Mario and the Seven Demons

By crankymama5452

Chapter 51: Luigi vs Holts Take 3: Living Holts!

Going aside the Mario vs Edger battle, we go to the battlefield of Luigi and Holts. The two and Bet T. are seen appearing in Holt's dimension, and Bet T. rushes off before either see that it was her that clung on to Holts when they went under.

Holts: So you took a shot at me as we went down, I see.

Luigi: No! You took one on me!

Holts: You climbed on my back!

Luigi: That is what you did to me... unless...

Luigi smiles. Holts stares for a few seconds before grinning as well.

Holts: We are not alone. But who followed us?

Luigi: It doesn't matter! It is either Senior, Mar T, or Bet T, and none of them deserve to be brought into this war. You are all mine.

Holts: Good luck, Luigi! Unlike my family, I'm not some death-seeking psycho but more a loyal man who stands by his family no matter what mistakes they make.

Luigi: Even though Edger...

Holts: I know! I was going to ditch them because of him, but I could never abandon the rest of my family.

Luigi: I see! Well...

Holts: Enough! Just because I'm not evil doesn't mean I won't try to kill you. You did, after all, nearly kill Veny, and you made numerous attempts to kill me and the rest of my family. Now, quoting you, you are all mine.

Luigi grins as Holts glows.

Holts: First I'd like to take this time to disable your electricity.

Luigi goes to fire his electricity, but nothing happens. Holts grins and turns his bone club into a spear and takes a swing at Luigi, who jumps back a couple of times before Holts glows and the ground beneath Luigi turns to a sludge that Luigi gets stuck in. Luigi begins to panic as Holts turns his spear into a boomerang and throws it at Luigi, who ducks under it. Holts glows again and Luigi freezes in place.

Holts: I should have done that right at the beginning.

Holts walks towards Luigi, who begins to glow and unfreezes. Standing up, Luigi grins at a puzzled Holts.

Holts: H-how did you…?

Luigi: You forgot Grambi gave me these special powers too. We are alike, Holts. Our powers affect and cancel each other’s out. We are on equal footing. Therefore, I'd like to say psyche to earlier.

Luigi throws a blast of electricity at Holts, hitting him and blowing him to pieces. Luigi stays in battle position, knowing what is to come, and isn't proven wrong as the pieces reform into Holts, who chuckles.

Holts: Very surprising. I forgot all about that. This will only make this more fun.

Luigi: Exactly! Now... HEADS UP!

Luigi fires a barrage of sparks at Holts.

Holts: Catch me if you can!

Holts darts out of the way and out of view at a blinding speed as Luigi zooms after him at an equal speed.


Holts makes a turn as Luigi collides with a boulder Holts makes rise up in his path. Luigi collapses as Holts zooms back and slashes Luigi on the run and comes back and begins to repeat the process. Meanwhile we see Bet T. slowly running closer and closer to where they are. Luigi slowly gets up and trips Holts before uselessly blowing him apart again. Luigi begins zapping him into smaller pieces but never seems to be able to actually destroy them, thus leading to Holts eventually reforming.

Holts: That was a nice try... one to be respected for, but still, you can't kill me so easily. Not like this, at least.

Luigi: It never hurts to never give up, though.

Holts: That's the spirit!

Luigi jumps at Holts, who turns his boomerang into a spear that Luigi lands straight into. Holts drops him to the ground as Luigi sluggishly staggers to his feet.

Luigi: What a cheap stunt!

Holts: What a foolish move! Now, to deal with destroying your marking. But the question is, where did Grambi put it?

Holts slashes Luigi across the knees, causing him to fall. As Luigi goes into auto heal, Holts begins to impale him all over his body, wounds healing before new ones can be made. Luigi holds up his hand and blows Holts away, giving him time to fully heal. As Luigi heals and Holts reforms, Bet T. finally reaches the scene from a slight distance. Reaching into her pocket, she pulls out the life stone.

Holts: Very good! Nice stall! There is just one thing, though.

Luigi: Heh!

Holts makes another blind dash at Luigi, who tries to dodge but fails when Holts grips onto his wrist and slams him down before impaling him in the ground.

Luigi: NO! NO!

Holts: Haha! Now it is only a matter of trial and error.

Holts makes a bone machete appear as he begins to dice up Luigi from his toes going upwards. Luigi shrieks and screams until a rock hits Holts in the head hard enough to spin it around. Holts stumbles back as Luigi begins his regeneration. Looking behind him, Luigi sees Bet T. walking straight towards them, holding the stone. Luigi's grunt turns to a smile as Holts twirls his head back around and his eyes widen in terror.


