King Boo Strikes Back

By Blade Guy

The Final Chapter: The Final Battle

In the last chapter, we found out that Booser has been secretly working for King Boo, but Luigi and Lemmy didn't know that. They had a battle with Bogmire and his cousin, Bouldergeist. Our heroes were victorious and moved on to King Boo. But, back at E. Gadd's lab, Booigi freed himself from his painting and explained to E. Gadd that the Booser who Luigi and Lemmy were with was working for King Boo. E. Gadd, Booigi, Yoshi, and Toad hurried to catch up to Luigi, who had just made it to the door to King Boo by the time they got there. Luigi was surprised to see them, but he was really surprised to see Booigi. Booser then shoved Luigi and Lemmy through the door, and they found out Booser was working for King Boo and that Booser was really Booigi. King Boo told Luigi that he beat the real Booser. Now Luigi and Lemmy are about to die, or so they think.

Luigi: Well, this is, it Lemmy.

Lemmy: It was nice knowing you.


Everyone looks around and tries to find the person that said that. While they are looking, Dark Boo and Boolossus are hit by something.

Dark Boo: HEY! Who did that?

Booigi: LOOK!

Booigi is pointing at the door's lock, which is being unlocked. The door swings open and E. Gadd, Yoshi, and Toad run in and ram into Booigi, Boolossus, and Dark Boo. Then the Booigi that was with E. Gadd appears in front of Lemmy and Luigi.

Luigi: So, youíre the real Booser?

Booigi (I should stop calling him that now): Yup.

Luigi: Sorry about sucking you up.

Booser: Itís okay. It is better than getting shot out of a cannon on Goomba's Booty Boardwalk.

Luigi: True.

Luigi and Lemmy get up and thank E. Gadd, Yoshi, and Toad for the help.

Yoshi: It was nothing. If it hadn't been for Booser, then you guys would've been done for.

Luigi: Right you are, Yoshi.

Lemmy: We still have one more thing to deal with.

They all turn to King Boo.

King Boo: You think this is the end? Well, it's not! Booigi, Boolossus, Dark Boo! Come forth!

They get up and approach King Boo.

Booigi: Yes Master?

King Boo: Let us start the battles!

Luigi: Battles?

King Boo: Yes. We are going to play differently now! You are going to choose three of your friends to battle my minions! So, choose your three!

Luigi thinks carefully and finally chooses.

Luigi: All right, I choose Booser, Lemmy, and Yoshi!

Booser: We won't fail you!

Lemmy: They are going to pay!

Yoshi: Letís do this!

King Boo: Lets get started! Round one is... Booser and Dark Boo!

Booser and Dark Boo teleport away and are located on the roof. A screen comes down in King Booís lair and Booser and Dark Boo are seen fighting on it.

Booser: So, youíre the one who brought most of Van Goreís pictures to life?

Dark Boo: Yup, and youíre the one who lost to Luigi when you were hypnotized! Enough talk, we battle!

Booser: You read my mind!

They charge toward each other and ram into each other into a couple of times. But Booser moves up to dodge the ram from Dark Boo, who rams into a wall when Booser dodges.

Dark Boo: Thatís it? A dodge? I can do better than that! TAKE THIS!

Dark Boo opens his mouth and a stream of fire comes out and hits Booser.

Booser: What the?

Dark Boo: Just to let you know, I am an elemental Dark Boo. I can shoot flames, ice, and electricity!

Booser: Not bad, but letís see how you do against this!

Booser fires up into the air and comes crashing down into the ground. When he hits the ground it starts to lift up like a wave and hits Dark Boo.

Dark Boo: Pretty good, but try my ELECTRICITY!

He fires a beam of ice at Booser, who is hit again, but gets up.

Booser: This is getting rough. I have got to think of a winning combo.

Dark Boo: While youíre thinking, taste my ICE BEAM!

Dark Boo: Fires and Booser is hit and frozen.

Luigi: OH NO!


Dark Boo: Now that youíre frozen, I think I should finish this with my TRI ATTACK!

Dark Boo opens his mouth and a triangle is forming, and on each point, a circle is formed, each representing fire, ice and electricity. He then fires the triangle and it explodes, sending flames, ice, and electricity everywhere.

Dark Boo: I did it! I won!

Booser: Not quite.

Dark Boo: Huh?!

He turns to see Booser just barely floating.

Dark Boo: HOW?!

Booser: The ice you froze me with kept me safe from the flames and ice, though the electricity still hit me. But now, you should look above.

He looks up and sees electricity above Booser.

Dark Boo: How?

Booser: I used my magic to control some of your electricity. Say good night!

Booser sends the electricity toward Dark Boo, who is hit and faints.

King Boo: NO!


Both Booser and a fainted Dark Boo come back. Luigi sucks up the fainted Dark Boo into his Poltergust.

King Boo: Round two! Lemmy and Boolossus!

They both teleport away to the rooftop where Booser and Dark Boo battled

Lemmy: This should be easy.

Boolossus: Oh really? Well, letís see if you think this is easy! COME FORTH, BOOS!

