Mario and Yoshi: The Ten Gems

By Blaze Koopa


“Head-a due east, DK!” Mario called. “We have a loooooong way!”

The group had spent the night on Donkey Kong’s Island. The Kongs had asked if they could come along, an offer Mario couldn’t pass up. They had left the island very early to get a head start and were now heading eastward across the ocean in a large rowboat towards the Mushroom World. Donkey Kong rowed as Mario sat at the front of the boat, spotting for DK, whose back was turned to row. Yoshi sat in the middle of the boat, with Diddy sitting in his lap. Both where chowing down on a few bananas Diddy had taken with him.

Sparkle and the newly revived Shine Guy sat at the back of the boat. The two stared lovingly at each other. Sparkle was still relieved after Shine Guy’s “death” the previous night. “You know, after last night’s events,” Sparkle murmured to Shine Guy, “I could mentally strangle Paratroopa for that… but then, maybe that wouldn’t be right of me…”

“Do not feel bad,” Shine Guy mused. “I was thinking the exactly same thing.” The two giggled.

Donkey Kong and Mario watched the laughter at the back of the boat. “They-a may be two different species…” Mario said to DK, “but they’d make a great-a couple. Don’t you think?” Donkey Kong chuckled in agreement.

Yoshi and Diddy were both enjoying the bananas. “These are good!” Yoshi remarked. “Better than the ones back on Yoshi’s Island.”

Diddy wasn’t listening. He was focused on the couple in the back seat. “You know, Yoshi,” he said, “Diddy never seen bigger friendship than this.”

Sparkle and Shine Guy were still chatting, when something else entered the Shyster’s mind. He suddenly found himself in the exact same vision he had seen back in Mushroom City the previous day. There he was, again, in total darkness. “What…?” he said to himself. Suddenly, there, again, was a light, slowly becoming brighter. “Shine Guy…”


Shine Guy jumped. Everyone stared blankly at him. “… Are you okay?” Sparkle asked.

Shine Guy caught himself. “Um… It’s nothing…” he answered.

Sparkle wasn’t fooled by this. “You said that exact same thing yesterday. Are you sure nothing’s bothering you?”

“Really, I am fine.” Sparkle wasn’t so sure, but decided to let it slide.

“How do you two know each other so well?” Yoshi asked curiously.

“Oh,” Sparkle said, “we’ve known each other since our childhood… before the Dark Troopers kidnapped me, that is…”

“Ah yes…” Shine Guy was recollecting the memories. “We were barely knee high when we first met… Back when my father was still…” He paused, then sighed. He looked down sadly. Everyone stared with puzzled looks.

“Shine Guy…” Sparkle said.

Shine Guy took a disappointed breath. “… Okay… You have me… You see… I have been receiving images in they head, and… well… in order for you all to understand, I must tell you about my father…”

Everyone listened carefully, though Donkey Kong couldn’t listen his best as he was rowing.

“Well…” Shine Guy began, “the guardian of the treasure in the center of my land was my father, Glow Guy. He was charged with guarding the treasure with his life. That, he did… until…”

“Until what?” Diddy asked.

Shine Guy began to shed a few tears under his mask. “… Dark Master…”

Upon hearing this, Mario, Yoshi, and Sparkle gasped, while Donkey and Diddy were left puzzled about who Shine Guy was talking about.

“What’d he do?” Yoshi asked.

“He launched an attack on the altar in the center of the land, the location of the treasure. My father defeated much of the Dark Troopers, but… he… he…” Shine Guy couldn’t speak. He was so overcome with grief. He didn’t have to say anymore, as everyone knew what he was about to say.

Sparkle put his arm around the Shyster’s shoulder. “I’m sorry if this is painful for you,” she murmured.

Shine Guy looked up at her. “… Thank you, Sparkle…” he whispered. The two embraced.

“… Like Diddy say,” Diddy said, “never seen bigger friendship.” The others nodded in agreement. Watching this, a tear came out of Donkey Kong’s eye, though no one took notice.

