Mario and Luigi: The New Dynasty

By kooplord123

Mario and Luigi check properly. They are sure they must be mistaken, as they just saw Princess Peach go outside.
Luigi: Bro, are you thinking what I’m thinking?
Mario: What’re you thinking?
Luigi: We’re being toyed with. It’s obvious.
Mario: But who could toy with the Mario Brothers? No one is that brave.
Luigi: Some daring man definitely has it in for us… Hey!
Mario picks up a shoe.
Luigi: It’s Princess Peach’s right shoe!
Mario: We bought a ton of items… for this? What’re we supposed to do with all of those seemingly Rotten Eggs we bought?
Luigi: I dunno… We can’t just give them to Yoshi, I mean COME ON! What’s the point of wasting all of them? We’ll just keep them… just in case, y’know?
Mario: That part of the adventure… was quick.
Luigi: I agree, it seems not so long ago that we just took the boat to get here.
BACK AT BOWSER’S CASTLE, the smoke from the busted down wall fades away, revealing two Magikoopas.
Bowser: So, finally, you’ve arrived. Where were you the entire time?
Kammy: Lord Bowser, Kamek disliked me so much he pulled me down whenever I was going up.
Kamek: And Kammy wouldn’t allow me up either!
Bowser gets angry.
Kammy: Lord Bowser, control yourself! Think of your blood pressure!

Bowser’s rage was so great that his blood pressure spiked and he fainted.
Roy: Nice job, you two. You guys really made Dad angry now!
Lemmy: Yeah! We’re younger than you guys, but we’re more mature!
Kamek: We’ll see who is mature and immature, shan’t we?
Wendy: You speak big old talks, but deep inside you’re a playful child.
Kammy: Please, everyone! Can’t you see that Lord Bowser is in trouble? And here we are, arguing ourselves crazy!
Roy: The hag has a point.
Kammy: I am ho hag! You stupid Koopa!
Roy quickly jumps up and punches Kammy off of her broom.
Roy: Don’t try it, for your own good.
Kammy: That will… leave a mark.
Kamek and Roy give each other high-fives.
Wendy: Now that we’re finished, can we ask Dad how to make him feel better?
Larry: Wendy, there’s only one way to pacify Dad. Morton, take it away.
Morton: And that is defeating Mario.
Lemmy: But it’s impossible to beat Mario!
Wendy: Yeah, so let’s just stay here… and give Dad company.
All six Koopalings agree. Suddenly the door opens. The Clown Copter Jr. comes out with Bowser Jr. riding it.
Roy: Quit it, Bowser Jr!
Wendy: Yeah!
Larry: You stupid prince!
Iggy: I hate you!
Lemmy: We all hate you!
Morton: We do all the work, you do nothing!
Kamek: Please, everyone, remain calm.
Roy: No!
Lemmy: Lemme at him!
They all run up to Bowser Jr.
Bowser Jr: Stay away, rejects! Dad loves me best!
Roy: Shut up.
Lemmy uses his ball as a stool and grabs the Clown Copter. Wendy uses a pipe to reach up to Bowser Jr. and slams him against the wall.
Morton: Let me talk to him, after you guys are finished.
After about 3 minutes, Wendy and Roy back off of the broken Clown Copter.
Morton: Done?
Wendy and Roy: Done.
Morton walks up to Bowser Jr, who was been beaten up. His shell is cracked, and several spikes on the back of his shell have been cut off.
Morton: I gotta tell you somethin’. You’ve been hiding in your room since that incident when you got destroyed heavily by Mario. Us? We’ve been working our tails off trying to defeat Mario!
Bowser Jr: What’s your point? I’m going now, you guys aren’t doing anything! And you guys all hate me. I don’t understand.
Morton: Dad likes you better than us. We all hate that. We’re the ones constantly being beaten by Mario and Luigi. And Dad made YOU prince! If anyone, Larry, Lemmy, or Iggy should be prince, they’re most powerful!
Bowser Jr: I’m almost as powerful as Daddy!
Morton: Yet you’re too young. Prince Koopa should be someone other than you. But Dad picked you. We all hate that he lavishes attention on you.
Bowser Jr: I’m leaving, going after Mario, defeating him, and coming back. Then you’ll see my power!
Bowser Jr. grabs some Koopa Tea from the kitchen, goes to the storehouse, and uses the Clown Copter.
