Mario and Yoshi: The Ten Gems

By Blaze Koopa


“WHAT?!” Dark Master bellowed. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU COULDN’T FIND IT?!”

“Just what I said!” said Dark Paratroopa. “I couldn’t sense it, thanks to this idiot causing me to lose it through my senses!” He pointed at the Boo, who shivered nervously. “It was accidental!” he protested.

“Excuses, excuses…” Dark Master sighed. “Let me show you the difference between accidental and intentional.” The monstrous-sized Magikoopa flicked his index finger upward, accidentally (or not) blasting a lightning bolt at the ceiling and blowing a hole in it . “That’s accidental,” said Dark Master.

“And… what, then, is intentional?” the Boo asked, though he began to feel as though he shouldn’t have asked.

Dark Master smirked. He pointed his finger up, then down at the Boo. Immediately, a lightning bolt blasted from his finger, straight into the Boo, who, upon getting hit, disappeared. “That’s intentional.” Dark Master laughed.

Dark Paratroopa stared blankly. Dark Master turned to him. “As for you,” he began, “you had better find another Gem, if you don’t want to end up like him! Understood?”

“Y-yes… Master…” Dark Paratroopa said, still shocked at the sight of Dark Master blasting away one of his own minions.

“Good!” Dark Master finished. “Now away with you!” Dark Paratroopa nodded and teleported away.


At Mario and Luigi’s house, everyone was awake and alert. They had found two Gems so far, and Shine Guy was sensing yet another one.

“Yes! I see it!” Shine Guy cried. “The Cyan Gem!”

“Where is it?” Yoshi asked.

“It is in… some sort of a… chapel…”

“Chapel…” Mario thought out loud.

“Where do you think he means, Mario?” Yoshi asked.

“… Well… Marrymore is-a one of the only places I know with a chapel… We could-a look there…”

“Okay then!” said Luigi. “Better hurry up before-a someone else snatches it.”

“Come on,” said Mario. “Gem number three awaits!”

“Take care, Luigi,” Yoshi said to Luigi. He, Mario, and Shine Guy left.

Luigi went back to his chair to rest. “For them,” he said to himself. “Gem number three awaits, but-a for me, it’s-a Koopa number three…”


Unfortunately, Dark Paratroopa, after sensing the Gem, had already arrived at Marrymore. Hovering high above the ground, he looked all around. Suddenly, his senses turned his attention to a blue-roofed chapel atop a hill. Staring at the building, he was certain the Cyan Gem was in there. Hmm… he thought. Looks like I beat Shine Guy hear by a long shot… Too bad really…I was looking forward to another shot at killing him… Shrugging, he flew down to the front door. He tugged at it. Locked?! he thought. Stupid… Oh well. I’ll just let myself in… He stood back, then stretched out his arm. He then blasted a lightning bolt from the palm of his hand. After an explosion, the front door was no longer there. Dark Paratroopa casually walked into the chapel. He looked around. Interesting furnishings… he thought. A door near the front of the chapel then caught his attention. He walked over to it and kicked the door. There was a flight of stairs leading down.


Through his helmet, the Koopa-like chef continued to stare at the glowing, light blue piece of jewelry. Where exactly did it come from? Very interesting… he thought. His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by his boss.

“Vill you ztop ztaring it zat ztupid gem?! Ve’ve got a cake to bake!”

The startled Apprentice whipped around to his boss. “Oh… Sorry,” he said. “It’s just that… well… Just look at it. It’s so unique and strange… yet so beautiful.”

“Nothing ist more beautiful zan ze perfect vedding cake!” his master said. “Now get over here und help me zit zees izing!”

“Yes, Chef.”

“Und for ze last time, CALL ME CHEF TORTE! TORTE!!!”

“… Yes… um… Sorry… Chef Torte…”

“Zat’s better!”

Torte’s Apprentice walked back over to the cake, carrying the Gem with him. He began to spread the icing. “Vhere exactly did you find zat anyvay?” Torte asked curiously.

“In the bushes just outside…” his Apprentice answered. “How it got there, I don’t know… I’ve never seen one like it before…” He stared at the Gem again. Torte became annoyed.

“Listen!” Torte snapped. “If you don’t ztop ztaring at zat zing, I’LL—” He was interrupted by a bang on the door.

“Who could that be?” Torte’s Apprentice asked.