Suddenly, something came to Mario’s head. Dark Paratroopa was somewhat successful in killing Shine Guy. However, he hadn’t done it. “I-a have to wonder…” Mario said, changing the subject, “what will-a Dark Paratroopa do when he sees that you’re-a still alive?”

Everyone turned to Mario, then they all looked at each other. Shine Guy hadn’t thought about that, and began to shake.


“I’m telling you!” Dark Paratroopa said to Dark Master as he and Shadow Flame were preparing to leave. “If I were to find Shine Guy still alive, I’d be so angry I’d take him and rip him in half!” Paratroopa snickered to himself with that gruesome thought.

Dark Master wasn’t at all amused. He didn’t know why, but he felt that Paratroopa had not quite done it. However, he decided not to mention his thoughts. “Listen to me!” Dark Master snapped. “You tried to kill him before, but failed. What makes you so sure he’s dead now?”

“No one can survive twenty-thousand volts of lightning! He’s gone!”

Dark Master groaned. “Well… in any case, you and Shadow Flame just bring me the rest of those Gems! With Shine Guy dead, according to you, I don’t at all see how you could possibly foul up!”

Dark Paratroopa mumbled something inaudible under his breath. How could Dark Master say that? Paratroopa saw Shine Guy perish. What a miserable toad! Paratroopa snickered at the thought. He would’ve loved to just hover up in front of Dark Master’s face, dig his shoe spikes into his snout, and blurt the insult out as loud as he could.

“Paratroopa?!” Dark Paratroopa snapped out of his trance.

“Uh… Yes?”

“You look as though you’re dying to say something…” Dark Master gave him a suspicious stare, making Paratroopa squirm.

“It’s… nothing, Master…” he squeaked.

“I thought so!”

Shadow Flame was sitting against the wall on one side of the throne room. He thought to himself, Mario called me Blaze… Blaze… The very name haunted him. But why? He couldn’t figure it out…

“Flame?” Flame turned to Paratroopa. “Come on! There are Gems out there, easy for the picking!” He teleported away. Flame sighed, then also teleported.


“WHAT DO YO MEAN I CAN’T WIN?” Wendy screamed at the top of her lungs at her younger brother.

“Just what I said!” Larry retorted. “You can’t win!” The two had formed a truce until after Blaze’s attack. When they heard he was unsuccessful, their truce had instantly ended.


Bowser and the remaining two Koopalings (Bowser Junior and Larry) stared blankly at Wendy’s reaction. “Uh… Sis… Calm down…” Larry said slowly.

Wendy was too angry to say more, she simply stormed off, steam blowing from her ears (if she has ears).

“She’s definitely not gonna win with that kind of attitude…” Junior said to Larry, who giggled.

Wendy immediately burst back through the door. “WHAT WAS THAT?!” she bellowed. Bowser Junior froze.

“Uh… Nothing…” he squeaked.

“That’s what I thought!” Wendy slammed the door shut. Larry turned to his father. “You don’t think she’ll win… do you?”

“Confidentially… no,” Bowser answered. Larry and Junior laughed hard.


Luigi was catching some fresh air in the castle courtyard, which was NOT filled with Boos as in 64. Though he felt relaxed now, he most likely wouldn’t rest for long. There was no doubt in his mind that one of the Koopas would attack soon. Any minute now, Toad would come running into the courtyard in a frantic manner and shout “Koopa attack!”

Suddenly, Toad came running into the courtyard in a frantic manner. “Koopa attack!” he cried.

Luigi shook his head. “Again?” Luigi said unenthusiastically. “Who is it this time?”

“Wendy O. Koopa!”

Luigi smirked. “This should be-a fairly easy…” he sighed. He quickly headed back into the castle, heading to the front door.

Toad followed him. “Wait!” he called. “There’s something you should know!”

“What’s-a that?” Luigi asked as he opened the front door to go outside. He stopped when he saw the Koopaling herself, hovering in a Klown Kopter, with a Bullet Bill Blaster attached to the left side.

“She’s… right… there…” Toad squeaked.

