Koopa Bots

By Cubone

Luigi drove through the city, the Koopas still following him. They had devised a mastermind plan to turn the tables... Nope, they aren't going say it aloud.

Luigi decided to contact Peach once more. "You ready? I'm coming up to the Castle."

"Sure am," was Peach's confident reply. "Let's kick those Koopas out of their tin cans!"

Luigi made a sharp turn and pulled up in front to the Castle, and eagerly saw Lemmy, in his bot, jog up to where Luigi was sitting in the old car.

"Well?" said Luigi, as though he expected Lemmy to give him a present. "Aren't you gonna attack me?"

The Lemmy bot's arm transformed into the goo cannon, but the minute it happened, Luigi shrieked, "NOW!"

Toads sprinted out from behind the Castle with saws, wrenches, ropes, and a bunch of other things I don't feel like naming. The Toads all started to scream battle cries and attack Lemmy's robot. Lemmy, strangely, was not retaliating.

The Toads eventually managed to lasso Lemmy's robot, and brought it down with no mercy. The Toads with saws climbed onto the robot's metal chest and began to slice it open, to the point where Lemmy was grabbed and dragged out.

"Good work!" said Peach, emerging from the castle. "You can take him to where his other siblings are being held, in that old building."

The Toads took hold of Lemmy, who still did nothing and was carried away.

"We sure are doing a good job of repelling the Koopas," said Peach.

"Yeah... but... why didn't Lemmy even TRY to fight back?" asked Luigi doubtfully.

The two received their answer as a blue ball of plasma flew past the two. Larry Koopa came running in the slim yellow robot, firing plasma balls all the way.

"Come on!" shouted Larry. "I thought you guys were waaaaaay smarter then that!"

"Peach! Run!" screamed Luigi.

Peach took off running, with Luigi facing Larry. Luigi instantly flung himself into the car and tried to radio Mario.

"Mario, I need help! I'm at Peach's-" Luigi was cut off as Larry kicked the car, sending it flying.


Lucky for Luigi, Mario successfully received the message and knew just what Luigi was talking about. Mario began to sprint to Peach's Castle, and merely hoped he would make it in time.


Larry laughed hysterically at Luigi. The plumber was pelting Larry with rocks. Larry stated, "You are pathetic, Luigi! It'll take more than rocks to even affect my robot!" Luigi knew this, but it was pelt Larry with rocks or physically attack him. Not too hard to figure out the better choice.

Larry laughed again and kicked Luigi hard in the stomach. The kick sent Luigi flying backwards through a building. Luigi landed on the other side of the building... where Mario was running to his rescue...

"Luigi!" screamed Mario, running over to his brother. Luigi looked limp and blood was all over his face. Mario knew he had to get Luigi to a medic, and realized that the Toad Town hospital was a block away. Mario picked up Luigi and rushed him to the hospital, where he was greeted by a few Toad medics. They took Luigi and said they'd help him, and walked back into the building with Luigi on a stretcher.

Mario hoped they'd be able to help Luigi, but he lost focus of this thought as Larry fired a plasma ball at Mario, who retaliated by firing his rocket launcher. Larry was knocked over and flung a nearby car at Mario. Mario caught the car and gently set it down, but Larry charged at Mario and knocked him over. Mario grabbed Larry bot's legs and tripped him. The two began to wrestle until Larry finally pinned Mario. Mario fired his laser and sliced Larry's bot open. Larry screamed helplessly as Mario grabbed him from inside. "PLEASE!! DON'T KILL ME!! "

Mario had no intention of hurting Larry, as he just jogged over to the warehouse and stuffed him in along with his siblings that had been defeated and rounded up by the Toads.

"Well, I'm pretty sure the only one remaining is Iggy," said Mario.

Mario heard an engine rev, and Mario spun around to see a white pickup truck driving toward him. Mario readied his rocket launcher, but was surprised to see Iggy merely drive past Mario.

Iggy transformed and lifted the roof off the warehouse and jumped in. Iggy transformed back into the truck. "Hop in."

"Huh?" said Morton. "Ya mean you aren't even going to fight Mario?!"

"Affirmative," stated Iggy.

 "I don't get it, dawg," said Roy. "The whole point of building these bots was to beat Mario."

"I already said it," said Iggy. "I have poured my heart and soul into these robots. I refuse to watch mine be destroyed."

"So you're saying you're a wuss?" Morton scowled.

"Do you want a ride home or not?" asked Iggy.

Morton didn't answer, but he and everyone else climbed into the back of the pickup truck. Iggy drove straight though the warehouse wall and the siblings drove off, leaving Mario dumbfounded.

Mario couldn't believe it. The Koopas had retreated. It had only taken about twenty minutes to finish them all off. But at least they had learned a valuable lesson: never mess with the Mario Brothers!

"Hey Mario! I think you missed one!"

Mario whipped around only to be hit in the face with a large hammer. Mario tumbled over and landed on his stomach. Mario glanced up to see one more robot, that contained Bowser Jr. Mario got up and said, "Hey Jr! Where've you been?"

"Hanging out," was Jr's reply. Jr got out his hammer again. "You'd better just walk away right now, so you can avoid a beating."

"Hah! From you?" said Mario. "Sorry Jr, but you're about as threatening as a bowl of marshmallows!"

"Petty remarks won't save you like they did from Roy, Mario!" hissed Jr.

This was when the two drew their weapons. Mario fired a missile that really popped Jr, who was sent flying onto a parked school bus. Mario fired once more but Jr. deflected the missile with his large hammer.

"Gonna have to do better than that, Mario twerp!" shouted Jr. as he charged. Jr. swung the hammer at Mario, who ducked and gave Jr. a harsh uppercut. Junior toppled over, but stood back up and took a swipe at Mario's laser, and successfully knocked it off Mario robot's shoulder. It was sent sliding across the street, with Mario and Bowser Jr. diving after it, trying to take hold of it before the other.