Bet T: Bingo! Bet you're wishing it was somebody else who clung to you, now, don't you?

Holts: Grrr! I'll kill you now! Luigi can wait. Not like he's going anywhere anyway!

Holts jumps at Bet T. with his machete and clubs her instantly across the head, sending her about twenty feet aside. Luigi screams some undecipherable jibberish at him as Holts turns to him.

Holts: Problem aside; where was I? Oh right, my other problem!

Holts makes his way to Luigi, chuckling, as Luigi pulls out the spear, having fully regenerated and quickly getting to his feet. Luigi throws sparks at Holts, who flips and jumps around them.

Holts: No more Mr. Nice Holts!

Holts slashes Luigi across the shoulder.


Holts clubs him, causing him to stumble back. Luigi stands upright but begins to look around oddly while holding his hands out and swinging them about before going into a battle position.

Holts: Wha... Oooohhhhh, you have temporary blindness… It's on top of your head! Your marking is on your head!

Holts grins and jumps into the air and zooms down to piledrive the machete into Luigi, who throws himself around trying to avoid him. As he throws himself around, Luigi slowly begins to regain his vision. Holts jumps up and Luigi hits the ground, causing electricity to geyser up into Holts, blowing him apart yet again. This time, as he regenerates, we see Bet T. wake up and rise to her feet. Shaking herself off, she moves inchingly towards them.

Luigi: Come on! Stop stalling the end!

The pieces reform at Luigi’s feet for Holts to trip him.

Holts: It isn't the end until I smear the ground with pasty green.

Luigi kicks Holts in the head hard enough to decapitate him. As Holts rushes after his rolling head, Bet T. gets to him and runs up behind him. Holts catches his head, puts it on, and goes underground, stopping Bet T. scared.

Bet T: Where are you?

Holts emerges by the standing Luigi and swings his machete at him as Luigi blocks the strike with his bone spear.

Holts: Using my weapon against me, are we? Not very smart!

Holts's eyes widen and the bone spear burns to dust in Luigi's hands, leaving him unarmed. Holts trips Luigi and holds the machete to him.

Holts: Now let's see what a headless Luigi is like! Haha! Nice try, Luigi, but luck was with me!


Holts: Huh?

Holts turns around as Bet T. throws the stone at him. Holts's eyes widen and he tries to go underground, but the stone lodges in one of his eye sockets before popping inward and landing in his mouth. Holts stands, trembling, as he lights up yellow. Luigi stares on, stunned, as Bet T. smiles. Holts's body begins to reshape itself.


The bone machete turns into a boomerang, a blue coating shines over Holt's shell, a blue helmet forms on him, and layers of flesh, skin, and organs fill and cover him. As the morph ends, the yellow light widens before exploding, temporarily blinding Luigi and Bet T. As the flash clears and vision is restored, Luigi stares in shock, Bet T. with a grin, and both at the Boomerang Bro before them.

Holts: You... You piece of junk!

Luigi: Simply astounding!

Bet T: Now what, Holts?

Holts: Now what? NOW WHAT? Now... I will lay you two to rest, you most of all, now, Miss Fungus! I'll roast you over Luigi’s body rotating on a spit!

Holts spins around in rage and throws his boomerang.

Chapter 52: An "Out of this World" Battle!

Luigi jumps the boomerang as it slices through a massive boulder and returns, slicing Luigi in two. Grinning, Holts makes his way to Bet T. She speeds to Luigi and puts his upper torso on top of his lower torso in time to be picked up and thrown ten feet. Luigi begins to fuse back together as Holts zooms at Bet T. and repeatedly dash-slams her left and right across the ground. Luigi shakes off and throws a spark that hits Holts and causes him to stand stiff and shake as he is temporarily paralyzed.


Bet T shakes almost uncontrollably but slowly begins to regain herself and begins to calm herself and rest to heal as Luigi lunges at Holts, who spins around and cuts off Luigi's arm!

Holts: NO YOU DON'T!

Luigi's arm begins to regrow as he uses his other arm to punch Holts, causing him to stumble back a foot before he throws his boomerang again. Luigi jumps over it and lands on Holt's head, causing him to stumble away from the boomerang, which flies by and lands on the ground. Luigi zaps Holts's shell until it begins to crack, and Holts jumps and crashes down on his back, crushing Luigi.


