Plitémon 2: South of the Border

By Joshua

Prologue: A New Quest

Joshua and Jeff (check my most recent Interviews if you don’t know who he is) are playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl in Joshua’s place. Jeff, using Dedede, is easily defeating Joshua, using Meta Knight. Their Plitémon (Joshua’s Petey, S Bro, Anti Guy, A-Bomb, Skyboy, and Steel), and Jeff’s Tanoomba (Normal) and Anuboo (Dark/Ghost)) are cheering them on.

Announcer: The winner is… King Dedede!

Joshua: Dang it! Ok, best 17 out of 33!

Jeff: …

Professor Frankly breaks down the wall and enters.

Joshua: Is this going to be a running gag in the sequel too?

Dunno. Only time will tell.

Joshua: Translation, “Yes”.

Frankly: Joshua, come to my lab, and bring two of your Plitémon. You, random ginger guy I’ve never met before! You come too. You only have two, so you’ll be fine.

Jeff: Tanoomba, Anuboo, let’s go!

Joshua: Petey, Anti Guy, let’s go!

Joshua’s other four Plitémon sit in the corner, feeling rejected, as the others leave. The duo, the Plitémon they chose, and the professor arrive at the lab. Inside…

Frankly: Joshua, you have been invited to the Beanbean Kingdom to compete in their league. They request that you bring only two Plitémon, and a maximum of two companions. I would like this fledgling trainer to be one of them.

Vivian pops up from the floor.

Joshua: Sweet zombie carrots! How’d she do that?!

Vivian: … This guy? Really? Anyway, Professor, I want to be a coordinator, not a trainer. Lava Bubble (Fire) agrees.

Frankly: You’re in luck, the Beanbean Kingdom does Plitémon Contests, where you can show off your Plitémon’s beauty, rather than power. By the way, they’re fond of the Double Battle over there. Good luck.

Chapter 1: Blasting Off!

Joshua, Jeff and Vivian touch down at Beanbean Airport.

Joshua: Ah, a new land. What adventures await me here, I wonder… Hey! That’s the Boo of the Paragoomba that took my sandwich!


Joshua: Because you stole my sandwich! I swore… VENDETTA!

Joshua sucks the Boo up with the Poltergust 3000.

Vivian: Is he always like this?

Jeff: Sadly, yes.

A much fatter Queen Bean and Prince Peasley, who looks the same, approach the group.

Joshua: Peasley? Didn’t E-Man catch you in Dragohoho form?

Peasley: That was my identical twin, Prince Parsley.

Queen Bean: Welcome to the Beanbean Kingdom!

Joshua: Meh, I was here during Paper Joshua 2.

QB: …

Jeff: (to Vivian, quietly) Was she this fat in Superstar Saga?

Vivian: (also quietly) I heard McDonalds opened a branch here recently.

QB: We are honored to have the Champion of the Rogueport League here to challenge our own League. Frankly called ahead to tell us that Ms. Vivian is here to participate in our contests. As a gesture of good faith, here is a Plitémon for each of you.

Queen Bean gives each of our protagonists (Come on, you think Joshua and Jeff are heroes? Get real…) a Plitéball. Joshua gets Snifit (Normal), Jeff gets Noko Bombette (Bug/Steel), and Vivian gets Hot Foot (Fire).

Protagonists: Thank you.

Joshua: Yes, very generous of you.

QB: You’ll need all the help you can get. Anyway, the first gym is in Stardust Fields, and the first contest is in Hoohoo Village. Good luck.

Joshua: How do we get there?

Peasley: I was hoping you’d ask that…

He does that thing with his hair, and while the team is blinded, he pushes them into a cannon.


He fires the cannon.

Joshua: We’re blasting off for the first tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!!!

Chapter 2: Stardust Fields

The trio crash down next to where Bowser was captured by Tolstar.

Joshua: Pain.

Jeff: Agreed.

Vivian: Yep.

A small Ant (Bug) approaches the group.

Jeff: I think I’ll catch that. Go, Tanoomba.

