Mario and the Seven Demons

By crankymama5452

Chapter 60: Peace Restored

Mario, Luigi, and Senior walk through the woods, Senior helping the Brothers on the way so they don't collapse, and proceed to a clearing where Mar T. and Bet T. are with the bodies of Peach and the Bzzap. Senior smiles as Mario and Luigi look up and smile happily.

Senior: Great job on finding the two bodies, guys.

Mar T: Thank you, sir. All we have to do is place the bodies together.

Senior: Great. Mario, Luigi, would you enjoy having the honor?

Mario and Luigi nod and walk over slowly. Placing Peach’s body on the Bzzap’s, they are forced back by a flash of light as the Bzzap melts into the ground. The two fall over and stare blindly at the body on the ground.

Mario: Nothing is happening.

Mar T: That can't be. Rennis said that was what must be done.

Bet T: I don't understand.

Mario: Peach... Princess? Wake up, please.

Mario sheds a tear as the others stare blankly in shock and disappointment. Senior walks over and picks her body up, then suddenly squints and bobs his head back in confusion.

Senior: Ummmm Mario, listen to this.

Senior lowers Peach by Mario and Luigi, who listen and hear snoring. The two look at each other in shock and begin to laugh in relief. Mario gets up and helps Luigi to his feet as Mar T. and Bet T. walk up and help Senior carry Peach.

Senior: Well this is a relief in every way. Are you ready, Mario? We have to get her home, don't we?

Mario nods and follows them, while Luigi stands behind. Mario, almost out of his view, turns to see Luigi being lifted into the sky, as he then runs at him.


Luigi: I'll be right back, Bro. Don't worry about me.

Luigi smiles at Mario while Mario stares on, horrified. Luigi disappears in a burst of light as Mario backs up a bit. Staring in the air for a few seconds before shaking himself off, Mario turns and runs after the others, finally realizing what Luigi meant.

Mario: I'm on my way, guys!

Up in the Overthere, Luigi is seen landing in front of Grambi, who smiles at him. Luigi smiles back happily as the two shake hands.

Grambi: I knew you two could do it all along.

Luigi: Thank you. It's an honor to hear that from you.

Grambi: Hahaha, it's no problem. It's complete honesty.

Luigi: I'm glad to know so.

Grambi: Yes... Now there is one last thing to be done.

Luigi smiles as Grambi places a hand on Luigi's head as it begins to glow. Luigi's marking shrinks and disappears as Grambi levitates an energy orb from his head and makes it fade away. Grambi smiles at Luigi and claps his hands together.

Grambi: And done. You're all set, Luigi. Do you want me to drop you with the others or where I picked you up at?

Luigi: Drop me with them, please.

Grambi: And so it'll be done.

Grambi goes to teleport Luigi, when the nearby door opens and Holts, Veny, Tongulty, Stul, and Warth enter. The five see Luigi and light up before running to him.

Warth: YOU DID IT!

Holts: I somehow knew you would.

Luigi: Hahaha don't give me all the credit. Mario and Grambi helped me out.

Holts: You all have thanks. Even now that it's over, I still feel bad for all that was done.

Luigi: It's fine. I'm just happy it's all over.

Veny: Me too. I'm so happy I was able to help you... and even thinking back to when I was still alive. You were the one who roasted me and left me open to be taken down by Edger. I'm not even mad. To be honest, I never was.

Luigi: Well thank you. That shows you were not evil even from the start.

Veny blushes and Tongulty eats him.

Stul: You know... I barely knew you and barely had to deal with you in any situations, but I still have to thank you. I too was blinded by Redip and Edger, and I still beat down on myself over it here and there.

Warth: You shouldn't, you know, especially since it's all over now.

Stul: I know.

Tongulty: Can I eat you, Luigi?

Veny: N-

Luigi: Go for it.

Tongulty: Thank you!

Tongulty smiles and eats Luigi, who reappears, causing the others to laugh.

Going back to the others, Mario, Senior, Mar T, and Bet T. arrive at the wreckage of Peach's castle.

Senior: Oh my. What happened here now?

