the field as Birdo stands there looking a bit scared.

Chapter 6: Panic on Pleasant Path

Mario and Wart exit Koopa Village and begin to head back to Toad Town. The climb the steps up to the main area of the trail and begin to head back when they are confronted by... Peach.

Mario: Peach... What are you doing here?

Peach: Oh nothing. Just looking for people who have a piece of my picture. Mario, may I battle you?

Mario: Why?

Peach: Because you have one of my pieces.

Mario: What? How do you know?

Peach: I just do.

Mario: Not now, Peach, I need Tatanga.

Peach: Tatanga can wait. Mario, now please.

Mario: Do you have a piece of my puzzle? Who do you have?

Peach: Mario, now please.

Wart: Mario, I'm scared.

Mario: Peach, why are you so mad? Oh… You lost some of your picture, didn't you? Oh, I'm so sorry. Is that it?

Peach: Yeah, sure. Now come on.

Wart: I will deal with her. Mario, go. I have a bad feeling.

Mario: Right. I'm sorry, Peach.

Mario runs around her and she starts to go after him, but Wart gets in front of her.

Wart: Peach, I'd love to have a match with you. It would be an honor.

Peach: Fine. Let's go. Three on three.

Wart: Let's begin then. GO DARK CRAW!

Wart calls out the dark, devilish, crow-like spearholder.

Peach: Fine. Try this out.

Peach throws a Koopaball and we see a close up of Wart as the ball releases light and stops as the Koopamon appears. Wart opens his mouth wide.


Meanwhile, Mario is speeding down the path when he runs into... Peach.

Mario: How did you get here? Teleport or something? Why so mad?

Peach: Mario, what is with you? I just came from Toad Town Harbor. I wanted to tell you I saw a piece of your picture on Tatanga. He said if you want a match he's heading to Mt. Rugged.

Mario: What did you just say?

Peach: About Tatanga…?

Mario: You were just back there...

Peach: No I wasn't.

?????: Mario, where are you?

Mario: Peach, we have to hide.

Peach: What?

Mario throws Peach into a giant bush and hides in it too.

Peach: Mario, what is with you?

Just then the other Peach comes out from around a corner.

Peach2: Mario, I don't need you right now. But just so you know... take a look at this.

The other Peach holds something in the air. Mario squints at it and sees it is... a piece of Wart's picture. The Peach walks off.

Peach: Oh my God, was that the Peach hosting this thing?

Mario: I guess so.

The two get out of the bush as Wart comes running.


Mario: I know. What in the world happened?

Wart: All three of them… She knocked all three of my Koopamon out with just one of hers.

Mario and Peach: WHAT?

Wart: Yeah. I don't know what that thing was that she used, but it just blew me away. And then she took one of my own pieces. Mario, you need to avoid her. She doesn't have any pieces with her but the one she took from me. I think she is trying to prevent you from entering the castle for some reason.

Mario: Right. Okay then. We need to get to Tatanga, though. Peach, come with us please.

Peach: No problem, Mario. If she were to defeat me she could take my pieces and claim to be me for real.

Mario: Right. Go quick.

The three of them run for town. The three enter the town to see Grodus come running.

Grodus: Wart, good thing I found you. I'm sorry you’re down to only one piece. Try to avoid trainers for now, and if I can get any pieces for you I will. It'll be all right.

Wart: WHAT? I have two pieces of myself. I lost one.

Grodus: Which one...?

Wart: I lost the piece with my left foot and lower left part of my cape.

Grodus: No, that's the one you have.

Mario: What the?

The four hear a noise and turn to... Wart. Wart is spinning the piece Grodus mentioned on a string, grinning.

Wart2: Uh oh. Look's like you’re getting off easy, Peach. For now I'll have fun with Wart.

Wart: What are you?

Wart2: Obviously I have the genetic composition of a Duplighost. Now Mario... watch out.

The Wart... thing runs off to the castle.

Wart: Mario, I think I'm sticking with you to the end. I need some way of getting that piece back.

Mario: Right. Let's go.

The three run off to the train station while Grodus stands there emotionless.

Chapter 7: A Train Ride to Tatanga

Mario, Wart, and Peach run to the train station and go up to the person in charge. This Mushroomer seems to be waiting for somebody, though.

Mario: Excuse me, but we need to get on. We want to go to Mt. Rugged.

