Mario and the Seven Demons

By crankymama5452

Chapter 45: Mario vs Redip, Round 2

We go to Earth to see Warth still stomping through the city. Mario desperately chases after him with Mario Srm but has no luck due to Warth’s high speed. As they enter the city square, they stop and begin to look around.

Sr: We need a car or something we can chase him in.

Mario: And just where do we find an unoccupied car? Everybody is leaving in such a hurry.

Sr: We need to take a police car.

Mario Sr. runs over to the police station and punches through the window. Mario runs up and they unlock a car and jump in.

Sr: Great! Now all we need is the ignition key.

As the two waste time trying to figure out how to pursue Warth at a faster pace, Redip is seen entering the square from an alleyway. He looks up at Warth and gives chase, not even seeing Mario in the car. As Redip rushes through the alleyways he comes across a guy stopped at a bar in one of the alleys. The man is drunk and Redip grins. Walking up to the man, Redip forms a fist.

Redip: Give me that car.

Man: Wha-wha-wha!


Man: WOAH WOAH WOAH! Hehehehehe

Redip: ... Drunken blah!

Redip punches the man unconscious and takes his cars keys before casually jumping through the car window and driving off at a faster speed.

Going to Mario, we see him annoyed in the car as Sr. is seen leaving the police station and getting into the car.

Sr: Odd, they let me have the keys.

Mario: Dad, what did you do?

Sr: Okay, I stole the keys, so what? Does it really matter?

Mario: NO! JUST GO!

Sr. drives down into an alleyway.

We now go to Warth, who has come to the coast and is staring across at the Statue of Liberty. He lets out a violent roar before walking into the water and heading towards it. As he moves closer he becomes fully submerged beneath the water before casually rising up again as he gets closer.


Warth climbs onto the island and begins to glare angrily at the statue before headbutting it. Redip pulls up to the coast and gets out. Running up to the edge, he begins to call to Warth.


Redip calls loudly and swings his arms to no avail over the sound of Warth’s menacing roars.

Redip: Fool! Why is he wasting time? What could be making him so nuts?

Mario and Sr. pull up just down the street from him and Redip catches them out of the corner of his eye as they get out of the car. Grinning, he pulls out a sword and begins to walk towards them.

Mario: We are too late. What does he think he's doing?

Sr: Screwing up the statue.

Mario: No duh. Where did Mar T go? He got lost in the streets.

Sr: Would he know how to stop him?

Mario: Not likely, but... he could be of help.

As they talk, Redip walks up behind Mario and stabs him through the back. Withdrawing the blade, Mario falls to the ground, shaking. Sr. spins in terror to see a grinning Redip.


Redip: SON? You're related?

Redip grins sinisterly.

Redip: Then you're next. You'll not lay a finger on my brother.

Sr: THAT THING IS YOUR BROTHER? You... came from... Mario!

Sr. kneels by Mario’s side while Redip laughs menacingly and, with a grin, responds to Mario Sr. question.

Redip: I am from the pipe. Now, old man, allow me to show you the consequences of tampering with our plans.

Redip points his sword at the kneeling man and takes a wide swipe at Sr. but he throws himself out of the way. Redip walks slowly towards Sr. and, while doing so, Mar T. is seen emerging into view behind them.

Mar T: This place is too complex. Just... follow the screams and find Warth, and I'll likely find Mario.

As he walks across the street he eyes Sr. fighting with Redip, and backs up in terror. Turning his eyes to the side, he sees Mario.

Mar T: N…no... He k-k-k-killed Mario.

Mar T. rushes to Mario and begins to rummage through his first aid kit, then pulls out an odd-looking beaker and sucks out some of its violet-gray contents and injects them into Mario’s cut, causing him to violently scream. This distracts Redip, who turns to Mario only to be struck in the face by Sr, causing him to stumble back.

Mar T: Ugh, must iodine do that?


Redip turns to Sr. and pulls out a second sword. Mar T. looks at him and goes quickly through his first aid kit a second time. Sr. backs up from Redip, who is swinging at him like a madman.

Redip: Stand still. My brother needs help, and I don't plan to sit back and waste time.



Sr. trips and falls off the edge into the water. Redip jumps up onto the edge and glares down, then pulls out a gun and aims down at Sr.

Redip: One shot and THEN I'll go to him. Say goodbye, Mario family.

Redip loads the gun and goes to shoot but Mar T. rushes up behind him and nails him in the back of the head with a large reflex mallet, causing him to fall forward into the water. Mar T. turns to Mario, who is very slowly getting up.

Mar T: YES! Hurry, Mario!

Mario: Uggghhh, mmyyy back! What do you think I am? Superman?

Mar T: No, but you're close enough.

Mario: What happened?

Mar T: Oh yes! Redip is here, and he and your dad are in the water.

Mario: WHAT?

Mar T: I suggest you hurry!


Mario runs towards the water and jumps in. He dives under and sees Sr. moving towards the surface, but Redip grabs him by the foot and begins to pull him down. Mario swims towards them and moves between them, breaking them up. Sr. floats up to the surface and Redip squints at Mario before going for him. Mario goes up to the surface.

Sr: Mario, you're all right!

Mario: Uh-huh! Get to la-

Mario is cut off as Redip drags him back under and emerges, still holding Mario under.


Sr. grabs and beats on Redip to no effect, as Mar T. is seen running and jumping off into the water as well. Mar T. makes his way towards them and begins to beat on Redip as well, but gets pushed under them. As he goes under, Mario is pushed under more.

Over at the Statue, Warth is seen glaring over towards where they are. He becomes enraged again and stampedes into the water towards where they are. Mar T. looks up at him and slaps his forehead.

Mar T: And here comes the monster.


Warth submerges into the water as Redip and Mario drift about, then spot him and gasp, causing them to ingest water and forcing them up. As they emerge, Redip begins to spew some profanity as Mario jumps out of the water and clings to Redip’s head, forcing him under only for Redip to swim out from under him and make his way towards land. Warth jumps out at a violent speed, using enough force to fire up a massive wave that moves towards the land, catching Mario, Mario Sr, and Mar T. and shoving them with it. Redip climbs onto land as the wave hits, and all four are forced across the street and into an alleyway as the water withdraws towards the sea again, dragging them back and leaving them in the center of the street. As Warth slowly moves through the water, the four begin to shake and tremble as they slowly rise to their feet while trying to fight the pain.

Redip: Ugh! Stupid new world. My regenerative powers are worthless here.

Redip pulls out his swords again and turns to Mario.

Redip: You will not get away. I... I can't let you get away.

Redip moves towards Mario, who can barely move, and raises a sword.

Redip: Now I will slice you in two. PREPARE FOR THE END!

Redip swings the sword at Mario.

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