King Boo Strikes Back

By Blade Guy

Chapter 4: King Dry Bonesís Secret

After Luigi and Booser beat Tamboo and Booful, King Dry Bones was nowhere to be seen, but then Booser noticed a bone on the ground.

Booser: Luigi, he must have gone toward the basement. You know, where the emergency power breaker is?

Luigi: Yeah, I know what youíre talking about. Letís get going!

As Booser and Luigi made their way to the basement, they encountered many of King Dry Bones's minions, which were Dry Bones, but Luigi sucked them up with ease. Once they made it to the basement, they heard King Dry Bones talking with someone.

King Dry Bones: King Boo, I have a funny feeling that this robot you built me is about to break down.

King Boo: Don't be silly, I made that robot with my magic, and I made sure that it wouldn't brake down. The only thing you have to worry about is Luigi finding the Fire Element Medal, which would cause little fire ghosts to come so Luigi could suck them up in his Poltergust 3000 and shoot fire.

King Dry Bones: All right.

King Boo: By the way, I heard that you lost the Peach and Daisy painting. Is that true?

King Dry Bones: ... Maybe?

King Boo: Just be more careful!

Then King Boo disappeared.

Luigi: Booser, that isn't the real King Dry Bones, it's just a robot!

Booser: I know, and now that I remember, the real King Dry Bones lives in Forever Forest keeping it the way it is.

Luigi: But how do we explain this to the Dry Bones in the mansion?

Booser: Well, those just might be regular Dry Bones that don't work for Bowser or King Dry Bones, and who just live their own dead lives haunting wherever they want. So King Boo must have hired them to work for him to stop you.

Luigi: Yeah, youíre right, but we have to find that Fire Element Medal  so we can defeat that robot.

Booser: I think I know a secret room where it could be held. Follow me!

Booser went through a wall, then came back.

Booser: I kinda forgot that you can't go through walls. So I'll follow you, but just follow my directions.

So Luigi followed Booser's directions and found the room Booser was talking about. But the door was locked.

Booser: I guess I'll have to go in by myself.

Luigi: Good luck with whatever is behind the door.

Booser disappeared behind the door, and saw only the Fire Element Medal.

Booser: Wow, this will be easy.

But before he could grab it, the door opened and Luigi fell in.

Booser: I thought you were going to wait for me on the other side, not break the lock and come in here.

Luigi: I was somehow forced in here.

Just then, a big white ball of light appeared in front of them. That ball of light was King Boo's best minion, Boolossus.

Boolossus: So, you think you can just come in here and steal this medal? Well that's not going to happen! King Boo knew that you guys were very close to the medal, so he sent me to get rid of you!

Luigi: That would explain why the door just unlocked for no reason, and why I was forced in here.

Boolossus: Correct. Now prepare to get your game ended!


Boolossus: Who said that?

?????: I don't give my name to ghosts like you! Now taste this!

Then, a blast of ice was fired at Boolossus.


Boolossus disappeared.

Luigi: Who did that?

?????: I did it, Luigi.

Then, through the doorway, Lemmy came rolling in on his ball with his Freeze Gun strapped around him.

Luigi and Booser: Lemmy? Why are you here?

Lemmy: I'm here because I have a bone to pick with King Boo. He sent Bogmire to steal Iggy, and I want to fight King Boo to get him back!

Luigi: Well... youíre welcome to come with us.

Booser: Yeah, we're going to take down King Boo too, because he has all of Luigi's friends, including Mario.

Lemmy: ... I'm in!

Luigi: All right! Now letís grab that Fire Element Medal and get back to the basement!

Now with Lemmy on their side, Luigi grabbed the Fire Element Medal, found a little fire spirit, and set off toward the basement for the battle with King Dry Bones.

Chapter 5: Luigi vs. Booigi

Once our heroes made their way to the basement, they slammed the door down to see King Dry Bones lifting weights.

Luigi: All right King Dry Bones, we know youíre not real, we know that youíre a robot!

King Dry Bones: Really? Then you will have to beat me if you want to find out if I'm a robot or not!

Lemmy: Luigi, get that Poltergust 3000 ready!

Luigi: Right!

Luigi aimed his Poltergust at King Dry Bones.

King Dry Bones: Do you really think that the Poltergust 3000 can beat me?

Luigi: It can't while I'm vacuuming, but it can if I blow fire!

Luigi then blew fire from the Poltergust 3000 and aimed at King Dry Bones.

King Dry Bones: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Stop! Youíre burning the inside.

Then King Dry Bones blew up and all of the parts fell down, along with a Boo.