Mushroomer: No can do. I am waiting for somebody. You still can ride but I am waiting for another person who booked a seat too.

Peach: Who?

Mushroomer: He said he was in with this tournament. You three are in it, aren't you? There is an arena on top of this train. It was placed there after we increased the length of the train from a single passenger seat to five karts. You can battle there if you want.

Mario: Okay, I guess... Peach, who do you have aside from your three pieces?

Peach: Well I have one for Kamek, Bowser Jr, and some other person. I just got a pointy bottom and no feet or legs.

Wart: I’ve got a mystery picture too.

Peach: I wonder who it is.

Just as they get ready to board the train, Bowyer approaches.

Bowyer: Hello. Register for train ride I did.

Mushroomer: Ummm... Okay.

Mario and Wart: BOWYER!

Bowyer: No see long time.

Bowyer eyes the pieces around Wart's neck.

Bowyer: Have one of me you do. Have one of you I do.

Wart: What? You have a piece of my picture?

Bowyer: Yes. Battle we must. Want my piece I do. Want your piece you do. For piece we battle. Battle on train we will.

Wart: What? Okay, I guess.

Bowyer: Good. Go we must.

The four get on the train followed by the Mushroomer. Seconds later Wart and Bowyer are on top of the train.

Bowyer: Three on three it will be.

Wart: Fine by me.

Bowyer: Win I shall. You'll see.

Wart: Then let's begin.

Chapter 8: Midnight Storm over the Train

Wart: I will pick first. GO DARK BOO!

Wart calls out a dark purple Boo. Bowyer simply chuckles and pulls a Koopaball out.

Bowyer: A good choice you made. Hothead I choose.

Bowyer tosses the Koopaball, which releases a giant spark that hovers over the top of the train. Mario and Peach sit directly below the two in their seats trying to see on top of the roof but with no luck.

Mario: I wonder who will win. GO BOWYER!

Peach: NO, MARIO! You want Wart to win.

Mario: Oh, right. GO WART!

Back on top of the train the two begin to shout a command when the train shakes and begins to move at high speed. The two trainers lose their balance, but stand up again.

Wart: What the?

Bowyer: Battle like this we must. Begin. Thunderbolt.

Wart: Fade now!

Hothead fires a giant bolt of lightning at Dark Boo, who fades out first.

Wart: Shadow Ball, then Dark Pulse.

Dark Boo launches a shadow ball with his tongue at Hothead, who backs up.


Wart: NO WAY!

The bhadow ball hits a shiny wall and bounces back and blows up on contact with the dark pulse, rocking the train

Wart: Darn. Try a combo of Shadow Ball and Fade and Shadow Ball.


Dark Boo fires a shadow ball before fading out. Hothead reflects the shadow ball back through Dark Boo. Dark Boo reappears and shoots a shadow ball that plows into a shot thunderwave, causing an explosion that sends a rain of black sparks showering down. Hothead flies through it and slams into Dark Boo with Volt Tackle, causing an explosion that throws Dark Boo back.

Bowyer: Finish with Thunderbolt.


Dark Boo glows and a large blast of murky black wind blows by into the thunderbolt, spreading it out. The wind progresses forward into Hothead, who spins about and is pelted with murky bits of dark-like stuff.

Bowyer: Good you are, but better I am. Mirror Coat.

Hothead glows and the dark bits start bouncing between it and Dark Boo, and both end up getting pelted.

Wart: FADE!

Dark Boo fades out and avoides the rest of the deflected wind, and then reappears just as Hothead begins to shake it off.


Dark Boo fires a giant, black blob that smacks Hothead down for the count.

Bowyer: Return. Time for Amp it is.

Bowyer releases a giant, static-covered metal ball.


Amp releases a giant blast of electricity, sending bolts all over.

Wart: FADE!

Bowyer: Shockwave.

Dark Boo fades out from the bolts but a blue lightning bolt is fired and somehow strikes the invisible Dark Boo, sending him to the ground and out.

Wart: Return. Hmmmm. You are good, but I need that piece for the castle. GO DARK CRAW!

Wart calls the dark crow thing again.

Bowyer: Good choice. Use Shockwave.

Amp fires a blue bolt of electricity.

Wart: Dodge and use Dark Jab.

Dark Craw jumps aside the bolt, which curves around and knocks Dark Craw down to the roof, causing him to roll off the edge of the train. Dark Craw grabs on to the edge and Peach and Mario stare out at the hanging feet.

