Fight for Glory

By Fireball

Fireball: Hello everyone, and welcome to FIGHT FOR GLORY!

Everyone: Yaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Fireball: With co-host, and one of the finalists... WARIO!

Wario: I have this thing won already!

Fireball: And his opponent... YOSHI!

Yoshi: Yoshi may not be leading now, but Yoshi make comeback!

Fireball: That's just great, Yoshi!

Yoshi: Yoshi know that.

Wario: If I want to keep my job as co-host, I’d better say something that hosts would say. It's the finals, and it's a best 3 out of 5. Here is  the board!

Best 3 out of 5
Wario: 1
Yoshi: 0

Wario: Whahahahaha! The great Wario is winning, I tell you, WINNING! *cough* To you, Fireball.

Fireball: Thanks Wario, you can stop hosting with me now and be a finalist again.

Wario: Thank you.

Fireball: No problem, Wario.

Luigi: You guys have to be the biggest morons on Plit!

Fireball and Wario: Maybe... Or is it you?

Luigi: ME?! You have to be kidding me!

Mario: Does he LOOK like he's kidding?

Luigi: I guess you’re right, this is Wario and Fireball I’m talking to.

Mario: Who?

Luigi: *sigh* What's the point of talking to you morons?

Everyone but Luigi: A lot.

Luigi: *grumble*

Mario: You want to say something there, Luigi?

Luigi: No!

Mario: Someone got on the wrong side of Plit!

Luigi: Ok...

Fireball: Today I thought we would do eight minigames from Mario Party games!

Wario: The great Wario is shocked!

Yoshi: More shocked than when Yoshi and Wario saw Luigi beating up a Goomba?

Wario: ... Ok, that's the most shocking moment, this is the second most shocking moment the great Wario has ever-

Yoshi: And when Yoshi saw you-

Wario: Ok! It's in the top five!

Fireball: Whoever wins the most minigames, wins a point for the best 3 out of 5 tournament!

Wario and Yoshi: Sounds good.

Fireball: Great. I haven’t been this excited since that time I went to Waluigi’s Twin's house!


Fireball: Wow, this house makes me excited!

End of Flashback…

Luigi: How did we see that flashback, and since when did-

Fireball throws a pie at Luigi

Luigi: Why did you do THAT for?!

Fireball: For pies!

Everyone: Hahahahahahahaha!

Fireball: No, because you make everything sound hard to understand.

Luigi: That was not funny at-

Mario kicks Luigi.

Luigi: Fine, I'll shut up!

Everyone but Luigi: Thank you!

Luigi: *grumble*

Fireball: Well let's get the first minigame underway!

Everyone: Yaaaaahhhhhhhh!

Fireball: Ok, we'll be doing eight minigames, one from each Mario Party. If you’re ties at the end, we'll do a sudden death! Here is the board!

Minigame Wins
Wario: 0
Yoshi: 0

Wario: Soon, the great Wario, will have five wins up there!

Fireball: That's right, Wario, it takes five to win!

Yoshi: Just tell Yoshi and Wario, and crowd, what we do in the first minigame!

Fireball: Fine, Yoshi. First Mario Party minigame is... I forget. Oh yeah, "Bumper Balls".

Yoshi: Yoshi remember that minigame!

Fireball: You should, this minigame is in the first Mario Party and the second one, but today, it will be from the first Mario Party.

Wario: That's pretty cool.

Fireball: It is!

Wario: Indeed!

Fireball: Here's how you play this minigame. Yoshi and Wario will get on a ball. They will be on a little island, and there will be lava below  the island. The object of this minigame is to knock your opponent off the island with your ball.

Bowser: Hey!

Fireball: Bowser! You’re supposed to be at your house, doing the same old running gag with the window.


Bowser blows fire on Luigi, which turns him black.

Luigi: *blink, blink*

Fireball: Funny... But on with the minigame.

A helicopter comes and drops Yoshi and Wario on the small island.

Fireball: GO!

Yoshi and Wario start to go around in circles, and wonder when to make their first attack. They both charge at the same time and bounce off, almost  getting knocked off the island. Yoshi is having trouble, and is on the edge of the island. Wario tries to take advantage and takes off and tries to hit  Yoshi off. Yoshi moves and Wario is now on the edge, almost falling into the lava. Wario wipes some sweat off his forehand and goes back to the  middle, and Yoshi starts to hit Wario. Wario, almost off the island, moves and bumps Yoshi. They now start circling around again. They both start  to charge again, but Yoshi fakes and moves out of the way, and Wario lands right in the lava. Wario starts to hold his butt while moving his  way back to Fight for Glory.