“Zee who zat ist…” Torte said. His Apprentice nodded and walked over to the door. Just as he touched the doorknob…


The door was blown backwards! It carried Torte’s Apprentice backwards until it slammed him against the wall! Torte Apprentice kicked the door off. “Okay…” he said. “That really hurt…”

Torte stared at the door, which was now laying flat on the floor. He slowly turned around. Standing in the space where the door was once hinged was a strange Paratroopa. Torte examined him, keeping his distance. The Paratroopa had red eyes and a strangely-colored shell (purple) that had one spike on it. He wore sunglasses and purple shoes with spikes under the soles. “Um…” Torte began nervously. “C-can ve help you?”

Dark Paratroopa stared at them. He noticed Torte’s Apprentice holding the Cyan Gem in his hand. “You have something that belongs to me,” he said coldly.

“I think he means this gem…” Torte’s Apprentice whispered to Torte, who nodded.

“Hand it over, before I have to get rough,” Dark Paratroopa ordered. “And you DON’T want to see me get rough!”

“Und… uh… vhy?” Torte asked. Dark Paratroopa lost his patience. He silently walked towards them, grinning evilly. The two Terrapin chefs backed up. “Hey… uh… Take it easy, pal,” said Torte’s Apprentice.

“Vatch ze cake! VATCH ZE CAKE!!!” Torte cried.


Mario, Yoshi, and Shine Guy were just arriving at the Marrymore chapel. When they got there, they were shocked at the sight of a large hole in the wall where the front door once was. “We are too late!” Shine Guy cried. “Dark Paratroopa’s been here already!”

“Come on!” Mario said. “Let’s-a get in there and-a try to find anyone who might be hurt!”

“Wait!” Shine Guy said. “I am sensing the Cyan Gem again...” He gasped. “Dark Paratroopa has it!!!”

“Where is he?!” Yoshi asked.

“He is flying east of here!”

“Mario!” said Yoshi. “Hand me one of the Gems!” Mario handed him the Yellow Gem. “Let’s see what this thing can do!” Yoshi held the Gem tightly in his hand. It glowed brightly. Yoshi then began to feel the power flowing into him. He began to glow. He looked back, and just as he had hoped, he now had wings! “I’ll get that Gem back!” he said.

“Good luck,” Mario said. Yoshi nodded and flew away.


Inside the chapel, Mario and Shine Guy quickly ran into the kitchen. When he got there, he was shock to find…


The Terrapin and his Apprentice were both lying on the floor, mangled, with what was once a wedding cake splattered across the floor. Mario helped Torte up. “Ugh…” groaned Torte. “My delicious masterpiece… RUINED!”

“That’s-a not all that’s-a ruined…” said Mario. “Are-a you okay?”


“Uh… It’s my kitchen, too…” said Torte’s Apprentice.



Dark Paratroopa was laughing. “HEHEHE! That was too easy! Dark Master will be pleased! ... I still haven’t seen Shine Guy and those other two… Oh well… What matters is I got the Gem and they didn’t!” He continued casually across the sky. Suddenly he began to sense something. What the…? I’m sensing another Power Gem… Wherever it is, it’s coming towards me very fast…

Dark Paratroopa jumped. He looked back. Just as he had suspected, something was coming straight at him like a fighter jet. As the object grew closer and closer, he could see that it was Yoshi, who had gained wings through the Power Gem he had! Dark Paratroopa dodged as Yoshi darted by. Missing the Paratroopa, Yoshi turned to face him. “All right!” he ordered. “Hand over the Cyan Gem!”

“My you’re a persistent one…” Dark Paratroopa remarked.

“I’m warning you!” Yoshi threatened. “You’d better put that Gem in my hand, or there’s gonna be trouble!”

Dark Paratroopa stared, then smirked sinisterly. “You want trouble?!” He held the Gem tightly. It glowed, and so did he, but in the dark, evilish purple color, with his skin becoming shaded. “You got trouble!”

“Come on, hotshot!” Yoshi retorted.

BOSS!!!: Dark Paratroopa

Dark Paratroopa blasted lightning at Yoshi, who dodged. Yoshi then blew a ball of fire at Dark Paratroopa, who flew under it and blasted another lightning bolt. Yoshi narrowly avoided the bolt and darted straight at Dark Paratroopa, slamming the Paratroopa in the stomach. Dark Paratroopa gasped for air. Yoshi took advantage and began rapidly punching him in the face. Dark Paratroopa was thrown back, but recovered. He looked around. Yoshi was gone. “Where’d he—” *WHAM!* He was struck in the back of the head by a green fist. Dark Paratroopa shot forward. Rubbing the back of his head, he turned to Yoshi.

