Mario and the Seven Demons

By crankymama5452

Chapter #37 - Wrathful Warth

We see a dark, rundown-looking building, and inside there is complete darkness and two voices speaking to each other.

????: So are you okay? I don't know where we are.

?????: No I'm not okay. I feel really strange. What did he do to me, Stul?

Stul: How should I know? He made your mark bigger and then shoved you in here.

Warth: Yeah, but what did it do to me?

Stul: I don't know. I can't even see you in this darkness.

Warth: I only know one thing. I feel like I'm losing control of myself... in an unsafe way.

Stul: What?

Warth: Stul... Maybe you should go.

Stul: Why? Are you sure?

Warth: I feel like my body is stretching... like I'm growing. Please leave. I'll be fine.

Stul: Okay... Be careful.

One of the shadows begins to move quickly towards the light of the door. We go outside to see a tall woman in a black, body-sized robe emerging. She has long, flowing, black hair and red high-heals. She also has ruby red lipstick and fingernails. She looks about and runs.

Meanwhile, Mario is wandering through the city.

Mario: What do I do? Where is Mar T?

Mar T: I'm here. You never noticed me outside your hospital? I followed you but... I thought you'd never recognize me when you passed me.

Mario: What?

Mario spins to see a man about Mario’s height with a Mushroom top hat and wearing a doctor’s suit.

Mar T: Obviously when going through the pipe you morph to a form relating to something from here. No such thing as living Mushrooms here, I guess.

Mario: Not from what I remember. This is New York... This is where I first entered the Mushroom Kingdom. I'll never forget.

Mar T: Really? Well should we try to go back?

Mario: No. I just KNOW that Danet didn't just force us in. He tossed somebody in after us.

Mar T: But who? Edger maybe. His transformation would likely come up more human than the others.

Mario: Yeah, unless he came in himself and just took on the form of a super bee or something.

As they wander, Stul runs up to them with a grin.

Stul: Excuse me, but can I have help?

Mario: Sure, Miss. What do you need?

Stul: I need directions to the Harbor Warehouse.

Mario: Sure, we'll guide you.

Stul: Oh thank you.

Mario: I've been here before so I know this place. I hope nothing has changed over time.

The three head back in the direction Stul came from while Stul grins.

Meanwhile in the Harbor Warehouse where Warth is, we see eyes peering out of an upper window and massive feet sticking out the front door as the roof, already in rough shape, begins to crack and crumble apart. We then go to the Mushroom Kingdom, where we see Danet, Edger, and Redip still chasing Luigi.

Edger: May I ask what you did to Warth, Dad?

Danet: You may. You see, since I know Jaydes, we kind of work together. I know the mechanics of the marking on you all. I know how to alter how it functions, so what I did was boost its functioning. What it did for Warth was fill him with wrathful intentions.


Danet: Bingo! Warth will wipe Earth away with Mario on it.

Redip: What about Stul?

Danet: She'll be back. My intention for her was to distract Mario long enough for the transformation to complete.

Edger: Will we get to see Warth again?

Danet: Probably. If Mario doesn't kill him somehow, he'll be fine.

Redip: We'll trust you.

Danet: I'm your father, you have to anyway. Warth, my son, he'll become the embodiment of anger, rage, wrath, violence. WRATHFUL WARTH!

Danet laughs manically as they keep running after Luigi, who isn't even in sight. We go back to Earth, where we see Mario, Mar T., and Stul running through the tow to the warehouse when an explosion is heard. Screams are then heard followed by an incredibly loud echoing roar sounding like numerous people shouting at once through many megaphones.

Mario: What was that?!

Mario, Mar T., and Stul stare in horror as a massive, forty-foot red dragon come into view. It has three heads sprouting from three twenty-foot necks body and has three large tails each extending to yet another head. Altogether there are six rather violent-looking heads.

Stul: ... Warth!

Mario: Warth! WHAT? WHO ARE YOU?

Stul: Oh come on, you haven't recognized me yet? I'm Stul.

Mar T: YOU!


Mario, Stul, and Mar T. turn in horror as Warth goes stampeding about, stepping on and crushing every in sight.

Stul: Hmmm. Tis is NOT good. RUN!

The three turn and go running down a street as Warth turns and sees them. One of his tails lowers to the ground, and feet and mini legs sprout from the end of the tail back up to the head, and the tail extends as the tail-head-thing goes running down the path, snaking through the streets after them.


Mario: Oh my lord, what is coming behind us?

Stul: It looks like his head attached to a never-ending extendable neck thing.

Mario begins running backwards, clapping his hands and trying to shoot fire with no success.

Stul: Don't waste your time. None of our powers work here.

Mario: What about him?

Stul: That isn't power. That's what my dad did to him. He did this to him prior to throwing us in after you.

Mar T: I think it's catching us. Turn into the upcoming apartment.

The three run and turn into the building as the head viciously zooms by eating and plowing over everything in its path.

Chapter #38 - The Military's Strike

We see Mario, Stul, and Mar T. peeking out the door of the apartment building, then running from the doorway in another direction trying not to touch the neck. As the run they hear Warth’s loud screams all throughout the city.

Mario: Darn it! What do we do?

Stul: I don't know. I'd kill you but right now I'm more set on trying to survive. Let's just go back to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario: And leave Earth to be destroyed? Never! I need to kill Warth.

Stul: You think you can? Go ahead, but I doubt killing him is possible while he’s under those conditions.

Mar T: Hate to say it, Mario, but he's well over seven times your height.

Mario: So? I can still do this.