Peach: EEEEKKKK! Who has that Koopamon?

Mario: I think Wart.

Peach: Oh no.

Wart: Pull yourself up quickly.

Bowyer: GYRO BALL!

Amp turns into a glowing ball and launches at Dark Craw’s hands.

Wart: Dark Jab and toss it.

Dark Craw lets go with his spear hand and jabs the glowing black spear into Amp and swings it, tossing Amp off the spear head and to the ground. It floats back up as Dark Craw starts pulling himself up and gets up to his knees.

Bowyer: Gyro Ball it, quick.

Amp glows again and flies into Dark Craw, throwing it across the train kart. Amp flies in at Dark Craw again.

Wart: Shadow Punch.

Dark Craw spins around and punches Amp hard, causing it to float back in a shaky manner as small sparks fall from it.


Dark Craw spits out a black laser that hits Amp and drains energy from it before deflecting back into Dark Craw to heal him. Amp flies backwards.



Amp fires a giant, glowing ball of energy, and Dark Craw shoots the laser into it, causing an explosion that forms a blast of wind that pushes them back.

Wart: Quick, use Dark Jab.

Dark Craw speeds into Amp and jabs it before throwing it to the ground, out.

Bowyer: Return. Good you are, very good, but win I must. GO MOKURA.

Bowyer calls out a goofy-looking green cloud.

Bowyer: Okay! Static E!

Mokura glows and the whole area flashes quickly and leaves off with an electrified Dark Craw, who quickly loses all the energy he drained from Amp.

Bowyer: Use Ice Shard.

Mokura fires off several chunks of ice at Dark Craw.

Wart: Spin your spear and use Drain Laser.

Dark Craw spins the spear in front of him like a propeller, shattering the ice shards before they hit, then shoots off the laser.

Bowyer: Charge!

Mokura charges up and becomes electrified as the beam hits it. Mokura begins to endure the energy drain and then shoots backwards as the beam carries the electricity from its Charge into Dark Craw and zaps it badly.

Bowyer: Quick with Ice Shard.

Mokura fires the shards of ice, which knock Dark Craw out.

Wart: Return. GO DARK BONES!

Wart calls out the dark blue Dry Bones.


Dark Bones throws the bone and it flies at Mokura, who levitates over it as it comes at it both ways.

Bowyer: Stupid you are. Mokura levitates. STATIC E!

The place flashes and Dark Bones becomes electrified, but due to being part ground he quickly shakes it off like it never hit. Taking note of this, Bowyer flies into his next command.

Bowyer: Ice Shard.


Dark Bones fires a dark shockwave that blows the ice shards up and hits and grounds Mokura.


Dark Bones leaps at Mokura and swings at it with a glowing bone.

Bowyer: Ice Shard quickly.

Mokura shatters ice chunks off the ground, and theybounce up into Dark Bones eyes and cause him to fly back to the ground.

Wart: Oh yuck.

Bowyer: ICE SHARD!

Wart: Up and use Shadow Smash.

Dark Bones leaps to his feet and jumps at the ice shards, smashing through them and hitting Mokura backwards, then htting him again and again, causing it to fly over the side of the train. It floats back up.

Bowyer: Lose you will. Stay off of train.

Mokura remains floating off the side of the train and out of reach.

Wart: I'm not done yet. HYPER BEAM!

Bowyer: Interesting. YOU TOO!

The two Koopamon fire a massive beam that hit one another and force each other back and forth. Meanwhile below, Peach and Mario watch Mokura and the beams moving back and forth.

Peach: And that thing?

Mario: That would be Bowyer’s. Bowyer trains electric types and Wart uses dark types.

Peach: Okay. If I'm not mistaken, they seem to be even. If that is the case, I don't know what will happen, unfortunately.

Wart: Come on, Dark Bones, please…

Bowyer: Tough luck. Over it is.

Dark Bones begins to glow and fires off massive energy into the beam, forcing it straight into Mokura and sending it shooting to the ground, down and out.  Bowyer makes a quick recall.

Bowyer: How...? I lost... Good you are. Get a piece from me you do.

Wart: Thank you.

Wart reaches out and takes a piece of his picture from Bowyer, and they go below with Mario and Peach to wait for the train to stop.

Read on!

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