The Ant starts by using Leech Life on Tanoomba, who dodges.

Jeff: Use Slam!

Tanoomba whacks Ant with his tail. Ant tries to tackle it again, but Tanoomba whacks it again, knocking it out. Jeff throws a Plitéball at it and captures it.

Author’s Note: I allowed the guy who Jeff is based on to pick his team, of course, and Ant and Noko Bombette were chosen.

Jeff: Yes!

Joshua: That thing must be weak.

Jeff: How so?

Joshua: You beat it with a Goomba.

Jeff: … What is it with you and Goombas?

Joshua: They’re the underlings of underlings! AND THAT ONE PARAGOOMBA ATE MY SANDWICH!!!

Vivian: Oh, it’s gonna be a looooooooooooong journey…

Jeff: Indeed.

Joshua: Silence, slaves! Now, where’s that gym…?

Joshua looks all around him, failing to notice that the gym is directly behind him. Jeff and Vivian slap their foreheads.

Joshua: I guess that giant green fatty lied.

Jeff: Queen Bean?

Joshua: No, the Bulk.

Vivian: Don’t you mean the Hulk?

Joshua: No, the Bulk is his third cousin.

A giant, green, fat guy who looks like the Hulk waves.

The Bulk: BULK EAT!


The Bulk begins eating everything in sight, including various Super Flies and random fledgling trainers. The protagonists run for cover inside the gym.

Chapter 3: A Will of Steel

The Bulk continues his eating rampage outside the gym.

Joshua: That was too close.

Jeff: How could he have lied to you?

Joshua: He told me the gym was right in front of me.

Tolstar approaches the group.

Tolstar: Welcome to my gym. NYECK!

Joshua: Still do that, huh?

Tolstar: NYECK!

Joshua: I’ll take that as a yes.

Tolstar: NYECK! We battle 3-on-3 in this gym!

Joshua: No problem.

Tolstar: NYECK! I accept your challenge!

Moments later, Joshua and Tolstar are standing at opposite ends of a simple arena.

Joshua and Tolstar: Let’s go! Xiaolin Showdown!

Nyeck- I mean, Tolstar: Go, Noko Bombette!

Joshua: Go, Petey!

Tolstar: Tackle!

Joshua: Mud Bomb!

Noko Bombette manages to charge through the mud, and hit Petey.

Joshua: It’s strong. Petey, in the air!

Tolstar: Nyeck! You can’t escape me by going up there! Noko Bombette, Fling!

Noko Bombette throws its held item, an Iron Ball, at Petey. It hurts him, and causes him to fall. His speed is also lowered.

Joshua: Not good. Petey, come back!

Joshua recalls Petey.

Joshua: I choose you, Snifit! Use Rapid Fire!

Tolstar: Protect!

Snifit fires many bullets at Noko Bombette, who defends by throwing up a green barrier.

Tolstar: And Shell Shot!

Snifit dodges the shell, and Noko Bombette launches into the wall. It becomes dizzy.

Joshua: Sweet. Snifit, Rapid Fire again!

Each bullet hits in succession, wearing Noko Bombette down.

Tolstar: NYECK! Not good!

Joshua: Finish with Magnum!

Snifit fires a flaming bullet at Noko Bombette, for the KO.

Jeff: … Why didn’t you do that in the first place?

Joshua: I knew he’d see it coming… You are a “he”, right?


Joshua: I take it that’s a “no”?

Tolstar: … Go, Chain Chomp (Steel)!

Joshua: … Oh nuts. Use Magnum!

Tolstar: Roar!

The Chain Chomp roars at Snifit, causing him to retreat into his ball in fear. Petey comes out in its place.

Joshua: Nice trick. Let’s see what you think of mine. Mud Bomb!

Petey spits a glob of mud at Chain Chomp, which somehow hurts it.


Tolstar: NYECK! Crunch him!

Petey: ROAWR!! (Crunchatize me, Captain!)

