Mario and the Seven Demons

By crankymama5452

Chapter 54: Warth vs Edger: 8000 Soul War

Warth slashes Edger's face, causing his mask to cut full length before reforming. Edger turns his arm into an odd-looking cannon.

Edger: That was one injury on me. Not even enough to kill me once. Imagine going through that process three times to kill me once. Do you have the ability to kill me six thousand times?

Warth: I should only have to do this two thousand times... or just once, but because of your backstabbing plan to take out your own family I need to do this three times as much.

Edger grins before launching a net from the cannon and entangles Warth. Edger walks towards Warth slowly as he squirms on the ground, trying to break out of it. Mario goes to run at him but stops to shoot a fireball at Edger. The flame shoots in but Edger leaps into the air and with a spinning motion, dodges it and safely lands. Edger then flings out his energy tentacle and encases Warth’s head in it and begins to drain his energy. Mario runs towards the two but Edger shoots another net and traps him.

Edger: Stay back, stupid plumber. This is my last chance for more life. After this, all I can do is strengthen myself by absorbing the lives of others.

Edger turns to face Warth, who slowly gets to his feet and slices through the net and uppercuts Edger, knocking him to the ground with force. Warth stabs his claw into the ground, narrowly missing Edger, who rolls away. Warth turns and lunges at him and takes another slash, but Edger jumps to his feet and back out of the way. Once more Warth takes a slash, but Edger leaps aside and turns his hand into a mallet and tries to side swipe Warth, only to be halted by Warth grabbing the head of the mallet.

Warth: I can't let you win.

Edger: Let me win or not, I'm winning either way.

Warth: Seriously, why do you do this? TO YOUR OWN FAMILY, TOO!

Edger: Why kill my family? Because they are there just like everybody else whose soul I've made a part of me.

Warth: You sick... You and Redip, it was only you two who were evil. The rest of us were fooled and manipulated.

Edger: The only difference is I'd have killed Redip in the end. I want it all, but since I have others as slaves to do it, I let them do all the work, kill them off, and I'm left with their possessions... in your case, two thousand lives.

Warth: And counting down as you kill me more and more.

Edger: Hehe, you think that bothers me?

Warth: No, but what if I do this?

Warth slashes his chest, causing himself to fall on his back. The wounds heal and he stands back up.

Edger: What are you doing? Stop that!

Warth: I'll help you kill me.


Edger jumps at Warth and turns into a Chomp that bounces at him and clamps shut on his arm with the life orb in it. Edger grins and goes to bite, but Warth swings him around and smashes him off a tree, causing him to lose his grip. Warth slashes at Edger, causing him to transform back to his normal form. Warth takes another swing but Edger jumps aside and flings out his massive tongue and wraps it around Warth’s torso and begins to drag him in.

Warth: Aaarrrgggghhh! Let go!

Warth turns to Mario, who is carefully burning away the net, avoiding burning himself and frustrating Warth. Edger’s eyes beam as he pulls in Warth, who spins and punches him in the head, causing him to stumble back and drag Warth with him to the ground. Warth gets up and drags Edger with him. Edger releases his tonguehold and places his hands on his shoulders, kneeing Warth in the stomach.

Edger: HAH! You're letting your guard down to my uncalled for strikes.

Warth: Is that so? CALL THIS!

Warth runs with Edger clamped to his chest and dives into a tree, crushing him and causing his grip to loosen. Warth quickly grabs him by the arm, swings him around, and throws him across the ground before running at him.


Warth jumps through the air, claws high, prepared to make his final blow, as Edger turns and grins at him, holding his arm into the air.

Edger: Psych!

Edger turns his arm into a massive spear that Warth flies into, getting impaled as he slides down it until he is face to face with Edger.

Edger: This is where I end you. Maybe I'll just eat you whole and absorb you fully.

Warth simply trembles as Edger’s tongue slithers out and wraps around him. Warth looks down to see Tongulty's marking aligns with the marking on his claw, and he grins a little. Edger grunts and slaps him before hissing at him.

Edger: What's so funny?

Warth: Nothing! I just can't believe you were able to get Tongulty's power. It's a shame.