Fireball: That was cool and weird... But let's look at the board!

Minigame Wins
Wario: 0
Yoshi: 1

Fireball: Yoshi has a chance to turn things around and get even with Wario in the best 3 out of 5 finals!

Wario: I shall not allow that to happen!

Fireball: Your choice.

Wario: It's all- Really?

Fireball: Nah, I’m just yanking your chain.

Wario: What chain?

Fireball: It's a figure of speech, Wario.

Luigi: I'm surprised you know what that means.

Fireball: So am I. But let's get on with the next minigame! In this Mario Party 2 minigame, we will be playing "Slot Car Derby".

Wario: I love that minigame! Your head is small, and so is your car... Or... Never mind.


Fireball: Indeed, Toad. This is how the game works, you-

Luigi: I think we know how to play!

Fireball: Not the new Mario game-lovers. They never had the chance to play the old games... Or did they...?

Luigi: You made sense... Well not at the last part... Wait...

Fireball: HA! Even you thought about it!

Luigi: Now... but... COME ON!

Fireball: This is how the minigame works. Wario and Yoshi will get in mini cars and have a race around a circular track with twists and turns in it.  The first one to finish three laps, wins. But don't go too fast, or your car will go crazy. And, Toad, for some reason, is the flag waver.

Toad: Awesome.

Toad gets his checkered flag and gets in between the race track. While Toad gets his flag, Yoshi and Wario get ready really, really, really fast. Don't ask me how they did it really, really, really fast, ‘cause not even I know the answer to that.

Toad: Ready...

Wario: Yeah!

Yoshi: What Wario said.

Toad: Set...

Yoshi: Yoshi seems set... to win!

Wario: What... what Yoshi said. Except Yoshi is replaced by Wario.

Toad: GO!

Yoshi and Wario: Fine!

Yoshi and Wario start to go, but go too fast at the start and go in circles, and dust seems to be going everywhere! Yoshi starts to go at a normal pace,  but Wario goes fast and goes through and twists and does his first lap, but he ends up going too fast again and has to slow down. Wario's car seems to still  be going around in circles as Yoshi goes past him, finishing his first lap as well. Wario's car is STILL going crazy! Yoshi seems to be going a normal pace still, but his car starts  to have motor problems. Yoshi stops his car and checks the engine, and starts to fix it... And since when did Yoshi know how to fix mini cars?

Yoshi: Yoshi has no clue how to fix cars.

Oh... But still. Wario’s car is still going around in circles, but all of a sudden, it stops. Wario gets back in his mini car and goes, while Yoshi is  taking out random parts of his car. Wario does his second lap! Yoshi gets back in his car and does his second lap as well. Wario seems to risk it  all again and goes as fast as he can! Wario is on his final lap, but crashes into the pole Toad's on! Toad falls off the pole and Wario tries to get  his car to work again. Yoshi does his second lap and is on his final lap. Yoshi goes at a normal pace and Wario gets his car working again, then goes super fast  and WINS THE RACE! Toad gets back on the pole and sees Yoshi finish. Toad waves his flag and grabs a mic.

Toad: The winner is... YOSHI!

Wario: I know, I was awesome- WHA?!

Fireball: It looks like Toad was knocked out when you passed the finish line, and saw Yoshi make the win.

Wario: But how did you see Yoshi go on his final lap if you were knocked out?

Toad: I tilted my head up a little and saw it happen.

Wario: Well that solves everything... Wait... I LOST!

Fireball: It's not over yet, Wario.

Wario: I guess so.


Fireball: You’re just saying that because Luigi keeps putting people in cannons and they crash though the window or bricks of your castle, and he's  here right now, so you don't like the show.

Bowser: Uh... I guess... IT'S WEEGIE!

Luigi: NO! He's just saying that!

Bowser: You’re off the hook THIS time, green, funny dude.

Luigi: My name’s-

Bowser: If you don't want to get burnt, I would shut up if I were you!

Luigi: ...

Fireball: Let's look at the minigame board!

Minigame Wins
Wario: 0
Yoshi: 2

Fireball: Let's go to the next minigame then, everyone! It's a Mario Party 3 classic, M.P I.Q, where you have to answer three questions right in order to win  the minigame!