Chain Chomp attempts to bite Petey, but he grabs Chain Chomp’s mouth and stops it from closing. He then fires Mud Bomb into its mouth for high damage.

Joshua: Finish it with Leaf Blade!

Petey slashes at Chain Chomp with his leaves for the KO.

Tolstar: NYECK! I’m down to my last Plitémon! You shall not defeat me! Go, Bullet Bill (Steel)!

Tolstar releases a small bullet with eyes and arms.

Joshua: Petey, Mud Bomb!

Tolstar: Fury Attack!

Bullet Bill dodges the mud, and repeatedly tackles Petey. He tries to protect himself, but Bullet Bill is simply too fast, and downs him.

Joshua: Ok… Go, Snifit!

Tolstar: Nyeck! The bullet versus the bullet shooter! Use Fury Attack!

Joshua: Dodge, and Rapid Fire!

Snifit attempts to dodge, but Bullet Bill turns around, flies through the Rapid Fire attack while taking some damage, and KO’s Snifit with multiple attacks.

Joshua: Crud… Go, Anti Guy!

Tolstar: NYECK! You cannot defeat my Bullet Bill with that mere Shy Guy! Fury Attack!

Joshua: Oh yeah? What was Shy Guy’s special shot in Mario Strikers Charged? He rode a Bullet Bill into the goalie. I think that says it all. Use Anti Bounce!

Anti Guy jumps on Bullet Bill, hurting it, and rides it, just as Shy Guy does in Mario Strikers Charged.

Tolstar: Spin! Shake him off!

Bullet Bill spins, and Anti Guy slips off. It then slams into Anti Guy, causing major damage. However, he grips Bullet Bill.

Joshua: Yes! Now, piledrive it!

Anti Guy slams Bullet Bill into the ground, nose first, and proceeds to unleash attacks on it. Needless to say, it goes down.

Joshua: I win!

Joshua does Luigi’s up taunt (the multiple poses) from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Tolstar: Nyeck… Here, take the Screw Badge. Good luck at your next gym. Speak to the Hammerhead Bros. in Hoohoo Village, they’ll show you the way.

Joshua: Thanks. All right, let’s go.

The Bulk smashes through the wall and eats Tolstar in one bite.


Joshua, Vivian (somehow), and Jeff sprint out of the gym towards Hoohoo Village.

Chapter 4: Still a Rookie…

Joshua, Vivian and Jeff are on the outskirts of Hoohoo Village.

Vivian: There’s a contest here… I’m so nervous…

Joshua: Contests have two stages, the Appeal Stage where you show off your Plitémon, then the Battle Stage where you fight other coordinators, right?

Vivian: Pretty much.

Joshua: Not my thang, sugar.

Vivian: … Never say that again under penalty of eternal whipping.

Joshua: Aww… You’re no fun.

A green blur darts by and steals Jeff’s Plitéballs.

Jeff: What on earth?

Blur: Heh-heh-heh, I just stole your stuff, see? Rookie, get the other guy!

A similar blue blur attempts to steal Joshua’s Plitéballs, but he punches it. It turns out to be a Bandit, and the green blur is Popple.

Popple: Grr… Rookie! Let’s team up and take the other two down!

Bandit: Yes, sir!

Popple and Bandit both draw a Plitéball.

Joshua: A Double Battle? Vivian, I need you to team up with me.

Vivian: But… I’ve never battled…

Joshua: Consider it practice for your upcoming contest. Popple, if we win, you give us Jeff’s Plitéballs back.

Popple: And if you lose, you both give us yours, see? Because we’re…

Popple and Bandit: The Shadow Plitémon Thieves!

Joshua: Yeah… Let’s all just use one Plitémon each.

All 4: Let’s go, Xiaolin Showdown!

Joshua: Go, Anti Guy!

Vivian: Go, Lava Bubble!

Bandit: Go, Bandit (Normal)!

Popple: Go, Mouser (Normal/Fire)!

Bandit calls out a replica of himself, but it is slightly smaller. Popple calls out a mouse with sunglasses. Vivian calls out her Lava Bubble, which is a floating flame with eyes. Joshua calls out the black-robed Shy Guy.

