Commander Shroob vs. the Koopalings: Beyond the Final Battle

By Blade Guy

Part 3

After Commander Shroob had fired the weapons at them, the trio were okay.


?????: You missed them because of us!

Commander Shroob: What?

He turned around to see a Boo wearing a black mask over his eyes and a light blue cape, and a Dry Bones wearing a white mask over his eyes and a dark blue cape.

Commander Shroob: And who might you two be?

Boo: We don't give our names to people like you! Now, Dry Bones!

Dry Bones grabbed the Boo and threw him like a bowling ball, hitting Commander Shroob. Then the Boo rolled up the wall, jumped off it, and bodyslammed Commander Shroob.

Commander Shroob: You guys are tougher then you look, but I don't care. I have to get out of here.

He then ran out of the factory.

Lemmy: Wow, you guys saved us! But how?

Boo: It was easy, I just used my power to turn you invisible.

Dimentio: Who are you guys anyway?

Dry Bones: We are known as the Scary Pair.

Iggy: Why are you called that?

Boo: Because we are scary, that way it might scare our foes. But we help people in need anyway.

Dry Bones: Yeah, we’re like scary heroes. By the way, who are you guys?

Lemmy: Well, my name is Lemmy, that’s my brother Iggy, and my friend Dimentio.

Boo: Wait, you said your names are Lemmy, Iggy, and Dimentio, right?

Lemmy: Yeah.

Boo: Oh my gosh. Dry Bones, these are the people we are looking for.

Iggy: What do you mean?

Dry Bones: We are from your time period, General Guy sent us.

Dimentio: Wow, but how did you get to the Shroob Planet?

Boo: We didn't, General Guy took the time machine back to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Dimentio: Oh.

Dry Bones: Why are you here in this time period, anyway? Are you trying to stop that Shroob or something?

Lemmy: Yeah, we are.

Boo: Maybe we can help.

Dry Bones: Yeah, as a pair, me and Boo are unstoppable.

Iggy: Really? Well then, welcome to our team.

Dry Bones: YES! We promise we won't let you down.

Lemmy: Come on, let’s get out of this factory so we can stop Commander Shroob.

All: Yeah!

So our Shroob Fighters- that’s their name since they are not a trio anymore- were moving and about to catch Commander Shroob, until...

?????: Stop right there!

All: Huh?

Then out of nowhere, a younger-looking Commander Shroob came out of hiding.


Then the two Commander Shroobs looked at each other and complimented each other.

Commander Shroob: Hey, I look a lot younger than I am now, and handsome.

Younger Commander Shroob (YCS): I won't look bad when I am older, and I will have a nice mustache going.

Commander Shroob: But there is no time to admire myself now, I have a job to do!

YCS: Really? Like what?

Commander Shroob whispered what he was doing to his younger counterpart.

YCS: Wow, I happen to know a shortcut to where you are going.

Commander Shroob: Really? But if you show me, those five will just follow.

He pointed at the Shroob fighters.

YCS: Don't worry, I have an army. BLAZING RC SHROOBS! ATTACK!

Then out of nowhere, RC Shroobs with fire on their heads began to attack.

Commander Shroob: Nice. What are they, some kind of mix between the Rc Shroobers and Blazing Shroobs?

YCS: You got it.

Commander Shroob: Nice, now come on, show me those shortcuts.

Then both Shroobs left, leaving the Blazing RC Shroobs to attack our heroes.

Boo: Come on, guys, we can take them!

Dry Bones: Boo is right, we have to try!

Lemmy: Then let’s get started!

Boo and Dry Bones used a move called Boo Bowling to take out half of the Blazing RC Shroobs, while Lemmy used his Freeze Gun, Iggy used his spinning technique, and Dimentio used his magic. But every time they took down, they the Shroobs would just get back up. Boo and Dry Bones used their special tag move known as Dry Boo. Boo went into Dry Bones so Dry Bones could turn invisible and attack every Shroob they found. In the end, they won.

Lemmy: Those moves were awesome, you two! How did you guys get so good?

Dry Bones: Practice, my friend.

Then they heard a low grumble.

Iggy: Sorry, that was my stomach.

Dimentio: Yeah, I'm getting kinda hungry, how about we take a rest and eat?

Boo: Sounds good to me.

Iggy reached into his bag and got out the food he’d brought so they could all eat. They ate all the food real quickly so they could get back on Commander Shroob’s trail. When they had finished eating, they quickly found which way the two Commander Shroobs had gone. They had gone through Toad Forest. When the Shroob Fighters passed though the forest, they found all kinds of Toads tied to trees with their vim being sucked out of them. Our heroes freed them and continued on through the forest. When they finally exited, they found both Commanders putting the vim into a weird machine.

YCS: The vim I collected should be just enough to power up the machine.

Commander Shroob: Let’s hope so, or I came back in time for no reason.

Then both Shroobs spotted the Shroob Fighters.

Commander Shroob: YOU! Well, it doesn't matter, because my mission is almost completed. All I have to do is turn on the machine and...

Commander Shroob turned it on and it started to move strangely. Then it shot a ray into the ground.

Boo: What a minute... I know where we are.

Dimentio: You do?

Boo: Yeah, this where the greatest... Oh no!

Lemmy: What is it?

Boo: I finally figured out what Commander Shroob came back in time for.

Iggy: And that is?

Dry Bones: Well, this is where the greatest Shroob's grave is, and Commander Shroob came back in time to revive him.

Lemmy and Iggy: OH NO!

Both Commanders: OH YEAH!

Then out of the ground, a boney body appeared and put itself back together. Then the body grew skin and a big crown, like the one King Boo had in Luigi's Mansion. Then it stepped foot on the ground, and there was a flash of light.

Commander Shroob: May I intoduce you to the greatest Shroob in the world... King Shroob!

When the light cleared, all our heroes could see was a big Shroob with the combined head of Princess Shroob and a Shroob put together, wearing a robe and a diamond crown, and holding a staff. Its hands were like those of regular Shroobs, and its body was tall and thick. This was King Shroob in the flesh.

King Shroob: Who has revived me?

Then King Shroob saw both Commander Shroobs.

King Shroob: Aaaaah, both Commander Shroobs from the past and future. Thank you for reviving me. Now I can go back to the future, where I should be ruling.

Commander Shroob: May I come too, sir? After all, I am the commander that revived you.

King Shroob: Of course, but the other one must stay here so he can rally up his troops.

YCS: Yes sir!

He ran off, then King Shroob used his staff’s  magic powers to create a time hole.

King Shroob: Now we go to your time period, Commander!

Commander Shroob: See ya around, Shroob Fighters!

Then they jumped into the hole.

Lemmy: Come on, we have to follow them!

The Shroob Fighters jumped into the time hole too. What will happen to them?

Read on!

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