32 Boos come and go toward Boolossus and fuse with him. He grows 30 times bigger than he once was.

Lemmy: Oh boy.

Boolossus: Letís see you beat all of us leftover Boos!

Lemmy fires his Freeze Gun, but it doesn't do anything to him.

Boolossus: You need a lot more power than that to beat us!

Boolossus starts bouncing toward Lemmy, who rolls away from him. He keeps doing this until he falls over.

Boolossus: WE HAVE YOU N... HUH?!

Boolossus notices the spikes on Lemmy's spikes and tries to stop, but can't. He jumps on Lemmy, but splits into the 47 Boos left of King Boo's army.

Lemmy: Hmmm.

Lemmy fires his Freeze Gun everywhere and freezes many Boos. By many, I mean 14, leaving 33 left. The 14 frozen Boos teleport back to King Boo's lair, where Luigi sucks them up so the place doesn't freeze from the cold air coming off the Boos. The 33 Boos form back into Boolossus, and he becomes smaller.

Boolossus: Take this!

Boolossus fires a magic beam at Lemmy. But he pulls out his wand and fires a magical beam too. They collide and explode. Boolossus can't see a thing, so he inhales and blows the smoke away. But when itís gone, Lemmy is seen rolling toward him backwards. His spikes hit Boolossus and he splits into the 33 Boos. Lemmy fires and freezes 14 more Boos, who get teleported back to the lair, where Luigi sucks them up. The leftover 19 Boos form back into Boolossus, who is a lot smaller than before. Boolossus starts to inhale, trying to get Lemmy. But Lemmy thinks fast and lets himself get inhaled. While inside Lemmy tucks into his shell and hits Boolossus from the inside. He splits and Lemmy is free. He fires everywhere, hitting 10 Boos, and they are sucked up when they get to the lair. The leftover nine Boos form back into Boolossus, who is very small now.

Lemmy: Time to end this!

Lemmy aims and fires his Freeze Gun at Boolossus. He is hit and frozen. Both Lemmy and Boolossus are teleported back to the lair. Luigi sucks up Boolossus, and all that is left is Booigi and King Boo.

King Boo: All right Booigi, don't fail me now!

Luigi: You're up, Yoshi.

They are both transported back to the battlefield.

Booigi: Okay Yoshi, time to lose! And to make it unfair, I'll be using this!

He pulls out a Fire Flower.

Yoshi: How did youÖ?

Booigi: When I was with Luigi, I secretly stole this while he wasn't looking.

He eats the Flower and becomes a red Boo with flames on him.

Yoshi: Uh oh.


Booigi spits out fireballs at Yoshi, who dodges every one barely. Finally Yoshi is hit and Booigi picks him up and throws him. But he hits something and falls. Then, above Yoshi, a red block appears.

Luigi: Is that...


Yoshi looks up and sees the block.

Yoshi: Time to make this fight fair!

Yoshi hits the block and a Power Flower pops out. He eats it and he is able to breathe fire. Booigi and Yoshi keep firing at each other until Booigi can't take it any long and takes a breather. Yoshi hits him and Booigi loses his fire power.

Yoshi: Time to finish this!

Yoshi approaches Booigi and is about to fire on him until...


Booigi start to spin wildly while Yoshi fights to resist the suction from the cyclone. Then Yoshi turns toward the cyclone and breathes fire in it. The cyclone starts to turn red and finally, it gets too hot for Booigi and he stops spinning. Yoshi rushes toward him and fires him into submission.


When Yoshi is finished, a crispy Booigi is seen. They both teleport back and Luigi sucks Booigi up. Then he turns and faces King Boo.


They both teleport to the rooftop and they start the final battle.

King Boo: Okay Luigi, I didn't want to do this, but I have no choice!

King Boo uses magic and from the foot of the mansion, bones are seen coming up. The bones come to the roof and start to form something, and that something is...


Dry Bowser: GWARR!

King Boo: Time for Dry Bowser to do his work!

King Boo goes into Dry Bowser.

Luigi: This is just like last time. Just wait for the spiked balls, Luigi.

Dry Bowser breathes fire. Luigi just dodges, and Dry Bowser jumps up. Luigi looks for his shadow and just moves out of the way. But what Luigi didn't expect was for Dry Bowser to turn around and throw bones at Luigi. Luigi is hit and falls over.

Luigi: Thatís new, but I need the spiked balls!

Dry Bowser charges toward Luigi. Luigi runs away, but is not fast enough. Dry Bowser grabs him and is about to eat him. Then, Luigi lets himself get eaten.


Inside Dry Bowser, Luigi falls to the ground where King Boo is. He sees King Boo and charges toward him. He rams into him, and they both break Dry Bowserís rib cage and are free.

King Boo: I didn't think you would do that! Oh well, I'll have to do this while Dry Bowser repairs himself.

King Boo fires blue fire at Luigi, who just sucks them up. Then King Boo charges toward Luigi. Luigi starts up the Poltergust and starts to suck King Boo up.

King Boo: NO! NO! STOP!