Vivian: Use Ember on Bandit!

Joshua: Anti Bounce on Mouser!

Bandit: Use Thief!

Popple: Roll out of the way, and Thief!

Bandit dodges the embers and strikes Lava Bubble, and the same sort of thing happens between Mouser and Anti Guy. However, nothing is stolen.

Bandit: I guess they’re empty-handed.

Popple: Duh… Mouser, hit ‘em both with Bomb Toss!

Bandit: You too!

Bandit and Mouser both throw bombs at Anti Guy and Lava Bubble for heavy damage. They struggle to get up, and just manage it.

Joshua: Ok then… Anti Guy, use Anti Flash!

Anti Guy attempts to blast Bandit and Mouser with lightning but, being thieves, they’re good at dodging, and are ok. However, they are suddenly struck by Lava Bubble using Flame Wheel, causing them pain.

Joshua: Nice move, Viv. Now, Anti Guy, get in close and use Anti Combat on Mouser!

Bandit: Bandit, take the blows!

Bandit jumps in front of Mouser, taking the attack, and is knocked out. Mouser then hammers Anti Guy with an Iron Tail attack, knocking him back.

Bandit: Up to you, sir!

Popple: Good job, Rookie! I’ll finish this one. Bomb Toss on Lava Bubble! Vivian’s the weak link!

Vivian: No! Use Ember!

Joshua: No, you foolish girl!

The embers and the bomb collide, causing an explosion… right beside Anti Guy. This knocks him into a cliff, knocking him out.

Vivian: *gasp* How could I do that?!

Popple and Bandit begin laughing uproariously.

Popple: In all my years of Double Battling, I’ve never seen someone stupid enough to take out their own partner, see!

Bandit: Yeah, me neither!

Popple: Mouser, end this with Return!

Mouser charges forward, and punches Lava Bubble, KOing it.

Joshua: Wow, that Mouser must love Popple.

Popple: Ha ha, we win!

Popple and Mouser do a victory dance. Specifically, the Kirby Dance (appears in most Kirby games, and is Kirby’s up taunt in Brawl).

Popple: We’ll be taking your Plitéballs now.

Jeff suddenly drops down from the sky, bearing King Dedede’s hammer, and uses it to send Popple and Bandit far far away. They drop his Plitéballs, and he picks them up. Vivian is crying.

Joshua: Good save, Jeff. Viv? What’s the matter?

Vivian: *sob* I’m *sniff* a terrible trainer *sob*. I couldn’t use my head in *sniff* that battle and we lost because of me…

Joshua: You’re right, we did lose because of you. Because of your inexperience though, not your lack of skill. That surprise attack you did was great.

Vivian runs (?) off into the village.

Joshua: We should let her be for now. Jeff, let’s find the Hammerhead Bros.

Joshua and Jeff enter the village.

Chapter 5: Boo-Hoo Village

Vivian is running (Anyone want to help me out here?) through the village, crying. She arrives outside the local contest hall.

Vivian: I’m not good enough to enter tomorrow’s contest…

A small figure approaches her.

Figure: Vivian? Long time no see.

Vivian: It’s you… Ms. Mowz! What are you doing here?

Ms. Mowz: I escaped from that mental institute and made my way here, and I’m entering the contest tomorrow. What about you?

Vivian: Well, I WAS going to enter it…

She explains what happened.

Ms. Mowz: You lost your first battle… So?

Vivian: So? I was stupid enough to take out my own teammate! I’m a disgrace…

Ms. Mowz: Oh, get over yourself. I lost my first battle, but I battled back. Besides, you’ll get better with time. Now come on, let’s go register for the contest.

They go in to register. Meanwhile, Joshua and Jeff and standing outside the Hammerhead Bros’ house.

Joshua: All right… Here we go.

They go in.

Sledge: Who are you?

Joshua: I’m Joshua, and I seek a pact with Sledge and Mallet.

