Koopa Bots

By Cubone

Ahh! I'm glad you chose to tune in again for the fourth chapter of Koopa bots! ... Yes, I consider these chapters.


Bowser Jr. stared, astonished, at the machine.

"I gotta tell my siblings about the robot!" Shadow Mario realized aloud.

Yup. E. Gadd's machine turned out to be a robot, similar to the ones Iggy was making. It was fifteen feet tall, red and had a laser canon on each arm.

"How could this happen?" Shadow Mario asked. "E. Gadd made a robot too? How could this be?"

Shadow Mario noticed that there was a computer in the laboratory also. Shadow Mario walked up to it and noticed the professor had logged on to his Yahoo account.

Shadow Mario took a look in the "Sent" section, and saw that the professor had Emailed the Mario Brothers a week ago. Shadow Mario checked the Email out and read, to his horror, the following.

"Dear Mario Brothers,

Yes, I have noticed Bowser has been attacking the Mushroom Kingdom more and more frequently.

But not to worry now! I've been working on a robotic suit that is super advanced! So advanced, that if we were to put even a two-year-old Mushroom feller in this suit, he could send ol' Bowser packing within minutes!

I'll let ya know when it's done the minute I finish the robot.

~Elvin Gadd "

Shadow Mario stared at the message for several minutes in shock. He realized he had to get out of E. Gadd's place quick with the Super Scope and get home.

Shadow Mario grabbed the Super Scope and crawled up an air vent and began to army crawl through the vents. (He performed a series of jumps to get up the vertical vent.)

When he reached the kitchen, he saw the professor was not there. Shadow Mario grabbed his paintbrush, climbed out the bedroom window, and began to draw the vortex.

When he was done, he jumped into it, and returned to his normal self.

"Iggy and the rest have to know about this!" said Bowser Jr. (Yes, we can finally call him that again.)

Bowser Jr. hopped into his go-kart and drove off into the distance.


"Park it right there!"

Ludwig had just arrived home from Pipe Land, and was trying to get his minions to park the doomship in the correct spot.

"To the left!... A little more... Perfect!" Ludwig shouted to his minions.

"Sir, can we go take a break?" asked a tired-looking Ptooie.

"Why?" asked Ludwig. "What have you been doing all day to make you deserve a break?"

"I've been letting you use me as a couch, sir," said the Ptooie.

"... Ok, sure," said Ludwig. "That does deserve a break."

At the word, "Sure" the entire troop aboard the ship crammed into the doomdingies and flew away. Ludwig just stared in awe.

"Hey, big boy," said a voice.

Ludwig spun around, startled by the voice.

"Oh, hey Larry," said Ludwig, sighing in relief. That was when he noticed his "twin's" condition.

"Larry, what happened to you?" Ludwig asked, amazed at his twin's appearance.

Larry had a black eye, and was missing a fang. He also seemed to be scratched up in his left arm.

"My sibs and I got into a bit of a fight," Larry said, clutching his left arm. "And we could use some help settling it. "

"Sure," Ludwig said. "I'll help, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do."

"Follow me," Larry said. And the twins sprinted down to Iggy's room.

As they arrived in the room, they were greeted with Morton being thrown onto them.

Morton got back up and roared "You die, Roy!" as he charged at his brother.

Roy just caught Morton and flipped him. Morton got back up and punched Roy in his stomach, causing Roy to double over, gasping for air. Morton was about to hit him again when Lemmy tackled Morton, followed by Wendy, who picked up Lemmy and began to slap him silly.

Ludwig stared at his siblings, astonished at what he was seeing. "Who is mad at who?" he asked, watching Roy pounce on Wendy while Morton grabbed a machine piece and hit Lemmy over the head with it.

"Everyone's mad at everyone pretty much," Larry said flatly.

That's when Iggy sprinted intro the room. "Time to try my ray gun out!" he shouted.

Iggy fired a beam at Morton. It hit him, and knocked him out cold.

The other Koopalings just stared at Morton. They all stopped fighting.

Iggy merely looked pleased with himself and said, "Finally you stop fighting."

"Why didn't you use that in the first place?" Larry asked, looking astonished.

"I forgot I had it," Iggy said simply. "I've only used it once before. "

"Ya mean when we had that contest to see who would help Dad rob the Mushroom Kingdom bank? Yeah, I remember that," Roy said. "So how do we wake Morty back up?"

Iggy was about to answer when Clawdia called up to the Koopalings, "Kids, lunchtime!"

"Oh crud... " Ludwig said, inspecting all of his siblings. "How is Mom gonna react when she sees this?"

All the Koopalings stared at each other. It was true, they were all pretty beaten up.