Booser: I knew it! I knew that that wasn't the real King Dry Bones!

Lemmy: Then who was the one controlling the robot?

Boo: I am known as Booigi! I am King Boo's most trusted minion, next to Boolossus, of course.

Luigi: But why would you battle us in a robot?

Booigi: Because King Boo knew that you would just suck me right up! So he used his magic to create this robot! But King Boo had a feeling you might beat it, so he gave me something else! TRANSFORM!

Booigi started to glow, then he transformed from a little Boo to a zombified Luigi.

Booigi: How do you like this?

Lemmy: This might be a tough battle, guys.

Booigi: I only want Luigi to battle me!

Booser: Darn! Good luck, Luigi.

Luigi: I'll try my best!

Booigi: Now watch this!

Booigi used his magic to transport himself and Luigi to a big, circular battlefield.

Booigi: Now time to change my form!

Booigi grabbed a Fire Flower from his pocket and transformed into Fiery Booigi.

Booigi: Time for you to taste defeat!

Luigi: Dream on!

Booigi started the battle by tossing fireballs at Luigi, but Luigi sucked them up. Then he tried to suck up Booigi, but it was no good. Booigi just kept throwing fireballs at him, and Luigi just kept sucking them up. Then Luigi noticed his fire element tank starting to fill up every time he vacuumed up Booigi's fireballs. Luigi aimed his Poltergust 3000 at Booigi and blew fire at him. Booigi started to take damage.

Booigi: NOOOOOOOOO! Not fire! How dare you find out my weakness? Now you will definitely taste defeat!

Booigi then got a Mega Mushroom out of his pocket and grew twice his size. All Luigi could do was run away, until little comets started to fall down. They were just the right size for the Poltergust 3000 to suck up, then shoot out. Luigi did so 3 times, and he knocked over Booigi, turning him back to his regular size.

Booigi: You just won't give up will you? Well, it's time for my final form!

Booigi grabbed a Starman from his pocket and turned into Star Booigi. Luigi didn't know what to do know, he just had to avoid touching him until he thought of something. Then, Luigi remembered something. He reached for his pocket and found a Starman. He had secretly brought it with him for a situation like this. Luigi then turned into Star Luigi and started to suck Booigi up. Booigi tried hard to run away, but it was too late, Luigi had drained all of Booigi's HP and sucked him right up into the Poltergust 3000. Once he sucked up Booigi, Luigi disappeared and was back in the basement with Booser and Lemmy.

Lemmy: So, how did it go?

Luigi: It was hard, but I managed to suck Booigi right up!

Booser: YEAH! What to go!

Just then, Luigi's Gameboy Horror began to shake. Luigi turned it on and saw E. Gadd's face.

E. Gadd: Luigi! I wanted to call you sooner, but when you disappeared, the Gameboy Horror turned off. By the way, why is a Koopaling with you?

Luigi: Oh, you mean Lemmy? Well, King Boo's minions didn't just kidnap my friends, but one of them also kidnapped Iggy, so he's here to save him and help us.

E. Gadd: Well, thatís fine and dandy with me. But you should really come back to the lab and empty the Poltergust 3000.

Luigi: Okay, we'll be right over! But just let me grab one thing.

Luigi walked over to the wall and grabbed the Peach and Daisy painting.

Luigi: Now we can get back to E. Gadd.

Luigi and Co. went from the basement to E. Gadd's house. When they got there, Luigi emptied the Poltergust 3000 and saw Tamboo, Booful, and Booigi get dumped into E. Gadd's new machine for turning ghosts into paintings, called the Paintifier. So Luigi and friends saw all the ghosts become paintings. After that, E. Gadd put the Paintifier in reverse and in no time, Peach and Daisy were freed from their painting.


King Boo: WHAT?! Booful, Tamboo, and Booigi got turned into paintings?!

Boolossus: Yes, my King. Luigi was just too much for them.

King Boo: Youíre one to talk, you got beat by a Koopaling.

Boolossus: I'm sorry, my King, but he had his Freeze Gun with him. So what are we going to do now?

King Boo: Hmmmmmm... Iíve got it! VAN GORE!

Van Gore: Yez, my Ruler?

King Boo: I want you to paint something so powerful that Luigi and his friends can't beat it!

Van Gore: Of course, my King.

King Boo: Perfect!

Now with 3 Boos of King Boo's army defeated, both princesses saved, and all 3 Boos turned into paintings, what will Luigi, Booser, and Lemmy face next? What will the painting Van Gore is making be, and how powerful will it be? Find all this out in chapter 6.

To Be Continued...

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