Jeff, Sledge, and Mallet: …

Joshua: Sorry, I meant gym battle. I assume you’re the leaders, because there’s no one else in this village worth mentioning.

Mallet: You play WAYYYYYYY too much Tales of Symphonia.

Joshua: Yeah… And the sequel’s on its way to Europe!

Jeff: Oh man…

Sledge: Anyway… We conduct our gym battles on the summit of Hoohoo Mountain.

Joshua: I’d better get my inhaler… High altitudes play havoc with my lungs.

Mallet: Nerd.

Joshua: …

They head up the mountain the next morning.

Jeff: Can’t Blablanadon just fly us up?

Sledge: He’s on vacation.

A Rex (Dragon) approaches the group.

Joshua: MINE! Go, Snifit!

Other 3: Aww…

The Rex attempts to spit a fireball at Snifit, but he dodges and, on command, uses Bullet Spray (kinda like Tabuu’s attack in Brawl, but without the final blast at the end of it).

Joshua: Follow up with Magnum!

The Rex easily blows this out of the way with another fireball, then charges forward, tackling Snifit. He then bites him.

Joshua: We’re in trouble… Snifit, use Bullet Spray, and Magnum!

This time, Snifit’s attack more resembles Tabuu’s, because of the final shot (Magnum). Rex takes a lot of damage. He tries to stab Snifit with his horn, but Snifit continually dodges until he is pressed up against a wall.

Joshua: Um…

Rex prepares to stab Snifit, but Snifit punches him in the gut, causing Rex to double over.

Joshua: He’s becoming more like me by the second! All right, I’ll try to catch it.

Joshua throws a Plitéball at Rex, and catches him.

Joshua: (doing a Tales of Symphonia victory pose) Heh-heh, was that a bit too much?

Jeff: Urge… to kill… rising…

They continue up the mountain.

Chapter 6: Critical Appeal

Vivian and Ms. Mowz are in the contest hall waiting room, watching what’s happening onscreen.

MC Ballyhoo: Welcome one and all, to the Hoohoo Village Plitémon Contest! I’m MC Ballyhoo, and, strangely enough, I’m your MC, even though the author hasn’t played Mario Party 8!

The crowd cheers.

MC Ballyhoo: And now to introduce our judges, Toadsworth, Lady Lima, and my good friend, Big Top!

Toadworth: I say, it’s a delight to be here!

Lady Lima: Let’s have a nice, clean contest today.

Big Top: Yo.

Ballyhoo: …

Big Top: According to our trophy in Brawl, I’m calm and reserved.

Ballyhoo: True… Ok, let’s go over the rules. The first stage is the appeal stage, where coordinators show off their Plitémon via a routine. Our judges will score them, and the 8 coordinators with the highest score will move on to the second round, the battle stage, where the coordinators will battle to reduce each other’s points to zero within a five-minute time limit. The overall winner will receive this beautiful Hoohoo Ribbon!

Ballyhoo holds up a brown ribbon, and the crowd cheers. Backstage…

Vivian: Ooh… There’s so many people out there… Listen to those cheers.

Ms. Mowz: Don’t worry about it. You’ll do fine. Oops, looks like I’m up.

Ms. Mowz goes out onstage.

Ms. Mowz: Go, Spania! Use Spike Cannon, and Psychic!

Ballyhoo: She’s showing off both Normal and Psychic moves here, since her Spania is a dual Normal and Psychic type.

Spania launches many spikes into the air, and controls them with Psychic, so they take the shape of a large arrow. Ms. Mowz throws a bullseye into the air, and the arrow pierces it, dead center.

Ms. Mowz: Finish with Rapid Spin!

Spania allows the spikes to drop directly above it, but simply spins them away with Rapid Spin. The crowd cheers in admiration.

Ballyhoo: Wow! A nice element of danger to finish the routine! Let’s see how the judges scored her!

Toadsworth: 9.5!

Lady Lima: 9.6!

Big Top: 9.5!

Ballyhoo: That’s a total of 28.6! WOW!

Ms. Mowz and Spania bow and leave the stage.

