Mario's Koopamon Adventure 4: The Champion's Tournament

By crankymama5452

Chapter 18: Out on the Stormy Sea

Mario and Wart get onboard a ship to Lavalava Island, which set's sail moments later. As the ship proceeds to its destination, Mario and Wart are in their room planning their time there.

Mario: Okay, so when we reach the island I'll go into the jungle and you'll cover the beach area. Do I have this right?

Wart: Yes. We'll meet at Mt. Lavalava, too. There, if we have no new pieces, then we will search the volcano.

Mario: Shouldn't we do that anyway?

Wart: I guess. One of us could have two pieces here if thereís any.

Mario: Okay then. How long do we have?

Wart: About an hour. So what do we do?


Wart: Okay, okay, okay.

Wart and Mario head up to the dining room and Mario zooms in and starts cleaning out the line of food while everybody stares on and is grossed out.

Toad: And to think people like him.

Toad #2: I know. You'd never know a person can be a pig and a hero at once.

Toad #3: Yeah. Look at him shove down that triple layer cake layer by layer in ten seconds.

Toad #2: Mmmmm, maybe we shouldn't look at him. We may vomit.

Mario: Hey Wart, this is great stuff here. Why aren't you having any?

Wart: Maybe itís because you stab at me with forks and knives when I reach for something.

Mario: Well I DO like it a lot. Don't you agree... Wha?

The ship begins to rock violently as the wind picks up greatly. People start running to their rooms while Mario and Wart run to the deck. Getting up there, they see black smoke rising from Peachís castle that seems to form clouds of darkness in the sky. The castle also seems to be producing pure black Lakitus that are blowing a whirlwind into the side of the ship, rocking it.

Mario: What are those things?

Wart: They look like Lakitus. We need Koopadexes. Got one?

Mario: I do, though I never use it. Let's see... and here we go.

Koopadex: Dark Lakitu, the demon Lakitu Koopamon. Dark Lakitus are formed when Lakitus are exposed to radiation formed by the release of disorienting brainwaves and hypnotic gases mixed into a mind controlling chemical. Dark Lakitus have increased powers and have been made into an unknown type that resists most other types.

Mario: Wooooaaaaah!

Wart: What the? That came from Peachís castle. What in the world are they doing? They are turning Koopamon into these evil things and... NO!

Cutting Wart off, a Dark Lakitu throws a Spiny into the shipís side, putting a hole in it. The ship proceeds to sink and Mario, Wart, and the crew wash away in the waves towards Lavalava Island as the Dark Lakitus fly away. Later Mario and Wart wake up on the beach of the island, surrounded by pieces of the ship and still-knocked-out Toads and other passengers.

Wart: Oh my head. Where are we?

Mario: I think Lavalava Island.

Wart: What? Really? Wow!

Mario: I know. We really need to do something. Whatever is going on, I don't know, but what I do know now is that this tournament may be a stall.

Wart: What?

Mario: They are keeping everybody away from the castle with this tournament, and while everybody is trying to get pieces of a picture they are producing Koopamon like those Lakitus.

Wart: Good thought. Youíre likely right, too. So then why don't we break in?

Mario: The castle is heavily guarded. All the guards in the whole area protect that castle, and the only safe way in would be to go right through the front door with the pictures.

Wart: Okay. Well, let's go. I'll be going now. Good luck, Mario.

Mario: All right. You too.

Mario and Wart turn and run in different directions.

To Be Continued...

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