Yoshi: Yoshi good with Mario things!

Wario: Oh! Another loss for the great Wario... Or is it...?

Fireball: Who knows. Toad, again, will be with us, but he will tell you the questions. You have three possible choices to pick from, and you have to hit  your buzzer in order to answer the question. If you get the question wrong, you can't answer the next question, do I make myself clear?

Yoshi: Yoshi think so.

Wario: Nope. But the great Wario's chances increase somehow!

Fireball: Get on that random, smiling cloud, Toad, while our two finalists go on those two Mushrooms.

Wario, Toad, and Yoshi all get in their spots

Fireball: GO!

Toad: In what Mario Kart game can you have two people in the same kart, while one drives and the other throws the items?
A: Mario Galaxy Kart
B: Mario Kart: Double Dash
C: Mario and Wario's Kart Dash


Toad: Wario!

Wario: Mario and Wario's Kart Dash!


Wario: OW! I'm out for a turn!


Toad: Yoshi!

Yoshi: Yoshi think it Mario Galaxy Kart?


Yoshi: Yoshi out for a turn as well!

One turn later...

Toad: Next question, which item can Mario not use in Super Mario Galaxy?
A: Bumble Bee Mario
B: Ice Mario
C: Dragon Mario


Toad: Wario!

Wario: Is it Dragon Mario? ‘Cause in my game, the disguise one... you know... Wario Master of Disguise, one of them is a dragon-

Toad: RIGHT! But it was probably a lucky guess.

Wario: Yeah.

Wario's Mushroom goes up a little.

Toad: Wario 1, Yoshi 0!

Yoshi: Yoshi can still make a comeback!

Wario: Sure.

Toad: Next question, what item CAN'T be used in Mario Kart: Double Dash?
A: Red Shell
B: Wario's Fart
C: Banana Peel


Toad: Wario.

Wario: That has to be Wario's fart! Red Shell and the Peel cannot be an item.

Toad: You... are the biggest moron ever, and need help with your hearing, but you’re right.

Wario: The great Wario shall win this now!

Toad: Wario 2, Yoshi 0.

Wario's Mushroom goes up a little bit again.

Toad: One more question, and Wario wins this round! Next question, in which Paper Mario game can you go into 3D mode?
A: Super Paper Mario
B: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
C: Paper Mario


Wario: B!


Wario: I'm out for a turn!

Toad: It was Yoshi who buzzed in first, you moron! Go, Yoshi.

Yoshi: Yoshi know this one, Super Paper Mario... Yoshi wanted to be 3D! Instead Yoshi go in first game... and maybe second game...

Toad: Whatever, you’re right.

Yoshi: YOSHI!

Yoshi's Mushroom goes up a bit.

Toad: Wario 2, Yoshi 1. Wario's out for the turn, so go, Yoshi. The question is, which Mario Party game can be played on the Wii?
A: Mario Party 4
B: Mario Party 7
C: Mario Party 8


Toad: Yoshi!

Yoshi: Yoshi guess it Mario Party... 7?


Toad: WRONG! Out for a turn.

Yoshi: Yoshi... That's all Yoshi got.

Wario gets back up.

Toad: Next question, and possibly final one... But Wario is stupid... He may get lucky... But anyway, the question is, which plumber wears red?
A: Luigi
B: Mario
C: The answer is B


Toad: Wario.

Wario: The answer is B!

Toad: You win, Wario! It is Mario!

Wario: I got the question right! The great Wario KNEW it was C.

Toad: Who cares? I am done for now!

Fireball: Now that that's over, let's take a look at our minigame board!

Minigame Wins
Wario: 1
Yoshi: 2

Fireball: Let's go to Mario Party 4! It's time to play SLIME TIME!

Wario and Yoshi: ...

Fireball: That old Mario game! In the fourth Mario Party game!

Wario and Yoshi: ....

Fireball: FINE! I'll explain how it works. You will be attached to this slimly, goopy monster, and must run to the middle; and when you are in the  middle, you will probably be free from the goop. To, win, get in the middle and be free from the goop, ok?

Wario: I still don't remember the game.

Yoshi: Neither does Yoshi. And Yoshi think this game stinks, can't Fireball pick better game?

Fireball: I wish I did, Yoshi, but you can't change the past, now can you?

Yoshi: E. Gadd have time machine...