Ballyhoo: Please, give a warm welcome to our next coordinator, Vivian!

Vivian: *gulp*

She nervously comes out onstage.

Vivian: Ok… Go, Hot Foot!

Vivian releases the small, walking flame.

Vivian: Use Ember into the air!

Hot Foot spews flames into the air, which fall down around it. Some hit it, making it bigger.

Vivian: Ember, again!

She throws several targets into the air, which Hot Foot hits perfectly.

Vivian: (All this training paid off!) All right, Hot Foot, Fire Spin!

Hot Foot surrounds itself in a flame twister, and begins to move about the stage, much like a normal twister would. Eventually, Hot Foot flips out of it, and poses.

Ballyhoo: Sweet! Judges, do your thing!

Toadsworth: I say, it was a little generic, but very impressive, overall. 8.3!

Lady Lima: I liked the pyrotechnics. 8.1!

Big Top: 8.

Ballyhoo: That gives Vivian 24.4! Not bad, for her first appeal ever! All right, let’s keep up the momentum!

To cut a long story short, 14 other coordinators make their appeals, but because of time constraints, we won’t show them.

Other Coordinators: Aww…

Deal with it.

Ballyhoo: And the eight coordinators going through are onscreen now!

Ms. Mowz, Vivian, 5 other random coordinators, and… Bandit?! What in tarnation? Well, they all appear on screen.

Vivian: I got through? Yes!

Ms. Mowz: Congratulations. Good luck on the battle stage.

Vivian: You too!

Bandit: Heh-heh-heh… Good luck, ladies… You’ll need it against me!

Chapter 7: Rocky Road

Meanwhile, Joshua, Jeff, and the Hammerhead Bros. have made their way up the mountain.

Joshua: All right, let’s do this.

Sledge: We only Double Battle, so your friend there will need to fight as well.

Jeff: All right.

Mallet: We’ll all use two Plitémon each. Are we ready?

Joshua: Bring it.

Jeff: I’m ready.

Sledge: Ready and willing.

Mallet: Let’s do it.

Joshua: Go, Rex!

Jeff: Go, Noko Bombette!

Sledge and Mallet: Go, Thwack (Rock)!

Joshua: Rex, use Fireball!

Jeff: Shell Shot!

Sledge: Thwack, Tackle!

Mallet: Dodge, and Rock Throw!

Sledge’s Thwack jumps through the fireball and slams into Rex, and Mallet’s Thwack moves out of the way of Noko Bombette before throwing itself at it.

Joshua: Ack! Use Dragon Rush!

Rex charges at high speed towards Sledge’s Thwack, and does high damage before getting slammed by Mallet’s Thwack.

Sledge: Good job, Bro!

Both brothers: Use Rock Slide!

Jeff: Explosion!

Noko Bombette explodes, destroying the rocks that are falling towards it and Rex, and taking out both Thwacks.

Jeff: Good job, Noko Bombette. Go, Anuboo!

Sledge: Time for the big guns. Go, Hoohooros (Rock)!

Mallet: Go, Bouldergeist (Rock/Ghost)!

Joshua: You have GOT to be kidding me…

Jeff: Don’t worry, it’s still our three against their two.

Mallet: Not for long! Bouldergeist, Rocket Punch!

Bouldergeist throws out its fist into Rex, and KO’s him.

Joshua: Oh mama. Petey, front and center!

Sledge: Grass type.

Hammerhead Bros: Predictable.

Sledge: Hoohooros, Pillars Up!

Hoohooros disappears underground, and summons its pillars from Superstar Saga.

Mallet: Rock Blast!

Bouldergeist calls up many rocks from the ground and throws them at Petey and Anuboo, like he did in Galaxy.

Joshua: Twister!

Jeff: Shadow Ball!

Petey’s Twister sucks up the rocks and topples them off the mountain. They destroy the wall of Sledge and Mallet’s house.

Sledge: Dang it!

Anuboo’s Shadow Ball destroys one of the pillars, revealing Hoohooros, but he quickly moves under the other one.

