Commander Shroob vs. the Koopalings: Beyond the Final Battle

By Blade Guy

Part 5

When Cackletta's Soul fired her laser eyes, our heroes thought that they were doomed. Then there was an explosion and smoke was everywhere.

Larry, Morton, Wendy, and Roy: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Cackletta’s Soul: Eyhahahahahaha! Your heroes are no more! Now I will destroy you four, then I will go back to the Mushroom Kingdom and destroy Ludwig and Bowser. Then I will destroy the Mario Bros!

?????: How can you do all that when we are still alive?

Cackletta’s Soul: Huh?

When the smoke cleared, everyone but Commander Shroob and King Shroob saw all five of our heroes standing up unharmed.

Cackletta’s Soul: But... but... how? How could you survive my most powerful attack?

Lemmy: By drinking this!

Lemmy held up the vile of potion Ludwig had given him before he, Iggy, and Dimentio left for their adventure.

Cackletta’s Soul: What is that?

Lemmy: It's a super potion that powers us all up, and we are also invincible for a couple of seconds after we drank it!

Dimentio: Now we are powered up to finish what we started!

Cackletta’s Soul: Then bring it on!

Iggy: We’re bringing it, lady!

Cackletta’s Soul fired balls of dark energy at our heroes, but Boo countered them with light blue energy balls. Lemmy followed up with a blast from his Freeze Gun, which was more powerful since he drank the potion, and it froze the Soul. Dry Bones started to throw hard, golden bones at Cackletta’s Soul, then she broke out of the ice and started shooting laser beams through her eyes. Iggy started to spin wildly to create a tornado to absorb the lasers. Dimentio started to throw magical balls at Cackletta’s Soul, which hurt her badly. Boo and Dry Bones used their combo move, which is Bowling Boo if you forgot, and hurt Cackletta’s Soul, but wasn't very effective. Cackletta’s Soul then started to grab each of our heroes and squeeze them so she could turn them thin. But the potion they drank counteracted the squeeze. Suddenly, our heroes started to glow and started to form energy balls to throw at Cackletta’s Soul. Once they threw their balls of energy, the balls went straight to Cackletta’s Soul and all hit her head on. Then she fell to the ground.

Cackletta’s Soul: I... I... I can't believe I lost to a bunch of losers like you.

Boo: Because we are very tough!

Cackletta’s Soul: You might have beaten my soul, but can you beat me when I am in a different body?

Cackletta's Soul then flew into King Shroob's body.

King Shroob: Now that I am in a more powerful body, I can beat you losers now!

Lemmy: This battle just got a whole lot tougher.

Iggy: I think you are right.

King Shroob: TASTE MY POWER!

Boo started the battle by turning invisible and punching King Shroob rapidly, but King Shroob used a magical power, since Cackletta's Soul was in him, that revealed where Boo was. Dry Bones threw golden bones once more, but King Shroob just busted them. Lemmy used his Freeze Gun to freeze the Shroob, but Cackletta's Soul avoided freezing now that she was in a body. Iggy tried to spin around him/her to try to make him/her dizzy, but he/she just slapped him away. Dimentio threw magical balls at him/her, but they had no effect. Then King Shroob started to form an energy ball that was the size of Elder Princess Shroob's final form, and threw it at our heroes, who were down and out.


?????: Maybe they can't, but I can!

King Shroob: Huh?

When he/she turned around, he/she saw Prof. E. Gadd holding the Poltergust 3000 in his hands.


Prof. E. Gadd: Yes it can!

When he turned on the Poltergust 3000, King Shroob started to get sucked toward it. Then our heroes woke up to see what was happening.


Prof. E. Gadd: This is happening because you are a ghost, and the Poltergust 3000 sucks up any ghosts and turns them into paintings!


Prof. E. Gadd: Well too bad, you will be turned into a painting and that is final!

Then Prof. E Gadd turned the Poltergust 3000 into hyper mode and King Shroob was sucked into the Poltergust 3000 and came out the other end as a painting with both Cackletta's Soul and King Shroob in it.

Lemmy: That was awesome, E. Gadd!

Boo: Yeah, you really showed Cackletta's Soul!

Prof. E Gadd: It was nothing, fellers.

