Mario and the Seven Demons

By crankymama5452

Chapter #18: An Alternate World

Luigi's eyes open and he stands to find himself in some giant graveyard. He starts moving around when a blur moves by him and then back. Luigi stops, startled and scared, and then hears a voice.

?????: Welcome to the world of the dead. This is where you go when you die. Don't fear though, Luigi; you’re not quite dead yet.

Luigi: Who is there?

The blur zooms by and stops, revealing Holts.

Holts: You’re in my realm now. Above land I move like a sloth, but here I can move as fast as I please. I fight as I please and things change as I please. Here you can't win no matter what you do.

Luigi: How did you get me here?

Holts: A topic change, but fine. I dragged you underground with me after placing a curse on you. You see, me and my brothers and sister have our own special powers, but being dead endows me with extras.

Luigi: Ugh. Well the best I can do is fight.

Luigi claps and nothing happens.

Luigi: What?

Holts: You’re in my realm, remember; I decide what happens.

Luigi: Agh. Okay then, here we go.

Luigi goes to run but his feet are stuck.

Holts: Again I pick what happens.

Holts walks up to Luigi and pulls out a giant bone and starts beating Luigi.


Luigi: Agh arg ugh! Gah it hurts!

Holts: Then I'm doing my job. You killed Veny and you shall pay.

Luigi: I didn't kill him. I almost did. I left him near dead.

Holts: Stop. If you left him he would have healed due to his mark having that power.

Luigi: Then somebody else killed him.

Holts: Oh! Who? Your brother? I'll kill him too if I have to.

Luigi: You won't kill me or him.

Holts: Wow! For somebody unable to move or attack, you sure said that like you’re sure of it.

Luigi: I don't need to move or use my electricity to defeat you.

Holts: Well you’d better do whatever this is soon, because I'm running low on time and have to finish you off. Now back to the fun only, SUPER FUN!

Holts turns the end of the bone into a blade again and slashes at Luigi, who falls down to dodge.

Holts: Ah, now what are you going to do? You pretty much folded yourself over to fall like that.

Luigi: You want me? Well come get me.

Holts: FINE!

Holts swings the bone but Luigi grabs it with his hands and flings it and Holts overhead and into the ground, causing his spell to wear off Luigi and he gets up and runs.

Luigi: How in the world do you get out of here?

Luigi keeps going and runs into... Holts.

Holts: Hello!

Luigi: WHAT?

Luigi turns and runs the other way, and runs into Holts yet again. Holts smiles at Luigi.

Holts: You seem to have memory problems. This is my territory, remember? I am in charge. I get to pick everything that happens. What if I had your powers, hmmm?

Holts grabs Luigi’s hand and he glows and then darkens. He then claps and throws bolts of electricity at a running Luigi.


Holts: You’re trapped! Give up!

Luigi: I can't. I won't.

Holts sighs and zooms after Luigi, catching up more and more. He catches up and jumps at Luigi and swings his bone blade at him as he screams. Luigi ducks and Holts goes overhead. Luigi springs up and puts his hands on Holts’s back.

Luigi: I'll do to you what you think I did to your brother.

Holts: Wha... What?! No?

Luigi blows Holts into tons of mini shards of broken bones by sending electricity into him. Luigi glows and disappears. Luigi appears above land to see Mario and Peach looking down at him on the ground.

Mario: Luigi! You’re awake.

Peach: I'm so glad.

Mario: Holts dragged you underground. You came up again and were asleep for several hours.

Luigi: I was? All I remember was blowing Holts to pieces.

Peach: You destroyed him... YES!

Redip, walking by the door, stops and freaks.

Redip: H...Holts... Gah. Oh Peach, Peach!

Peach: Oh, hello Redip. Guess what? We are down one more.

Redip: I heard. Awesome job, Luigi. Which one?

Luigi: The Dry Bones.

Redip: When did you do that? You were here the whole time.

Luigi: He dragged me into his dead world and I got him there.

Redip: His dead world....

Redip grins.

Redip: Excellent. I think this calls for another celebration. We are closer to the end, boys. Five more.

Mario: Right.

The four walk off towards the dining room. Meanwhile in Holts's dead world, we see the hundreds of pieces of Holts start moving and forming together.

Chapter #19: They Arrive

While Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Redip eat in the dining room, Edger, Stul, and Warth approach the end of the forest and see the castle.

Stul: It's ssssoooo big.