Mario: Long story involving me and Redip.

Senior: Oh my... Mario, where is your brother?

Mario: He... had to do something.

Senior: At a time like this?

Mar T: I'm sure it was important. Leave him do it.

Mario: Yeah.

Bet T: Mario, what is that?

Mario turns to where Bet T. is pointing to see Yoshi running over the hill with a Koopa on his back. The two arrive.

Mario: YOSHI... YOU!

Yoshi: Hello, Mario.. I'm so happy this is over. Look who I met.

Koopa: Hello Mario. My name is Depir. I am the REAL head of the Mushroom Kingdom military.

Depir shows Mario identification, and Mario sighs in relief and shakes his hand.

Depir: I want to thank you on behalf of the entire army of the kingdom and on behalf of the millions of lives you've saved.

Mario: Thank you, sir. It was just me doing what I could.

Depir: Well it was more than enough, hahaha... The princess... is she all right?

Senior: She'll be fine.

Mar T: Yeah! I'll just give her a good checkup.

Depir: Mr. Mar T, is that you?

Mar T: Yes it is.

Depir: It's an honor to meet you. I heard how you assisted the Brothers on their quest. I was hoping to meet you and award you this.

Depir hands Mar T a medal and a sheet with a ton of writing.

Depir: This is for your incredible medical skills and your great public service in aiding and bringing peace during a time of trouble.

Mar T gasps as Mario, Bet T, Senior, and Yoshi clap for him. He takes the medal and award happily and bows.

Mar T: Thank you so much.

Depir: It's all my pleasure. As for you. Mario, I'll see to the making of a statue of you in the center of the square’s fountain.

Mario: Ahaha, thank you. It's an honor.

Yoshi: I picked him up when I was going through the woods on a walk, and ran around for hours trying to find you.

Mario: Ouch... Sorry about that.

Depir: Well worth the wait, if you ask me.

Yoshi: Agreed.

Senior: OH; Mr. Depir. Oil is filling up in the southeastern woods just off the coast. That's where it was, right?

Bet T: Correct.

Depir: Oh? ... I know JUST what to do with that.

Mario: Oh?

Depir: Allow me to escort you to the finest hotel in the kingdom while we make money off the oil. It will be used to repair the castle as well as West Lumber Town, the town that made the creatures famous in the first place.

Mario smiles happily.

Mar T: That would be amazing.

Depir: This is all but small fractions of what you guys deserve. Please... follow me.

The group follows after Depir, Mario having Peach placed on Yoshi's back.

Going back to the Overthere, we see the five ex-demons waving Luigi off as Grambi glows and makes him sink beneath the clouds.

Grambi: Thank you, Luigi... Thank you, Mario... Thank you all.

Grambi hangs his head as Warth comes up, takes his hand, and helps him to his room followed by the others.

Warth: Come on now. Don't get all bummed out. It's all good.

Grambi: I know. I'm just happy.

Stul: You should be.

The six smile, as we go to the Underwhere. We see Edger running down a hall in terror, taking a turn and bumping into Jaydes, who smiles at him.

Edger: NO!

Edger turns and runs, turning corner after corner until he bumps into her again.


Jaydes: Oh, I'm so hurt. I thought you wanted everything. You don't want me?

Edger spits at her and she frowns.

Jaydes: I want you, if that helps.

Edger: Back off.

Jaydes: Fine. I'll just have to kidnap you.

Edger: What?

Jaydes glows and Edger is entangled in ropes.

Edger: What? WHAT IS THIS?

Jaydes: You're coming with me.

Jaydes drags him off. We go to Redip, who is surrounded by a bunch of guards.

Redip: You want me? Huh? Come get some!

The guards rush Redip, who starts slicing through them with his sword. He is not even close to being captured until copters fly overhead and a ball drops and explodes in his face, producing a large flash of light that blinds him.

Redip: NO! WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS? Hehehehe, I have my eye.

Redip opens his other eyes and gasps.


The guards come flying through the light and tackle Redip before dragging him off.

Going back up, we go to Poshley Heights, where the group arrives at the hotel as Luigi lands behind them unnoticed.