Luigi froze, his eyes fixed on the Bullet Blaster.

Wendy laughed sinisterly. “Why Luigi!” she “greeted”. “What a surprise! I didn’t at all expect you to be here at the castle!”

“What… are you doing here…?” Luigi said, his eyes still glued to the cannon.

“You listen here!” Wendy snapped. “Either you surrender to me, or I turn this castle into a flaming rubble!”

Luigi and Toad jumped when they heard this. “You wouldn’t!” Luigi cried.

“I would!” she said coldly. She aimed her cannon in the castle’s general direction. “Make your choice, but choose wisely!”

Luigi was silent. Wendy looked as though she would keep her word if he wouldn’t surrender.

“You got ten seconds!!!” Wendy snapped. “Ten… nine… eight…”


Luigi wanted to, but wasn’t sure. He remained silent.

“Three! Two! One! Time’s—” She was interrupted when a bright blue shell with wings came out of nowhere and slammed into her from behind. Wendy yelled in pain and put her hands to her head.

“Just in the nick of-a time AGAIN, Parakarry!” Luigi called.

“Hey! I got here, didn’t I?” Parakarry replied.

“Don’t forget me! Ba-KAWK!” someone yelled. Wendy suddenly felt someone’s feet slamming her from behind. She lurched forward.

“OW!” Wendy exclaimed. “What the…?”

Flapps flew up alongside Parakarry. “Bring it on, ya brat!” he taunted.

Wendy sighed. “More pests I need to get rid of… Oh well… Let’s have it out!”

BOSS!!!: Wendy O Koopa

Wendy blasted a Bullet Bill at the group. Parakarry and Flapps flew to the side to avoid it. Parakarry retreated into his shell and flew at the Koopaling, banging against the Kopter.

“Come on, flyboys!” Wendy yelled. Give me your best shot!”

“Okay!” Flapps yelled back. He swooped at Wendy, who hovered over to the side to avoid him. Wendy spun around and shot a Bullet Bill at the Chicken. Flapps spotted it out of the corner of his eye and dodged it. Parakarry retreated into his shell again and sneak-attacked the Koopaling, slamming into her from behind.

Wendy recovered, then flashed a look of hatred at the mail carrier Paratroopa. She spun around and blasted at him. Parakarry dodged it, but noticed it was heading straight for the castle. Parakarry flew in front of the Bullet Bill and deflected it, sending it upward towards the sky, then back down into the ground, close to where Luigi and Toad were standing.

Toad and Luigi narrowly avoided the Bullet Bill. “Hey! Watch it!” Toad yelled furiously to Parakarry.

“Sorry!” Parakarry called back.

“You’ll be sorry all right!” Wendy interrupted. “Sorry you ever messed with—” She was struck by Flapps yet again. Wendy yelled in pain. She growled, then spun around and fired wildly at Flapps, immediately ducking to avoid another shell attack from Parakarry.

Dodging and shrieking, Flapps managed to miss all the Bullet Bills. He flew in for another attack on Wendy, but the Koopaling turned around and swatted him back like a fly. Flapps fell to the ground, slightly dazed. “Whoo!” he remarked. “She slaps hard! Ba-KAWK!”

“Swat MY pal, will ya?! Parakarry bellowed angrily. “I’ll teach you a lesson!” He flew high in circles around Wendy, then swooped in on the Koopaling. Wendy ducked, then blasted at the Paratroopa while his back was turned. The Bullet Bill bounced off Parakarry’s shoulder, sending it flying back from whence it came, into the side of the Kopter. Wendy’s head was rocked a bit, then struck yet again by Flapps.

On the ground, Luigi and Toad looked on. Toad turned to Luigi. “Aren’t you gonna help?” he asked.

Luigi looked down at him. “Um… I can’t fly…” he simply replied.

Wendy, after recovering from Flapps’s attack, turned to Luigi and Toad. “In that case,” Wendy snarled, “here’s something to occupy yourselves with! Go bracelets!” Her golden bracelets magically flew off and flew down to them like Frisbees. One bracelet enlarged itself, then wrapped around Luigi, squeezing him. The other did likewise with Toad.