Bowser Jr: Morton, since I’m prince, I’m putting you in charge while Dad is still fainted!
Morton: You done well, kid.
Bowser Jr. leaves.
Roy: What’s up with that? He put you in charge?
Morton: Let’s just say I have my ways of getting people to favor me.
Roy signals the others and together they all attack Morton.
Morton: AAH!
MARIO AND LUIGI return to the Mushroom Kingdom, and talk to Professor E. Gadd.
Luigi: We went to Yoshi’s Island, but we didn’t save the princess. We fought a kidnapper, and while we were fighting she went outside, and got herself kidnapped. We got her other shoe, though.
Professor E. Gadd looks up.
Professor E. Gadd: Incoming!
AT GILLIAM CASTLE, Fawletta and King Gilliam were conversing.
Fawletta: …complete, sir.
King Gilliam: Very well.
AT BOO MANSION, the Boos are ready for something big.
Let me refresh you. Red and Pink 2 were fighting, and Pink 2 was losing. Then Blue and White came and Red acknowledged that this would hurt.
Red: I’m NOT losing to you, but at the same time I cannot win with such odds… Look out for Red Boo Thief!
All 3 lunge at Red, but Red vanishes.
BACK AT THE MUSHROOM KINGDOM, the Clown Copter has just fallen.
Luigi: Bowser!
Mario coughs up some smoke from the collision.
Mario: How can you tell it’s Bowser?
Luigi: Mario, ever since that Yoshi kidnapper battle, I’m feeling so READY! Let me at Bowser!
Bowser Jr. jumps out high and lands on a Toad.
Bowser Jr: It’s PRINCE Bowser to you, foolish Luigi!
Luigi: I’m no fool. You’re the irritating one here.
Bowser Jr: Am not!
Luigi: You see, it’s THAT that makes me think so!
Mario: Luigi, let’s-a go! Stop with all of the talking!
Mario stomps hard on Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. squirms.
Bowser Jr: You know, Mario, you’re really lucky that Roy and Wendy attacked me, or I would’ve GIVEN IT TO YOU! You best believe I would’ve!
Luigi: Yeah, whatever, run back to the castle!
Bowser Jr. runs back to the castle, like Luigi said.
Mario and Luigi shake off some dust from their overalls.
Luigi: That’s no way to act to people who did the Koopas a favor!
Professor E. Gadd comes from all of the debris.
Professor E. Gadd: I must say, that was rather unexpected… I thought he had some sense not to just rush up to you two.
Luigi: Yeah. Shows you can’t trust a Koopa.
Professor E. Gadd: What do you mean?
Luigi: We protected them from the Gilliam soldiers. And they attack us!
Professor E. Gadd: Oh, this is news to me. I had no clue that you guys freed them.
Mario: Why, what can we do now, anyway? We didn’t get the princess. But she was right there on Yoshi’s Island!
Professor E. Gadd: Listen. I’ve been thinking… forget about the princess for now. Focus on getting the Toad Gem. And begin… by asking Bowser if he knows anything. We both haven’t seen hide nor tail of it. He’s your only chance.
Luigi: I guess he’s right... and Bowser does have that favor. Why not use it when we need it?
Mario: And Professor, I already know the way to his castle. I’ve been there like a million times already!
Professor E. Gadd: Then ask Bowser if he has any clues to the Gem.
Mario and Luigi go to Mushroom’s Goods.
Luigi: I have a question. What was the matter with all of the Rotten Eggs? They were perfect ones!
Clerk T: I’m afraid there was a mismatch in the shipping. And my identification skills… Anyway, would you like to buy something? We’ve recently got REAL Rotten Eggs as well as POW Blocks. Each Rotten Egg is 20 and POW Block is 20. We’re having a sale, see. Each item we have is only 20 coins!
Luigi: You know, that’s also a fraud in disguise.
Clerk T: Ignore the lad. What would you like?
Mario: Let me check my inventory.
Mushrooms- 4
Super Mushrooms- 1
Fire Flowers- 2
Lightning Bolt- 1
Fresh Eggs- 2
Luigi: Mario, how’d we lose that other egg?
Yoshi: Yoshi knows. Papa Mario and Mama Luigi don’t. Yoshi BAD! Yoshi steal yummy egg. But Yoshi hungry! And Yoshi hungry NOW! Papa Mario! Mama Luigi!
