Mario and Yoshi: The Ten Gems

By Blaze Koopa


The people cheered as Shine Guy and Dark Paratroopa floated downward to the hill. The Power Gems circled around the Grand Gem, floating back down to the altar. The Power Gems floated into the ten small holes, while the shining Grand Gem floated just above the center of the altar, directly over the panel.

The party rejoiced over their victory. Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi did a triple high-five, Diddy jumped around gleefully while Donkey Kong simply gave a friendly grunt, Parakarry hovered upward pumping his fists, Wario and Waluigi breathed a sigh of relief  feeling glad to still be alive, Woshi and K.K. jumped up and down hugging each other, Peach gave Mario a kiss, the Koopalings all cheered, the Magikoopas simply nodded, and Bowser was proud to see that his rank as the biggest, baddest brute around had been protected.

“You did it, guys!” Yoshi said as Shine Guy and Dark Paratroopa landed.

“We all did,” Shine Guy replied. He looked down at Sparkle’s unconscious body. He knelt down to see if she was still alive. Mario and everyone else (excluding the Koopas), surrounded her.

The white Yo’ster’s blue eyes twittered open. She stared upward at everyone, then sat up. “… What…happened…?” she asked wearily. “… Where’s Dark Master…?”

“It is all right, Sparkle…” Shine Guy murmured. “Darkness has met its end.”

“That miserable toad’s finished,” Dark Paratroopa added. “I think we’ve finally seen the last of him.”

Sparkle perked up. “… Does that mean I won’t be changing into a giant purple Yoshi ever again?”

Everyone laughed as the people cheered again for them.

The Koopas all surrounded the unconscious Blaze, waiting to see any signs of life. That sign finally came as Blaze’s purple eyes slowly opened, blinking a few times. Everyone sighed in relief as the red-hot Koopa sat up, rubbing his head. “… Ugh…” he moaned. “… Man…what a day…”

“You okay?” Lemmy asked.

“… Well… I got one mondo headache…” Blaze replied. “Is that Dark dude dead yet?”

“Dead?!” Roy laughed. “He got blown to bits!”

“That’s all I want to know…” Blaze slowly stood up to his feet.

“I-a see you’re doing fine…” said a voice. The Koopas all turned to see Mario. “Nice to see you all actually decided to help us heroes…”

Bowser quickly turned to him. “Hmph!” he grunted. “Right… but I’m still the baddest brute around!”

“You tell ‘im, dude!” Blaze chimed in.

“And we’re kidnapping the princess first thing in the morning, got it?!”

“Whatever…” Mario said, shrugging.

“Good!” He turned to the Magikoopas. “Haggie! Geezer! Take us home! We’ve got a roof to fix!”

“Yes, Sire!” they both said in unison, although Kamek was ready to complain about being called “Geezer”, but decided that arguing with King Koopa was not a good idea. Kammy and Kamek held their wands up, and the Koopas teleported.

Shine Guy turned to the people, including those recovering from Dark Master’s haze. He called out to them. “Dark Master’s reign of darkness has ended. The Grand Gem has been restored. The Land of Light and Darkness is once again the Land of Light. May we all live in peace under the brightest and sunniest of skies!” The people all cheered, as the moon began to the lower in the sky and the sun began to appear over the mountaintops in the east.

Later that morning, Mario and company were preparing to take their leave. Shine Guy, Sparkle, Dark Paratroopa, and the people of the valley were all there to watch them go. “Mario, Yoshi, everyone…” Shine Guy said to them. “We are all very grateful for all your help. I also thank you for bringing out the courage inside me. Seeing you in battle taught me that I must do what I must do.”

Sparkle was next to show her gratitude. “I want to thank you guys for finally freeing me from Dark Master’s control back on that island. Ever since I was transformed into that monster, I found myself doing things that hurt me more than the people affected, but you guys finally ended it. Thank you.”

“Oh. No problem!” Mario replied.

“It’s what we do!” Yoshi chimed in.

“We kick bad guys’ butt!” Donkey chanted.

“Yeah!” Diddy agreed. The two high-fived.

“It was our pleasure!” said Peach.

“No problem at all!” said Woshi.

“Yeah, don’t mention it!” agreed K.K.

“We were all happy to help!” said Parakarry.

“Yeah,” said Luigi. “Right Wario?” He turned to look at Wario and Waluigi, who looked at each other.

“Eh… I guess…” said Waluigi, shrugging.

“… Yeah…” said Wario uncomfortably. “… Can-a we just go home know?!”

“Yeah… We should get back-a to the Mushroom Kingdom,” said Mario. “Do you guys know-a the way back?”

“I can take care of that,” said Dark Paratroopa. He stretched out his hands and began to form a ring of teleportation around the party.

“Thank you again for all help,” said Shine Guy. “Perhaps one day we will cross paths once again.”

“Take care, you guys!” said Sparkle. “I’ll miss you all!”

“See ya…” Dark Paratroopa said, though feeling a bit disappointed about something.

Everyone waved and cheered as the party teleported home.


At Bowser’s Keep, Bowser and Blaze were overseeing the roof construction in the throne room. “Sheesh…” Bowser said. “It felt so good when I hit that dang dragon in the face! Serves him right for what he did to my roof!”

“Yeah…” Blaze said. “You know, it’s too bad I couldn’t keep those dark powers. Mario wouldn’t stand a chance!”