King Boo is trying to escape, but is having a very hard time. Or is he?

Luigi: (This is easier than I though. Or is it?)

King Boo is down to 300 HP and is still getting sucked up.

Yoshi: What is King Boo doing?

Toad: Does he want to end his life?

King Boo is now down to 200. Luigi just keeps on sucking him up.

Luigi: (What is he doing?)

King Boo is down to 100 HP. King Boo finally breaks free, and his emerald crown starts to glow. Only he notices, though.

King Boo: Byebye, Luigi!

Dry Bowser has just finished repairing himself. But Luigi just lets himself get grabbed. Dry Bowser swallows him and Luigi meets King Boo. again

Luigi: Letís finish this!

King Boo: Will do!

King Boo inhales and breathes a long stream of blue fire at Luigi. Luigi sucks it up and fires it back at King Boo. King Boo is hit and takes 50 damage. Luigi then aims his Poltergust at him and finishes the job. King Boo is sucked up and only his crown is left. Outside, Dry Bowser shakes and is sucked into the crown. Luigi grabs the crown and is teleported back to King Booís lair, where everyone is there to cheer for him.

Luigi: I did it!

Yoshi: Nice job!

Toad: You rock!

Booser: You did great!

Lemmy: You were awesome!

E. Gadd: Very good, Luigi. Now, we must take the Mario and Iggy paintings and have them depaintified. We must also put King Boo back into his painting. Also, may I have the crown? I have King Boo's other crown, so I might has well keep this one.

Luigi: Sure, I don't need it, I already have a mansion.

Luigi hands him the crown, and he and Lemmy grab the Mario and Iggy paintings and take them back to E. Gaddís lab. They empty the Poltergust 3000 and fill paintings of Dark Boo, a bigger Boolossus, the real Booigi, and King Boo. Then E. Gadd puts the Paintifier in reverse and Mario and Iggy are reverted back to human and Koopa.

Luigi and Lemmy: BRO!

Mario and Iggy: BRO!

They run up to each other and hug.

Luigi: I missed you so much!

Lemmy: Good to see that you're all right, Little Bro.

Iggy: Yeah, I'm all right.

Lemmy: Luigi, thanks for everything. Booser, I'm glad youíre alright from the fight you had back when you were hypnotized. E. Gadd, thanks for inventing the Poltergust 3000. And Yoshi, thanks for beating Booigi! Me and my bro are going home. So bye! Oh, and Mario, next time we meet, I won't be holding back!

Mario: Sure thing.

Both Lemmy and Iggy head back to Castle Koopa and tell the family what happened. Both princesses and Toad and Toadette leave, leaving Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Booser, the Babies, and E. Gadd alone.

Yoshi: Well, thanks for saving me and the Babies, Luigi.

Luigi: Hey, youíre a friends, and I can't leave a friend in need.

E. Gadd: Well, everything is back to normal, the mansion King Boo made is gone, and King Boo himself is gone for good this time.

Mario: You did a good job, Little Bro.

Luigi: Thanks.

Yoshi: Me and the little tykes are going back to the island now. See ya later, guys.

Babies: Byebye, Mario and Luigi.

They leave, and Booser and the Mario Bros. are left with E. Gadd.

Luigi: Hey Bro, if you don't mind, you can have the house to yourself for a while. I need a vacation from this adventure.

Mario: Where are you going to go?

Luigi: My mansion from my last adventure when I had to save you.

Mario: Okay, what about you, Booser?

Booser: I don't know. I'm all alone.

Luigi: Hey, you can come with me to my mansion. And when I'm not there, it is all yours.

Booser: But won't I get lonely?

Luigi: Nope, I have your old tennis partner housesitting.

Booser: You mean Shy Guy is there! Cool!

Mario: See ya later, Bro.

Luigi: Don't worry, I'll only be gone for a couple weeks. Thanks for everything, E. Gadd.

E. Gadd: Goodbye, boys!

Mario, Luigi and Booser go their different ways, with Luigi and Booser heading for Luigi's Mansion, and Mario heading home. When Luigi and Booser get there, Shy Guy greets them and sees Booser and they both are glad to see each other. Luigi invites Shy Guy to stay, and Shy Guy agrees. Luigi starts his vacation with Booser and Shy Guy. Meanwhile Mario makes it home, Yoshi and the Babies are back at Yoshi's Island, and Lemmy and Iggy are back at Castle Koopa telling everyone about Lemmy's adventure with Luigi. In the end, everyone can live without worrying about King Boo.

The End


E. Gadd is seen polishing King Boo's crown. He turns and sees that it is late.

E. Gadd: Best be getting to bed.

E. Gadd rushes out of his lab, turns off the light, and heads to his room. A couple seconds later, the crown starts to jiggle. Then, it lifts into the air and floats toward King Boo's painting. The crown glows and fires a beam at the painting. The painting jiggles and white smoke comes off of it. A white ball is seen coming out of the painting, but it is dark, so you can see a dark ball. The crown floats toward the ball and lands on top it.

???: *insert King Boo's laugh from Luigi's Mansion here*

The End?

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