Mario: We’ll buy 3 Super Mushrooms, 3 POW Blocks, and 3 Lightning Bolts.
Clerk T: That’s… 180 coins.
Luigi: See!
Clerk T: Please, don’t be so grumpy.
Mario: I have 200 coins. Here are 180 coins. Thank you.
Clerk T: I suppose I’ll be seeing you lot again, right?
Luigi: What lot? We’re only two!
Mario: Shut your yap. You ARE grumpy!
Fawletta: Master, you are allowing?
King Gilliam turns around. He is a purple-white Mushroom. He has a golden superb crown, perfectly combed hair, and a cape to top it all. He holds a magical stick, and is powerful.
King Gilliam: Lord Gilliam of Mushroom City… and allow such foolish ones to trespass in areas they don’t understand… I must create some more diversions, shall I?
Fawletta: You are superb.
King Gilliam: Fawletta, please, take care of Pr—
AT BOO MANSION, things have seemed to mellow out. There is peace once again. Pink 2, Blue, and White are getting used to this arrangement. Red is somewhere wandering in the woods, looking for sources of strength. Everything is perfect… or not.
There is something wrong. What is it? It’s Pink 1 and Black. They’ve returned from their voyage away. Pink 2 looks disgusted.
Pink 2: What do you two traitors wish for?
Black: I’m no traitor! I FOUGHT Mario, hello!
Pink 2: But you deserted me at the moment of truth. Red’s deserted us for his own devilish purposes. If you were with me at that moment, Red would have been taken care of long ago. But now, we wait for his attack.
Black: Look, Mario’s hammer SCARED me! What’s a Boo to do about that?
Pink 2 doesn’t speak. No one expects him to say what he says next.
Pink 2: My own brother, own brother, who I have supported in everything! He deserted me when I needed him. Why, pray tell, would he leave me?
Black: I’m… real sorry, Pink 2!
Pink 2: Black… since you indeed tried to defeat Mario, I suppose I should allow you to come with us… but my brother has deserted me when I needed him! For that, he shall come back… never!
Pink 1: Come on, Bro! I’ll go and attack Mario right now! Seriously!
Pink 2: You think Mario is our enemy now? We have bigger problems than him. He’s no threat compared to Red! Red WILL destroy our gang. And you want to make Mario come to our mansion?
Pink 1: Come on, Bro, forgive me!
Pink 2: I have said it before, and I will say it again. I will forgive you… never!
Pink 1: You really mean it this time!
Pink 2: Yes. Now, Black, come here, and Pink, I don’t want to see your face again. Seriously, I don’t.
Pink 1: (Now, I have to do something to please my brother. And I have just the thing…)
MARIO AND LUIGI have already been down Koopa Path a countless amount of times, but this time they knew it is for a favor, not for the princess. Still, they feel the same anxiety that they did when they went down to battle Bowser for the princess.
Luigi: Bro, it’s such a long path, isn’t it?
Mario: Hey, look! There’s the road that leads to Bowser Path.
Luigi: Let’s take it!
Mario and Luigi go down Bowser Path.
BOWSER IS back to normal now. All he wants to know is where Bowser Jr. is.
Kamek: I think Morton let him go, and Roy and Wendy beat him up. All of the Koopalings dislike him.
Bowser: But Bowser Jr. can do the work of all seven! He’s been real tired since that whole running away from Mario and Luigi thing! I don’t blame him!  The Koopalings are just mad that they’re not going to be king, that’s all.
Kammy: If I remember correctly, Kamek, you did nothing to stop them!
Kamek: Well… I was thinking of the king at the moment, not the kids.
Bowser: Why’d you think of me? I’d be all right!
Kammy begins to smile.
Kamek: Hey! Wait up! Look at the monitor!
There is a red warning screen.

Bowser: Those two’ll never leave a Koopa alone! What do they want from me now? I have nothing for them to take.
Just then Bowser Jr. sulkily comes to meet his dad.
Bowser: Bowser Jr, where were you? What happened to you?
Bowser Jr: The seven Koopalings were messing with me. Especially Roy and Wendy; they broke my Clown Copter Jr! Then I took yours and went to the Mushroom Kingdom, but because I was weak I lost to them. The Clown Copter broke so I just ran back here on the double.
Bowser: Well… I’m not mad that the Clown Copter broke. It’s okay, Bowser Jr; there will be other times to defeat Mario.
Bowser Jr. walks up to his room as the castle door opens up.