Fireball: Yeah, well... I don't want to go in the past and have monsters chasing me, and having a whole adventure, and then putting it as a Fun Fiction  for Lemmy!

Wario: That sounds pretty good though.

Fireball: Yeah, it does.

Yoshi: Yoshi thought Wario on adventure?

Wario: Meh.


Bowser punches Luigi

Luigi: OW!

Fireball: Laugh Out Loud moment!

Yoshi: Yoshi like those moments.

Fireball: Ok, get on that goop monster now so we can play.

Wario and Yoshi get attached to the goop... things, and are ready... Or are they...?

Fireball: They are.

Oh... Cool

Fireball: GO!

Wario: What do we do again?

Beats me, just play!

Wario: Fine!

Wario sees a donut in the middle and chases it, and Yoshi sees it too, so he also chases it

Luigi: Where did that donut come from?

Fireball: It was the only way they would play.

Luigi gets punched by Bowser.

Luigi: OW! AGAIN!

Wario and Yoshi go chasing the donut in the middle, but Wario is so fat... he's having trouble getting there. But Yoshi has great speed, and is  almost there. Wario then throws a coin at Yoshi and Yoshi stops for a moment and the goop makes him fling back to the goop... thingy... I know, it  should have a name, SHUT UP! Let's see you do better! But anyway-

Wario: What a waste of a coin!

Ok, but where was I... Oh yeah, Yoshi runs again but can't get out of the goop... because he's inside the goop I guess, that explains a lot. This  is an opening for Wario though! Wario runs and runs, but... he's just too fat! Wario takes out a super mushroom and gulps it down, and... that does  nothing but restores his health. Wow, what a waste. Wario then gets some garlic out and eats it... Bad breath... That does nothing either...Yoshi now  gets out of the goop! Sweet. Yoshi then runs with all of his speed and power... power and is almost there, but then Wario burps and the burp  goes to Yoshi, and Yoshi falls down! Wario then sees the donut is... his favorite kind! It is a garlic, honey-filled dount... Ew! Wario runs and gets  it! Wario wins... Or does he?

Fireball: Yeah, Wario won.

Oh... Never mind then.

Fireball: Congrats Wario! But why did Yoshi fall from the burp? Was the burp so strong, it knocked Yoshi out cold?

Yoshi gets up and goes over

Yoshi: Well, Wario eat Super Mushroom and garlic, the garlic make Yoshi knocked out... It smell bad!

Wario: Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh hehe heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh!

Fireball: Let's look at the board for the minigame wins, shall we?

Minigame Wins
Wario: 2
Yoshi: 2

Fireball: Wow, tied game.

Wario: I told you, the great Wario would make an impressive comeback!

Fireball: Yeah, I remember. Maybe, I don't even think you did.

Wario: I think I did.

Fireball: Oh well, let's look at the next game, shall we? That next minigame is Pushy Penguins!

Yoshi: Yoshi love penguins, except that one time...


It shows Yoshi with Baby Mario, with Bumpty Penguins pushing them everywhere.

Yoshi: YOSHI don't like this...

End of Flashback…

Wario: I didn't like that flashback.

Fireball: Because YOU weren't in it?

Wario: Maybe.

Fireball: Well, I'll explain how the minigame works for you watching this. You’re at the edge of some ice, and penguins start to come to push you into the icy water, for some strange reason, I think it's because they want to drink some... Then big penguins come after awhile. The longer you’re there, the more penguins will come.

Wario: These minigames don't benefit the great Wario at all!

Fireball: But yet, you won two.

Wario: You’re right! I can win this!

Fireball: Good, now get on the ice!

Yoshi and Wario get in their places.

Fireball: GO!

Penguins start to come in small groups that are easy to dodge, as the more penguins come the more difficult it is, remember? Wario almost falls in that icy water!

Wario: Stupid penguins!

All the penguins chase Wario, and Wario gets pushed off... That was short.

Fireball: This is not good for ratings!

Mario: You got that right!

Fireball: Oh well. Let's check the board.

Minigame Wins
Wario: 2
Yoshi: 3

Fireball: Let's go to the next minigame! SNOW BRAWL is the minigame we will be playing! One of my favorites!


Yoshi: Yoshi thought that game was one versus three though?

Fireball: It is, Yoshi. But on Wario's side, there will be Shy Guys, and on your side, there are Ukikis.

Wario: I wanted the Shy Guys!

Yoshi: And Yoshi wanted the monkeys!