“You fight well,” he said, “for someone who can’t see over his own nose!”

“For your information,” Yoshi snapped, “I can see just fine!”

“You won’t be seeing anything once I’m through with you!” He darted at Yoshi, hitting him in the nose. Yoshi was knocked back, now with a nosebleed. Yoshi growled. He darted at Dark Paratroopa. Just as he reached him, the Paratroopa disappeared. Yoshi looked all around for him. Dark Paratroopa materialized right behind him. “Looking for me?” Yoshi turned, only for a fist to meet his eye. Yoshi cried in pain. He covered his eye and glared. He removed his hand, revealing a red eye.

“Give it up already!” Dark Paratroopa taunted. “You might as well just hand me the Purple Gem before someone gets killed… And by someone, I mean you!”

Yoshi panted hard. “Are you kidding…?” Yoshi panted. “I’ll never give it up!”

“… Your loss…”

Dark Paratroopa launched a bolt of lightning at Yoshi. Yoshi flew to the side to miss it, then darted at Dark Paratroopa. The Paratroopa dodged him, but Yoshi whipped around and blew a wave of fire at him. Paratroopa darted through the fire at a fast pace to avoid being burned. Yoshi was hit hard in the nose by Dark Paratroopa. Yoshi flew backwards away from the Paratroopa to recover. Dark Paratroopa left him hardly any time to do so and blasted a lightning bolt from each hand. Yoshi flew towards them, narrowly squeezing between the two bolts, and lay a hard punch into Dark Paratroopa’s stomach.

Dark Paratroopa gasped for air and gave Yoshi an angry look. He darted at Yoshi again, blasting lightning from his hands as he did so. Yoshi dodged the lightning and blew a fireball at Dark Paratroopa. The Paratroopa retreated into his shell and darted straight through the fire and directly at Yoshi. Yoshi dodged, but Dark Paratroopa whipped around and blasted a lightning bolt at Yoshi, who was hit. Yoshi was dazed, but shook himself off. Yoshi spat several fireballs at the Paratroopa, who avoided the first few but was hit by the seventh. Dark Paratroopa yelled. He glared at Yoshi, then he gathered a large amount of energy in his hands. He blasted at Yoshi, who narrowly dodged the blast. Dark Paratroopa flew upward, then swooped swiftly at Yoshi, who flew low to avoid him. Yoshi turned back up and darted at Dark Paratroopa, spitting a fireball, which the Paratroopa managed to spot out of the corner of his eye. He turned around and repelled the fireball, sending it back at Yoshi, who was hit again. Yoshi yelled.

“You have to do better than that if you want to defeat me!” Dark Paratroopa taunted. “Not that you will, of course!”

Yoshi winced, glaring angrily at Dark Paratroopa. “I’m *pant* just getting *pant* warmed up!” Yoshi panted.

“How about FIRING yourself up?! It’s boring when it’s this easy!”

“Here’s *pant* a better idea! How about *pant* I fire YOU up?!” Yoshi inhaled and let out a huge wave of fire, hitting Dark Paratroopa dead on. Dark Paratroopa yelled, scorched. The Paratroopa became enraged. “You’ll regret that!” He darted at Yoshi, slamming him in the stomach at full force. Yoshi plummeted down towards the ground.


“I am sensing both Gems!” Shine Guy cried.

“Where are they?!” Mario asked.

“This way!” They ran off in the direction Shine Guy pointed out.


Yoshi slowly got up from his bad landing. The Purple Gem lay on the ground right in front of him. “Ugh…” he moaned. “That guy’s… one tough customer…” He looked around, seeing he was in a forest. He slowly stood up and picked up the Gem.

“I know you’re here!” someone called. Yoshi recognized the voice. He hid behind a tree. He peered around the tree, and when he saw Dark Paratroopa landing, he quickly hid.

“You can run,” called Dark Paratroopa, “but you can’t hide!” He turned to the tree Yoshi was behind. He grinned, then stretched out his hand. He shot a lightning bolt at the tree, which quickly flamed up. It burned until there was nothing left of it. Much to his surprise, Yoshi was nowhere to be seen. Dark Paratroopa was confused. Then, he got an idea. “I guess I’ve lost you!” he called. “I might as well go!” He teleported away.

Yoshi, who had jumped behind another tree just before the first exploded, checked to see if the coast was clear. When he decided it was, he sighed in relief. “That was too close,” he said to himself.

Then, it happened. Just as Yoshi thought Dark Paratroopa had called it a day, he suddenly came back, appearing directly in front of him! Yoshi jumped.