KING GILLIAM is still in his throne room; he rarely goes out.
Fawletta: Sire, there is a dire predicament in our thief gang. The red one has gone away and is getting ready to defeat the rest of the gang.
King Gilliam: I know all that goes on in my kingdom.  Rest assured, this will be over soon. I knew this already. And I know what’s going on over there. The situation is already under control. Just keep me posted on the P—
MARIO AND LUIGI have just entered the castle. Bowser is at the entrance at the moment, so it isn’t that long before Mario and Luigi start talking to him.
Mario: We’ve not come here to hurt you, or take whatever you have from you. We know you don’t have the princess.
Bowser: Then why would you come here, to my castle?
Luigi: We have saved your army from a disaster on the Northern Path. And we deserve a favor, right?
Bowser: Actually, yes...
Mario: Then our favor is: have you any clue where the Toad Gem is?
Bowser: You know, my sewers are dangerous, but there’s a time pipe that leads to the Mushroom Kingdom of the past, long past, where the first Koopa Elder dominated. I think he’d want to go back to his time to rule the Mushroom Kingdom.
Luigi: Thanks. Do you know anything else?
Bowser: My sewers pipe is hidden at the moment from the rest of the castle. I’ll make it rise now.
Sure enough, a pipe rises up.
Bowser: Be careful. My sewers have many traps. And I think the time pipe trap is the biggest of all of them.
Mario and Luigi go down the pipe. Bowser shakes his head.
Bowser: I just helped the Mario Bros. Stupid favors!
Mario and Luigi end up, indeed, in the Koopa Kingdom Sewers.
Luigi: This DOES look dangerous! Mario, I think we’d better go fast. If the Koopa Elder uses the Toad Gem to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom of the past, there’s no TELLING what’ll happen to us!
Mario and Luigi pass several rooms of fire, elevating platforms, ! Blocks, and mazes. All along, they are swatting Cheep Cheeps and Bloopers. Luigi recognizes one he just swatted at.
Luigi: I think I just hit Blooey!
Mario: Luigi, that guy hated you anyway!
Luigi: It turned out that they all did.
Mario: Anyway, we’ve seen no pipes at all. Let’s go back to Bowser and ask him.
Luigi: Watch it be some sort of plan of Bowser’s.
Mario: Mamamia! What’s that sensation I’m feeling?
Mario and Luigi begin to rise into the air. Their caps begin to glow. Their hammers and shoes are vibrating. Something is happening.
Luigi: Why is everything vibrating? We’re getting new hammers, aren’t we? And probably better shoes. But what’s with our caps?
Suddenly they know everything. Or, at least, Mario does. They fall.
Mario: I understand what happened. We now can jump higher, our hammers are Super level 2’s, and we can perform some sort of action with our hats.
Luigi: What’s the action?
Mario: I don’t know. There’s only one way to find out…
Mario and Luigi think about doing the move with their hats, and their hats glow. Something happens to the room, and now there is a passage in the room that they see.
Luigi: I like our Glowcap move!
Mario: I like that name, Luigi. How’d you think of it?
Luigi: I thought about what happened and I said… Glowcap!
Mario: Great. Now let’s go down that passage. That might be the time pipe.
Mario and Luigi enter the passage. It’s extremely dusty and old.
Luigi: We’re probably the first people here in a long time, huh?
Mario: Yeah. Let’s stop talking. It’s bringing up a big echo.
Silently, the duo continue down the big hallway and at intervals, sneeze. Before them, there’s a big door.
Luigi: Those kind of grand doors ALWAYS have something good on the other side of them.
Out of nowhere comes the Koopbeast, haunter of the Koopa Kingdom Sewers and guardian of the time pipe.
Luigi: Mario, what’re we going to do about that beast in front of us? And quickly!
The Koopbeast gets up slowly from the ground and gets into a fighting stance.
Koopbeast: Mushroomers. Can’t stand. Must fight.
Luigi: What are Mushroomers?
Mario: *gulp* I think it’s us!
The Koopbeast lunges at the Mario Bros. Luigi tries to hit the Koopbeast back with his own hammer, but it doesn’t work out because the Koopbeast is invulnerable to hammering.
Luigi: Mario, go! You’re stronger than I am! Give him a good jump!
Koopbeast: You weak. I strong. No pass. You defeat.
Luigi: That accent is really starting to get on my nerves.