"And what if she asks us WHY we were fighting and beating each other up?" Roy asked, indicating the large robot arms and legs. "I'm pretty sure Mom won't want us doin' somethin' dangerous like getting all dressed up in giant robots and fighting Mario, especially after what happened to King Dad. "

"And she always seems to know when we're lying," Larry said.

"Kids, lunch!" called Clawdia again.

The Koopalings woke Morton up and made their way down to the dining room nervously awaiting their mother's reaction.

"Hi kids," Clawdia said. "Having a good morn-"

Clawdia didn't finish her sentence.

"What happened to you all?" Clawdia asked. "Did you get in a fight again?"

The Koopalings all stared at Roy as if to say "You tell her".

"Yeah," he said.

"About what?" Clawdia asked.

Roy just stared at his siblings, who just stared back.

"... We were fighting over who got the last piece of pie," Roy said, trying to keep his voice from quivering.

Clawdia eyed Roy to see if he was being truthful. She knew Roy was always the one the other Koopalings relied on to pull off a slick lie since Roy really is the calmest Koopa for the stickiest situations.

"I don't remember making pie," Clawdia said. "But I believe y- What's wrong, Iggy?"

The Koopalings turned to Iggy and to their horror, he was red in the face and looked as though he could pass out.

Iggy was always a terrible liar, even when it's not even HIM that's doing the lying! He's the "good" Koopaling in the family and never wanted to fight Mario and Luigi in the first place. Bowser had to force him to takeover Giant Land, actually.

"I'm f-fine Mom," Iggy stammered. "I just sorta got sh-shaken up in the fight. "

"Well maybe some nice rotini would make you feel better," Clawdia said gently as she took Iggy's hand and led him and the rest of the Koopalings into the dining room.

The Koopa family all took seats at the table. Clawdia smiled and said, "I hope you all like the rotini. I made it myself. It just has to boil for awhile."

"As long as you made it-" Larry started

"It'll be delicious," finished Ludwig.

"I thought I told you guys not to share sentences!" Lemmy said coldly. "That was me and Iggy's gimmick!"

"Did you copyright it?" asked the new twins simultaneously.

"What's that mean?" asked Lemmy crossly.

"A copyright is a legal concept enacted by governments that allow the creator of an original work of authorship exclusive rights to the creation, usually for a limited time," Iggy said, still pink in the face.

"What?"Said Lemmy.

"If you didn't copyright something-" Larry began.

"You can't tell other people they can't use it or do something with it," Ludwig finished.

Lemmy frowned, but said nothing, as he was thinking of a reason of why the tw- er, Larry and Ludwig couldn't use his gimmick. He finally smiled as he thought of an idea.

"I dibbsed it," he said, smiling.

Larry and Ludwig began to laugh hysterically at this.

"What?" Lemmy asked confused.

"Dibbsing isn't legal!" laughed Ludwig. "Dibbs is a pathetic excuse for a copyright that little kids use!"

"Are you a little kid?" asked Larry. "’Cause I might just be generous enough to buy a little boy a tricycle today!"

The twins began to roll around on the floor while Lemmy turned pink in the face and looked like he was close to tears.

"Now boys," said Clawdia, "it's not nice to tease your brother."

"Don't you mean our baby brother?" laughed Larry.

The twins started to crack up again but a sharp look from Clawdia made them stop.

"By the way," asked Clawdia, "where is Bowser Jr?"

The Koopalings all turned to Roy.

"Uhhh... He's at a friend's house," said Roy. "We were supposed to tell you that, but we forgot. "

"Oh," said Clawdia. "I see…"

The family went twenty minutes without talking until Clawdia finally said, "I'm going to see if the rotini has come to a boil yet."

Clawdia exited the room to the kitchen when they heard a bang on the front door. Iggy went to answer it. Iggy opened the doors, to find Jr. standing there furious.

"You guys left me there!" Bowser Jr. shouted. "I can't believe it!"

Jr. stomped into the dining room and began to yell louder.

"The next time you dodos do that, I'll tell Mom and you all will be in soooo much trouble!"

"BJ, keep it down!" said Ludwig.

"Shaddap!" said Jr. "You were supposed to pick me up! A guy named Popple tried to mug me on the way home!“

"We're sorry, Jr!" said Wendy. "Just please quit yelling!"

"The next time you need someone to steal something,"Jr. said while waving the Super Scope in the air, "get someone else to do it!"

"Steal something?" said a voice. "For what?"

The Koopalings froze and slowly turned around to see their mother in the doorway.

"So that we can fight the Marios as giant robots,"Jr. said.

"That was supposed to be a secret, you nut," said Morton, slapping his forehead.

"Oops…" said Jr, as he and his siblings stared at the cross look on their mother's face.

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