Dark Paratroopa laughed. “Ha! Did you think I’d give up that easily?! I don’t think so!” Before Yoshi could react, Dark Paratroopa swiftly blasted a lightning bolt at Yoshi, and Yoshi, who was caught by surprise, was hit! He flew backwards onto his back, dropping the Gem. Yoshi lay dazed on the ground, drifting away from consciousness.

“Heh!” Dark Paratroopa said. “Pathetic! And now, another Gem for Dark Master!”

“Oh no you-a won’t!” yelled a voice. Dark Paratroopa looked ahead, only to come face-to-face with a flying hammer.


“Yoshi?! Are-a you okay, Yoshi?”

“Goodness. Please wake up!”

Yoshi finally opened his eyes. There were Mario and Shine Guy standing over him. “Yoshi!” Mario said with a sigh if relief. “What happened?”

“Well…” Yoshi looked down, “I didn’t get the Cyan Gem… but I still have the Purple Gem…”

“Oh… Oh well. At-a least you’re okay…”

“Well,” said Shine Guy, “yhey now have the Cyan and White Gems, and we have Yellow and Purple.”

“Come on,” said Mario. “Let’s-a get-a back home. We’ve got a long-a walk.”

“I can fly us home with the Gem… ugh… My back…”

“Yoshi, you especially need-a rest. Let’s-a go!”

With that, they left.


Dark Master was sitting on his throne when there was a suddenly knock on the throne room door. “ENTER!” he bellowed. Dark Paratroopa came in, grinning. “You seem a bit cheery today…” he remarked.

“I should be, Master,” said Dark Paratroopa. “Look what I got.” The Paratroopa held up the Cyan Gem. The giant Magikoopa leaned forward, wide-eyed. “Yes! Another Power Gem!” he said. “Excellent!”

“Would you believe I wrestled it from a chef?” Dark Paratroopa mused. “And I might add, his cake was TERRIBLE!”

“BLEHEHEHEHEHEH! I’m in a good mood! You’ve done well today, now let’s see you snatch another Gem for me tomorrow!”

“Yes, Master!”


“Look, Kamek!” said Bowser. “If you don’t do your attack today, you’ll be disqualified!”

“I’m going to launch my attack right now, Sire,” Kamek explained. “Why not surprise them with a late attack?”

“… I suppose it’s not a bad idea. Good luck…”

Kamek nodded, then turned to Blaze and the remaining Koopalings. “You’ll see!” he said. “I may be old, but that doesn’t mean I’m not tough!”

“Oh… So you finally admit you’re old!” Larry retorted. Everyone else laughed hard. Kamek glared at the Koopaling. “You’ll be sorry you said that!” Kamek left the throne room.

Blaze turned to Bowser. “Uh… Dude?” he said. “You told him good luck…”

“Yeah,” said Bowser. “He’ll definitely need it…”

“… You’re mean…”

“I know!”


Luigi was resting on his chair, waiting for Toad to come up and tell him that one of the Koopas was attacking. Surprisingly to him, it was sundown, and he hadn’t heard any knocks, until…

*Knock knock knock knock*

“Ah, yes!” Luigi said. “It’s about time!” Luigi quickly ran to the door and answered it, only to find Mario, Shine Guy, and a battered and beaten Yoshi. “Oh… Hello guys…” Luigi greeted, trying to hold back his disappointment. “… Yoshi, what happened to you?”

“Showdown in the sky,” Yoshi explained. “It didn’t go very well…” They walked in.

“So,” said Mario, “any Koopas attack-a the Mushroom Kingdom today?”

“Not yet…” said Luigi. “For some reason, all has-a been quiet.”

Suddenly, there was a bang on the door. Luigi answered it. It was Toad. “Luigi!” he cried. “We’ve got more trouble! Kamek was just spotted!”

“Where is-a he, now?!”

“Somewhere in Mushroom City Park! We’ve cleared the park of any nighttime bike riders or runners.”

Luigi turned to Mario, Yoshi, and Shine Guy. “I’ve gotta go!” he said quickly.

“You-a sure you don’t need any help?” Mario asked.

“I can-a handle it. You guys just-a rest… especially you, Yoshi…”


Luigi arrived at the park via taxi. He paid the driver, who then drove off. Luigi looked around cautiously. “Kamek!” he called. “Where are-a you?! Come out and-a face me!” No one answered. Luigi began to feel nervous, but plucked up courage. He must be trying to catch me by surprise… Luigi thought. I think I’ll call for backup… Luigi took out his phone and called someone.