Depir: Here we arem everybody. You'll spend some time here.

Mar T: Thank you very much. OH! I'll be right back.

Mar T. turns and runs for the store.

Mar T: Hi, Luigi.

Mar T keeps running as the other turn to him and jump back, startled.

Senior: I refuse to ask where you came from.

Luigi: Hahahahahaha. All right, Dad.

Mario laughs as they go inside. They get on the elevator and head up to a room while Depir registers them at the counter and follows them up. When they get out of the elevator they go to their rooms and setup. As they finish, Mar T. shows up at Bet T's room. When she lets him in, he walks up to her and hands her a massive bouquet of flowers, leading her to hug him.

Mar T: There is something I've been dieing to ask for a while now. I had to run and buy you the flowers and something else.

Bet T: Oh, they are so beautiful. What is it, dear?

Mar T: I hate that I have no knees to get down on…

Bet T gasps, as we go to the Underwhere once more. We see Jaydes, Edger, Redip, and some guards in a boat over the River Twyx.

Jaydes: Now if memory serves me right, this is what you wanted as well. Well today is your lucky day, because you're getting it as punishment for manipulation and betrayal of me and your fellow dead partners.

Edger: Shut up, you old bat.

Redip: I don't wana die. I already died twice. I'm too...

Jaydes: You are not too good for anything. If anything, the river is too good for you.

Redip: Then let me go.

Jaydes: Nice try. Who wants to go first?

Edger: I'm going nowhere.

Jaydes: You it is.

Jaydes picks Edger up and throws him into the water, causing him to sink. Redip looks over to see the hands reach out, grab him, and drag him out of view.


Jaydes: Then maybe you shouldn't have done what you did.

Redip grins and, using his free hand, grabs a small blade he kept in his shell to slice the ropes holding him, then he springs up. The guards tackle him down but Redip throws them over into the water. Jaydes grabs him and Redip swings and slashes her only for her to recover instantly.

Redip: I hate you.

Jaydes: I hate you, too. Down you go.

Jaydes throws him into the water, where he is seen sinking and being grabbed by the hands, which pull him apart and out of view. Jaydes frowns and sails back to land seemingly unphased.

Going back to the hotel, we see Mario and Luigi with Senior and Yoshi in Senior’s room, when Mar T. and Bet T. kick in the door.


Mario: AMAZING! Huh?

Everybody turns to the bed to see Peach shake and open her eyes. Everybody gasps as she slowly sits up.

Peach: Huh? Where... am I?


Mario hugs her as Mar T. frowns.

Mar T: Bad time to announce the news, eh?

Bet T: You said it.

Peach: MARIO! LUIGI... Is it all over?

Yoshi: Yoshi...

Senior: And Mario Senior too...

Peach: Teehee, oops. Sorry, everybody. Is it really over?

Mario: It is.

Luigi: Everything is going to be okay.

Depir comes in with a smile on his face.

Depir: Reconstruction is underway. Also, that operating room you requesting is ready, Mar T.

Mar T: Ah yes. Thank you.

Mario: What?

Mar T: Please come with me, Mario and Luigi. Sorry to break up the reunion and all the good news, but more must be done.

Luigi: O… okay.

The group head to the hospital and our view shifts to inside the operating room. Mar T. pushes everybody out but Mario and Luigi.

Mar T: All right boys, get on a stretcher. You're getting your hands back.

Mario: WHAT?

Luigi: REALLY?

Mar T: Yup. Let's go.

The two lay on a stretcher and Mar T. injects a bunch of stuff in them, causing their bodies to numb up as the Brothers fall asleep soon after. Mar T. then pulls out a giant sack of surgical tools.

Mar T: Finally. It's been ages since I got to operate.

Mar T goes to work on their hands, while we go outside the room to see Depir bowing to Peach.

Depir: An honor to meet you.

Peach: Thank you. It's great to meet the REAL you.

Depir: Hahaha, I got that from Yoshi when we bumped into each other.

Peach: I'm so happy this is over. I thought it would never end.