Holts gets up and Luigi grabs his foot.

Luigi: No you don't... You aren't getting that boomerang.

Holts kicks Luigi in the face, causing him to roll over. Holts begins to rush towards the boomerang before being held up by Bet T. who grabs it and throws it away. Holts catches up to her and grabs Bet T. before throwing her to the ground, leaving her unconscious. Holts then turns and zooms after the boomerang again. Luigi gets up and shakes himself a bit before giving chase after Holts.

Luigi: You aren't getting away!

Holts: Just try to stop me!

Luigi: I plan to!

Luigi jumps through the air as his arm finally reforms. Landing, Holts catches him and grins before Luigi throws a spark at his face, causing Holts to shake up as he throws Luigi to the ground.


Luigi: Right here!

Luigi fires a stream of electricity into Holts’s face, causing his entire body to be electrified until an explosion occurs from it that sends him flying through a large rock. Holts slowly rises to his feet and, seeing he is near his boomerang, grabs it and grins.

Holts: Hehe! Now let's see you pull that stunt again.

Luigi: Won't be hard!

Holts: And why is that?

Luigi: Notice anything about yourself?

Holts looks down to see he is extremely charred and severely mutilated and disfigured, as he isn't healing.

Holts: You... What did you do?

Luigi: What did Bet T .do?

Holts: No... I have the life I long awaited, but...

Luigi: You are now a living being, like you've wanted for hundreds of years, Holts, and your body is doing its job by not going into a ten second full recovery procedure.

Holts: Urk! I don't need to heal to banish you to the Overwhere forever.

Luigi: No, but it would help a lot.

Holts: Don't you mock me!

Holts zooms towards him!


Luigi zips aside as Holts stumbles a bit.

Luigi: Except you lost your world when you lost your marking upon revival!

Holts gasps and begins to shake in terror.

Luigi: Sorry, Holts, but... this is now my world!

Holts: Urk! Looks like the odds are piling against me. Still, one swift strike to your head will be enough to put you down. I just need to hit the top… or... I could just take your whole head off and hang it on the mantle of my new home afterwards.

Luigi: Go for it!

Holts: I won't let you win!

Holts throws his boomerang, which Luigi tries to jump, but he fails and the boomerang hits him in the side, putting a huge scar across him. Holts stomps toward Luigi as he falls and is hit again when the boomerang comes back. Holts catches it and grabs Luigi by the foot and holds him up.

Holts: I will now drop you on your head!

Holts drops Luigi on his head.

Holts: And then I will shatter it with my boot!

Holts lifts up his foot but Luigi grabs it and pulls, tripping Holts. Holts lands on his back as Luigi gets up. Luigi goes to throw a spark at Holts, but he rolls aside, jumps to his feet, and takes a swing at Luigi. Luigi jumps back and fires some sparks that Holts blocks with his boomerang.

Holts: Looks like this is a shield too. Heh!

Holts throws the boomerang again and Luigi catches it.

Holts: What... Oh phoo!

Luigi: Well well! Looks like I'm at an advantage now!

Luigi sends electricity through the boomerang and throws it forcefully towards Holts, who grins!

Holts: Not happening!

Holts jumps it and lands by Luigi to kick him in the stomach before throwing him down!

Holts: I'll just pick off your head with my hands.

Luigi: Gaahhh... Don't...

Holts: Oh yes! It's time to go down and stay down!

Luigi begins to chuckle as Holts's eyes turn red!


Luigi: Because you forgot what I usually do!

Holts: What?

Luigi points behind Holts. Holts turns around and his mouth and eyes widen as his skin goes pale!

Holts: No... No!

Holts goes to jump but Luigi reaches up and holds him in place as the boomerang zooms back!

Holts: I... I...

Holts sighs and closes his eyes.

Holts: I'm... I'm coming home, Family.

The boomerang flies in and slices through him. Luigi lays there with his head down as he feels something land on his back and roll down it. Shaking, he feels his hands empty. Looking up, he sees the bones on the ground and turns to the skull behind him.

Luigi: I… I did it!

Luigi sighs and smiles as his eye gets a bit drippy.

Luigi: I can't believe it!

Luigi goes to smile wider, but his face quickly reforms into a frowned yet determined expression.

Luigi: And now I need to rescue my brother!

Luigi runs up and grabs Bet T, picks her up, and begins to levitate up toward the dark sky as a hole opens and light spills through and surrounds Luigi in a cheesy, God-like way as he floats up through the hole with Bet T.

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