Edger: Yup! This is our place now. Hmmm, I wonder where Holts and Tongulty are.

Stul: Holts went ahead to see the boss, and Tongulty is probably inside fighting the Brothers.

Warth: Good. I hope Holts and the boss weren't spotted together.

Edger: Oh, right, that could be bad.

Stul: COULD be bad? They will know his secret.

Warth: Right. Well, let's go. Victory is ahead. I can smell it.

The three move up to the castle, when Tongulty emerges from the lake and comes to land and limps up to them.

Edger: WHAT THE?

Tongulty: Hungry! So hungry!

Stul: What happened?

Tongulty: They hurt me.


Warth: They will PAY!

The four run to the castle and enter the castle quietly. They move through the halls while the Brothers, Peach, and Redip eat.

Luigi: This is great, Peach.

Peach: Thank you, Luigi.

Redip: You know, I saw you defeat the guy with the tongue, did I not?

Mario: Oh, right. Knocked him into the water.

Luigi: I guess that makes three down.

Redip: Yeah.

Redip looks out into the hall and sees the four walk by. Warth turns to him and winks as they keep going.

Redip: So this was good. Should we try to keep going after them or do you want to rest?

Mario: We can't stop.

Redip: That’a boy. Okay then, let's go. I need to return to the control room, my men are doing a study on these things. Turns out they aren't even normal the slightest bit.

Luigi: Well that part is obvious.

Peach: Yeah.

Mario: Well, we are off.

Redip: Okay boys. See ya.

Mario and Luigi go out into the hall.

Redip: Well I’d best be off too, Peach.

Peach: Okay. Should I go to my room?

Redip: Well it seems safe now. I'm sure you can roam a bit safely if you please.

Peach: Okay.

Redip walks out into the hall. He goes to the control room, where Stul, Edger, Warth, and Tongulty are waiting.

Stul: Nice to see you at last, Boss.

Redip: Good to see you too, Stul. It has been a while.

Edger: So what do we do now?

Warth: We need to destroy the Brothers, of course.

Redip: Yes, but Peach... She is likely to find me out. You can't all be here, she's bound to find me out.

Warth: True. How about two of us go and deal with the Brothers, and the other two go to deal with Peach while you stay here, Boss?

Redip: Excellent. Warth and Stul deal with Peach. Tongulty and Edger go after the Brothers.

Warth: Okay.

Stul: Great.

Edger: Fine.

Tongulty: Can I eat the Brothers?

The four look at Tongulty, who is sucking on his thumb.

Redip: Eh... Fine.

Tongulty: YAY!

Redip: Okay, move on now, before somebody comes.

The four run out. Redip grins and turns back to the computer and starts typing up something.

Edger and Tongulty run out of the building and chase after the Brothers.

Edger: Here we come!

Tongulty: Yummy yummy!

Edger: Yes Tongulty, yummy!

They run into the woods to the west and follow the trail and end up on the west coast.

Edger: They came here… Why? There has to be a reason…

The two turn to see Mario and Luigi running down the coast.

Mario: Come on, Luigi, it's up ahead.

Luigi: Where are we going?

Mario: We are going to find Yoshi. Maybe he can help us.


The two run off being followed by Tongulty and Edger.

Chapter #20: Yoshi vs Tongulty

Mario and Luigi run up to a group of huts along the beach and go into the furthest one from them. Inside Yoshi is cleaning up his place.

Yoshi: Mario! Luigi! You come to see me?

Mario: Yes we did. We need your help.

Yoshi: Yoshi glad to help. How though?

Luigi: We need help. There are four evil things on the attack and we need more help.

Yoshi: Sure! Yoshi glad to help.

The three go outside and Yoshi grabs and eats an apple in one bite.

Yoshi: So how can Yoshi be of help?

Mario: Just help us defeat them.

Yoshi: Okay.

Tongulty and Edger run up to them and grin. Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi turn to them and Mario and Luigi stare in shock at the sight of Tongulty. Yoshi knows they must be the ones they talked about, and gets into a freaky battle post.

Luigi: You! We killed you.

Tongulty: No! I was still hungry so I said "No, I can't die, I have to eat!" And so I got out of the water and, taa daa.

Edger: Ehehehehe... Huh?