Fireball: Everybody wins! But let's explain how to play. Both teams will be on their side, you can't go on your opponent’s side. You need to freeze the other team by throwing snowballs at them. To win, you need the other team frozen! Ok?

Wario and Yoshi: Yeah.

Fireball: Get in your places!

They do, Wario has three Shy Guys with him, and Yoshi has three Ukikis with him.

Fireball: GO!

Both teams make snowballs and throw them at each other at the same time, but the snowballs hit each other. Wario hides behind  one of the Shy Guys, and that Shy Guy gets hit.

Fireball: Wario's team, 3! Yoshi's team, 4!

Yoshi throws a snowball and it almost hits Wario, but Wario rolled over to safety. The two Shy Guys throw their snowballs at Yoshi, but Yoshi  jumps in the air to dodge. The Ukikis hit one of Wario's teammates, giving Wario-

Fireball: I say that! Wario's team, 2, Yoshi's team, 4!

One of Wario's Shy Guy's makes a snowball and throws it an Ukiki, but the monkeys have speed, so the little monkey dodges it. Wario gets furious and eats some garlic, and burps at two of the Ukikis and they get knocked out. Shy Guy and Wario throw their snowballs and hit them both.

Fireball: Wario's team, 2! Yoshi's team, 2!

Yoshi throws a snowball at the Shy Guy and Wario throws a snowball at the Ukiki. Both get frozen.

Fireball: Wario's team, 1! Yoshi's team, 1! It's only Yoshi and Wario now... Who will win?

Who knows... But anyway, Yoshi throws a snowball at Wario, but Wario hides behind the frozen Shy Guy. Yoshi throws ten snowballs and Wario  hides behind the Shy Guys... How cheap. Wario gets out and he was REALLY making snowballs! Wario throws them all at once but... Yoshi just  dodges them because they were easy to dodge. Yoshi takes some snow and gulps it down and shoots it at Wario. Wario screams and the huge,  slimy snowball hits Wario... IT'S OVER!

Fireball: Yoshi wins! Let's look at the board!

Minigame Wins
Wario: 2
Yoshi: 4

Fireball: One more win and Yoshi has this thing won!

Wario: NEVER!

Fireball: Well, get off your butt and WIN!

Wario: Wow, now I’m ready to win, thanks Fireball.

Luigi: *grumble*

Fireball walks up to Luigi.

Fireball: You... you have something to say there, Luigi!


Fireball: Is that what you really think? Well, I’m just being myself... And if you don't like it... do something!

Luigi: Ok!

Fireball kicks Luigi and Bowser punches Luigi and Mario throws hot coffee at Luigi

Mario: Sorry.

Fireball: You don't have to be sorry.

Mario: Oh. Take that, Luigi!

Luigi: YEOW! OW! YEOW!

Fireball: Now... to the next minigame then! Track and Yield!

Waluigi: Not this game!

Fireball: Since when did you get here?

Waluigi: I was here for the whole show!

Fireball: Oh... Well, you’re probably wondering how to play this game?

Everyone: No.

Fireball: I won't explain then.

Lemmy: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! You ARE going to explain to those who don't know how to play! Some people will be watching this,  or possibly reading it, and wondering how to do this. EXPLAIN!

Fireball: If I was the owner of this Land...

Lemmy: What?

Fireball: I said, "If I was the owner of this Land..."

Lemmy: Oh.

Fireball: Fine, I'll explain. To play this game, Wario and Yoshi will be on a ramp that will move, but they will have to jump over hurdles coming by. Sometimes they are electric hurdles. The first one to fall off the ramp, loses! But remember, if Wario loses this one, Yoshi wins this round. Got it?

Everyone: Maybe.

Lemmy: Explain it-


Lemmy: *sigh* Just go on, with whatever you were doing then!

Fireball: Thank you! GO!

Yoshi: Yoshi and Wario not on ramp yet.

Fireball: Oh.

7 minutes later...

Fireball: You on now?

Wario: Yep.

Fireball: GO!