Edger: Yes, but all of his lives mixed with his special power adds to my immortality.

Warth: You are not invincible!

Edger: No, I'm not, but I have more than enough lives to make it seem that way.

Warth reaches out with his free hand to claw Edger, but he turns his hand into a shorter spear and cuts him, causing Warth to pull his arm back.

Edger: A cheap stunt! Pathetic, being I have you held to the spot.

Warth continues to grin as he sees Mario finally free himself from the net and get to his feet. As he does so, sounds in the distance can be heard as Luigi comes running with Mar T. and Bet T.


Mario: GREAT!

Edger turns to see Mario free and the others approaching. He goes to fire his free spear at him but can't budge his arm. Turning, he sees Warth grabbing the spear and moving it towards his marked hand and Tongulty's marking.

Edger: What's this? Let go, fool.

Warth: N-no...I am growing weaker, and the longer I stay impaled the more lives I lose as my body heals and is damaged again. I... am done… but I won't go before... I take a souvenir with me.

Edger: Grrr. You'll FAIL!

Edger goes to pull the spear away but Warth slams it through the marking on Edger's tongue, through the marking on his own palm, and straight into the ground. Mario screams and runs at him as the others arrive.

Mario: WARTH, NO.

Luigi: What is it?


Warth: Either you let go of me by releasing me from my impaled state, or I leave us both immobile and at risk of a bad ending.

Edger: Grrrrah.

Edger turns his long spear arm to normal, releasing Warth, who heals fully and slams his claw into a grip around Edger’s neck. Warth turns to Mario and Luigi, and smiles.

Warth: This is it, Mario... I've done all I can. With all the lives I lost to him... the most I can do now... is at least lessen the energy orbs you need to deal with...

Mario: Warth, don't you dare…

Mario charges up a fireball but Luigi grabs him.

Luigi: No Mario, don't.

Mar T: Warth, stop. Please!

Bet T: Please, Warth.

Warth smiles and a droplet of water slides from his left eye and runs down the side of his face.

Edger: Moron! STOP!

Edger tries to free himself from the spear by turning his arm back to normal, but Wrath pulls on the opposite end with great force and with a ripping sound, the end of Edger’s tongue and Warth hand are seen as stretch marks appear. Mario breaks free of Luigi's grip and runs at the brothers, but is stopped by a louder ripping sound and then the sound of two thuds on the ground. Mario, Luigi, Mar T, and Bet T. gasp and Edger hisses at the sight of Tongulty's and Warth's energy orbs, exposed on the ground, exploding in a burst of light. Edgers tongue withdraws and goes back to its regular size before he absorbed Tongulty, and Warth falls backwards, landing on his back.

Warth: Good...bye, Mario.

Warth's body begins to dissolve as Mario stands as if he were no more than a statue. Edger turns to the body and hisses before kicking the dissolving body across the ground.


Warth's body finally burns down to the bones, which topple into a pile on the ground. Edger turns to an enraged Mario, Luigi, Mar T, and Bet T.

Edger: Well well, I'm sorry you had to see, that but if it helps, I'll kindly prevent all four of you from having to ever again see a supposed loved one lose their life.

Edger's arms bubble as they extend into tentacle form, and he grins at the four.

Chapter 55: Life and Death vs Death


Mario and Luigi launch a blast of fire and electricity at Edger, but he jumps over them and throw out his tentacles and wraps them around the Brothers and begin to absorb their energy. Mar T. runs around them and jumps into the air and lands a jump kick into Edger's head, causing him to lose his grip. Mario and Luigi quickly rip free and launch an attack that hits Edger straight on. As Edger stands in the center of electrified flames, his eyes glow before he walks through the remnants of the attack, his body burnt, surging with electricity, his head with an indent in it, and his robe beat up and tattered. Edger grins as every sign of injury fades away and heals in seconds.

Edger: Ouch! I think you killed me a few times there.

Edger turns into a Thwomp and launches into the air before shooting down and crashing into the ground, causing a tremor that knocks everybody off their feet. As they begin to get up, Edger turns into a Fire Bro.