Junior grabbed it, but Mario grabbed hold as well. Junior pointed the laser at Mario and fired; Mario's bot was hit in the face and nearly had its head blown off. Mario grabbed Junior and threw him across a nearby parking lot. Junior in turn, flung a car at Mario. Mario was knocked over, with the car on top of his robot.

Bowser Jr. sneered from within the robot. "A little stuck there, Mario?"

Mario replied with grunts from trying to get the car off of him. Junior climbed on top of a building and proudly declared, "Seeing as how this city is in ruins, I declare this official Koopa territory, with me as the new ruler! All hail Bowser Jr!"

Mario finally threw the car off him, and fired a missile that hit Junior in the back. Junior was sent flying off the building and onto the ground. Junior got back up and shouted, "I hate people who play dirty!" and charged at Mario.

Mario caught Junior and flipped him. Mario scowled. "You and your bratty siblings wrecked nearly all the town! You'll pay for it!"

Junior kicked Mario away from him and got back up. "You can't beat me without destroying the town!"

Mario wondered what Junior meant, but soon found out when Junior transformed into the motorcycle and drove away. Mario instantaneously activated the jet pack and began to fly after Junior.

Junior was speeding down to the castle, with Mario shooting at him but missing. Junior called to him, "Ha! Can't get me without destroying Peach's Castle, the only thing that isn't already in pieces!"

To Mario's horror, Junior was right. Every building they had passed was in rubble. That meant the other Koopalings were just diversions, while Junior had been wrecking the city! Mario tried to digest this information, but it was hard to believe that the Koopas had actually fooled him in such a brilliant manner!

Junior pulled up in front of Peach's Castle. Junior transformed and Mario landed in front of him. Junior raised the hammer and said, "Touch me, and Peach's Castle won't ever be the same!"

Mario was afraid someone might be in the castle. His mind was racing for an answer.

What if Junior is bluffing?
What if he isn't?
I could fire at Junior...
But he's right in front of the Castle!
I could disarm him.
He deflected my missiles once, he can do it again!

"I'm going to assume you surrender," said Junior." In that case, I'll spare this Castle. Besides, I HAVE always wanted my own castle. All it needs is a new paint job, a Bowser Junior statue, a moat-

Mario finally decided what to do. He crept up behind Junior while he was rattling off improvements, and knocked him aside so that Mario was in between Junior and the Castle.

"You dirty dog! You caught me... uh... uh, what was the word..."


Junior was sent sailing across the field they were in. Junior cried, "You did it again!"

Mario walked up to Junior and readied his rocket launcher.

"No, wait!"


Meanwhile, Bowser was waiting in the kitchen for lunch to be served. Today's mouthwatering special: fried chicken. I don't know HOW on Earth there was chicken on Plit, but it was one of Bowser's favorites seeing as how he was drooling all over the table.

Suddenly a Koopa Troopa scuttled in and stated, "Sir, your children have been sighted coming towards castle grounds."

Bowser laughed. "Must have finished off the Mushroom Kingdom early! I'll go congratulate them!"

Bowser lumbered out onto the front porch to find his kids with worried facial expressions. Bowser frowned. "How come Iggy is the only one with his robot?"

"Because we failed," said Ludwig sadly. "Mario beat us. Again."

Bowser said nothing, but pointed. "What in the world is that?

The Koopalings turned to find Mario's robot flying towards Castle Koopa. It landed a few feet away from Bowser. "I believe this belongs to you."

Mario handed over Bowser Junior, then jumped up and flew away.

Bowser Junior was in tears. "We f-failed D-D-Dad. Mario *sniff*... He beat-t us..."

Bowser gave his son a hug and said, "It's ok. You tried. Now, how's the damage?"

Junior choked out, "In ruins. But... we lost-"

"Whaddya mean ya lost?!" said Bowser, almost in disbelief. "The town is in RUINS!"

"Well... Yeah... But, we got beaten-"

"That doesn't matter!" shouted Bowser in sheer joy. "You destroyed the town of our enemies! I don't think I've EVER been prouder!"

For the first time in years, Bowser's red eyes were gleaming with pride. The Koopalings had never felt so happy, so cheerful...

So loved.

While the others were cheering and punching the air, Lemmy spoke to Morton. "Hey, uhh, Morton?"

"What now, runt?"

I'm sorry... about what I did... back at Toad Town..."

"Yeah, and I'm sorry you were born."

Lemmy laughed."There's the good old Morton sense of humor I love!"

Lemmy hugged Morton, who responded by saying, "You've got ten seconds to let go before I pound you within an inch of your life."


Mario arrived back to find all the Mushroom Kingdom residents awaiting him. Luigi was in a stretcher, but was alive.

"I'm so sorry," he said to everyone.

"For what?" said Peach. "You saved us all!"

"Again!" shouted Toad.

Everyone else shouted in agreement, and Luigi finally spoke.

"You're a hero, Bro. You saved our lives, and that's what counts!"

Mario decided that Luigi was right despite the fact that Mario didn't feel particularly heroic. "But what are we gonna do about all this mess?"

"Rebuild," said Toadsworth.


And so, after one moth of non-stop work, the town was as good as new. All the while, the Koopas were still celebrating their partial victory. But the Mushroom Kingdom residents were still celebrating theirs too.

Both sides celebrating. That doesn't happen too often when it comes to Good Vs. Evil stories, if you know what I mean.

So I guess this is one of those stories that ends in a win-win situation. I truly hoped you've enjoyed reading this Fun Fiction, as I have enjoyed writing it. If you've kept reading and have been patiently waiting for this final chapter, I say thank you.

Cubone Out

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