Yoshi and Wario start jogging now... The first hurdle comes over and Yoshi jumps over it, while Wario just barely gets over it. Wario is huffing  and puffing already! The next hurdle comes and Yoshi jumps over it, but he had a little trouble with it. Wario has a lot of trouble with it, but still  gets passed it. Now, the first electric hurdle! Yoshi gets hit! Wario jumps over it. Yoshi... almost falls off the ramp! OH MY! Yoshi made a surprising  recovery! Wario is looking at Yoshi and the next electric hurdle comes over and hits Wario, but Yoshi jumps over it. Wario is tripping everywhere, trying  to get back up! Somehow... he does! Wario is back on the track! Wario is now boosting and then another electric hurdle comes and Yoshi jumps over  it, barely though, but Wario gets hit again! Wario, makes another recovery! That's surprising! Yoshi is confused that a man of Wario's size could get back up or could even jump over a hurdle! Wario jumps over a plain hurdle and so does Yoshi. Yoshi then gets hit by the next hurdle  and falls off! Wario wins this round!

Wario: The great Wario is the best!

Yoshi: Yoshi... lost!

Fireball: Yep. But let’s look at the board!

Minigame Wins
Wario: 3
Yoshi: 4

Fireball: Wario needs a win to tie things up, so Yoshi can't win the next round! Let's get going to the next minigame! Cardiators!

Everyone: Awesome!

Yoshi: Wait, Yoshi think this game about luck?

Fireball: It is, Yoshi.

Yoshi: Yoshi pleased now.

Wario: Luck? The great Wario has lots of it!

Yoshi: Except when Wario eat Koopaburger off ground.

Wario: Yeah, but still.

Yoshi: And Yoshi remember-

Wario: Ok! I get the point!

Fireball: Well, here's how you play. You pick up one of the random cards, and a minion comes up and attacks you or something. They do some  damage to you, as it says on the card, and you have 30 HP now. We can't afford to get the minions from Bowser, so we have to do  things a little different.

Luigi: You can afford extra HP for them, but not-

Fireball punches Luigi, then throws him in a trash can. Luigi gets back out, crawling, I might add, back to his seat.

Fireball: Ok, let's get this game going.

Yoshi and Wario face each other from a far distance... Not that far, you know, a distance that's NOT that far, but... you know!

Fireball: To see who goes first, we'll flip a coin. Yoshi, Mario or Bowser?

Yoshi: Mario!

Fireball flips the coin and it's Bowser

Wario: Sweet!

Fireball: GO!

Wario gets a card.
HP: 30/30
Attack: Rocks
Damage: 3

Yoshi gets a card
HP: 27/30
Attack: Koopa Shell
Damage: 5

Wario gets a card
HP: 25/30
Attack: Snowballs
Damage: 2

Yoshi gets a card
HP: 25/30
Attack: Mario
Damage: 10

Wario gets a card
HP: 15/30
Attack: Waluigi with a Tennis Racket
Damage: 7

Yoshi gets a card
HP: 18/30
Attack: Mario Party 8 Disc
Damage: 4

Wario gets a card
HP: 11/30
Attack: Gold Shell
Damage: 10

Yoshi gets a card
HP: 8/30
Attack: Ice Cream
Damage: Wario gains 4 Health

Yoshi: Yoshi don't remember gaining HP!

Fireball: There wasn't!

Wario gets a card.
HP: 15/30
Attack: Explosion
Damage: -14
Wario's HP is now 1

Yoshi gets a card.
HP: 8/30
Attack: Bob-omb
Damage: -5 for Yoshi and Wario

YOSHI WINS... Or does he?

Fireball: No, he wins.

Yoshi: YOSHI!

Fireball: Let's check that minigame board now!

Minigame Wins
Wario: 3
Yoshi: 5
Yoshi wins.

Fireball: Now let's check the best 3 out of 5 board!

Best 3 out of 5
Wario: 1
Yoshi: 1

Fireball: It's a tied game, anyone can win now! But since we have no losers to blow through Bowser's castle, I will pick TWO random Super Koopas.

Fireball gets a hat with all the Super Koopas’ names in it and gets two out.

Fireball: zz1666 and Blaze Koopa, congrats!

Fireball gets them and puts them in the cannon and shoots them to Bowser's castle.  CRASH!

At the castle...

The Koopa Kids look at them and give them a broom and mop.

Roy: Do the job, or else!

zz1666: What?

Roy: I don't know... Just do it!

Back at Fight for Glory…

Fireball: Well-


Fireball: What was... Oh well, thanks for watching, everyone, this has been a crazy Fight for Glory!

Mario: We know.


Fireball: No I didn't.

Bowser: Oh, I believe you.

Fireball: See you next time on...

Everyone except for Luigi... I think he's knocked out though: FIGHT FOR GLORY!

To Be Continued...

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