Everybody turns to Yoshi and Tongulty glaring at each other. Yoshi picks up and eats a cherry in one bite. Tongulty picks up and eats an apple in one bite. Yoshi picks up a bundle of bananas and eats them all at once in one bite. Tongulty picks up and eats a melon in one gulp. Yoshi eats a basket of apples at once. Tongulty eats a basket of banana bunches in one gulp. Yoshi eats a basket of melons in one gulp. Tongulty eats a basket of peppers in one gulp and Yoshi backs up.

Yoshi: Woah! He’s intense. Okay, try this.

Yoshi turns and eats a nearby washed up Blooper. Tongulty turns and eats a giant Koopa Troopa near by. Yoshi turns and eats a giant rock. Tongulty turns and expands his mouth to a huge height and eats a cabin with everything in it too.

Tongulty: Hehehe.

Yoshi turns and eats his house without realizing that’s what it is. Then Tongulty and Yoshi walk up to each other and shake hands.

Mario and Edger: Woah! That was some kind of freaky.

Luigi: I think they earned each other's respect.

Edger: I guess, and... What? NO NO NO! Tongulty, stop that! Eat him!

Tongulty: Oh, right.

Yoshi: Wha?

Tongulty and Yoshi fling out their giant tongues and swat wildly at each other while Mario, Luigi, and Edger back up, freaked out. Edger turns to Mario and Luigi and grins, then shoots his energy-sucking tentacles out at them, but they dodge at the last second. Edger moves towards them, swinging away.

Edger: Give up now.

Mario: No!

Yoshi and Tongulty continue their tongue war, slapping at each until their tongues get tied up and they get into a tug-o-war.

Yoshi: Meshy-moshy-mushy!

Tongulty: Gosh-gesh-yeshy-woo!

Yoshi: Yoshi-noshi-givy-pppi!

While they spit messed up words at each other, Edger backs the Brothers into a corner, where they fall.

Edger: You’re mine now…

Mario and Luigi clap their hands.

Mario and Luigi: Oh yeah!

The two throw out the hands and shoot flames and electricity at him, hitting him and sending him flying roasted into the water. Edger rolls onto his stomach in the water and his tentacles fall into the water and start draining energy out of all the fish, causing him to be healed. Meanwhile, Yoshi is being dragged by Tongulty as he tries to eat Yoshi. Mario and Luigi run towards them to help Yoshi.

Mario: We’re coming.

Yoshi: Thane uuu.

Luigi: Whatever you say.

Mario and Luigi reach the two and start throwing fire and electricity at Tongulty, who simply bounces away before swinging Yoshi in front to use him as a shield while he tries to swallow him.

Mario: YOSHI!

Yoshi: Nnnnnooosssshhhhh!


Luigi jumps over Yoshi and lands on Tongulty, and Mario punches him down. Luigi grabs Tongulty while Mario grabs Yoshi. Luigi starts to drag Tongulty back, causing him to grunt. Luigi then lets him go and he slings straight into Yoshi’s mouth and is swallowed.

Mario: YAY!

Luigi: We did it!

Yoshi: Yay!

Luigi: That leaves Stul, Warth, and their leader. Let's go, you two. Redip will love the news.

Yoshi: Yoshi need to sit down. That thing is giving Yoshi pain.

Mario: Okay, no problem.

Yoshi: You go on. I'll be right behind you two.

Mario: Right. We'll be at the castle.

Mario and Luigi run off as Edger watches from the water and grins. The two go back into the woods and out of site, and Edger starts to swim towards Yoshi.

Yoshi: Oh, Yoshi don't feel good. UGH OOOOFFFF!

Yoshi throws up Tongulty, who lays there shaking violently.

Yoshi: Woah! Yoshi feel better now. Fat thing must have been the cause of pain.

Yoshi slowly gets up and walks towards the woods as Edger stops and watches. Getting out of site, Edger swims and goes to Tongulty.

Edger: You’re next, tubby.

Tongulty: Uggh... Goo goo... Hungry... Yummy…

Tongulty flings out his tongue and wraps it around Edger.


Tongulty: Ummmm!

Tongulty starts to drag a freaking out Edger, who slams his palm’s on Tongulty's face and starts to drain his energy, causing Tongulty to lose his grip.

Tongulty: It was you... You killed Veny...!

Edger: Heh, that's right, Brother. And now you can go and spend all the time you want with him.

Edger drains the energy from the marking on Tongulty’s tongue. Tongulty starts to turn to bones.

Edger: Give Veny my best.

Tongulty fully turns to bones as Edger walks away laughing.

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