Iggy: I just need to know how you knew we were here,

Prof. E. Gadd: Well, I heard from Ludwig that you guys were taking on King Shroob, so I thought you would need some help from me and my Poltergust 3000, but by the time I got here, I saw the purple mist come out of Commander Shroob and knew that that could only mean that Cackletta was behind this whole thing.

Dimentio: I guess we were lucky that you came along, isn't it?

Prof. E. Gadd: It is indeed lucky. Now come on, let’s get out of here.

Dry Bones: But what do we do with the Commander?

Prof. E. Gadd: I suggest we freeze him so he won't bother anyone again.

Lemmy: I can take care of that.

Lemmy pulled out his Freeze Gun and aimed it at the Commander. But he woke up before Lemmy could fire.

Commander Shroob: Huh? What’s going on? What have I been doing? Hey, what are you doing with that Freeze Gun?

Lemmy: This!

Then Lemmy fired the Gun and froze Commander Shroob.

Iggy: We can put him in me and Lemmy's room. We can store him in our closet since half of the closet is full of Lemmy's ice statues of himself. That should keep him frozen.

Prof. E. Gadd: Very well, now we should get out of here.

Our heroes jumped in their Clown Copters and E. Gadd turned the Poltergust into a spaceship. Then they all went back home.

Find out what happens in the final part…

The Final Part

As our heroes took the trip from Planet Shroob back home, they were congratulating each other on a job well done for defeating Cackletta. Once they got home, they found Castle Koopa as good as new, thanks to Ludwig's construction drones. Now they could really party. They invited King Boo, Bow, Petey Piranha, Tubba Blubba, General Guy, and Mecha-Pider. Even the Mario Bros. came to congratulate our heroes on a job well done. Prof. E. Gadd stayed for the party as well.

Mario: Congratulations, guys! You really beat Cackletta.

Luigi: Yeah, you even did better then we did.

Lemmy: Thanks, but it was nothing.

Boo: Yeah, we are just glad that we don't have to deal with Shroobs anymore.

Then they heard a strange voice.

?????: FOOLS!

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked around to find the person who said that. Then the painting that Cackletta was trapped in started to move. Then out of nowhere her old body came in and attached itself to the painting, and there was a big flash of light. After the light cleared, everyone saw Cackletta standing in her old body.

Cackletta: Hahahahahahaha! You cannot put me in a painting, for I can do magic. I cannot be defeated!

Lemmy: Looks like we are really in for it now, huh guys?

Dimentio: Yeah.

Cackletta: Now you will taste defeat! Oh, and by the way, I have used my powers to cancel out yours, so you cannot attack!

Cackletta fired beams of light at our heroes, but they were fast enough to dodge them. Our heroes had no way to attack Cackletta, but then  Iggy thought of an idea.

Iggy: Guys, what if we use some mirrors to block her attacks and send them back right at her?

Dry Bones: That’s a great idea, but the only problem is that we don't have any mirrors.

Dimentio: I can take care of that.

Dimentio used his magic to create a big box around Cackletta.

Cackletta: You think a big box can trap me inside? I can just break through it.

Cackletta fired more beams, but they backfired and went straight back at her.

Cackletta: WHAT?! What is this magic?

Dimentio: Something you will never learn!

Then, with a snap of Dimentio's finger, the box made a great big explosion and Cackletta was gone.

Mario: Where did she go?

Dimentio: I sent her to the Underwhere. That way we will never see her again.

Everyone: YEAH!

Now that Cackletta was gone for sure, everyone had the right to party all night now. This was finally the end of the Shroobs, and Cackletta. Now everyone could live in piece.

This is what happened to our heroes, Commander Shroob, Young Commander Shroob, Cackletta, King Shroob, King Koopa, the Koopa Kids, and Prof. E Gadd.

Iggy and Lemmy went on with their regular lives, and by that, I mean pulling pranks on their siblings.
Dimentio worked on really hard magic tricks.
Commander Shroob is frozen in a block of ice as we speak.
Young Commander Shroob was never able to find his army, so he never made it to the future.
Cackletta is now living in the Underwhere.
King Shroob is trapped in a painting as we speak.
King Koopa stopped bothering the Mushroomers for no reason now.
The Koopa Kids are working on new ideas to help King Koopa get back to his old self.
Prof. E Gadd still collects ghosts and turns them into paintings.

No one in the Mushroom Kingdom had to deal with the Shroobs or Cackletta ever again. So everyone is happy.

The End

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