The gtoup sit and wait. A few hours later, Mar T. comes out with his head down. The others gasp before he looks up and smiles, followed by Mario and Luigi leaving the room gloveless and with both hands in perfect condition, just with one each heavily bandaged.

Mar T: Now no heavy movement of your hand. You want to give it time to heal, and we'll work on slowly removing the stitches and the bandages until you're back to your old self.

Peach: This is so great. I'm so happy this is all over.

Senior: Ummm...

Peach: What?

Senior: It's not over yet.

Mario: Oh? What else?

Senior hangs his head, and Mario and Luigi gasp. Peach stares blankly before gasping too.

Peach: You... have to go home.

Senior: Yes. I do have to.

Mario: No...

Luigi: Why can't you stay?

Senior: Because I belong on Earth.

Peach: We'd happily accept you here, you know?

Senior: Yes, and I'm honored, but...

Mar T: OH OH OH!

Senior: What is it?

Mar T: Would you at least stay for the repairs to the kingdom and for our wedding? Please...

Mario: Oh yes. Please do.

Senior: Hahaha.... Oh all right.

Mario: YAY!

Mario and Luigi hug Senior, and we zoom out.

Skipping ahead two months, we see a beautifully decorated wedding set up outside in the castle courtyard. People are seated everywhere as Mar T. stands waiting on the alter. Suddenly the organ blares loudly as the castle door opens and Bet T. comes out, assisted down the aisle by Peach. When they reach the end, Peach hugs Bet T. and sits with Mario and Luigi, while Bet T. goes up with Mar T. and the priest.

Peach: Oh Mario, don't you just love weddings?

Mario: Oh, they are just incredible.

Peach: The uniting of two people in love like this is so amazing.

Mario: Yup.

Luigi: Oh stop being sarcastic. I agree with you, Princess.

Peach: Thank you, Luigi. I knew you would.

Luigi: Hehehe, thank you, Princess.

Mario: Oh lord.

Senior: Mario, don't be like that.

Priest: Now repeat after me... I, Mar T…

Mar T: I, Mar T...

Priest: Take thee Bet T…

Mar T: Take thee Bet T…

Peach: Mario, do you every think that'll be us?

Mario: Woah! Slow down, Peach. WOW!

Peach: Ummm...

Mario: It's only been a few years over twenty since we met. These things take time.

Luigi: ... Ummmm.

Senior: ... Eerrrrr.

Peach: Yeah... You're right as always.

Senior: Woah, what?

Luigi: Oh my. That's my brother, and that's not the princess.

Senior: Hahaha!

Mario hugs Peach.

Priest: Mr. and Mrs. Mar and Bet T. You may kiss the bride.

Mar T. and Bet T. kiss as Peach bursts into tears. Mario and Luigi try to calm her down while Senior laughs even more.

Later, everybody is partying. Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Senior are talking over by the bridge when Mar T. and Bet T. come up.

Mario: Oh hey. Congratulations, you two.

Peach: That was so beautiful.

Mar T: Thank you, guys.

Senior: I'll never get tired of seeing events like these.

Peach: I know what you mean.

Mar T: Haha, I'm just honored to be a part of this one.

Bet T: Aaawwwww

The two kiss while everybody smiles. The two keep kissing until they fall over and the others spring up and walk away nervously.

Mario: WOAH!

Senior: Yyyyup.

Luigi: Didn't see that coming.

Senior: Not at all.

Peach: Well at least everything is okay now.

Mario: Yeah...

Peach: Everything is back to the way it was before all the terror came.

Mario: Yeah... Peace again.

Mario and Peach smile and put an arm around each other.

Luigi: Well I'm going over with the party.

Senior: I'll come too.

Luigi and Senior head over with all the other family and guests.

Mario: This is it...

Peach: Yup.

Mario: What happened to Depir?

Peach: He want back to work. He explained to me about how he was jumped and locked away by Redip until he finally broke free.

Mario: Ah, okay.

Peach: Yeah. Well... what do you want to do?


Mario turns and runs to the cake while Peach laughs and follows him, and everything zooms out and fades.....

~ The End ~

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