Mario and the Seven Demons

By crankymama5452

Chapter 43: Edger Revealed!

We see Holts walking away from the clearing to stay out of Danet and Edger's sight. As he slowly waddles away he sees some movement over to the left and turns quickly to spot Luigi and Bet T. walking around.

Holts: How did they get here so fast? I need to do something... Oh!

Holts falls through the ground into the Underwhere as Luigi and Bet T. approach where he stood and hear Edger and Danet.

Luigi: What is that noise?

Bet T: It sounds like voices. It's coming from over in that clearing.

The two run up and eye them from the trees. Luigi grunts upon seeing them and goes to jump them, but Bet T. holds him back and hisses at him. Looking at them, Luigi notices that Edger's shoe is slightly off and he can see a marking on his heel. He stops instantly and gasps.

Luigi: He... he has two markings. Why?

Bet T: TWO? Why would Jaydes give him more than one marking?

Luigi: I don't know. It's best we watch out for him, though. Something is off with that.

Bet T. nods and we close in on Edger and Danet, who rise to their feet and sigh before walking out of view. Luigi and Bet T. run up to the tombs and Luigi instantly remembers the place before walking slowly after them. Bet T. looks at Luigi before following him with a nervous expression on her face. Finally we go to the Underwhere, where we see Holts up against a dead tree.

Holts: All I can do is run. I don't want to be here forever. That's what will happen if they kill me, which is a good possibility if they get that stone near me.

Holts gets up and walks to the River Twygx and grins devilishly.

Holts: But then again, Luigi is basically holding an active grenade. If that stone goes off in his hand he'll be revived and I can kill him and bring him to the Overthere, this time for good. Grambi won't revive him repeatedly.

Holts turns around to see Veny and Tongulty.

Veny: We've found you. We were looking for you.

Tongulty licks his lips and drools.

Veny: We need to tell you something serious.

Holts: Ummm, hello to you too.

Tongulty: I'm hungry, Veny. Can we eat first?

Veny: No, now shut up!

Holts: WHAT?


Veny: Well we do know what happened. We don't know why she isn't here. Oddly enough, Mario isn't behind it.

Holts: Then... the doctor? Doesn't make sense.

Veny: Because he didn't do it. Her death was because of the actions of another person of Mario’s species residing beyond the pipe.

Holts: What? What about Redip? He went through the pipe. And Warth! He's been through there a long time too.

Veny: I don't know. All I know is that Mario and the doctor are safe and Stul is gone.

Holts: Darn! What do we do?

Veny: Well, go after Edger for now. You know why, right?

Holts: Because you and Tongulty want revenge.

Veny: Bingo. Then deal with the Brothers.

Holts: This won't be easy you know.

Veny: Of course. Edger is your brother, our brother, but it must be done.

Holts: Gah! You're right. I tried to hold off… I tried... But... fine!

Holts goes above ground and Tongulty approaches.

Veny: Yes yes! He's off.

Tongulty drools a bit and eats Veny, causing him to reappear next to him.

Veny: You are nuts! What was going through Dad’s mind when he chose to take on the form of a Gulpit?

Tongulty throws himself on the ground and rolls around drooling.

We now go above land to where Holts appears alone. He looks around and goes up to the tombs.

Holts: I hope you two are telling the truth. I have people hunting me, and if I kill Edger blindly it could result in two of the four of us left getting killed.

Holts goes into the ground, leaving a shadow that can be seen moving across the ground at a blinding speed. The shadow catches up to Edger and Danet, and Holts emerges as they jump in shock. Danet looks at Holts in frustration.

Danet: Don't scare your father!

Holts: Sorry, Dad. I'm here for Edger. I need him for a few minutes.

Edger: Why so?

Holts: It's important, now come!

Holts drags Edger out of view and throws him to the ground and turns the tip of his bone into a spear. Edger gets up and grunts.


We see Edger gasp as Holts has speared the bone into the marking on Edger’s forehead. He rips it out, dragging out his energy orb and causing Edger to stumble back, panting. Holts grins.

Holts: So it's true!

Edger: Grr!

Holts: You didn't die!

Edger: How did you...

Holts: Remember, I can go to the Underhwere as I please!

Edger: Grrr… Veny!

Holts: And Tongulty! So tell me. Where did you put their energy orbs? Here perhaps?

Holts spears the bone into Edger’s foot, causing him to scream in agony. He rips it out with Veny's orb on it. Edger stumbles back.

Edger: You...

Holts: Oh, what’s wrong?

Edger: You... Heheheh!

Holts: What?

Edger flings his tongue out and pulls Holts’s spear and the energy orbs into his mouth. Holts makes another bone club appear as the markings reappear on Edger.

Edger: Now what?

Holts: So you can use their powers too.

Danet: Is everything okay over there?

Holts: Yes Dad!

Edger: Yup. I'm coming!

Danet: Good!

Edger grins and Holts hisses.

Holts: This isn't over yet!

Edger: I'm sure it is!

Edger walks off and Holts hisses and begins to sniffle as he leans against a tree in disbelief of the betrayal by Edger.

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