“Yes,” he said, “Kamek is somewhere in the park. I’ll-a need your assistance pronto… You’re on your-a way? Great… See you later…” Luigi hung up. He ventured further into the park.

The park seemed very eerie when no one was around, especially at night. Luigi walked slower and slower. He reached an open space within the trees and brush. Suddenly, he began to feel as though he was being watched. He looked around. The crackle of bushes was heard. Luigi froze. “I… I know you’re-a here!” he said.

Suddenly, he had an idea. He spoke loudly in a fake tone. “I’m waiting, Kamek! Come out and-a fight me… old man!”

Immediately, a magical beam came at him out of nowhere. Luigi turned to the source of the blast, a somewhat short figure standing in the shadows of the trees. “You think I’m OLD?!” he spoke angrily. The figure stepped out of the shadows, revealing Kamek.

“Well… you are, after all…” Luigi retorted.

“You’ll regret saying that, you fool!” Kamek bellowed. “Come over here and we’ll have it out!”

“Bring it on, old man!”

“Quit calling me that!”

BOSS!!!: Kamek

Luigi and Kamek circled around the clearing, glaring at each other furiously and waiting for the first attack. The one to attack first was Kamek, who blasted his wand at the plumber. Luigi dodged and charged at Kamek, who blasted again. Luigi jumped over the blast and kicked Kamek in the chest. Kamek stumbled, but recovered. He blasted at Luigi again. Luigi dodged the blast, Matrix style. Luigi, his back still arched, lurched forward and tackled Kamek, who jumped back up. He blasted at Luigi again, but missed and hit a tree instead. The tree snapped in half.


“Um… I obviously don’t care…” said Kamek.

Luigi charged at Kamek again, who then disappeared. Luigi looked all around. Kamek suddenly appeared behind him. He blasted. Luigi noticed this out of the corner of his eyes and narrowly jumped clear. Kamek blasted again and again and again, but Luigi was too fast.

“Stop moving!” Kamek complained. “I can’t blast you if you move!”

“That’s the basic idea…” Luigi retorted sarcastically.

“Okay!” Kamek said, fed up. “I can see you’re a match for one Magikoopa, but how about FOUR?!”

“… Four?” Luigi asked.

Kamek grinned sinisterly. He then created three copies of himself. Luigi stared blankly. The four Kameks surrounded him.

“Come on, Luigi!” one Kamek said. “Make your move! Am I here?!”

“Or here?!”

“Or here?!”

“Or here?!”

“MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I could be anywhere, even right behind you!” The Kamek directly behind Luigi blasted at him. Luigi ducked, then punched the Kamek, who sprawled onto his back. The other Kameks, the copies, disappeared.

“Lucky shot!” said Kamek, getting back up.

“Yeah!” said Luigi. “Lucky because you gave yourself away!”

“I’ll give YOU something! THINK FAST!” Kamek quickly blasted at Luigi, who had no time to react. He was hit hard. Luigi was knocked ten feet backwards onto his back. He yelled in pain. Kamek stood over him.

“Not so super, are you?!” Kamek said coldly. He held his wand high. It glowed. He then pointed it at the plumber. “Goodbye, Luigi!” Kamek laughed.

Luigi shut his eyes…



Luigi opened his eyes. He stood up to see that Kamek had been tackled by a flying blue shell. “It’s about time you-a got here, Parakarry!” said Luigi. Parakarry popped out of his shell.

“Sorry we’re late!” said Parakarry.

“This old geezer giving you trouble?” said a voice. Flapps flew in next to Luigi. “We’ll fix ‘im for ya! Ba-KAWK! Ah… When will I learn not to do that…?”

“GET OFF ME!” Kamek kicked Parakarry off.

“Hey… Chill, old man,” said Parakarry.

“STOP CALLING ME THA—” *SMACK* Kamek was clawed in the face by Flapps. Kamek was unconscious. “Ha!” Flapps laughed. “That’s right! Go to sleep! Ba-KAWK!”

“Well,” said Parakarry, “that’s that! Let’s get this geezer to Princess Peach’s castle!”

Luigi and Parakarry picked up the unconscious Magikoopa and carried him away, while Flapps followed.

Meanwhile, the Lakitu had been spectating from atop a tree. He radioed in to Bowser.

“This is King Koopa, over,” Bowser said at the other end.

“He was close…” said the Lakitu, “but he was beaten.”

Laughing and cheering was heard. “Ah…” said Bowser. “Oh well… It’ll be your turn tomorrow, Roy…”

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