Mario runs off and Mar T. gives chase while Stul sighs.

Stul: Stupid Mario. Get back here and show me the way out of here. It's the only reason I'm following you.

Stul goes to run, but a man stops her and she turns to him.

Stul: Yes...? Wait... Didn't you just…?

Stul turns around, then back, and stares blankly before noticing something and sighing.

Stul: Sorry, never mind. You look like an older version of somebody I know.

??????: Oh, that's okay. I'm looking for the nearest exit out of the city. Please help.

Stul: Hate to break it to youm, but I'm new here too. I came in... by flight, so I wouldn't know.

??????: Oh, that's a shame. Well I can at least try to help you. Come on, I'll try to drive us out of the city.

Stul: Oh no, thank you. I'm looking for that guy.

??????: Oh, okay.

Stul: Bye.

Stul runs off after Mario and Mar T, rolling her eyes. She then comes to the edge of that part of the city, and ocean stands before her. She turns and looks down the street to see nothing, then looks up to see Warth moving through the city grabbing things and hurling them about while screaming.

Stul: Eww! What did you do that for, Dad?

We see Mario and Mar T. running up to where Warth is, when fighter planes and jets fly in and start shooting at Warth.


Warth begins to swat the planes out of the sky and they spiral down and crash all over. One of Warth’s tail-heads leers down and eyes Mario and Mar T, then zooms in at them.

Tail Head #1: WEEOOWEEOO!

Mario: Here it comes.

Mar T: Get ready.

The head hits the ground and runs towards them, and Mario jumps and lands on it and it sways about. Another tail head zooms in.

Tail Head #2: GRROOGRROO!

Mario backflips off and the second head zooms in and accidentally bites onto and rips the first tail head off along with some of the tail.


Warth swings a hand down and slaps Mario, sending him flying backwards out to another street, where he slides into Stul’s view. She goes running towards him as more jets come in.

Mar T: The military is getting involved, I see. This is bad. Just more likely deaths…

Stul: Mario, get up now!

Mario: Ohh, my back…

Mario gets up and slowly limps about and straightens himself out.

Mario: I can't give up.

Mario runs back.

Stul: Darn it. Stay put, would you? You’re killing yourself over there.

Mario runs up again and Warth sends in tail head number two, but Mario jumps up and lands on the head again. This time the tail swings into a building and Mario jumps off and clings to a light pole, then he jumps off that and starts wall-kicking between buildings until he grabs onto Warths claw. Warth then slams it into a building only for Mario to jump off. More jets fly in and begin shooting Warth’s eyes, but to no effect, and then they get swatted away.


Warth takes a swing at Mario but he dives off the building, kicks off a pole, and lands on one of Warth’s tails and begins to run up it unnoticed.

Meanwhile we go to a building where a man in blue with a mustache is watching.

???????: We need to do something. Send in the tanks.

A man next to him nods.

???????: Will do, General Hughes.

The man runs out the door and Hughes sighs.

Hughes: What to do, darn it? I did not sign on for this to happen.

Hughes then turns and runs out the door.

We now go to Stul, who has hidden in a house when a shadow peeks out and grabs her.

Stul: AAHHH! OH MY GOD, HELP! ... Oh, it’s you.

Stul is looking at the guy from earlier.

??????: It came to mind you told me I look like somebody you know. WHO? TELL ME!

Stul: ... Okay! His name is Mario Mario.

??????: Mario Mario, you say... I knew he'd come home some day.

Stul: Wha... What?

??????: I am Mario Mario... Mario Mario's father. Just call me Senior, though, as I'm the old man. Hahaha!

Stul: You’re… his father... Well this is interesting.

Senior: Tell me how you know my son.

Stul: Will do.

We now go back to the city, where Warth has sent one of his main three heads at Mario. Mario grabs a long metal bar and uses it to stab through Warth’s lower jaw and pin it to the ground. He then begins to pound on the neck with another pole until Warth sends another head in.

Tail Head #2: GWWOO GWWOO!

Mario jumps aside as the head slams into the ground. It then gets up and runs into the building after Mario as Mario lures it around, out, along the side of the building, back in, and ends up tying the tail head up with the tail. Warth yanks the tail back, dragging the building into his central face and causing him to fall off balance. He tries to regain his balance but in the process ends up ripping off his pinned main head and crashing to the ground.

Mario: YES!


Warth tries to bite Mario, who runs but is kicked and sent flying. Mar T. is spotted climbing a nearby building to Warth’s height while holding something in his hands.

Mar T: Hold on, Mario. I'm coming to help.

Warth looks down at Mario on the ground and lifts a foot. He lowers the foot at high speed but a tank rolls up and shoots at Warth’s face, causing him to stumble back off-guard. Mario rolls aside as more tanks roll in and jets come in yet again and shoot from a distance. We see Mar T. getting to the top and he begins to construct something in the window that he is aiming at Warth.

Mario: Oh, I am too old to fight these things…

As Mario goes to run, Hughes runs up to him.

Hughes: Who are you? It's not safe here.

Mario: Who are you?

Hughes: I'm General Hughes. I'm the one sending the tanks and jets after that thing. I'm also going around rounding up survivors. Report to the south end of the city, where you'll be picked up by ship and shipped over to Europe for now. GO!

Mario: Sorry bud, but no can do.

Hughes: Yes can do.

Hughes pulls out a gun.

Hughes: Either you go or I say you’re with that... thing.

Mario: FINE!

Mario walks by Hughes but turns and runs down a side street. Hughes turns in rage and runs after as things darken as night rolls in.

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