Mario: Uuuggghhh. I thought we'd have done more.

Luigi: No giving up.

Edger: HEADS UP!

Edger spits a barrage of fireballs that bounce at them.


The four dive aside and Bet T. gets up with Mar T. and the two run about toward him, ducking and dodging flames until they tackle him.


Edger: As if you could hold me off.

Edger rises to his feet with the two Mushroomers still clinging to him.

Mar T: Come ON, MARIO!

Mario gets up and throws a fireball at Edger, who jumps up, causing Mar and Bet T. to fall off him. Edger lands in a tree and spits more flames aimed at Mario, but Luigi jumps in the way and uses electricity to blast and destroy the flames. He then slams his hands into the ground and sends electricity through it into the tree, which explodes into flames, throwing Edger through the air on fire. Luigi and Mario run at him.


The Brothers jump into the air and combine their fire and electricity again and grab Edger mid-fall before landing a  point-blank explosion of fire and electricity on him. The three hit the ground as the Mushroom duo run to them and Edger gets up and once more, fully heals himself. Edger turns with a grin and blasts out an energy tentacle and wraps it around Mario and drags him against his chest before turning his free arm into a long blade.


Mar T. and Bet T. stop in terror as Luigi gets up.


Edger: I will do no such thing.

Luigi: Wha? MARIO!


Mario is seen rubbing his palms together as a flame begins to form.

Edger: Now that you three are watching, I'll give you a real show and myself a new decoration for the wall of my castle in my kingdom of MY WORLD!

Edger slides the blade, cutting Mario's shoulder and causing Mario to sigh through a grunt.

Mario: ENOUGH!

Mario slams his palms on his own chest, causing a chain reaction that sets both himself and Edger on fire. Luigi screams and runs at them, but Mario throws Edger overhead and sends him crashing to the ground. Mario throws himself to the ground and rolls about as Luigi tries to help him. As he does so, Edger gets back up again and heals before turning himself into Peach. Mario, finally safe, gets up and the quartet turn to him and gasp.


Mario: PEACH!

Edger turns his head back to normal and laughs.


Edger laughs hysterically before spitting a stream of fire at the still-stunned group. Luigi quickly slams his hands into the ground, sending electricity into it and towards Edger. The electricity rips up the ground, sending rock chucks into the flames and blocking them. Edger sidesteps the flames and a fifth figure is seen in the woods behind him. As the figure emerges behind Edger, the four grin.

Edger: What now?

Edger turns only to be jump-kicked to the ground by Senior.

Edger: Ack! Stupid old man!

Senior: NOW, SON!

Mario goes to attack, but Luigi throws him aside and jumps and lands on Edger.

Mario: LUIGI!

Luigi: I'll be right back, Mario. I'll take him where he can never hurt anybody again.


Senior: STOP, LUIGI!

A portal to the Underwhere opens under Luigi and Edger. The two plummet into it but Edger grabs the edge of land and tries to pull himself up as Luigi hangs onto his feet.

Edger: LET GO!


Mario, Senior, Mar T, and Bet T. run to attack Edger, but he bursts into laughter.

Edger: REALLY? HAHA! You will attack me NOW? Now of all times? Now when killing me will cost you Luigi?

Senior: Wha...what?

Edger: Right. Look into the portal. River Twyx is RIGHT BELOW US! If I go... he comes with me, and it'll be the last time you see him too.

As the four stand scared while Luigi and Edger hold on for their lives, we go to the Underwhere, where we can see all the souls looking up at the two hanging from the hole in the air. Veny and Tongulty are seen walking into view, then running to the others and looking up to see them.

Veny: WHAT?

Tongulty: Food?


People are seen running to where Jaydes's castle is as Veny drags Tongulty towards a cliffside.

Veny: Come on, we need to help Luigi!

Tongulty: Can I eat him afterwards?

Veny: No!

Tongulty: Can I eat you?

Veny: NO!

Tongulty: Can I eat Edger?


Tongulty: YAY!