Bowser turned to him. “… Blaze…to be honest, I like a hot red flaming Blaze much better than the weird, dark, gothic Blaze…”

Blaze looked at him for a moment, then shrugged. “… Yeah… I guess you’re right… I’m just glad that whole thing is over. At least now we’re back to being enemy number one.”

“I second that emotion,” said Bowser. The two laughed.

Moments later, Iggy burst into the room, looking a bit surprised and upset. “Dad! Dad!” he cried. “That red Yoshi we saw with Mario! I just figured it out! He’s that Yoshi you almost executed that one time!”

Bowser was speechless.

“… Now… when was this?” Blaze asked.


Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Peach, Parakarry, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Woshi, K.K, Wario, and Waluigi materialized back at the Mushroom Kingdom, in the middle of the Mushroom City Park. Mario sniffed the fresh air. “Ah yes…” he breathed. “It’s-a great to be back home again, eh guys?”

“Yep!” agreed Yoshi.

“Now all-a we have to do is get our house repaired…” sighed Luigi.

“Well everyone,” said Peach, “I must get back to my castle. You all have a nice, sunny great day!” She headed away in the direction of her castle. Everyone waved her goodbye.

“I should go, too,” said Parakarry. “My route is due. But first, I need to pay someone a visit. Catch ya later, guys!” With that, Parakarry winged away to the hospital.

“We’re going, too,” said Wario. “Loot to snatch! Come on, Waluigi!”

“Where’s the nearest bank?!” Waluigi yelled. The two ran off.

“We’re gonna head off, too,” said Woshi. “Places to explore, adventure await’n...”

“Take care, guys!” said K.K. The two (very young) explorers headed off to adventure.

“Donkey and Diddy need to get home, too,” said Donkey Kong. “But how without boat?”

“We can-a book you guys on a boat to-a your island,” said Mario.

“Yeah,” said Yoshi. “But first… could we interest you in a game of… golf?”

Donkey and Diddy looked at each other, then back at the Mario Brothers and Yoshi. “… How long it been since Toadstool Tour?” Diddy asked, scratching his head.


Life resumed in the Valley of Light after a long period of light and darkness. The people were having a party on the hill of the altar, celebrating in honor of the new guardian of the Grand Gem. Everyone was having a picnic on the hill.

Shine Guy and Sparkle sat on the altar, overlooking the valley, with the Grand Gem floating just behind them. “… So… this is what the valley looked like before the Darks came along…” Sparkle remarked. “… It’s so beautiful…”

“Indeed it is,” replied Shine Guy. “I always imagined life without the dark force, but I never thought it would really happen… until now…”

“… Say… Where’s ol’ DP? He’s missing out…”

Shine Guy looked around, but there was no sign of Dark Paratroopa, until… There he was, sitting on a treetop further away from the hill.

Dark Paratroopa sighed. He felt very foolish and guilty. He had followed Dark Master for all those years, caused so mush trouble… He didn’t feel he could live with himself any longer. He wished he could just jump into a lake and electrocute himself.

“Dark Paratroopa…?” said a voice.

Dark Paratroopa recognized it without looking. “… Shine Guy…”

The Shyster climbed up the large tree. Pushing through the twigs, he reached the top and sat next to the Paratroopa. “… Is something troubling you?” he asked.

Dark Paratroopa didn’t turn to look at him. He hesitated, then replied. “… Shine Guy… You may forgive me… Sparkle may forgive me… The entire valley may forgive me… But I don’t forgive myself… I’ve decided… I’m leaving the valley today…”

“Now now, Dark Paratroopa, you need not beat yourself.”

“Shine Guy… Look at me… What do you see?”

Shine Guy looked at Dark Paratroopa for a moment, then spoke. “I am looking at you… and do you know what I see?” Dark Paratroopa looked at him. “Under that shaded skin, dark purple shell, and red eyes… I see a heart… Something Dark Master never had…”

Dark Paratroopa smiled weakly. “… You know…” he said. “Looking at you now, I find it hard to believe I used to think my purpose was to kill you… Thank you…”

Shine Guy smiled under his mask as he looked at the Paratroopa. “You have no idea how proud I was when I watched you stand up to Dark Master.”

“That felt great… I always wanted to say that in his face…” The two laughed hard. Dark Paratroopa was happy to see that Shine Guy had a forgiving spirit despite all of his crimes in the past.

His mind, however, was made up. “I’ve still decided to leave, however. I want to make up for all my past evil doings, see if there’s any good I can do elsewhere in the world. Besides… I’m not very used to such a bright place…”

“… I see you still have your rather shady tastes…” Shine Guy mused. “Well… I can respect that… Of course, if you ever happen to be heading this way again, you’re always welcome…”

“Much obliged…” He began to flap. Slowly, he began to take to the sky. Shine Guy sighed as he watched Dark Paratroopa take his leave. Dark Paratroopa took one last look at Shine Guy before continuing away.

“Shine Guy!” called a voice. Shine Guy looked down to see Sparkle climbing up the tree. Sparkle reached the top just in time to see Dark Paratroopa high in the sky. “… Where’s he going?” she asked.

Shine Guy watched Dark Paratroopa for another moment or two, then replied. “I do not know, Sparkle…” he said. “But wherever he goes… hopefully he will find what he’s looking for…”

“Do you think we’ll ever see him again?”

“… I surely hope so, Sparkle… I surely hope so…”

El Fin de la Cuento muy Grande

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