Mallet: Rocket Punch!

Sledge: Pillar Laser!

Joshua: Dodge, and Leaf Blade!

Jeff: Laser Shot!

Petey jumps over the punch and slashes Bouldergeist with his leaves. Anuboo fires a laser at Hoohooros’s laser and overpowers it, destroying the second pillar and hurting Hoohooros.

Sledge: Brother, are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Mallet: We have no choice, Brother!

Sledge: All right… Get ready to face our full fury!

Mallet: Taste our ultimate attack!

Both: Rock Pulverizer!

Hoohooros creates many pillars, which Bouldergeist destroys. The rock fragments fly at Petey and Anuboo.

Joshua: Oh, snap!

Jeff: Sandstorm!

Joshua: Twister!

The twister absorbs the sand and the rocks, and strikes Hoohooros and Bouldergeist.

Joshua: Yes! Finish this with Leaf Blade!

Petey slashes both foes, and Anuboo uses Mimic to copy it, and does the same. Hoohooros and Bouldergeist faint.

Joshua: (doing a different Tales victory pose) Man, I rule! I’m sooo cool!

Jeff hits Joshua.

Sledge: All right… Here’s your Mason Badge, proof that you defeated us.

Mallet: You know, I bet you could catch the second round of the Plitémon Contest if you hurry.

Joshua: Oh, yeah, Vivian’s in that! And I know the fastest way down.

Jeff: You’re not seriously going to jump, are you?

Joshua: Hey, that’s an even better idea! BANZAI!!!

He jumps off the mountain. The word “GERONIMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” can be heard.

Jeff: *sigh*

He jumps off the mountain too, using King Dedede’s hammer as a propeller to slow his descent.

Sledge: Well, that was fun.

The Bulk: BULK EAT!!!

Sledge: Mallet, let’s get out of here! … Mallet? Mallet?!

Mallet is nowhere to be seen.

The Bulk: *BURP*

Sledge: OH MY DAD!!!

The Bulk eats Sledge.

Chapter 8: Con-Testing Times

Joshua crashes through the roof of the Contest Hall, landing on some random Hoohoo resident and killing him instantly.

Joshua: Yes! I live again! In your face, Grim Reaper!

Grim Reaper: I’ll get you next time…

The Grim Reaper leaves. Joshua takes the dead guy’s seat.

Ballyhoo: What an entrance! But you’re a little late to enter!

Joshua: Enter? Oh, *($% no!

Ballyhoo: …

Jeff slowly descends, using the hammer as a propeller.

Jeff: So reckless.

Joshua: Yeah, but that fall was unbelievably fun.

Jeff: …

Vivian is onstage, and has just beaten her first opponent.

Vivian: I won, I won!

She cheers ecstatically.

Ballyhoo: Yes, but you still have to beat two more coordinators before getting your ribbon… Get off the stage.

Vivian: Oh… Ok.

She leaves the stage. In the semi-finals…

Ms. Mowz: Rainman, Thunderbolt!

Rainman, her Dark Puff, blasts her opponent’s Blooper (Water) with lightning for the KO.

Ballyhoo: And Ms. Mowz moves on to the final round! Now, who will she face? Vivian, or Bandit?

Vivian and Bandit come onstage and go to their corners.

Vivian: Ok, go, Lava Bubble!

Bandit: Bandit, your time to shine!

Vivian: Lava Bubble, Ember attack!

Bandit: Dodge!

Bandit dodges all the embers as Lava Bubble moves in closer, but Vivian’s points gauge goes down.

Ballyhoo: I should explain that dodging attacks can have a huge effect on your opponent’s points.

Vivian: Oh no! Lava Bubble, Tackle!

Lava Bubble rams its opponent, and Bandit’s gauge goes down. Bandit’s gauge is 90% full, and Vivian’s is 75% full.

Vivian: Ember, close range!

Bandit: Ack!

Each ember hits for massive damage, and Bandit’s points REALLY suffer, his gauge now down to 40%.