Going back up to Luigi and Edger. Edger begins swaying side to side, trying to knock off Luigi's grip. Luigi grunts, knowing he can't make an attack but can only hold on for his life. Up above, Mario and Senior are seen trying to pull Edger up as Mar T. and Bet T. rummage through Mar T's first aid kit for something.

Mario: Hold on, Luigi, we'll save you.


As they pull, Edger begins to thrash about, trying to make Luigi let go faster. Meanwhile, Jaydes is seen in the boat, sailing under them on the river.


Luigi: Wha-wha?

Jaydes: You know what to do!

Luigi: What? OH, OH!

Luigi begins to use his weight to try to pull Edger down.


Luigi: STOP! Jaydes will help!

Edger: WHAT? NO!

Luigi begins trying to pull Edger free of his grip, as Veny and Tongulty are seen emerging at the highest clifftop near them.

Veny: All right Tongulty, I need your tongue now.

Tongulty: I eat you?

Veny: Yes, and then you spit me way over there!

Tongulty: Yummy!

Tongulty swallows Veny before hacking him up and spitting him through the air to Luigi, whom he bites ahold of.

Luigi: OW!

Veny lets go and lands on Luigi’s feet.

Veny: HEY! Need some extra weight?

Luigi: You... you're helping me?

Edger: What's going on down there?


Tongulty extends his tongue through the air and wraps it around Luigi and swings through the air in a pendulum motion before stopping, with the three of them pulling on Edger from above. He turns his arms into giant weights to hold himself up.

Edger: LET GO NOW!


Edger: Veny? WHAT?

Veny leaps up and bites onto Edger’s back, causing him to scream as he slowly pulls himself up, with Jaydes below, biting her lip.

Jaydes: Come on, Edger... Let go!

Edger pulls his upper torso above the portal with a huge grin on, as Mario and Senior stare in fear.


Mario: What?

Senior: Do it, Mario!

Senior stamps on Edger's hand, causing him to cringe. Luigi shakes as Edger turns the foot being held into a wavy, paper thin material, causing the three to swing about.

Luigi: Veny, Tongulty, get up and hold on... I'm letting go!

Veny: What?


Veny: What... OH, I KNOW!

Veny climbs up Luigi and holds onto Edger as Tongulty remains with his tongue around him. Luigi grins and screams up.


Mario and Edger: What?


Luigi lets go and plummets through the air as everybody gasps. Luigi lands in the boat and, losing his grip, causes the portal to begin to close, with Edger halfway in and out of it.

Edger: What? What is happening? LET GO NOW!

The portal closes and begins to tighten around Edger as the land tries to rebuild. Mario and Senior stare in shock as Edger squirms and screams.


A loud crushing sound is heard. Going to the Underwhere, Veny and Tongulty are seen falling with Edger’s lower torso, and landing in the boat below. As they land, the lower torso with Veny's life orb in it dissolves.

Jaydes: Good job, you three. All right, Luigi, go see Grambi. He'll revive you, and you can go home.

Luigi: But Mario…

Jaydes: He'll be fine. Your father and the Mushroomers won't get in his way, as they are busy trying to heal themselves and your dad will likely go to help them do so.

Luigi: Are you sure?

Jaydes: Yes... It's your brother in a one on one with Edger now.

Luigi: I hope... he does it.

Jaydes: He'll be fine. Now go. OH, and I need you to take a couple of things with you, two things that Grambi would probably like to have up in the Overthere.

Luigi: Oh? What?

Jaydes smiles.

Going above land, we see Edger's upper torso regrow a lower torso.

Mario: Now what? You are back to the way you were when we first met.

Edger hisses at him.

Mario: Dad, go help the others. He's all mine!

Senior: You got it. I have faith in you.

Senior runs to aid Mar T. and Bet T.

Edger: You fool. You pathetic rat! You're ruined everything.

Mario: Not quite everything. Just you, and THEN I'll ruin your plans.

Edger: Heh, I'd like to see you try! Come on, Mario, I'm putting an end to this. I'll send you into the afterlife with your precious princess and brother.

Mario growls at Edger as Edger grins and holds his arms up.

Edger: Your move.


Mario throws his hands out and lets rip a massive stream of fire.

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