Koopbeast: Italian accent. Can’t stand. Must destroy.
Mario jumps on the Koopbeast, but crashes just as hard.
Mario: Mamamia! What’re we to do? We can’t hurt him!
Currently, Chapter 4 is right towards the end. Mario and Luigi are at a fix trying to find a weakness in the Koopbeast. Bowser just helped the Mario Bros, the princess is still kidnapped, and at Boo Mansion, Pink 2, Blue, and White accepted Black but didn’t allow Pink 1 back, so Pink 1 wi getting ready to fix that. King Gilliam is going on about plans and what he’s going to do to secure the empire. Now, Chapter Four begins its end…
MARIO AND LUIGI keep on jumping to their sides, avoiding the Koopbeast’s fierce attacks. There’s no attacks Mario and Luigi can do that’ll destroy him.
Luigi: Mario, think! There’s gotta be something! Everything has a weakness, c’mon!
Mario squeezes his eyes. He places his hands on his temples and thinks hard.
Koopbeast: Mushroomer thinking… Amusing is. No more. Must destroy. Green man. Going down. First.
Luigi puts his hands into a fist.
Luigi: You wanna piece of Luigi Mario, eh?
Koopbeast picks up Luigi by the shirt with one hand and chucks him far. Luigi lands with a grand thud.
Luigi: Bro! I’m okay… OWW!
Luigi steps on a spike.
Mario gets out of his big thinking session and hands Luigi a Mushroom. The Koopbeast is getting ready for a fierce attack.
PINK 1 runs away from the command tower, and waits near the entrance. Once the tall man he is waiting for comes, he gestures him inside the mansion.
Tully: You rang?
Pink 1: Thanks for coming. I need you to use your stealth sight and find a Boo who is the ticket I need to get back into a gang.
Tully: Those services’ll cost ya extra, y’know.
Pink 1: I don’t care for cost. I care for your ability. Being a Boo, I can’t see far. But you’re the Boo Hunter. You have special attacks for handling Boos.
Tully: I like yer compliments. Yer a nice bloke, but ya won’t be gettin’ past da pay.
Pink 1: Bring your Pianta search crew.
Tully: ’REW!
Several troops of Piantas all following Tully pour into the entrance chamber.
Pink 1: Keep it down. I don’t want my gang members to know you guys are here.
Tully: Yer askin’ fer too much, but yer payin’. Can’t ’ny the fact. Keep it down, ya big blokes!
Pink 1: I want you to find a Red Boo.
Tully: Them red ones’re the hardest of da hard ta find. They’re powerful.
Pink 1: But he’s in stealth right now, hiding somewhere inside this mansion.
Tully: Ya got yerself a nice team n deal, Pink.
Pink 1: But remember, you have to keep it down.
Fawletta: Strange activity there…
King Gilliam: Yes… However it would have been absolutely different if we had intervened in this matter. You see, my judgments are forever correct. Now, for your report…
Fawletta: Yes… Moved them to KP. Nice surprise, isn’t it?
King Gilliam: Better for me and will always be as so.
Mario dives away from the Koopbeast’s Spiny Surge. His attack hits Luigi square in the face and Luigi needs another Super Mushroom.
Mario: If only I had another attack…
His voice dies off. Mario just remembered he indeed does have another attack to use against the Koopbeast. It most likely won’t work, but it’s worth a try at least…
Mario: Luigi, use Glowcap!
They both use Glowcap. Electricity comes out of nowhere and several bots come out of the electricity waves. They explode on the Koopbeast, but with no visible effect.
Luigi: That was pointless.
Mario: Let’s try jumping on him again!
Mario jumps on him, and this time Koopbeast takes a lot of damage, almost completely getting defeated.
Luigi: I’m going to use an item now.
Luigi grabs a Lightning Bolt and uses it on the Koopbeast. The Koopbeast is defeated.
Mario: That was close.
Koopbeast: Last word. Mine will. Always be. Never change. Hate Mushroomers. And hate. Mario Bros. Never change.
The Koopbeast’s last words were of no consequence to Mario and Luigi, however, who now continue down the path. Then they see the time pipe in the distance.
Luigi: Things are about to change now. We’re going to defeat King Gilliam as soon as we get that Toad Gem.
Mario: Let’s-a go!
Mario and Luigi waltz down the room, but are quickly swallowed— by darkness itself.

To Be Continued...

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