“ACK! There gonna crush us!” Toad cried.

“Now… where was I…?” Wendy said. Immediately she was struck from behind by Parakarry. “Oh, that’s right!” she said, rubbing the back of her head. “Knocking down the flyboys!”

Flapps hovered behind her, preparing for another swoop attack. He darted towards Wendy. The Koopaling, unfortunately, spotted the Chicken. She spun around to face him, then fired a Bullet Bill. The Bullet Bill went flying head on into Flapps, full force! Flapps was instantly knocked out, losing a few feathers from the impact. He plummeted down into the castle grounds, close to where Luigi and Toad were still struggling to free themselves from Wendy’s bracelets.

“FLAPPS!!!” Parakarry cried.

“HA!” Wendy laughed. “That’s one down, one to go!” She turned to Parakarry. “You know, it is indeed always safe to wear a helmet, but in this case, you and your friend need more than that, as I just demonstrated!” She laughed sinisterly.

Parakarry was overcome with rage. Fire was in his eyes.

Luigi, with much difficultly, finally freed himself from the bracelets, then proceeded to pry the other one off Toad. He looked up at Wendy, then took something out of his pocket.

Parakarry swiftly darted at the Koopaling. Wendy ducked, then turned to face him. “You’ve got a lot of nerve!” Wendy yelled. “But I got you now!”

Parakarry was about to retort, when he noticed something, then began to laugh. Wendy raised a brow. “What? What’s so funny?!” he snapped.

“Uh… Did you know your propeller is on fire?” Parakarry asked, still giggling. Wendy was confused, then she looked down. The propeller was on fire!

“… Oh… crud…” Wendy jumped out of the Kopter moments before the engine exploded, and the remains of the Kopter fell onto the ground.

Wendy landed hard on the ground, close to the unconscious Chicken. She panted heavily. Luigi and Toad stood over her. Luigi’s hat and undershirt were white. “I-a knew that Fire Flower would come in handy!” he laughed.

Wendy simply growled. “Can I at least have my bracelets back?” she asked through gritted teeth.

“Take ‘em!” Toad threw them on Wendy’s belly. “Who’d want to wear those anyway? Those aren’t jewelry! They’re potential weapons!”

Luigi looked over at Parakarry, who was kneeled over Flapps. He then turned to Toad. “Could you-a kindly call an ambulance?” Luigi asked him. “I’ll-a take this brat to-a the dungeon.”

Toad nodded. Parakarry looked back at them hopefully. “Don’t worry,” Toad reassured him. “Mushroom City Hospital is the best around!” Toad quickly ran inside to call an ambulance.

Parakarry walked up to Wendy. He stared down on her, then bent down and…


Wendy now had a large red mark across her face. Parakarry gave her one last look of fury before walking away. He bent down over Flapps again. “Good fight, Flapps… Good fight…” he murmured.

The spectating Lakitu had been watching from the castle roof. He called Bowser.

“Yes?” Bowser answered.

“Another exciting battle, King Koopa!” he chimed. “But… no success for Mistress Wendy…”

Laughing and cheering was heard. However, it was only two voices.

“Ah… Ouch…”

“Oh, by the way, sir, remember when I told you Master Blaze was carried off by a Paratroopa?”

“Yes, and what a bluff THAT was…”

“Sir, truly, I wasn’t bluffing. It really happened!”

“*sigh* I’m hanging up. Junior, make something happen tomorrow!”

Bowser hung up. The Lakitu sighed and flew away.


Luigi, meanwhile, dragged Wendy all the way into Princess Peach’s dungeon. The spoiled Koopaling was whining the whole way.

“NO! NO! THIS WASN’T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN! WHY?! WHY?! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!” She was still yelling when Luigi tossed her into an open cell.

Her brothers all covered their ears. Wendy’s screams were the equivalent of an airplane taking off.