Ballyhoo: Wow! What an attack! Could Vivian have what it takes to go all the way?

Bandit: No way! Bandit, Super Jump Punch!

Vivian: What?!

Bandit’s Bandit mimics Mario, by Super Jump Punching Lava Bubble into the sky. However, it flips out of its fall and descends somewhat gracefully. Vivian’s gauge goes down to 60%, and Bandit’s to 35%. The clock reads 2:15.

Bandit: Time’s running out… Bandit, finish it quickly, use High-Speed Ram!

Bandit charges straight towards Lava Bubble.

Vivian: Wait for it… Wait for it… Wait for it… SIDESTEP!

Lava Bubble moves out of the way of the charge, and Bandit zooms straight into a wall, destroying it and knocking himself out.

Bandit: … I lost…

Ballyhoo: Unbelievable! It’s Vivian versus Ms. Mowz in the final of the Hoohoo Village Plitémon Contest! We’ll take a short intermission.

Backstage, Jeff is giving Vivian a pep talk. Joshua approaches Ms. Mowz.

Joshua: How’d you break out of the mental institution?

Ms. Mowz: They left my cell and all the doors unlocked. It wasn’t hard.

Joshua: … So, you got lucky.

Ms. Mowz: … Maybe.

After the intermission…

Ballyhoo: Give it up for our two finalists, Vivian and Ms. Mowz!

They come out onstage.

Ballyhoo: All right, let’s do this thang!

Vivian: Go, Lava Bubble!

Ms. Mowz: Rainman, go!

Joshua: …

Jeff: What’s up?

Joshua: I can’t react to this match, or I’ll be accused of showing favoritism.

Jeff: But you’re traveling with Vivian.

Joshua: Yes, but I used to travel with Ms. Mowz.

Jeff: Ah.

Vivian: Lava Bubble, get in close and use Ember!

Ms. Mowz: Use Charge.

Lava Bubble races in and uses Ember, while Rainman simply begins charging electricity. Ms. Mowz’s points fall to 40% quickly.

Ms. Mowz: Thunderbolt!

The supercharged Thunderbolt decimates Lava Bubble, and Vivian’s points fall to 10%.

Vivian: No way! Just one move, and I’m on the ropes?!

Ballyhoo: Wow, looks like Vivian’s flame is about to burn out!

Ms. Mowz: Swoop!

Rainman swoops down on Lava Bubble, but as he is about to strike, a strange red light emanates from it, deflecting the Dark Puff. Ms. Mowz’s bar drops to 35%.

Ballyhoo: It looks like Blaze has kicked in! Blaze boosts Lava Bubble’s firepower when it’s been weakened! This one might not be over!

Ms. Mowz: No matter. Thunderbolt!

Vivian: Dodge, and Flame Wheel!

Lava Bubble jumps, engulfs itself in flame, and charges Rainman. Ms. Mowz’s bar drops to 20%.

Ms. Mowz: Swoop!

Vivian: Flame Wheel!

The two ram into each other, causing an explosion, just as the clock runs out. Vivian’s gauge is at 5%, and Ms. Mowz’s is at 1%. Vivian wins.

Ms. Mowz: I don’t believe it…

Vivian: I won, I won!

She screams like a little girl as Ballyhoo hands her the ribbon.

Vivian: Thank you.

Ballyhoo: This is your first ribbon, right? Good luck in future contests. (to audience) See you all next time!

Joshua, Jeff, Vivian, and Ms. Mowz are standing at the base of Hoohoo Mountain.

Joshua: You’re sure you don’t want to come with us?

Ms. Mowz: Nah, I’ve my own path to follow. And Vivian… Next time, you’re mine!

She leaves.

Vivian: Heh. Bring it on…

Joshua: What now?

Jeff: I believe there’s a gym in Chucklehuck Woods. And a contest in the Winkle Realm.

Joshua: Those are pretty close together. Let’s-a go!

Vivian and Jeff: …

Joshua: I don’t want to talk about it…

To Be Continued...

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