“You shut up!” Wendy retorted. “I had that fight won! I HAD it!”

“And then you didn’t!” said Iggy. “That’s the point, stupid…”

“Why don’tcha come over HERE and say that?!”

“I would, but…” Iggy shook his bars.

Luigi chuckled to himself while watching the Koopalings argue.

Wendy continued to scream until a button magically appeared on her lips. Wendy tried to scream through the button, but gave up.

“Woah… Thank you, Kamek!” Lemmy said to the Magikoopa, who had his scepter held up.

“Quite all right,” Kamek replied.

Luigi turned to leave, when Morton started another one of his rambles.

“Man Wendy sounds a lot more annoying then I do I mean it’s no big deal ‘cause nobody might win that shiny green gem because no one here has beaten Luigi therefore there’s seemingly no way Bowser Junior or Larry can win because—” He was cut off by Kamek creating a button over his mouth. “MMMM MMMM MMMMMMMMMMM!!!”

Luigi stopped.

“Siblings…” Ludwig spoke, “did it not occur to you that Blaze is not present?”

Everyone, including Luigi, stopped and turned to Ludwig.

“… You’re right…” Karma answered. “Where is he?”

“Maybe he escaped back to the Dark Kingdom before Luigi could get his hands on him…” Lemmy said.

“… No…” Roy said. Everyone turned to him with surprised looks. “I hates to admit it, but it ain’t like him to just run away…”

“Roy has a point… for once…” said Iggy. Roy growled at him. Iggy developed an anime sweatdrop.

“Why don’t we just ask Luigi?” said Lemmy. They all turned to Luigi, who, at that moment, decided to explain the truth. He did so.

However, the “reply” to his explanation was not what he hoped. Most of the Koopas all burst into laughter. Morton and Wendy’s voices were muffled through their buttons.

“A Paratroopa kidnapped him?!” Roy laughed. “Yeah right!”

“How dumb do you think we are?!” Lemmy added.

“But I’m telling-a the…” It wasn’t worth it. The Koopalings weren’t listening. Luigi sighed, then walked away to think this over.

“I am so insulted!” Ludwig laughed. “Honestly! Vhat is it that makes me think ve vould actually believe that?! WOAAHOWOAHWAOAWWHOOWAWO!!!”

“I know!” Roy added. “What a loser! HA!”

One of the Koopas, however, wasn’t laughing. Kamek pondered over what Luigi had said. Somehow, he believed Luigi was telling the truth. Not only that, but he began to wonder… The gem Blaze had found was never seen before anywhere in the Dark Land, so why did it suddenly turn up?

Meanwhile, Luigi was in the guest room. He, too, was pondering. Morton mentioned some sort of shiny green gem. What was he talking about? Could he have been talking about one of the Power Gems Mario and Company were looking for?

There’s something strange going on here…  Luigi thought.


There was an island off in the distance. According to Shine Guy’s senses, their next Power Gem, the Pink Gem, was on that island.

“Land-a ho!” Mario called. “Hurry, Donkey! Dark Paratroopa and Blaze could be on-a the island right now… Just throwing this out there, but I think we’ve-a traveled to enough islands for ONE week…”

Donkey began to speed up.

“Hey, speaking of Blaze,” said Yoshi, “we really should consider knocking him back in his right mind. He could easily stomp us if we’re not careful…”

“Even if we DO snap him out of it,” said Sparkle, “he could STILL stomp us. Didn’t you see how he pulled up that… pole… thing… back in the city?”

“It’s-a called a parking meter…”

“How should I know what it’s called? He never had those back where we live…”

Shine Guy wasn’t listening to the conversation. He was too busy thinking about what Dark Paratroopa would do if he saw him still alive. He could get pretty darn furious, even up to the point where he’d go twisted. Dark Paratroopa, of course, had a very short temper, as most baddies did. However, Dark Paratroopas temper was the worst Shine Guy had ever seen, in some cases even worse than that of Dark Master.

Not only that, but he knew what would happen if extreme fury crossed with the power of the Gems. He shivered.

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